St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church


St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church
Haycock twp, Bucks, PA

Submitted by lsbuirch (Shirley)
The church records start in 1803(see Most Blessed
Sacrament, Bally, PA
before this date). The names are spelled as found in the


10 Feb 1885 Laurentius Mutz to Elisabetha Stehlin

12 Feb 1885 Joannes Bishop Heaney to Brigitta Sheridan

17 Sep 1885 Anselm Shuman to Julia Kane

22 Sep 1885 Ambrose Aholpius Buck to Eva Theresia Mich

1 Feb 1886 Michael Mutz to Rosa Thoma

4 Feb 1886 Carolus Kresch to Theresia Schwer

25 Feb 1886 Henri Schwer to Maria Steidinger

9 Mar 1886 Wilhelm H. Kraemer to Apollonia Struebe

9 Mar 1886 Thomas R. Buck to Emmalina Shive

31 Aug 1886 Gregor Niclos to Caecilia Atherholt

14 Oct 1886 Henri Newton Buck to Anna Laura Atherholt

26 Oct 1886 Tunis Hammerstone to Barbara Ruppel

11 Nov 1886 Israel Metzger to Anna Heaney

15 Jan 1887 Joannes L. Heaney to Elmira Trauger

22 Jan 1887 Wilhelm Bickel to Caecilia Stehly

20 Jan 1887 Thomas Henri McCarty to Irena Mich

8 Feb 1887 Joannes C. Atherholt to Clara Isabella Mich

15 Feb 1887 Christian Neulaus to Maria Scheiner

17 Feb 1887 Franzis Seitz to Euphemia Gulden

11 Apr 1887 Carolus B. Brown to Maria Eichelmann

14 May 1887 Henri Heaney to Emma Mary Nicholas

13 Jul 1887 Jacob Schwer to Lucinda Augusta Breiner

4 Oct 1887 Henri Seitz to Euphemia Beam

11 Oct 1887 Laurent Metzger to Anna Zengly

2 Feb 1888 in Durham, Eduard Joseph Carlon to Anna Rosa Martin

14 Apr 1888 Ruben Hinkel to Josephine Rosa Metzger

26 Jun 1888 Harvey H. Gulden to Frances Seitz

10 Jul 1888 Jacob Bill to Maria Smith

2 Aug 1888 Wilhelm Wittman to Helena Fischer

13 Jan 1889 Antonius W. Zengley to Sarah Metzger

12 Feb 1889 Joseph Munchhoff to Maria Breiner

14 Feb 1889 Wilhelm Mich to Anna M. Huber

26 Feb 1889 Wilhelm Breiner to Mina Stehlin

6 Jun 1889 Amadeus Atherholt to Elisabetha Matlack

13 Jun 1889 Jeremias B. Mahony to Margarita G. Maher

7 Jan 1890 at Marienstein Joannes Munchhoff to Frances E. Finkeldie

21 Jan 1890 at Marienstein, Carolus Munchhoff to Sarah Breiner

29 Jan 1890 at Marienstein, Samuel Reinbold to Pauline Staffon

1 May 1890 at Durham, Thomas W. Blackton to Anna L. Maguire

26 Jun 1890 Wilhelm J. Wismer to Rosa Amillia Heater

25 Sep 1890 Ruben Thaddaeus Shuman to Isabella Beam

25 Oct 1890 Henric Hellar to Maria Ellen Kane

8 Jan 1891 Laurent Stehlin to Elisabetha Bill

13 Jan 1891 Benjamin Frantz to Theresia Weller

27 Jan 1891 Aaron S. Heaney to Chora A. Mundeau

30 Jan 1891 Joseph F. Heaney to Maria Aloysia Heaney

10 Feb 1891 Wilhelm H. Zengly to Theresia Fleming

9 apr 1891 Joannes Mich to L. lH. Heaney

30 Jun 1891 Henri Kane to Ella Shuman

1 Sep 1891 Wilhelm J. Casey to Theresia C. Kohl

22 Sep 1891 Ludovicus Weglein to Rosa Lehnen

31 Oct 1891 at Bally, Goshenhoppen, Berks Co., Joannes Nicolaus Youokengt to Lillia T. McCarty

21 Nor 1891 Florianus Striebe (Streepy) to Irena Mundeau

14 Jan 1892 Joannes Fischer of Marienstein, wid, to Magdalena Schoepflein

15 Feb 1892 Carolus Mutz to Emma Stehlin

