Burials at Zion UCC, Windsor Castle, Perry Twp.,PA

This church formed in 1760. The present building was built in 1909. These headstones were recorded about 1976.

This file contains a partial list of burials for surnames beginning with L through R.

This information is authored by the Berks County Genealogical Society.

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Partial list of burials at Zion, Windsor Castle
Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Landis, Agnes (nee Smith)   Jun 12, 1895 Aged 25y 9m 14d Deb
Landis, Carolina (nee Kramer)   16-Apr-06   Deb
Landis, John H.   1960   Deb
Landis, John   20-Apr-13   Deb
Landis, Senora E. (nee Smith)   1926   Deb
Leibensperger, Bertha S. (nee Schappell)   13-Nov-37   Deb
Leibensperger, Jeffrey Stewart   26-Sep-62   Deb
Leiby, Amelia A.   1958   Deb
Leiby, George C.   11-Nov-51   Deb
Leiby, George J.       Deb
Leiby, Harvey   1968   Deb
Leiby, Hettie A. (nee Adam)   1954   Deb
Leiby, Isaac S.   28-Aug-74   Deb
Leiby, Jacob R.   1945   Deb
Leiby, Jacob W.   1936   Deb
Leiby, Laura M. (nee Rothermel)   9-Oct-72   Deb
Leiby, Mary (nee Smith)   1920   Deb
Leiby, Minnie   1970   Deb
Leiby, Ruth Louise   6-Jul-20   Deb
Lengel, Elmira A.   15-Dec-58   Deb
Lengel, Irvin   25-Nov-62   Deb
Lengel, Spurgeon H.   1944   Deb
Lenhart, Jacob William   Aug 29, 1865   Deb
Lesher, Anna Catharine (nee Stetzler)   Jun 15, 1859   Deb
Lesher, Augustus M.   Feb 29, 1868   Deb
Lesher, Carl   Dec 2, 1854   Deb
Lesher, Charles F.   1944   Deb
Lesher, David Feb. 26, 1814 Nov 17, 1898 aged 84 yrs., 8 mo., 21 days; picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Elizabeth (nee Heffley)   Oct 11, 1875   Deb
Lesher, Elizabeth (nee Mollin)   Sep 22, 1839   Deb
Lesher, Florence   1888 Aged 24y 7m 13d Deb
Lesher, Franklin Webster   1885   Deb
Lesher, Franklin   Dec 17, 1869   Deb
Lesher, Helena Amanda   6-Aug-34   Deb
Lesher, Homer F.   1917   Deb
Lesher, James M. Jr.   1911   Deb
Lesher, Lafayette H. 1842 1916 Father; picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Maria Catharine   Dec 17, 1847   Deb
Lesher, Mary A. (nee Adam)   1959   Deb
Lesher, Mary E. (nee Fahringer) 1854 1911 Mother; picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Rachel (nee Fegely) Jacoby   28-Feb-02   Deb
Lesher, Rebecca Apr. 4, 1816 Feb. 27, 1904 aged 87 yrs., 10 mo., 23 days; picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Rita Mae   22-Jun-47   Deb
Lesher, Samuel   Jan 6, 1834   Deb
Lesher, Sarah Ann   Mar 7, 1885 picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Solomon H.   Dec 4, 1883 picture submitted by Deb Deb
Lesher, Solomon   Jun 15, 1861   Deb
Lesher, Stella Cora   Jul 14, 1896 (Twin) Deb
Lindenmuth, Almira   Feb 28, 1852   Deb
Lindenmuth, Christian (nee Weigle)   Mar 8, 1893   Deb
