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1900 PA Census; Perry Co., New Bloomfield; ED#148; 27 June 1900
404/406:  William H. KOUGH; May 1845; 55y; m-25; PA; High Sheriff
Harriet M. KOUGH; wife; Jan 1851; 49y; m-25; 5/4; PA
Myr__lle Kough; dau; Dec 1875; 

1880 PA Census; Perry County, New Bloomfield Boro.; 5 June 1880

County Jail-
113/128:  James A. GRAY; 48y; md; Sheriff; PA
Annie E. Gray; wife; 35y; md; cook; PA
Lizzie A. Gray; dau; 15y; assistant cook; PA
Mary Gray; dau; 10y; attending school; PA
James M. Gray; son; 6y; attending school; PA
Clayton Gray; son; 3y; PA
Sallie A. Gray; 10/12mos; July; dau; PA

"No Prisoners in Jail"

1870 PA Census; Perry County, Bloomfield Boro.; 6 July 1870
121/127:  Thos. J. BOYER; 25y; depty Sherriff; 700/300; PA
Bella Boyer; 20y; keeping house; PA
Elizabeth BARRICK; 19y; domestic svt; PA
Charles MALSYED; 25y; Prisoner in Jail; PA
Joseph CANNON; 45y; Prisoner in Jail; PA

1860 PA Census; Perry Co., Bloomfield Boro; pg. 346; 6 June 1860
112/111:  B. F. MILLER; 37y; Sheriff & Jailor; -/1000; PA
Mary Ann Miller; 33y; matron; PA
Mary Minerva Miller; 13y; PA
Wentz Curtis Miller; 12y; PA
Ben. Huggins Miller; 11y; PA
Jameson Frank Miller; 10/12mos; PA
Maria RO___N; 27y; servant; PA
Samuel DERR; 20y; carpenter; PA
Wm. HARDEN; 50y; mulato; laborer; PA

1850 PA Census; Perry Co., Boro of Bloomfield; 4 September 1850
88/101:  Hugh CAMPBELL; 50y; Sheriff; Ireland
Elizabeth F. Campbell; 44y; PA
Amanda J. Campbell; 21y; PA
William A. Campbell; 17y; none; PA
Francis A. Campbell; 14y; PA
Martha A. F. Campbell; 12y; PA
James C. Campbell; 9y; PA
Elizabeth E.P. Campbell; 7y; PA
Charles Campbell; 5y; PA
David T. Campbell; 3/12mos; PA
Jabez? PITTA____; 1849; 28y; shoemaker; England; Larceny
John SHEETS; 1849; 38y; laborer; PA; Misdemeanor
Joseph SULLENBERGER; 1849; 25y; shoemaker; PA; Assault & battery
John S. Gallatin; 1849; 30y; _awyer; PA; Misdemeanor
John Mealy; 1849; 90y; none; Ireland; Breach of Peace
John PA_LEY; 1849; 43y; laborer; PA; Breach of Peace
Benjamin BEN___; 1849; 32y; tailor; PA; Misdemeanor
James MORRISON; 1850; 60y; farmer; Assault & Battery
William BRYAN; 1850; 21y; laborer; "buggery"
George ASKINS; 1850; 22y; laborer; Assault & Battery
Samuel BEALOR; 30y; laborer; Larceny
Hannah SMITH; 28y; PA; Larceny



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