Berks County Cemetery Index - L

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L., A.
L., D.
L., E.
L., N.
LaBarre, Laura
L'Abbe, Charles
L'Abbe, Rosalie M.
Labe, Carrie E.
Labe, Herman M.
Labe, Minerva M.
Lacey, Alice M.
Lacey, Amelia S.
Lacey, C.L. (Child of)
Lacey, Charles E.
Lacey, J. Noble (Child of)
Lacey, Joseph
Lacey, Jos.
Lacey, Mary
Lacey, Mary E.
Lacey, Taylor (child of)
Lacey, Z. Taylor
Lacey, William
Lachman, Edwin T.
Lachman, Mary Alberta
Lacy, Annie
Lacy, Charles R.
Lacy, Emma
Lacy, Esther May
Lacy, George W.
Lacy, Hannah M.
Lacy, Harriet
Lacy, Isaac
Lacy, Joseph Arthur
Lacy, Maud Emma
Lacy, Samuel F.
Lacy, William A.
Ladden, Willian J.
Lafferty, Anna M.
Lafferty, Harry
Lafferty, Jacob
LaFollette, Pauline
Lagura?, Emma
Laing, Daniel J.
Laing, Helen E.
Laing, Josephine
Laing, Rosa R.
Laing, Thomas W.
Laird, Abner J.
Laird, Grace W.
Laird, Mary E.
Laird, Raymond A.
Lake, Mary
Lakits, Ruth M.
Lambert, Infant Daughter of Lewis
Lambert, Jonathan
Lambert, Jonathan
Lambert, Louisa
Lambert, Shane Daniel
Lambert, William B.
Lamm, Infant Daughter
Lamp, Alice Agnes
Lamp, Amelia
Lamp, Amelia Catharine
Lamp, C. Carrie
Lamp, Eva N.
Lamp, Harret
Lamp, J. George
Lamp, Lewis W.
Lamp, Lydia
Lamp, Nelson G.
Lamp, Wellington
Lampert, Isadore J.
Lance, Annie M.
Lance, Infant Child of J.H.
Lance, Infant Son of J.E.
Lance, J. Cameron
Land, John
Land, Laura E.
Landau, Erma M.
Landau, Frederick
Landau, John K.
Landau, Willard A
Landes, Amanda
Landes, George
Landes, George
Landes, Johannes
Landes, Mary Magdalena (nee Lobach)
Landis, Ada R.
Landis, Agnes (nee Smith)
Landis, Abraham
Landis, Benjamin Harrison
Landis, Calvin
Landis, Carolina (nee Kramer)
Landis, Catharine
Landis, Catharine
Landis, Catherine A.
Landis, David E.
Landis, David
Landis, Donald E.
Landis, Elias
Landis, Elizabeth (nee Ehst)
Landis, Elizabeth (nee Hoch)
Landis, Elizabeth M.
Landis, Elsie E.S.
Landis, Emma H.
Landis, Esther
Landis, Esther J.R.
Landis, Eugene W.
Landis, Eva M.
Landis, Frank F.
Landis, Gay G. (nee Seibert)
Landis, George
Landis, Henry E.
Landis, Howard R.
Landis, Infant Son of Daniel
Landis, Irwin N.
Landis, Johannes
Landis, John F
Landis, John H.
Landis, John
Landis, Katie A.
Landis, Leah M.
Landis, Levi
Landis, Libert S.
Landis, Lillie
Landis, Lovina
Landis, Mable M.S.
Landis, Magdalena
Landis, Martin B.
Landis, Omega K.
Landis, Owen P.
Landis, Philip
Landis, R.
Landis, Ralph W.
Landis, Samuel H.
Landis, Sarah
Landis, Sarah L. (nee Bechtel)
Landis, Senora E. (nee Smith)
Landis, Shirley L.
Landis, Stella M
Landis, Tobias
Landis, Warren K.
Landis, Wayne Arlington
Landis, William H.
Lando, Michael Lee
Lane, Alice
Lane, Ernest E.
Lane, Infant
Lane, John J.
Lane, William E.