Lindenmuth, Ellen Maria   Apr 1, 1860   Deb
Lindenmuth, Franklin   Feb 8, 1892   Deb
Lindenmuth, Ida Christian       Deb
Lindenmuth, Irvin Joseph   Nov 10, 1877   Deb
Lindenmuth, John   Mar 8, 1898   Deb
Lindenmuth, Lydia (nee Rothermel)   Jul 22, 1896   Deb
Lindenmuth, Minnie C.   1956   Deb
Lindenmuth, Reuben   10-Feb-05   Deb
Lindenmuth, Richard   10-Apr-25   Deb
Lindenmuth, Shirley Mae   1943   Deb
Lindenmuth, Thomas E.   1935   Deb
Livingstone, Lillian (nee Reber)   1955   Deb
Loeb, Allen H.   26-Aug-69   Deb
Loeb, Elsie M. (nee Rubright)   4-Sep-26   Deb
Lonergan, Cora E. (nee Turner)   1968   Deb
Lonergan, James M.   1967   Deb
Long, Albert K.   1962   Deb
Long, Carl F.       Deb
Long, Doris   1928   Deb
Loy, Catharine (nee Smith)   29-Dec-05   Deb
Loy, Ella (nee Nash)   12-Nov-70   Deb
Loy, Emma M. (nee Burkhart)   1914   Deb
Loy, Hettie M.   17-Feb-19   Deb
Loy, Joseph K.   1952   Deb
Loy, Joseph   19-Jan-10   Deb
Loy, Kenneth Joseph   1964   Deb
Loy, Mary M. (nee Ely)   1976   Deb
Loy, Sylvester Kline   20-Oct-56   Deb
Loy, Walter S.   20-Oct-27   Deb
Luckenbill, Angelina (nee Heinly)   15-Nov-03   Deb
Luckenbill, Anna (nee Wink)   Nov 29, 1878   Deb
Luckenbill, Annie E. (nee Miller)   1964   Deb
Luckenbill, Augustus E.   1963   Deb
Luckenbill, Augustus   1841   Deb
Luckenbill, Catharine (nee Klein)   Apr 20, 1854   Deb
Luckenbill, Christian   Dec 11, 1855   Deb
Luckenbill, Cora A. (nee Miller)   30-Aug-02   Deb
Luckenbill, David Richard   Feb 3, 1878   Deb
Luckenbill, Earl R.   1910   Deb
Luckenbill, Edwin   19-Dec-17   Deb
Luckenbill, Elmira (nee Stetzler)   1946   Deb
Luckenbill, Ernest R.   13-Nov-40   Deb
Luckenbill, Evan C.   1937   Deb
Luckenbill, George W.   1907   Deb
Luckenbill, Howard C.   1-Feb-65   Deb
Luckenbill, John T.       Deb
Luckenbill, Laura G. (nee Muntz)   1922   Deb
Luckenbill, Lawrence E.   7-Jan-04   Deb
Luckenbill, Love May   1901   Deb
Luckenbill, Mamie E.   Jun 30, 1896   Deb
Luckenbill, Maria Hanna   Nov 10, 1852   Deb
Luckenbill, Mary E. (nee Lesher)   1926   Deb
Luckenbill, Sallie S.   23-Oct-12   Deb
Luckenbill, Sarah E.   13-Jun-27   Deb
Luckenbill, Simon   1899   Deb
Luckenbill, Simon   1876   Deb
Luckenbill, Sophia (nee Becker)   30-Mar-21   Deb
Luckenbill, Susan M. (nee DeTurk)       Deb
Luckenbill, Thomas J.   1950   Deb
Luckenbill, Thomas W.   5-Dec-11   Deb
Luckenbill, Thomas   Nov 16, 1865   Deb
Luckenbill, Unknown   6-Aug-21 Aged 73y 7m 12d Deb
Ludwig, Benjamin K.   9-Jul-06   Deb
Machemer, Anna (nee Ford)   1953   Deb
Machemer, Ida M.   1971   Deb
Machemer, Mark J.   1963   Deb
Machemer, Milton F.   1921   Deb
Madtes, Albert D.   1926   Deb
Madtes, Floyd J.   1956   Deb
Madtes, Maria (nee Adam)   1923   Deb
Marshal, Emmaline     Buried with Cora Focht Deb
Meikel, Anna   Feb 1, 1852   Deb
