St John The Baptist RC Church

St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church
Haycock twp, Bucks, PA
Submitted by lsbuirch
The church records start in 1803
(see Most Blessed Sacrament, Bally, PA before this date).
The names are spelled as found in the


Marriages from St John The Baptist  RC Church starting in 1803. Priests came from different churches to take care of the needs at St Johns so many marriages are recorded at other places. Some of the marriage entries give parents names, ages or/ place of birth. I have copied all information that I can read. Anyone can write to the St John The Baptist Parish Office at Revere, PA and ask for copies of any entry just give them the date and names.

1803 Josephus Gorden to Catharina Kohl

3 May 1803 Thomas son of Nicolai & Aloitina McCarty to Magdalene dau of Nicolai & Elisabetha Buck

25 Jan 1804 Carrolus M'Entiere son of Catharina M'Carty to Elisabetha dau of Jacobi & Elisabetha Kohl

29 Apr 1806 Michael son of Michael Rohr to Magdalena dau of Leonard & Elisabetha Buck

22 Apr 1807 Jacob Rupple to Maria Hammerstein

29 Jun 1807 Jacob Jacob son of Jac. & Elis. Kohl to Clara Kelly

24 Apr 1808 Wilhelm Rupple to Elisabetha Walter 

26 Jun 1808 Georg son of Joseph & Marg. Kohl to Elisabetha dau of Nicolai & Magdalena Buck

25 Aug 1811 Jois. son of Nic. & Aloitina M'Carty to Maria dau of Nic. & Elis. M'Carty

23 ... 1811 Thomas son of Nic. & Elis. M'Carty to Maria dau of Nic. & Aloitina M'Carty

16 Dec 1811 Michael son of Henric & Rosina Dettemer to Catharina dau of Mich. & Helena Honig (Haney)

Aug 1811 Jacob ONale to Cath. Reed

29 Jun 1813 in New Jersey Joseph Ruppel to Maria Rachel Kass

23 Apr 1815 Jois. son of Jacob & Elisabetha Kohl to Elisabetha dau of Conrad & Magdalena Hoffmann

24 Oct 1815 Joes. Malone to Sara dau of Nicolai & Magd. Buck

28 Oct 1816 Philipp son of Andrea & Barb. Hammerstein to Catharina dau of Michael & Magd. Melcher

28 Apr 1817 Joes. son of Jacob & Susanna Book (Buck) to Elisabetha dau of Michael & Helena Honig (Haney)

23 Jun 1817 Joes. son of Petri & Elisabetha Samson to Anna dau of Joseph & Maria Honig (Haney)

26 Apr 1818 Joes son of Francisus & Clara Leitinger to Catharina dau of ... & Anna Christina Bon...

29 Apr 1818 Joes, son of Joes & Elis. McCarty to Maria dau of Nicolai & Elis. McCarty

18 Dec 1819 Thomas Hogs to Anna Heno at Haycock

27 Mar 1820 Martin ... Weibel to Magdalena ((vidua)

26 Apr 1820 Uzinald Rirbiman, vidus to Magdalena Schneider

 videocoppied from Goshenhoppen records into the St John records:

1. Jacob Buck md Catharina Schwear 24 Jan 1822

2. Jacob Buck md Catharina Applebach 25 Feb 1824

3. Aaron Beam md Elizabeth Buck 25 Feb 1824

4. Nicholas Buck md Mechtilda Mearldy 29 May 1826

5. John M'Carty md Catharine Dodendy 26 Aug 1827

6. Abner M'Carty md Ludovica M'Carty 11 Oct 1827

19 Feb 1829 Bryan Raurke to Mary Maher, wid.

3 Sep 1829 Patrick O'Connell & Mary Scannell

28 Nov 1829 James Brunahan & Ellen Cannahan

4 Jan 1830 Michael S. Heany to Elizabeth McCarty

11 Jan 1830 Hugh Daugherty to Maria Ott

14 Mar 1830 Joannes Martin to Elisabeth Brown

19 Apr 1830 Anthony Heany to Maria Geary

4 May 1830 Georg Cannaugh to Anna Gardner

8 May 1830 Patrick Brogan to Ellen Walsh, Widow

6 Jun 1830 Edward Slater to Bridget Reegan, widow

1 Aug 1830 David Thompson to Mary Anne English

24 Jun 1831 Redmond Condon to Judith Flynn

4 Jul 1831 Carolum McNamce to Esther Rast

30 Aug 1831 Joseph Heany to Mary Fretz

29 Sep 1831 Thomas McCarty to Anne Elisabeth Meredith

27 Feb 1832 William Gray to Elisabeth Melcher

26 Nov 1833 Daniel McDanel to Maria Daniel

8 Dec 1833 Christian Win to Antonia Seifrit

8 Dec 1833 Francis Guttin to Mageretha Vix

3 Jan 1834 Thomas Herman to Magerate Walsh

11 Jan 1834 Michael Born to Margaretha Wellsh

1 Mar 1834 Wilhelm Solt to Helena Heany

1 Mar 1834 Samuel Aderholt to Johanna McCarty

24 Apr 1834 Augustus Schmuster to Elisabeth Hetzel

3 Jun 1834 Wilhelm Corrigen to Catharina, widow Enaly

3 Aug 1834 Philipp Wilhelm Abele to Margaretha Zins

14 Sep 1834 Patricius Wood to Brigitta Kitson

26 Oct 1834 Johannes Mondau to Jessha Monbawer

12 Oct 1834 Jacob Lugen to Sara Bratzmann

14 Dec 1834 Jacob Logen to Eleonora Leonard

29 Dec 1834 Antonius Kohl to Barbara Lutz

29 Dec 1834 Aaron McCarty to Maria Kohl

10 Jan 1835 Antonius Guttier to Otteilia Finz

21 Feb 1835 Bernard Hashe to Catharina Conre

18 Apr 1835 Johannes Fetling to Johanna Polengeb

7 Jun 1835 Johannes Butler to Esther Gonoiniere

4 Jul 1835 Bartholomous Murtha to Sara Odoville

14 Feb 1836 Patricius McGoin to Brigitta Traffe

14 Feb 1836 Justus McCarty to Maria Anna Braun

3 Mar 1836 Joannes Leidy to Angelica Hadt

9 Apr 1836 Ignatius Arenbrost to Catharina Schumather

18 Jul 1836 Patricius Durver to Margarita Comisky

7 Sep 1836 Michael Maher to Eleonora, widow Farrell

1 Jan 1837 Franciscus Joseph Wittmann to Susanna Melcher

8 Jan 1837 Carolus Blos to Maria Kocker, wid. Statzer

24 Jul 1837 Patricicus Calahan to Unity McCarty

17 Sep 1837 Johan McCarty to Honora Sulivan

17 Sep 1837 Johannes Gibbs to Jean Walker

19 Sep 1839 James Smith to Elisabeth Browers

11 Feb 1841 Thomas Shafer to Madeline Geese

14 Feb 1841 John Atherholt to Elisabeth McCarty

12 Apr 1841 Philip Braus to Polly Cleaver

3 Aug 1841 Bernard Dempsy to Mary Lynson

31 Aug 1843 Michael Doolin to Louisa Cameron

28 Sep 1845 Nicholas H. McCarty to Eleanor Wilder

26 Apr 1846 John Ruth to Maryann Marr

7 Jan 1849 Joannes Sattel son of Petri Sattel & Magdalena Schwer of Rust, Baden to Mar. Anna Gigel dau of Michael Gigel & Magd. Schneider of Rheinau Alsatia

27 Mar 1849 Florianus Strubich of Baden to Helena Roesner dau of SimonRoesner of Bucks Co, PA & Miss Hamerstein of Bucks Co, PA

3 Sep 1850 Wilhelm Murphy to Anna Wallport

7 Oct 1850 Arnold Wisman to Magdalena Redley

10 Oct 1850 Joannes Propfer to Helena Mich

18 Feb 1851 Georg Steinlein toRosanna Fruh

15 Jun 1851 Jonas Buck to Johanna Klinker

10 Aug 1851 Michael Buck to Emma Johanna Ott

16 Nov 1851 Robert McCarty to Maria McCarty

24 Feb 1852 Nicolaus Mich to Elisabetha Jumpling (?)

12 Apr 1852 Franciscus Fruh to Sophia Steinlein

10 Jan 1853 Henric Seitz to Catharina ...

19 Mar 1853 Antonius Ziegler to Margaretha Vieoier

5 Apr 1853 Ferdinandus Krietzer to Catharina Elisabetha Roerbeck

10 Apr 1853 Jacob McCarty to Maria McCarty

30 Jun 1853 Amos Schamp to Maria Wiesmer

3 Jul 1853 Thomas Carroll to Rachele Hunt

26 Dec 1853 Andreas Wiener to Anna Gwoseva Gerich

8 Feb 1854 Joseph Dottlein to Helena Kohl

8 Feb 1854 Georg Thuma to Sophia Stehle

29 May 1854 Joannes Bohnlein to Anna Maria Stock

25 Feb 1855 Thomas Regan to Maria Anna Regal

28 Nov 1855 Samuel Buck to Rebecca Heaney

10 Jan 1856 Bernard Mutz to Maria Kaesel

26 Mar 1856 Samuel Reinbold to Theresia Fruh

23 Aug 1857 Wilhelm Flemming to Catharina Wiesman

6 Dec 1857 Eleasae McCarty to Luaiana Rosh

9 Feb 1858 Hugh O'Connell to Carolina McCarty

14 Feb 1858 Simon Heaney to Laura Heaney

16 Feb 1858 Joannes Corcoran to Salome McEntee

7 Jun 1858 Francis Goss to Theresia Liebler

7 Nov 1858 Jacob Fox of County Donnengall to Maria Kenedy

25 Jan 1859 Melchior Fruh son of Xaver Fruh & Maria Anna Steiner of Niederhausen, Baden to Magdalena Fleck dau of Chs. Fleck & Rosa Enghauser of Niederhausen, Baden