Lang, Anna
Lang, Anna Maria
Lang, Catharina
Lang, Catharina
Lang, David
Lang, Eleisa
Lang, Maria
Lang, Nicolaus
Lang, Susanna
Lang, Walenda Rebecca
Langbein, Adolf
Langbein, Marie
Langholz, Lawrence
Langner, Infant Son of Howard E.
Lanka, August
Lantz, Beulah A.
Lantz, Carson O.
Lantz, Evelyn E.
Lantz, George L.
Lantz, George L., Jr.
Lantz, Grace
Lantz, Harriet M.
Lantz, Margaret
Lantz, Margaret
Lantz, Martin R.
Lantz, Mary E.
Lantz, Paul A.
Lantz, Warren K.
Lapish, Marie
Lapish, Robert A.
Lapp, Florence C.
Lapp, Frederick H.
Lapp, Frederick H.
Lapp, Harry A.
Lapp, Helen R.
Lapp, Oscar Wilson
Lapp, Rebecca L.
Lapp, Rebecca L.
Laramie, Daniel
Larkin, Arthur Francis
Larkin, Margaret R.
Larkin, Ruth E.
Larson, Anna Louise
Lasble, Infant Son of Henry
Lascomb, Beverly Anna
Lash, Adam D.
Lash, Adam
Lash, Bessie A.
Lash, Catharine
Lash, Charles A.
Lash, Clarence
Lash, Ellen
Lash, Emma A.
Lash, Frank
Lash, George A.
Lash, George H.
Lash, Goo C.
Lash, Hannah R. A.
Lash, Herbert W.
Lash, Infant Daughter of Clarence
Lash, James
Lash, James A.
Lash, Katie E.
Lash, Lottie
Lash, Mary M.
Lash, Mary N.
Lash, Phillip
Lash, Richard
Lash, Rose A.
Lash, Solomon E.
Lash, Sybilla
Lash, William David
Laskey, Lucy
Latozis, John
Latshaw, Alice K.
Latshaw, Charles William
Latshaw, Eliza May M.
Latshaw, Hannah
Latshaw, Jacob C.
Latshaw, Robert W.
Latteman, Caroline R.
Latteman, Conrad
Latteman, Elizabeth
Latteman, Gordon W.
Latteman, Grace G.
Lattemann, Infant Son of Conrad
Lattemann, Kathryn
Lattemann, William John
Latus, Catherine G.
Latus, Daniel Hartmann
Latus, Emma S.
Latus, Esther
Latus, G.
Latus, Lucy
Latus, Maggie
Latus, Martin Luther
Latus, Michael James
Latus, Paul M.
Lau, George G.
Lau, Kathleen M.
Laub, Caroline
Laub, Elizabeth
Laub, Jacob
Laub, John L.
Laub, John W.
Laub, Minnie
Laub, William D.
Laubach, Ada I.
Laubach, Jacob K
Laubach, Rebecca
Laubenstein, Catharine (Knabb-Keller)
Lauch, Kate A.
Lauck, Catharine
Lauck, Fulmer Hayes
Lauck, Jonathan
Lauck, Michael
Laucks, Elmira L.
Laucks, Infant Son of Israel
Laucks, James M.
Laucks, Rebecca
Laucks, Russell M.
Laucks, Wm.
Lauer, Brenda Joy Ann
Lauer, Charles
Laufersweiler, Amelia
Laufersweiler, Caroline
Laufersweiler, Christian
Laufersweiler, Jacob
Laufersweiler, Jacob
Laufersweiler, John
Laufersweiler, Mary E.
Laufersweiler, Mary E.
Laufersweiler, Mary E.
Laufersweiler, Mary M.
Lausch, Amanda H.
Lausch, Harry M.
Lausch, Jellie
Lausch, Mamie E.
Lausch, Milford
Laush, Sarah Agnes
Lautenschlager, Christian
Lautenschlager, Judy
Lautenslager, Elias W.
Lautenslager, Ida N.
Law, Bartley Hacker
Law, Bartley Hacker Jr.
Law, Margaret
Law, William
Lawars, John T.
Lawley, Harry
Lawrence, Abraham T.
Lawrence, Altha E.
Lawrence, Catharina V.