Mengel, Abraham   6-Jun-04   Deb
Mengel, Agnes Susanna   Mar 13, 1877   Deb
Mengel, Andora S. (nee Stetzler)   13-Oct-41   Deb
Mengel, Benjamin   23-Feb-06   Deb
Mengel, Calvin S.   16-Nov-29   Deb
Mengel, Catharine (nee Gruber)   Jun 22, 1888   Deb
Mengel, Catharine (nee Strasser)   Jan 18, 1890   Deb
Mengel, Catharine (nee Strausser)   Nov 14, 1887   Deb
Mengel, Catharine   Aug 12, 1853   Deb
Mengel, Clara Ann   1950   Deb
Mengel, Clarence T.   1971   Deb
Mengel, Clinton Irvin   Dec 15, 1890   Deb
Mengel, Daniel O.   1968   Deb
Mengel, Daniel   Jan 28, 1891   Deb
Mengel, David G.   15-Aug-16   Deb
Mengel, Edna Sarah   Aug 27, 1894   Deb
Mengel, Elizabeth (nee Riegert)   Apr 29, 1865   Deb
Mengel, Elizabeth   Jan 9, 1852 (Twin) Deb
Mengel, Emalina   Jun 17, 1887   Deb
Mengel, Emma A. (nee Stitzel)   17-Jul-27   Deb
Mengel, Esther (nee Rothermel)   Dec 12, 1875   Deb
Mengel, Esther   1875 Aged 61y 1m 28d Deb
Mengel, Franklin   Feb 12, 1891   Deb
Mengel, Hannah Florence   4-Jul-35   Deb
Mengel, Harriet (nee Strausser)   May 24, 1899   Deb
Mengel, Harrison   1895 Aged 5y 2m 9d Deb
Mengel, Jacob D.   1975   Deb
Mengel, Jacob S.   18-Apr-17   Deb
Mengel, Jacob   Mar 27, 1865   Deb
Mengel, Jacob   Sep 14, 1876   Deb
Mengel, James S.   18-Mar-04   Deb
Mengel, Jeremia   Jun 1, 1867   Deb
Mengel, Jesse S.   30-Oct-29   Deb
Mengel, Joan G.E.   12-Mar-40   Deb
Mengel, Joseph R.   1-Apr-32   Deb
Mengel, Joseph   Aug 4, 1865   Deb
Mengel, Josua   Mar 19, 1852   Deb
Mengel, Lea   Jun 28, 1835   Deb
Mengel, Lenora   Apr 28, 1867   Deb
Mengel, Louisa (nee Bankes)   11-Oct-33   Deb
Mengel, Magdalena (nee Jacoby)   Dec 20, 1870   Deb
Mengel, Mahlon William   Mar 25, 1896   Deb
Mengel, Margareth   Dec 27, 1851 (Twin) Deb
Mengel, Maria Ann   Nov 25, 1850   Deb
Mengel, Martin R.   26-Jan-28   Deb
Mengel, Martin   Sep 22, 1884   Deb
Mengel, Mary (nee Zettlemoyer)   Feb 1, 1888   Deb
Mengel, Mary V. (nee Stitzel)   Sep 10, 1893   Deb
Mengel, Mary   Mar 13, 1885   Deb
Mengel, Matilda (nee Miller)   26-Jan-21   Deb
Mengel, Mattie S.   Aug 12, 1894   Deb
Mengel, Naomi C. (nee Graff)   19-Dec-68   Deb
Mengel, Nevin P.   1928   Deb
Mengel, Rebecca (nee Zettlemoyer)   Feb 4, 1892   Deb
Mengel, Samuel Z.   Feb 11, 1897 Aged 27y 3m 3d Deb
Mengel, Samuel   25-Oct-01   Deb
Mengel, Samuel   1934   Deb
Mengel, Samuel   27-Mar-05 (Twin) Deb
Mengel, Sarah (nee Beahr)   22-May-38   Deb
Mengel, Simon   2-Nov-15   Deb
Mengel, Sorena   Jul 20, 1853   Deb
Mengel, Susanna (nee Reber)   Apr 19, 1870   Deb
Mengel, Tevilia D. (nee Hamsher)   28-Jul-10   Deb
Mengel, Thomas   25-Apr-00   Deb
Merkel, Adam J.   29-Mar-08   Deb
Merkel, Annie L.   1971   Deb
Merkel, Catherine (nee Adam)   1973   Deb
Merkel, Chester S.   1945   Deb
Merkel, Clara   1950   Deb