25 Feb 1892 Owen F. George to Carolina Kimenhour

22 Jun 1892 Ervin Kraemer to Maria Aloysia McCarty

3 Sep 1892 Wilhelm Reinbold to Agatha Ellwanger

6 Oct 1892 Sylvester flemming to Maria Deemer

14 Feb 1893 at St. Joseph, Theodor Constantine of Doylestown to Rosa Moser of Marienstein

10 Apr 1893 Josephus Zengly to Margarita McHenry

17 Apr 1893 Joannes M. Agnew to Maria A. Frankamp

17 May 1893 Joannes Joseph Huffgt to Susanna Fleming

15 Jul 1893 Sylvester Dillon to Gertrudis Crouse

19 Sep 1893 Joannes H. Schoener to Elisabetha Fackenthal

30 Nov 1893 Henri Gulden, wid, to Anna C. Kramer

13 Jan 1894 Samuel Wallace to Sara Fleming

9 Apr 1894 Joannes Dillon to Ida Maria Lippincott

10 Apr 1894 Joannes Breiner to christina Stehlin

18 Apr 1894 Francis Joseph Schwer to Franzisca Hungrige

19 Apr 1894 Laurent Coady to Helena (Ellen) Fruh

15 May 1894 Jacob Stehlin to Maria Finkeldie

31 May 1894 Joseph Stehlin to Anna Zingle

25 Jun 1894 Thomas Hammerstone to Maria Wismer

25 Sep 1894 Isaac B. Heaney to Elisabetha Philipps

25 Nov 1895 Wilhelm A. Hogan to Ida A. Kohl

22 Feb 1896 Caspar Henri Fruh to Barbara Ulses

15 IOct 1896 Wilhelm Schmacher to Anastasia McCarty

10 Feb 1897 Franciscus Joseph Riese to Maria E. Kimenhour

16 Feb 1897 Joannes Schwer to Elisabetha Heil

23 Feb 1897 Joannes C. Hungrige to Ella S. Rapp

25 Feb 1897 Terrent Kelly to Laura Isabelle Hagerty

2 Mar 1897 Joannes D. Reinbold to Hattie (Bertha) Strube

24 Jun 1897 Stephanus Dillon to Elisabetha McCarty

23 Sep 1897 Anselm Shuman to Emma Hagerty

31 May 1898 Wilhelm G. Hufnagel to Maria Isabella McCarty

7 Jun 1898 Petr Fruh to Elisabetha Beam

9 Aug 1898 Augustus Fleming to Ada M. Walter

23 Sep 1898 Joseph Goth to Isabelle Kimenhour

11 Oct 1898 Joseph Breiner to Maria T. Thoma

10 Jan 1899 Andreas Henri Schwer to Francisca Fruh

8 Nov 1899 David Dillon to Anna Shuman

30 Nov 1899 Joannes H. Tomlinson to Rosa A. Rouner

9 Jan 1900 Francis B. Thoma to Maria Fleck

18 Jan 1900 Joannes Esser to Anna Wismer

13 Feb 1900 Henri Hungrige to Matilda Breiner

1889 remarried 1 Jun 1900 Joannes Clemmer to Catharina Kraemer

4 Aug 1900 Isaac Hann of Frenchtown, NJ, to Maria Emma Gano

27 Nov 1900 at Durham Georg Wismer to Anna M. Lippincott

30 Jan 1901 at Marienstein, Francis Oliver Rapp, age 34y to Maria J. Stewart, age 31y

8 Jun 1901 Robert B. Courtney to Henritta Atherholt

13 Jun 1901 at Marienstein, Carolus Breiner to Elizabeth Dillon

23 Jul 1901 at Durham, Francis Pfeiffer to Joanna Thompson

18 Sep 1901 at Haycock, Dewitt Keller to Anna Atherholt

22 Oct 1901 at Haycock, Asa P. Helsel to Lena S. Rapp

14 Jan 1902 at Haycock, Philip W. Krail to Lizzie Stahley

2 Feb 1902 at Haycock, Joannes Joseph Boyle to Lydia Maria Taylor Wells

3 Feb 1902 at Haycock, Jacob Stewart to Alice Rapp

29 Apr 1902 at Haycock, Erwin Shuman to Clara Mondeau

12 Jun 1902 at Haycock, Eduard Flemming to Cathaina Fleck

21 Jun 1902 at Haycock, Henri J. Atherholt to Laura E. Frey

22 Nov 1902 at Haycock, Horatius Lutz to Lena Wismer

3 Feb 1903 at Haycock, Joseph Reinbold to Lena Staffon

14 May 1903 at Haycock, Aaron Beam to Rosa Freeh

