This site is part of the USGenWeb Project a County resource for Pennsylvania research. Susquehanna county, named for the Susquehanna River, was created on February 21, 1810, from part of Luzerne County and organized in 1812.

Welcome to the Susquehanna County GenWeb Project Home Page! This site started in 1996 as part of the PAGenWeb Project and the USGenWeb Volunteer Project. About Susquehanna County: The county was set off from Luzerne County on February 21, 1810, and gets its name from the Susquehanna River which flows through it. Back in 1810, the county contained 10 townships and around 3,500 residents. Today it has 27 townships and 13 boroughs, and the 2000 Census showed 42,238 residents. The Susquehanna County courthouse is at Montrose. One mile south of New Milford is Old Mill Village, a living museum dedicated to the area's rural heritage. Each August, there is a celebration of many of the enduring local qualities that make Susquehanna County a great place to live at the Harford Fair.

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Many thanks to Robert L. Baker for all his contributions to the Susquehanna County PAGenWeb project