14 Feb 1859 Eduard McCarty to Sophia Kohl

13 Feb 1859 at Haycock, Georg Stack to Anna Lehnen

5 Mar 1859 in Durham, Bucks, PA Joannes Clarck to Maria McGie

28 Apr 1859 Wilhelm Heaney to Emeline Buck

2 May 1859 Petr Lehnen to Rosana Curt

7 Aug 1859 Michael Egan to Brigett Ksey

18 Sep 1859 in Durham, Bucks, PA, Michael McAnany to Brigitta Killan

18 Sep 1859 in Durham, Bucks, PA, Andreas McIse to Margaretta McLaughlin wid. of Michael Maugan

2 Jan 1860 Franciscus Xaver Thoma of Niederhausen, Baden to Maria Anna Fleck

21 Feb 1860 Petr McCue to Maria ...

7 Apr 1860 Martin Doyle to Maria Smith

7 May 1860 Anton Ruk to Agnes Birnhausen

10 Jan 1861 Robert McCarty son of Francis & Elisabetha McCarty to Anna Ruppel dau of Thomas & Maria Ruppel of Alexander, Hunterdon, NJ

13 Feb 1859 Georius Stack of Easton to Anna Lehmen

5 Mar 1859 Joannes Clarch to Maria McGie

28 Oct 1859 Gulielmus Heaney to Emelina Buck

2 May 1859 Petrus Lehmento Rosaia Curt of Narrowsville7 Aug 1859 Michael Egan to Brigittam Kasey18 Sep 1859 Michael McAnany to Brigitta Killan18 Sep 1859 in Durham, Andrias McGee to Mararetha McLaughlin1860 the first three entries are unreadable8 Aapr 1860 Marcius Doyle to Mariam Smith7 May 1860 Antoninon Rick to Anges Birnhausen10 Jan 1861 Robertus McCarthy son of Francis & Elisabeth McCarthy to Anna Ruppel dau of Thomas & Mariam Ruppel15 Aug 1861 Guilelmus Sauer of Stockheim in Bavaria to Maria Anna Eschenbach of Oberessfeld in Bavaria