Merkel, Ella P.   1929   Deb
Merkel, Estella M. (nee Hiester)   1971   Deb
Merkel, Eva C.   25-Nov-11   Deb
Merkel, George K.   13-Apr-05   Deb
Merkel, Howard H.   1969   Deb
Merkel, Irvin E.   1969   Deb
Merkel, James W.   25-Oct-30   Deb
Merkel, Laura A. (nee Adam)   7-Aug-31   Deb
Merkel, Lizzie S.   6-Apr-14   Deb
Merkel, Mary S.   17-Dec-09   Deb
Merkel, Melvin R.   1937   Deb
Merkel, Morris S.   1945   Deb
Merkel, Nevin C.   1976   Deb
Merkel, Ruth Ella       Deb
Merkel, Samuel W.   15-May-03   Deb
Merkel, Stillborn Daughter of Melvin   21-Feb-13 (stillborn daughter of Melvin & Lizzie) Deb
Merkel, Thomas A.   14-Jan-07 Aged 9 months Deb
Merkel, Titus S.   1960   Deb
Meyer, George   May 29, 1830   Deb
Meyer, Susanna   Oct 1, 1841   Deb
Miller, Ada M.     (Twin) Deb
Miller, Albert J.   1965   Deb
Miller, Alfred S.   10-Sep-30   Deb
Miller, Alfred S.   10-Sep-30   Deb
Miller, Alice   Aug 7, 1877   Deb
Miller, Amelia C. (nee Rothermel)   1965   Deb
Miller, Anna Elda   5-Sep-47   Deb
Miller, Anna Laura       Deb
Miller, Anna Maria   Nov 7, 1881   Deb
Miller, Arthur S.   1968   Deb
Miller, Calvin J.   13-Sep-24   Deb
Miller, Catharine   Jun 11, 1818   Deb
Miller, Charles W.   Sep 15, 1868   Deb
Miller, Charles     (Twin) Deb
Miller, Christina (nee Timner)   Sep 13, 1844   Deb
Miller, Daniel F.   8-Mar-26   Deb
Miller, David H.   Dec 18, 1897   Deb
Miller, Elda M. (nee Woerner)   1953   Deb
Miller, Elias   Aug 4, 1848   Deb
Miller, Elizabeth   Apr 27, 1870   Deb
Miller, Ellen S. (nee Dreibelbis)   15-Jun-23   Deb
Miller, Elsi V.   1939   Deb
Miller, Emanuel T.   13-May-13   Deb
Miller, Eva M.   30-Oct-18 (Twin) Deb
Miller, Fannie M.   1-Jan-19   Deb
Miller, Fayetta (nee Schwoyer)   12-Dec-23   Deb
Miller, Florence M.   1942   Deb
Miller, Franklin S.   1963   Deb
Miller, Franklin   Jun 13, 1844   Deb
Miller, George C.   1975   Deb
Miller, Grace A.   14-Mar-16   Deb
Miller, Grace E.   1929   Deb
Miller, Harold Oliver   31-Aug-27   Deb
Miller, Harvey R.   1958   Deb
Miller, Henry A.   15-Sep-29   Deb
Miller, Henry   31-Dec-12   Deb
Miller, Herbert   1950   Deb
Miller, Isaac   Sep 3, 1862   Deb
Miller, Isaac   Apr 29, 1898   Deb
Miller, J. Valentine   21-Dec-31   Deb
Miller, Jacob R.   3-Apr-45   Deb
Miller, Jacob T.   Aug 20, 1884   Deb
Miller, Jacob   Oct 13, 1846   Deb
Miller, James   Sep 25, 1881   Deb
Miller, Jared       Deb
Miller, Jean A.   1937   Deb
Miller, Johannes   May 31, 1870   Deb
Miller, John A.   15-Mar-35   Deb
Miller, John H.   Jun 15, 1894   Deb
Miller, Katie E. (nee Wanner)   1959   Deb
Miller, Katie L. (nee Schaner)   13-Oct-15   Deb
Miller, Laura V. (nee Hoffman)   Jan 5, 1894   Deb
Miller, Lenora E. (nee Stitzle)   15-Oct-47   Deb
Miller, Levi   Jul 31, 1840   Deb
Miller, Lovie C. (nee Henn)   1951   Deb
