Obituary- Sister Lydia Coleman

Sister Lydia Coleman was born in Hebron, Conn. , Dec. 20th, 1812 and died in Uniondale, Susqa. Co., Pa. August 2nd, 1879.

She experienced Religion when about eleven years of age in Rhode Island, and was a most faithful and exemplary Member of the M. E. Church for over forty-three years. During the whole of this period she only changed her church relation but once. Having been connected with the Church at Dundaff for upward of forty -three years... and for the last three years up to the time of her departure, at Uniondale. She carried with her joy and cheer wherever she went. , and was a burning and shining light in the Church at home . and in all the circles in which she moved. Her ardent attachment to the Church of Christ led her to be a faithful worker. and led her at all times to be ready to contribute liberally to its support. and nothing seemed to yield her so much pleasure and delight as to see the cause of Christ advance and move forward.

On the evening of the day above named, she was translated from Earth to the Glory land above. Having a few leisure minutes before the family were ready to sit down to supper, she went out into the garden to pick a few peas for the morrows meal. As the family gathered around the table, mysteriously she was not there, and on a search being instituted all over the premises , Not Sister Coleman, but only the casket in which she had lived, was found in the stillness of death. and the pan with the few peas she had picked by her side. "She was Not, for God took her". The rounding(?) sentences of her testimony in Class Meetings for several weeks before she passed away was Marked and Impressive. in the way she caprised herself as being ready and willing to go at any moment. The M. E. Church at Uniondale has sustained a great loss. The Village of Uniondale has lost a great religious light. But the Earth has lost her. Heaven has gained her.

Robt. P. Christopher, Pastor