24 Oct 1861 Josephum Reimbold of Springfield, PA to Mariam F. Ohl ofSpringfield

15 Aug 1861 wilhelm Sauer of Stockheim, Bavaria to Maria Anna eschenback of Oberessfeld, Bavaria

24 Oct 1861 Joseph Reimbold of Springfield, PA to Maria F. Ohl wid. of Daniel Allen of Springfield

14 Jan 1862 Nicholas Aderholt to Hannah McCarty

14 Jan 1862 Thomas McCarty to Susanna McCarty of Haycock

28 Jan 1862 Wilhelm Biam to Ellnore Amanda Kohl

26 Feb 1862 Jacob P. Leslie of Ervina, Bucks, PA to Catharina ODonnell of Florence, NJ

3 Mar 1862 Joseph Seiphert of Llauchheim, Ellwanga, Wurtemberg to Maria Fruh of Nockamixon township, Bucks, PA

3 Mar 1862 Jacob Fruch of Hausen, Baden to Ida Vogler of Hausen, Baden

3 Mar 1862 Conrad Hungrige of Istrap/Hoegster, Minder, Westphalia to Magdalena Riess of Niederhausen, Baden

27 Jan 1863 Wilhelm Cole of Haycock, Bucks, to Martha Biem of PA

19 Nov 1863 Nicolaus Aman to Maria anna Boenlein born Stock

3 Jan 1864 Joannes Hoffman, wid., to Friderica Muller

7 Jan 1864 Lambert Fruh age 25y to Theresia Fleck age 19y

7 Jan 1864 Israel Dillen age 21y to Sabina Wismer age 16y

4 Feb 1864 Joseph Schumann to Helena Haney

27 Feb 1864 Joannes Maier to Anna Margaretta Winters

14 May 1864 Wilhelm McEntyre to Maria H. Mitchell

12 Oct 1864 Thomas Kohl, wid., to Maria Atherhold

duodetrigesima Feb 1865 Philipp Smidt to theresia wid Reinbold, nata Fruh

16 Nov 1865 Joannes W. Classen to Maria Leslie

14 Jan 1866 Cletus Witt to Agnes Pfeffer

23 Jan 1866 Jacob Kilian to Barbara Steinbrunner

10 Jun 1866Thomas Kelly to Maria McManus

17 Jun  1866 James McDormet to Catharina Kenney

2 Jul 1866 David Altherhold to Catharina Wierbach

7 Jul 1866 Charles McCarty to Hamor Shaimon

14 Feb 1867 E. Mondeu to Lovina Alterhold

7 Apr 1867 Marc Wismer to Anna Maria Nicolus

27 Nov 1867 Johannes Cole to Maria Emilia Cole

21 Dec 1867 Jacob Stehlin to Wilhelmina Buheley

28 Dec 1867 Ignatium Buck to Maria Emilia McFall

1 Jan 1868 Michael Schoenstein to Theresia Metzger

6 Feb 1868 Charles McCarthy to Elisabeth Last

17 Feb 1868 Xaver Weygand to Magdalena Martz

5 Jun 1868 Jacob Dougherty to Jane Gill

6 Aug 1868 Oliver Ott to Maria L. R. de Boys

28 Oct 1868 Joseph Kramer to Ellen Jane Kerns

26 Nov 1868 Nicolo McCarthy to Sara McCarthy

13 Dec 1868 Theodor Stehlin to Johanna Metzger

29 Dec 1868 Isaac ODonnel to Johannes McCarthy

17 Jan 1869 Michael Hollihan to Emi Bartolette

23 Jan 1870 Aaron T. Heany to Anna Leforse

12 Feb 1870 Joseph Shwer to terisa Grath

2 Mar 1870 Petr Camp to Henriette Wright

16 Jan 1871 Clemens Finkeldie to Wilhelmina Baumann

14 Feb 1871 Austin Nic. McCarty to Lucinda Ellen Buck

Feb 1871 Georg Witt to Elisabetha Stehlin

10 Jun 1871 Sylvester Buck to Elise Jane Ridge

14 Jan 1862 Nicholalum Adaholt to Hannah McCarthy14 Jan 1862 Thomas McCarthy to Susannam McCarthy of Haycock28 Oct 1862 Wilhelm Biam to Ellnore Amanda Kohl26 Feb 1862 Jacobus P. Leslie of Ervina to Catharina ODonnell of Florenie, NJ3 Mar 1862 Josephus Seiphert of Lauchheim, Ellwanger, Wirtemberg to Maria Fruch of Nocamixon twp, Bucks Co.3 Mar 1862 Jacobus Fruch of Hausen in Baden to Ida Vogler of Hausen in Baden3 Mar 1862 Conradus Hungrige of Istrup/Hoegster Minden Westphalia to Madalena Riess of Niederhousen, Baden27 Jan 1863 Guilelmus Cole of Haycock to Martha Biem of Penn.19 Nov 1863 Nicolaus Aman to Maria Anna Boenlein nata Stock3 Jan 1864 Joanes Hoffman(viduus) to Freiderica Muller7 Jan 1864 Lambertus Fruh ae 25y to Theresia Fleck age 17y7 Jan 1864 Israel Dillin age 21y to Sabina Wismer4 Feb 1864 Josephus Schuman to Helena Haney27 Feb 1864 Joannes Maier to Anna Margaretta Winters16 May 1864 Guilelmus McEntyre to Maria Mitchel12 Oct 1864 Thomas Kohl (viduus) to Maria Atherholdduodftrigesima(?) Feb 1865 Philiipus Smidt to Theresia Fruh (vidua)Reinhold 16 Nov 1865 Joannes W. Classen to Maria Leslie14 Jan 1866 Cletus Witt to Agnes Pfeffer23 Jan 1866 Jacobus Rilian to Barbara Steinbruner10 Jun 1866 Thomas Kelly to Maria McManus17 Jun 1866 James McDormet to Catharia Kenney2 Jul 1866 David Altherhold to Catharina Wierbach7 Jul 1866 Charles McCarthy to Hamor Shannon14 Feb 1867 E. Mondaeu to Lovina Alterhold7 Apr 1867 Maricum Wismer to Annam Mariam Nicoly27 Nov 1867 Johannan Cole to Mariam Emiliam Cole21 Dec 1867 Jacobum Stehlin to Wilhelminam Buheley28 Dec 1867 Ignatium Buck to Mariam Emiliam McFall or McCall1 Jan 1868 Michael Schoenstein to Theresia Metzger6 Feb 1868 Charles McCarthy to Elisabeth Last17 Feb 1868 Haverius Weggand to Magdalena Martz5 Jun 1868 Jacobus Dougherty to Jane Gill6 Aug 1868 Olever Ott to Maria L. de Boys28 Oct 1868 Josephus Kramer to Ellen Jane Kerns26 Nov 1868 Nicolsum McCarthy to Saram McCarthy13 Dec 1868 Theodorus Stehlin to Johanna Metzger29 Dec 1868 Isaac ODonnel to Johanna McCarthy17 Jun 1869 Michaelum Hollihan to Emi Bartolette23 Jan 1870 Aaron L.Heany to Annan Lefevera(?)12 Feb 1870 Joseph Shwere to Therisam Grash2 Mar 1870 Petrum Camp to Henrietta Weight16 Jan 1871 Clemens Finkilder to Guileliminam Baumann14 Oct 1871 Austin Nic. McCarthy to Lucindam Ellen Buck... Feb 1871 Georgin Witt to Elisabetha Stehlin10 Jun 1871 Sylvester Buck to Elise Jane Ridge