Miller, Lydia   Apr 27, 1870   Deb
Miller, Magdalena (nee Rausch)   8-Feb-13   Deb
Miller, Magdalena   Apr 28, 1870   Deb
Miller, Maria (nee Baver)   Jul 29, 1854   Deb
Miller, Maria   Oct 9, 1836   Deb
Miller, Mary Ann (nee Krick)   20-Apr-17   Deb
Miller, Mary E. (nee Stitzel)   14-Jan-28   Deb
Miller, Melody L.   1967   Deb
Miller, Moses S.   Jul 31, 1876   Deb
Miller, Noah   Feb 11, 1854   Deb
Miller, Norman   1883   Deb
Miller, Oscar E.   15-Feb-19   Deb
Miller, Phaenus   16-May-01   Deb
Miller, Rachel (nee Strasser)   14-Apr-07   Deb
Miller, Raymond L. 1926     Deb
Miller, Rea   1844   Deb
Miller, Richard E.   Apr 12, 1894   Deb
Miller, Sallie I.   10-Dec-70   Deb
Miller, Samue       Deb
Miller, Sara (nee Stitzel)       Deb
Miller, Sarah A. (nee Stump)   25-Mar-33   Deb
Miller, Sarah M.   Apr 21, 1875   Deb
Miller, Sarah Sinora   Feb 28, 1877   Deb
Miller, Selena   1-Jun-30   Deb
Miller, Solomon   Oct 8, 1860   Deb
Miller, Stella J.   1972   Deb
Miller, Sterling R.   20-May-25   Deb
Miller, Susanna (nee Stetzler)   Nov 30, 1878   Deb
Miller, Sybilla   24-Nov-23   Deb
Miller, William V.   1944   Deb
Miller, William   Jan 15, 1867   Deb
Minnich, Roy R.   1970   Deb
Moll, Lloyd D.   1921   Deb
Molley, Sara C. (nee Adam)   18-Jul-53   Deb
Morgan, Hannah   28-Jun-15   Deb
Morgan, William   21-Oct-32   Deb
Morrell, James OC       Deb
Moyer, Allen F.   1965   Deb
Moyer, Annie S. (nee Hoffman)   1948   Deb
Moyer, Catharine (nee Miller)   10-Nov-02   Deb
Moyer, Charles M.   Apr 8, 1896 Aged 51 years Deb
Moyer, Daniel   Apr 8, 1873   Deb
Moyer, Dianna (nee Mengel)       Deb
Moyer, Eliza   Aug 23, 1885   Deb
Moyer, Eva (nee Schearer)   1975   Deb
Moyer, Hebert L.   1956   Deb
Moyer, William   6-Mar-17   Deb
Muntz, Charles   21-Mar-18 Aged 57y 9m 3d Deb
Muntz, Emma B.   Mar 4, 1892   Deb
Muntz, Jacob   5-Jul-05   Deb
Muntz, Mary A.E. (nee Stetzler)       Deb
Muntz, Mary   20-Jan-15   Deb
Muntz, Virgie F.       Deb
Muntz, Walter Aaron       Deb
Nagel, Maria M.   Sep 9, 1870   Deb
Nagel, Peter   May 24, 1846   Deb
Naregang, Jacob   Nov 1, 1854   Deb
Naregang, Maria Catherine   Age78 years, 10 months, 25 days   Deb
Neider, Richard D.   1975   Deb
Ney, Edna E. (nee Rothermel)   1972   Deb
Ney, Ida V.   5-May-39   Deb
Ney, James I.   1957   Deb
Ney, John J.   15-Oct-46   Deb
Neyer, Adam   Age75 years, 9 months, 23 days   Deb
Neyer, Jacob   1866   Deb
Neyer, Johannes   Nov 10, 1854   Deb
Nice, Eva   Jul 28, 1873   Deb
Noll, Charles E.   1976   Deb
Nunenmacher, Daniel   Nov , 28, 1853   Deb
Nye, Ranson Ethel   1966   Deb
Ogden, Hannah   1891   Deb
Olinger, Dinah (nee Heffley)   2-Apr-09   Deb
Olinger, William   1-Sep-26   Deb
Oswald, Amy I. (nee Reppert)   1971   Deb
Oswald, Clara S. (nee Dunkel)   8-Oct-68   Deb
Oswald, Herbert D.   30-Dec-11   Deb
