Uniondale and Lyon Street
Methodist Episcopal Churches

Members in Full Connection of the Dundaff, Uniondale, and Lyon Street Methodist Episcopal Churches- 1880 to 1893

Members Directory I through R




Lyon Street

Jones, W. E.---Transferred from Herrick




Kilmer, Emma--July, 1880-Removed to Coblinshill(?), NY

Kelsey, Shepard---Sept., 1889 to May, 1889-Removed to Forest City

Kelsey, Mary---Sept., 1889 to May, 1889-Removed to Forest city

Kilmer, Stella---March, 1889 to May, 1892-Think she belongs to Presbyterian Church


Kilmer, Jerimiah--

Kilmer, Almon--

Kilmer, Rachel--

Kilmer, Cathe--Note:March 1, 1892-During a pastorate of five years on this charge, I have been unable to learn anything of these parties (illegible) they had not been to church since 1880. Will Hiller, P. in charge.



Larrabee, Georgia--March, 1882 to Nov., 1889(?)-Before marriage name Mrs.(?) G. L. Damond

Larrabee, Alfred---March, 1882 to Nov., 1889(?)

Littell, Ellen---Dec., 1885 to May, 1887-wife of former pastor

Ledyard, Mrs. Hiram---Oct., 1886

Lockwood, Lena---Nov., 1891

Lewis, Anna---Dec., 1891


Lee, Mrs.---June, 1885

Lozier, Annie---Oct., 1893

Lyon Street

Lyon, A.---Transferred from Herrick ( after 1882 ) to Nov., 1886

Lyon, Eugene---Transferred from Herrick (after 1882) to March, 1885-died March 26, 1885

Lyon, Bertha--March, 1889 to 1892-died 1892




Morgan, Lura---July, 1880 to March, 1882-Membership restored May, 1882

Morgan, Lura-May 1882 to June, 1882

Mapes, Minnie---March 6, 1890

McKown, L. B.---July, 1890

Mathison, Enos---Jan., 1897

Mathison, Lillie B.---Jan., 1897


Montgomery, George E.---1879 to May, 1886

Montgomery, John---(date not recorded )to July 1884

Montgomery, Matie L.---(date not recorded) to May, 1886

Mack, Simeon---May, 1886 to Jan., 1890

Mack, Elmira---May, 1886 to Jan., 1890

Meacham, Emma S.---Oct., 1887

Meacham, Henry---March, 1889 to Jan., 1890




Norton, Nancy---June, 1879(of the original number)

Norton, Willm----July, 1880

Norton, Lyman---July, 1880

Norton, Louisa---July, 1880 to April, 1886-died April 13, 1886

Norton, Arthur---Oct. 5, 1886 to Oct., 6, 1886

Norton, Frank---March, 1888--Removed to Providence

Norton, Hattie M.---March, 1888--Removed to Providence

Norton, Ellen A.---April, 1892 -Transferred from Baptist Church


Orce(?), Harry---July, 1891




Pursell, Ella M.---Jan., 1883-Removed to N.J.

Pursell, Wm.---Jan., 1883--died April 15, 1883

Plew, Andrew---Sept., 1889 to Feb., 1890-Removed to Starucca

Plew, Viola---Sept., 1889 to Feb., 1890--Removed to Starucca

Plew, Bessie---Sept., 1889

Plew, Alice---Sept., 1889

Plew, Austin---Sept., 1889

Plew, Mary Elizabeth---Sept, 1889

Plew, James---Sept., 1889


Pruner, Joseph---1879 to 1891-died May 14, 1891

Pierceson, W. S.---April, 1886 to Jan., 1888-Removed to Carbondale

Pierceson, Clara---April, 1886 to Jan., 1888-Removed to Carbondale

Pierce, Samuel---March, 1889-Withdrawn under Censure, for sowing dissension.

Perry, Joseph---Oct., 1889-withdrawn under Censure

Perry, Elizabeth---Oct., 1889





Rounds, Israel---June, 1879(Transferred from Presbyterian Church)

Rounds, Emmaline---June, 1879(Transferred from Presbyterian Church) to 1884-died Jan. 18, 1884

Roberts, Belle---June, 1879(Transferred from Clifford)

Rounds, Maurice O.--April, 1880(Transferred from Presbyterian Church)

Rounds, H. Adelia---April 1880(Transferred from Factoryville)

Rounds, Emma Boohrouin(?)---April, 188o(Transferred from Presbyterian Church)-Name changed to Tiffany by marriage.

Rounds, Harman---July 1880

Rounds, Harvey---Dec., 1883 to Oct., 1886

Ricks, Ida May---Jan., 1886 to May, 1887

Ricks, Mary---Jan., 1886 to May, 1887

Rounds, Wellis(?)---Jan., 1886

Rounds, Walter---March, 1888

Rimron, Thos.---

Rimron, Mrs.---

Reynolds, Benj.--Aug., 1887

Reynolds, Alice---Aug., 1888

Rimron, Lizzie---March, 1889

Rimron, Edith---March, 1889

Rimron, Ed.---March, 1889 to May, 1927-died May 10, 1927

Rimron, Willie---March, 1889

Rounds, Jesse---March, 1889-Removed by Confession of Faith Jehovah Witness

Rounds, Howard A.---March, 1889

Rogers, Sara---Feb., 1889

Remington, Daniel R.---April, 1890

Rounds, Emma---(See Emminina Wedeman)-Removed to forest City, April, 1992


Rogers, George M.---June 1879(Original Members) to Jan., 1887

Rogers, Amanda---June, 1879(Original Members) to Jan., 1887

Rogers, George, Jr.---June, 1885-removed to Scranton

Race, Henry---Aug., 1888

Rogers, George M.---May, 1889

Rogers, Amanda---May, 1889

Race, Aminda---Oct., 1889

Rogers, Gertie---Oct., 1889(Transferred from Philadelphia)

Rogers, Rev(?) James---June, 1890 to Dec., 1891