30 Sep 1871 Herman Klein age 22y to Annam Mariam Stein

30 Sep 1871 Herman Klein age 22y to Anna Maria Stein

4 Jan 1872 Jacob Wismer age 21y to Isabella Winter age 14y

2 Feb 1872 Joannius Wilhelm Breiner to Elisabetha Heid

10 Feb 1872 Enoch McCarty to Elisabetha Kraemer

7 Apr 1872 Joannis Breiner to Julianna Flemming

16 Apr 1872 Carolus Kine to Maria anna Hollahan

21 Apr 1872 Michael Smith to Sarah Maely

26 Aug 1872 Petr Kern to Maria Munchhoff

24 Sep 1872 Joannis Kraemer to Elisabetha McCarty

21 Dec 1872 Adolph Mitsch age 23y to Mathilda Wetz age 21y

16 Jan 1873 Henri McCarty to Maria aloysia McCarty

4 Feb 1873 Sheridan Matlack to Katharina Kraemer

18 Feb 1873 Joseph Mondeau to Ceceilia Eley

22 Feb 1873 Reed Fose to Elisabetha Metzger

24 Feb 1873 Georg Witt, wid, to Christine Bickel

15 May 1873 Abel Cole to Maria Weiss

10 Jun 1873 Petr Agnew to Salome Raisner

13 Jun 1873 Thomas Garrigen to Aloysia Murphy

20 Oct 1873 Mauritins Shoener to Amalia Sautlin

8 Jan 1874 Joseph Maurer to Helena Seidel

19 Jan 1874 Wilhelm Ste... to Salome Schamp

20 Jan 1874 Carolus Fleck to Maria Zengly

19 Feb 1874 Abel McCarty to Maria Aloysia Seip (luth.)

25 Apr 1874 Jacob Cole to Maria Mich

16 May 1874 Mathias Stier to Aloysia Gurn

21 Jul 1874 Joseph Zimmer to Maria Roos

13 Oct 1874 Henri Buck to Maria Cole

10 Nov 1874 Leonard Saedler to Joanna Raisner

24 Nov 1874 Joseph Heaney to Elisabetha Worman ((prot.)

28 Jan 1875 Francis Stehlin to Maria Witt

14 Feb 1875 Eduard Hpthgrave to Margaretha Wismer

21 Sep 1875 Michael Stehlin toAmalia Nies

23 Sep 1875 Joannis Stier to Franzisia Stier

25 Nov 1875 Thomas McCarty to Isabella McCarty

4 Jan 1876 Carolus Lorasch to Catharina Bickel

22 Jul 1876 Wilhelm Raisner to Rebecca Hammerstein

9 Jan 1877 Matthias Raushshwendel to Maria Metzger

1 Feb 1877 Patric Christy to Aloysia Reiley

12 Feb 1877 Ferdinand Weiss to Maria Schwer

9 Apr 1877 Oliver A. Fisher to Mathilda Buck

25 Sep 1877 Wilhelm Franzis McCarty to Veronica Nicolas

15 Dec 1877 Mahlon Heaney to Malinda Selner

26 Feb 1878 Wilhelm Munchhoff to Wilhelmina Schwer

5 Mar 1878 Georg Mich to Anastasia Heaney

24 Apr 1878 Jacob Adams (prot) to Maria Aloysia McCarty

22 Jul 1878 Georg Peiffer to Cathaina Walters

19Aug 1878 Antonius Kimmernhour to Anna Catharine Storm

12 Sep 1878 Thomas Murphy to Catharina Kelty

23 Sep 1878 Martin Breiner to Francisca Ketz

20 Nov 1878 Joseph Walter (prot) to A. Elisabetha Schamp

25 Nov 1878 Georg Freen(?) to Maria Stehly

12 Jan 1879 Abner R. Kraemer to Maria Joanna Appelbach

4 Jan 1879 Jacob Nicolas to Maria Magdalena McCarty

11 Feb 1879 in Marienstein, Wilhelm Schwer to Wilhelmina Munchhoff

30 Apr 1879 Enoch R. Heaney to Harriet Goss

24 Sep 1879 Thomas Andrew Scanlon to Joanna Theresia Keelan

27 Sep 1879 Isaac Kraemer to Mary Reimbold

11 Oct 1879 Michael Shannon to Elisabetha Carroll

15 Oct 1879 Edwin Tranddell to Anna Caecilia Holahan

9 Dec 1879 Joannes Shockency to Maria Carolina Rose

17 Jan 1880 Aemidus Atherholt to Catherina McCarty

27 Jul 1880 Oliver Joannes Fox to Veronica Mundeau