Oswald, Infant Son of Nevin   1-Nov-23 (infant son of Nevin & Amy) Deb
Oswald, John E.   10-Dec-29   Deb
Oswald, Nevin J.   1966   Deb
Oswald, Verna M.   2-Nov-11   Deb
Patrick, Elizabeth   May 1, 1854   Deb
Pautsch, Adam H.   6-Nov-55   Deb
Pautsch, Sarah (nee Bubbenmoyer)   19-Feb-19   Deb
Peiffer, Edger   24-Jan-68   Deb
Peters, Elmer L.   1958   Deb
Phillips, Susan Hannah   Oct 10, 1877   Deb
Poh, Elizabeth Barbarba (nee Loy)   Dec 6, 1839   Deb
Poh, Ferdinand   Apr 5, 1834   Deb
Ramer, Hannah (nee Gruber)   28-Jun-15   Deb
Ramer, Infant Daughter of William   Jan 15, 1875 (infant daughter of William & Hannah) Deb
Ramer, William   Jul 24, 1886   Deb
Rauenzahn, Adam Oscar   Aug 29, 1884   Deb
Rauenzahn, Albert F.   1927   Deb
Rauenzahn, Alvin M.   Dec 27, 1892   Deb
Rauenzahn, John Wert   Nov 2, 1887   Deb
Rauenzahn, M. Hettie   1957   Deb
Rauenzahn, Salena R. (nee Keim)   1935   Deb
Rausch, Alice I. (nee Snyder)   24-Jan-14   Deb
Rausch, Andora (nee Baver)   27-Feb-14   Deb
Rausch, Cora M. (nee Yoder)   24-Jan-62   Deb
Rausch, David Samuel   1876   Deb
Rausch, David   5-Mar-12   Deb
Rausch, Elizabeth (nee Berlot)   Dec 7, 1870   Deb
Rausch, Herbert S.   22-Jul-64   Deb
Rausch, Isaac   1882 Aged 67y 4m 27d Deb
Rausch, Jacob M.   2-Jun-29   Deb
Rausch, Joshua   Mar 31, 1877   Deb
Rausch, Mary (nee Reber)   19-Oct-18   Deb
Rausch, Sarah Amanda   Jan 30, 1891   Deb
Rausch, Sinorah (nee Baever)   Apr 25, 1897   Deb
Rausch, Thomas R.   28-Aug-54   Deb
Reaser, Daniel   Sep 22, 1813   Deb
Reber, Abraham   Apr 26, 1879   Deb
Reber, Adam   1883   Deb
Reber, Alvin A.   1972   Deb
Reber, Anna   Aug 14, 1893   Deb
Reber, Annie S.   1949   Deb
Reber, Annie Susanna   Mar 17, 1880   Deb
Reber, Annie   1932   Deb
Reber, Catharina   1857   Deb
Reber, Cornelius   1870   Deb
Reber, Edna Rebecca   Mar 25, 1892   Deb
Reber, Elizabeth (nee Keim)   29-Jun-11   Deb
Reber, Elizabeth (nee Umbenhauer)   May 21, 1885   Deb
Reber, Elizabeth Anna   Jul 3, 1839   Deb
Reber, Elizabeth   23-Dec-63   Deb
Reber, Esther (nee Kline)   Jun 18, 1893   Deb
Reber, Esther Ann Margaret   Aug 30, 1856   Deb
Reber, Frank Samuel   1852   Deb
Reber, Jacob Sassaman   1881   Deb
Reber, Jacob   Dec 25, 1858   Deb
Reber, Jacob   Jul 20, 1889   Deb
Reber, Jacob   Nov 30, 1841   Deb
Reber, Jeremiah   Sep 24, 1898   Deb
Reber, Johannes   Dec 1, 1831   Deb
Reber, Johannes   Dec 14 1849   Deb
Reber, John K.   1942   Deb
Reber, Jonas   Jan 26, 1899   Deb
Reber, Manesa       Deb
Reber, Margaretha (nee Bar)   Jul 29, 1855   Deb
Reber, Maria (nee Heinly)   Dec 11, 1878   Deb
Reber, Maria Anna (nee Rothermel)   Aug 12, 1856   Deb
Reber, Maria Elizabeth   1852   Deb
Reber, Maria Magdalena (nee Bar)   Jul 20, 1838   Deb
Reber, Mary Ann (nee Gardner)       Deb
Reber, Moses   Aug 19, 1856   Deb
