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The County Commissioners, on 7 July 1824, advertised for proposals for erecting a stone jail.  The dimensions were to be 35x50 feet, 2-stories high, with walls that were 2-1/2 feet in thickness.  The lower story was to have 4 rooms and the upper story was to have 6 rooms.  The final cost of the building was $2,600.
On 1 October, 1827, a stone wall enclosing the jail yard was constructed.  
This original jail, with slight improvements/alterations, was used by the county for the rest of the century.  

Document, November 1825Document, April 1827Document, August 1827Document, August, 1828Document, August 1829;  Document, November 1832

Register (partial) of Prisoners.

Census Schedules.

Newspaper articles relating to the jail.

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Postcard of the Perry County Jail; New Bloomfield, Pa.



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