30 Sep 1880 Carolus Fruh to Rosa Seitz

23 Oct 1880 Marcus McCarty to Louisa McCarty

19 Feb 1881 Georg Kane to Matilde Caecilia Kohl

26 Feb 1881 Albert McCarty to Emma Streebe

26 Apr 1881 Thomas Agnew to Margareta Anna Zengly

3 May 1881 Leonard Stehly to Rosa Elis. Breiner

19 May 1881 Joseph Rose Flemming to Anna Maria Zengly

20 Oct 1881 Carolus Pfeiffer to Catharina Pfeiffer, wid (dau og Leonard Walter & Margarita Burrs)

25 Nov 1881 Wilhelm H. Beam to Agnes Heaney

17 Jan 1882 Wilhelm Lucky to Franzisca Saddle

24 Jan 1882 Joannes Settle to Franzisca Fleck

31 Jan 1882 Hartzey Stehley to Harriett Maier

14 Aug 1882 Wilhelm Stehlin to Maria Fruh

17 Aug 1882 Franziscus Minder to Anna Stehly

28 Sep 1882 Godfried Buck to Maria Catharina McCarty

9 Jan 1883 Eugene Wilmert Flemming to Margarite Lippincott

16 Jan 1883 Ludovicus Schwer to Sophia Maier

18 Jan 1883 Carolus Maher to Brigitta Murphy

5 Feb 1883 Franziscus Metzger to Mina Weiss

3 Apr 1883 Joannes Carroll to Johanna Strouse

5 Apr 1883 Stephanus A. Garis to Elisabetha Flemming

7 Apr 1883 Sheridan Heaney to Anna Hester Ziegenfuss

5 Jul 1883 Joseph rose Wismer to Anna Catharina Lehner

16 Jan 1884 Matthaus Reilly to Catharina Friderica Walters

22 Apr 1884 Wilhelm Buck to Sarah Ulmer

29 Jul 1884 Joannes Flemming to Margarite McKnight

4 Jan 1872 Jacobus Wismer to Isabella Winter2 Feb 1872 Joannis Guilielmus Breimer to Elisabetha Heid10 Feb 1872 Enoch McCarty to Elisabetha Kraemer7 Apr 1872 Joannis Breimer to Julianna Flemming16 Aapr 1872 Carolus Kine to Maria Anna Hollahan21 Aapr 1872 Michael Smith to Sarah Masly26 Aug 1872 Petrus Kern to Maria Munchhof24 Sep 1872 Joannis Kraemer to Elisabetha McCarty21 Dec 1872 Adolphus Mitsch to Mathilda Watz16 Jan 1873 Henrius McCarty to Maria Aloysia McCarty4 Feb 1873 Sheridan Matlock to Katharina Kraemer18 Feb 1873 Josephus Mondeau to Caeislia Eley22 Feb 1873 Reed Fooe to Elisabetha Metzyer24 Feb 1873 Georgius Witt(viduus) to Christina Bickel15 May 1873 Abel Cole to Maria Weiss10 Jun 1873 Petrus Agnew to Salome Raisner13 Aug 1873 Thomas Garrigan to Aloysia Murphy20 Oct 1873 Mauritius Shoener to Amalia Sautlin8 Jan 1874 Josephus Maurer to Helena Seidel17 Jan 1874 Willhelmus Ste... to Salome Schamp20 Jan 1874 Carolus Fleck to Maria Zengly17 Feb 1874 Abel McCarty to Maria Aloysia Serp25 Apr 1874 Jacobus Cole to Maria Mich16 May 1874 Mathias Stier to Aloysia Gurn21 Jul 1874 Joseph Zimmer to Maria Roos13 Oct 1874 Henrius Buck to Maria Cole10 Nov 1874 Josephus Heaney to Elisabeth Wormann28 Jan 1875 Franziseus Stehlin to Maria Witt14 Feb 1875 Edwardus Hpthegrave(?) to Margaretha Wismer21 Sep 1875 Michael Stehlin to Amalia Nies23 Sep 1875 Joannis Stier to Franzinsa Stier25 Nov 1875 Thomas McCarty to Isabella McCarty4 Jan 1876 Carolus Lorasch to Catharina Bickel22 Jul l1876 Gulielmus Raisner to Rebecca Hammerstein9 Jan 1877 Matthias Raushshwendel to Maria Metzger1 Feb 1877 Patricius Christy to Aloysia Reilly12 Feb 1877 Ferdinandus Weiss to Maria Schwer9 Apr 1877 Oliver A. Fisher to Mathilda Buck25 Sep 1877 Gulielmus Franziscas McCarty to Veronica Nicolas