5 Aug 1903 at Haycock, Mahlon A. Gulden to Carolina Lewis

8 Oct 1903 at Haycock, Thomas Pfeiffer to Anna E. Moninghoff

19 Nov 1903 at Haycock, Thomas E. Kraemer to Jennie McCarty

26 Nov 1903 at Haycock, Wilhelm Breiner to Maria Saddel

4 Feb 1904 at Haycock, Arthur M. Ridge to Catharina F. Stewart

21 Jul 1904 at Haycock, Jacob Kimmenhour to Estella White

23 Nov 1904 Blasius Kohl to Anna Schaller

10 Feb 1905 Walter Ambros Kraemer to Anna Salome Heaney

3 Feb 1905 Elmer Fiegenfuss to Anna Wismer

22 Jul 1905 Eduard Rick to Elis. Andreas

11 Oct 1905 Wilhelm A. McManus to Maria Agnes Neis

22 Nov 1905 Amos Moyer to Maria Reinbold

23 Jan 1906 Jacob Jos. Courtney to Helena Elis. Heaney

22 Feb 1906 Eduard Pfeiffer to Francisca Fruch

1 May 1906 Julius Martin to Elisabeth Schwer

12 Jun 1906 Walter A. Kelly to Theresia E. Schwer

29 Sep 1906 Will. Dillon to Rosa Mondeau

3 Aug 1907 Michael Shannon to Maria Dillon of Durham

14 Aug 1907 Joseph Clunk to Carolina Bill

12 Dec 1907 Francis Weller to Lena Kimmenhour

21 Jan 1908 Wilhelm Fingeldie to Frances Stehle

20 Feb 1908 Joseph Conner to Anna Frueh

14 Oct 1908 Joannes Gerntenberg to anna Pfeiffer

21 Jan 1909 Henri McCarty to Oliva Agnes Schuman

13 Feb 1909 Thom. Seiple to Maria Freeh

19 May 1909 Wilhelm Mich to Anna Stahley of Marienstein

16 Jun 1909 Theodor Fleck to Regina Buck of Haycock

23 Jun 1909 Francis J. Cole of Phila. to Gertrudis Kramer of Haycock

14 Aug 1909 Wilhelm B. Heaney of Riverton, NJ to Laura Freed of Marienstein

2 Sep 1909 Aloysias Kimenhour to Rosa Theresa Fleck of Haycock

16 Sep 1909 Joseph H. Becker of Oxford (Furance), NJ to Anna Catharina Kimmenhour of Harrow

23 Sep 1909 Earl Andrews of Riverton, NJ jto Catharina (Martina) Pfeiffer

30 Sep 1909 Thomas Roscoe McCarthy to Maria Frances Fleck of Haycock

27 Nov 1909 Jacob Schwer to Ella Miller

1 Feb 1910 Joannes (Henri) Fitzgerald to Emma Maria Munchhoff of Marienstein

3 Feb 1910 Joseph Vincent Buck to Maria Ida Hagerty of Haycock

15 Apr 1910 Joseph V. Wismer to Wilhelmina Munchhoff

23 Jun 1910 Louis Schwer to Anna Marn

28 Jul 1910 Wilhelm H. Seitz to Helena Quirch

27 Sep 1910 Henri L. Hauswirt to Sarah T. Muenchhof

11 Oct 1910 Francis L. Heaney to Theresia Dick

22 Feb 1911 Georg W. Hoefling to Agnes Violo Kane of Durham

30 May 1911 Carolus Lengle to Maria T. Stehlin of Marienstein

14 Jun 1911 T. Harvey Haney to Ella M. Reinbold

2 Oct 1911 Hieronyinus Wismer to Bertha Dillon

28 Oct 1911 Ludwig Swinandt to Helena Slavek

26 Jun 1912 Charles L. Pfeiffer of Finesville, NJ to Mathilda Wagner of Riegelsville, PA

24 Apr 1913 Joseph fleck of Nockamixon twp, PA, to Anna Frick of Haycock twp, PA

1 May 1913 Leo Breiner of Finesville, NJ jto Carlina Freeh of Marienstein

16 Jun 1913 Joannes Hammerle to Veronica Kremmel

14 Jul 1913 Jacob P. Cooney to Helena McDermott

16 Jul 1913 Theodor Godown of Riegelsville, PA, to Theresia Bill of Riegelsville, PA

27 Jul1913 Joseph Pavlua of Tassow, Moravia, to Anna Halla of Kurclow, Moravia

23 Oct 1913 Joseph Kramer of Ottsville, to Anna Clara Mich of Marienstein





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