Reber, Oscar   Aug 17, 1882   Deb
Reber, Robert   Apr 11, 1895   Deb
Reber, Samuel U.   27-Mar-19   Deb
Reber, Samuel   May 10, 1886   Deb
Reber, Thomas Samuel   Feb 13, 1887   Deb
Reber, Thomas       Deb
Reber, William Franklin   Jan 19, 1890 Aged 4days Deb
Reber, William Henry   1855   Deb
Reber, William   Jan 13, 1891   Deb
Reinhart, Sariah   Jul 20, 1853   Deb
Rentschler, Alfred K.   1904   Deb
Rentschler, Alfred   8-Apr-19   Deb
Rentschler, Charles M.   Jun 4, 1896   Deb
Rentschler, David Franklin   1867   Deb
Rentschler, Dinah W. (nee Williams)   1917   Deb
Rentschler, Florence W.   Oct 29, 1895   Deb
Rentschler, Joanna (nee Sousely)   May 2, 1887   Deb
Rentschler, John W.   1940   Deb
Rentschler, Joseph L.   1922   Deb
Rentschler, M. Samuel   22-Jan-27   Deb
Rentschler, Mary M.   Jun --, 1899   Deb
Rentschler, Sarah (nee Merkel)       Deb
Rentschler, Susan E.   6-Oct-58   Deb
Rentschler, Verna M.   2-May-23   Deb
Rentschler, William T.   1-Apr-15   Deb
Reppert, Anna B.   Sep 1, 1895   Deb
Reppert, Charles Byron   Aug 3, 1899   Deb
Reppert, Isaac   1912   Deb
Reppert, Mary E. (nee Balthaser)   1911   Deb
Reppert, Priscilla Rothermel (nee Engel)   27-Feb-29   Deb
Reppert, Salena M. (nee Rothermel)   26-Oct-67   Deb
Reppert, Thomas P.   Ocy.31, 1959   Deb
Reppert, Verna   1912   Deb
Riegel, John   1925   Deb
Riegel, Mary (nee Hollenbach)   Feb 8, 1896   Deb
Rieser, Clara Emmabella   Apr 21, 1870   Deb
Rieser, Daniel   1813   Deb
Rieser, Esther (nee Stetzler)   Sep 6, 1861   Deb
Rieser, Peter S.   Aug 20, 1898   Deb
Rieser, Priscilla (nee Adam)   Feb 3, 1873   Deb
Rothermel, Abraham   Apr 1, 1852   Deb
Rothermel, Adeline   1942   Deb
Rothermel, Albert   Jun 25, 1859   Deb
Rothermel, Bertha E.   8-Oct-07   Deb
Rothermel, Caroline   Aug 22, 1865   Deb
Rothermel, Catharine (nee Beahr)   24-Oct-18   Deb
Rothermel, Catharine (nee Hepner)   4-Dec-17   Deb
Rothermel, Catharine   Apr 19, 1894   Deb
Rothermel, Charles C.   Jan 6, 1899   Deb
Rothermel, Charles       Deb
Rothermel, Clara (nee Trollinger)   Oct 311925   Deb
Rothermel, Daniel   Apr 4, 1860   Deb
Rothermel, David   1906   Deb
Rothermel, Elias   Aug 20, 1867   Deb
Rothermel, Elizabeth (nee Luckenbill)   Jun 6, 1854   Deb
Rothermel, Elizabeth (nee Miller)   Jan 10, 1866   Deb
Rothermel, Elizabeth (nee Reber)   Sep 15, 1888   Deb
Rothermel, Elizabeth       Deb
Rothermel, Ellen L.   1929   Deb
Rothermel, Elsie May   Jun28, 1894   Deb
Rothermel, Ely   Feb 26, 1852   Deb
Rothermel, Emilie   12-Jun-63   Deb
Rothermel, Esther (nee Saul)   Nov 24, 1867   Deb
Rothermel, Franklin D.   13-Jun-03   Deb
Rothermel, Franklin Leonard   Apr 17, 1854   Deb
Rothermel, George F.   1-Nov-39   Deb
Rothermel, George W.   Jan 19, 1890   Deb
Rothermel, Grandie Alfred   May 24, 1887   Deb