15 Dec 1877 Mahlon Heaney to Malinda Selner

undetricesimo Jan 1889 Antonius W. Zengley to Sarah S. Metzger12 Feb 1889 Josephus Munchhoff to Maria Breiner14 Feb 1889 Gulielmus Mich to Anna M. Huber26 Feb 1889 Gulielmus Breiner to Mina Stehlin6 Jun 1889 Amadeus Atherholt to Elisabetha Matlack13 Jun 1889 at Durham, Jeremias B. Mahony to Margarita G. Maher7 Jan 1890 at Marienstein, Joannes Munchhoff to Franzisca Finkeldie21 Jan 1890 at Marienstein, Carolus Munchhoff to Sarah Breinerduodetrigesimo Jan 1890 at Marienstein, Samuel Reinbold to Paulina Staffon1 May 1890 at Durham, Thomas W. Blackton to Anna L. Maguire26 Jun 1890 Gulielmus J. Wismer to Rosa Amillia Heater25 Sep 1890 Ruben Thaddaeus Shuman to Isabella Beam25 Oct 1890 Henricus Hellar to Maria Ellen Kane8 Jan 1891 Laurentius Stehlin to Elisabetha Bill13 Jan 1891 Benjamin Frantz to Theresia Weller27 Jan j1891 Aaron S. Heaney to Chora A. Mundeauundetricesimo Jan 1891 Josephus F. Heaney to Maria Aloysia Heaney10 Feb 1891 Gulielmus H. Zengly to Theresia Fleming9 Apr 1891 Joannes Mich to Laura H. Heaney30 Jun 1891 Henricus Kane to Ella Shuman1 Sep 1891 Gulielmus J. Casey to Theresia C Kohl22 Sep 1891 Ludovicus Weglein to Rosa Lehnen31 Oct at Bally, Goshenhoppen, Berks Co., PA Joannes Nicolaus Yount to Lillia T. McCarty21 Nov 1891 Florianius Streebey(Streepy) to Irena Mundeau14 Jan 1892 at Marienstein, Joannes Fischer, viduus, to MagdalenaSchoepflein (I think they were md first in Frenchtown, NJ by a civil magistrate)15 Feb 1892 Carolus Mutz to Emma Stehlin25 Feb 1892 Owen F. George to Carolina Kimenhour22 Jun 1892 Ervinus Kraemer to Maria Aloysia McCarty3 Sep 1892 Gulielmus Reinbold to Agatha Ellwanger6 Oct 1892 Sylvester Flemming to Maria Deemer14 Feb 1893 Theoddor Constantine of Doylestown to Rosa Moser at St.Joseph, Marienstein10 Apr 1893 Josephus Zengly to Margariata McHenry17 Apr 1893 Joannes M. Agnew to Maria A. Frankemper17 May 1893 Joannes Josephus Huff to Susanna Fleming15 Jul 1893 Sylvester Dillon to Gertrudis Crouse19 Sep 1893 Joannes H. Schoener to Elisabetha Fackenthal30 Nov 1893 Henricus Gulden, viduus to Anna C. Kramer13 Jan 1894 Samuel Wallace to Sara Fleming9 Apr 1894 Joannes Dillon to Ida Maria Lippingcott10 Apr 1894 Joannen Breiner to Christina Stehlin18 Apr 1894 Franziscus Josephus Schwer to Franzisca Hungrige19 Apr 1894 Laurentus Coady to Helena (Ellen) Freeh15 May 1894 Jacobus Stehlin to Maria Finkeldie31 May 1894 Josephus Stehley to Anna Zingle25 Jun 1894 Thomas Hammerstone to Maria Wismer25 Sep 1894 Isaac B. Heaney to Elisabeth Philipps20 Nov 1895 Guliemus A. Hogan to Ida A. Kohl18 Feb 1896 Caspar Henricus Freeh to Barbara Ulses15 Oct 1896 Gulielmus Schumacker to Annastasia McCarty10 Feb 1897 Franciscus Josephus Riese to Maria E. KimenhourFeb 1897 Joannes Schwer to Elisabetha Heil23 Feb 1897 Joannes C. Hungrige to Ella S. Rapp25 Feb 1897 Terrentius Kelly to Laura Isabella Hagerty2 Mar 1897 Joannes D. Reinbold to Hattie (Bertha) Streebe24 Jun 1897 Stephanus Dillon to Elisabetha McCartyduodetrigesimo Sept 1897 Anselmus Shuman to Emma Hagerty31 May 1898 Gulielmus G. Hufnagel to Maria Isabella McCarty7 Jun 1898 Petrus Freeh to Elisabetha Beam9 Aug 1898 Augustus Fleming to Ada M. Walterduodetrigesimo Sep 1898 Josephus Goth to Isabella Kimenhour11 Oct 1898 Josephus Breiner to Maria T. Thoma10 Jan 1899 Andreas Henricus Schwer to Francisca Freeh8 Nov 1899 David Dillon to Anna Shuman30 Nov 1899 Joannes H. Tomlinson to Rosa A. Rauner9 Jan 1900 Francisus B. Thoma to Maria