Rothermel, Jackson   1931   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob C. 1893 1961   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob S.   Oct 28, 1893   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob Samuel   1888   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob   Nov 28, 1842   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob   Aug 13, 1854   Deb
Rothermel, Jacob   Aug 21, 1886   Deb
Rothermel, James M.   25-Nov-32   Deb
Rothermel, James R.   25-Sep-02   Deb
Rothermel, Johannes Jacob   Apr 8, 1853   Deb
Rothermel, Johannes   Sep 17, 1866   Deb
Rothermel, Johannes   Mar 15, 1846   Deb
Rothermel, John F. 1922 1973   Deb, Stephanie
Rothermel, Joseph A.   1929   Deb
Rothermel, Joseph   May 8, 1892   Deb
Rothermel, Leonard   1829   Deb
Rothermel, Leonard   Mar 4, 1852   Deb
Rothermel, Lorenz   Sep 26, 1867   Deb
Rothermel, Louisa Hetty Ann   1859   Deb
Rothermel, Lydia   Feb 51852   Deb
Rothermel, Margaretha   Feb 23, 1871   Deb
Rothermel, Mary Ellen   1887   Deb
Rothermel, Mary       Deb
Rothermel, May May 5, 1875     Deb
Rothermel, Morris F.   7-Jun-20   Deb
Rothermel, Moses Jacob   1865   Deb
Rothermel, Nathan   Oct 13, 1853   Deb
Rothermel, Peter   Aug 10, 1879   Deb
Rothermel, Peter   Jun 16, 1897   Deb
Rothermel, Peter   May 1, 1852   Deb
Rothermel, Prescilla   Jul 4, 1863   Deb
Rothermel, Rebecca   Apr 12, 1866   Deb
Rothermel, Richard R.   28-Feb-07   Deb
Rothermel, Robert L.   1898   Deb
Rothermel, Salena (nee Rothermel)   Feb 3, 1887   Deb
Rothermel, Salome (nee Saul)   Jan 10, 1851   Deb
Rothermel, Samuel John   Nov 66, 1877   Deb
Rothermel, Sara 1884 1964   Deb
Rothermel, Sarah E.   Jan 15, 1888   Deb
Rothermel, Susanna M.   3-Jan-19   Deb
Rothermel, Susanna   1819   Deb
Rothermel, Susanna   1854   Deb
Rothermel, Whyah A.   1-May-05   Deb
Rothermel, William S.   1932   Deb
Rothermel, William   Feb 16, 1852   Deb
Rubrecht, Daniel William   1855   Deb
Rubrecht, George Philip   Nov 16, 1864   Deb
Rubrecht, James Adam   Dec 8, 1870   Deb
Rubrecht, Mary Susanna   1856   Deb
Rubrecht, Sarah (nee Dewald)   Nov 6, 1889   Deb
Rubright, Amelia   1877 Aged 1y 6m 9d Deb
Rubright, Betty Jane   1933   Deb
Rubright, Glancy   28-Oct-29   Deb
Rubright, Katie A. (nee Rothermel)   28-Jul-29   Deb
Rubright, Mahlon H.   1896   Deb
Rubright, Mary L.   6-Jul-35   Deb
Rubright, Morris F.   29-Jul-17   Deb
Rubright, Moses   Nov 6, 1894   Deb
Rubright, Oscar       Deb
Rubright, Paul Peter   14-Oct-15   Deb
Rubright, Paul   1915   Deb
Rubright, Richard R.   19-Mar-12   Deb
Rubright, Sarah W. (nee Bausher)   Oct 21, 1890   Deb
Rubright, Thelma J.   1915   Deb
Rubright, Thomas Theophelis   Mar 26, 1875   Deb
Rubright, William R.   1895   Deb
Rubright, Wilson P.   1-Sep-32   Deb

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