Fleck18 Jan 1900 Joannes Esser to Anna Wismer13 Feb 1900 Henricus Hungridges to Matilda Breiner1 Jun 1900 Joanne Clemmer to Catharina Kraemer4 Aug 1900 Isaac Hann of Frenchtown, NJ to Maria Emma Gano27 Nov 1900 Georgius Wismer to Anna M. Lippincott at Durham30 Jan 1901 Franciscus Oliver Rapp, age 34y to Maria J. Stewart, age 31y at Marienstein8 Jun 1901 Robertus B. Courtney to Henrietta Atherholt13 Jun 1901 Carolus Breiner to Elizabetha Dillon at Marientstein25 Jul 1901 Franciskus Pfeiffer to Joanna Thompson at Durham18 Sep 1901 Dewitt Keller to Anna Atherholt at Haycock22 Oct 1901 Asa P. Helsel to Lena S. Rapp at Haycock14 Jan 1902 Philip W. Krail to Lizzie Stahley at Haycock2 Feb 1902 Joannes Josephus Boyle to Lydia Maria Taylor Wells at Haycock3 Feb 1902 Jacobus Stewart to Alice Rapp at Haycock29 Apr 1902 Erwin Shuman to Clara Mondeau at Haycock12 Jun 1902 Eduardus Flemming to Catharina Fleck at Haycock21 Jun 1902 Henricus J. Atherholt to Laura E. Frey at Haycock22 Nov 1902 Horatius Lutz to Lena Wismer at Haycock3 Feb 1903 Josephus Reinbold to Lenah Staffon at Haycock14 May 1903 Aaron Beam to Rosa Freeh at Haycock5 Aug 1903 Mahlon A. Gulden to Carolina Lewis at Haycock8 Oct 1903 Thomas Pfeiffer to Anna E. Moninghoff at Haycock19 Nov 1903 Thomas E. Kramer to Jennie McCarty at Haycock26 Nov 1903 Gulielmus H. Breiner to Maria Saddel at Haycock4 Feb 1904 Arthur M. Ridge to Catharina F. Stewart at Haycock21 Jul 1904 Jacobus Kimmenhour to Estella White at Haycock23 Nov 1904 Blasius Kohl to Anna Schaller1 Feb 1905 Walter Ambrosius Kraemer to Anna Salome Heaney3 Feb 1905 Elmer Ziegenfuss to Anna Wismer22 Jul 1905 Eduardus Rick to Elis. Andres11 Oct 1905 Gulielmus A. McManus to Maria Agnes Neis22 Nov 1905 Arnon Moyer to Maria Reinbold23 Jan 1906 Jacobus Jos. Courtney to Helena Elis. Heaney22 Feb 1906 Eduardus Pfeiffer to Francisca Frueh1 May 1906 Julius Martin to Elisabeth Schwer12 Jun 1906 Walter A. Kelly to Theresia E. Schwer29 Sep 1906 Will. Dillon to Rosa Mondeau3 Aug 1907 Michael Shannon to Maria Dillon at Durham14 Aug 1907 Joseph Clunk to Carolina Bill12 Dec 1907 Franciscus Weller to Lena Kimmenhour21 Jan 1908 Gulielmus Fingeldie to Francisca Stehle20 Feb 1908 Joseph Cosner to Anna Frueh13 Oct 1908 Joannes Gernlenbert to Anna Pfeiffer21 Jan 1909 Henricus McCarthy to Oliva Agnes Schuman18 Feb 1909 Thom. Seiple to Maria Freeh19 May 1909 Gulielmus Mich to Anna Stahley at Marienstein16 Jun 1909 Theodorus Fleck to Regina Buck at Haycock23 Jun 1909 Franciscus J. Cole of Phila. to Gertrudis Kramer at Haycock14 Aug 1909 Gulielmus B. Heaney of Riverton, NJ to Laura Freeh at Marienstein2 Sep 1909 Aloysius Kimmenhour to Rosa Theresa Fleck at Haycock16 Sep 1909 Josephus H. Becker of Oxford(Furnace), NJ to Anna Catharina Kimmenhour of Harrow23 Sep 1909 Earl Andrews to Catharina (Martina) Pfeiffer of NJ30 Sep 1909 Thomas Roscoe McCarthy to Maria Francisccua Fleck at Haycock27 Nov 1909 Jacobus Schwar to Ella Miller at Marienstein1 Feb 1910 Joannes (Henricus) Fitzgerald to Emma Maria Munchhoff at Marienstein3 Feb 1910 Josephus Vinsentius Buck to Maria Ida Hagerty at Haycock15 Aapr 1910 Joseph V. Wismer to Wilhelmina Munchhoff23 Jun 1910 Lewis Schwer to Anna Mark28 Jul 1910 Wilhelmus H. Seitz to Helena Quisch27 Sep 1910 Henricus L. Hauswirt to Sarah T. Munchhof

11 Oct 1910 Franciscus L. Heaney to Theresia Diehl

I have spelled the names as best as I could from the sometimes bad handwriting.

Shirley B.


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