Lawrence, Catherine
Lawrence, Edward Charles
Lawrence, Edward L.
Lawrence, Emma
Lawrence, Emma I.
Lawrence, Gary C.
Lawrence, Harry B.
Lawrence, Harry E.
Lawrence, Harry P.
Lawrence, Helen E.
Lawrence, James H.
Lawrence, Kate Kate
Lawrence, Lewis John
Lawrence, Martha A.
Lawrence, Martha R.
Lawrence, Mary Emma
Lawrence, Richard L.
Lawrence, Thomas R.
Lawrence, William Darlington
Lawson, W. H.
Lax, May May
Laxon, Andrew
Laytenschlager, Christian Samuel
Laytenschlager, Heinrich
Laytenschlager, Son
Lazarus, Carrie B.
Lazarus, George B.
Leader, Sophia
Leaf, Ellen L.
Leake, Margaret L.
Leake, Mary Ellen
Leake, Samuel
Leaman, Florence G.
Leaman, George N.
Leaman, Ira K.
Leaman, Kathryn S.
Leas, Claire R.
Leas, David J.
Leas, Infant Daughter of David
Leas, Reuben John
Leas, Sallie R.M.
Lease, Amos
Lease, Ephriam
Lease, Harry M.
Lease, Henry
Lease, John
Lease, Lester Fegley
Lease, Maria
Leaver, Anna
Leaver, Clara
Leaver, Elizabeth
Leaver, Henry W.
Leaver, Lawrence Leslie
Leaver, Samuel
Leavitt, Ellery J.
Lebo, Aaron
Lebo, Alvin A.
Lebo, Anna M.
Lebo, Annie E.
Lebo, Ardell Margaret
Lebo, Bessie Edna
Lebo, Catherine
Lebo, Charles L.
Lebo, Charles L.
Lebo, Christoph
Lebo, Clarence
Lebo, Cora M.
Lebo, Daniel
Lebo, Daniel
Lebo, David
Lebo, Eli D.
Lebo, Elizabeth S.
Lebo, Elizabeth
Lebo, Ellen M.
Lebo, Elmira A.
Lebo, Emma
Lebo, Esther S.
Lebo, Florence M.
Lebo, Franklin P.
Lebo, Franklin
Lebo, Hannah L.
Lebo, Harry D.
Lebo, Henry R.
Lebo, Henry W.
Lebo, Hiram
Lebo, Howard D.
Lebo, Infant Daughter of John
Lebo, Infant
Lebo, Infant
Lebo, Isaac E.
Lebo, Isaiah D.
Lebo, J. Clarence
Lebo, Jacob
Lebo, Johannes
Lebo, John
Lebo, John A.
Lebo, John C.
Lebo, Laura V.
Lebo, Leonard
Lebo, Lillian J.
Lebo, Lottie F.
Lebo, Luella M.
Lebo, Mary A
Lebo, Mary E. (nee Hahn)
Lebo, Mary E.
Lebo, Minerva M. (nee Labe)
Lebo, Rachel
Lebo, Raymond Charles
Lebo, Russell E.
Lebo, Samuel
Lebo, Sarah
Lebo, Sarah
Lebo, Sarah T.
Lebo, Susan
Lebo, Warren S.
Lebo, William Richard
Lebo, Willis H.
Lechner, Charles H.
Lechner, Cora L.
Lechner, Edna V.
Lechner, Fannie M.
Lechner, Franklin S.
Lechner, Katie E.
Lechner, Laura M.
Lechner, Samuel H.
Lechner, Wallace L.
Lechner, Warren S.
Lee, Amos
Lee, Anna P.
Lee, Anna
Lee, B.
Lee, Catherine
Lee, Catherine
Lee, Catherine
Lee, Charles
Lee, Daniel
Lee, Deborah
Lee, Ebenezer
Lee, Eleanor
Lee, Eleanor
Lee, Eliza W.
Lee, Elizabeth E.
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Ellis
Lee, Ellis
Lee, Ellis
Lee, Francis Pim
Lee, Francis W.
Lee, Geneva N. (nee Fagan)
Lee, Gertrude M.
Lee, Hannah
Lee, Hannah
Lee, Hannah
Lee, Isaac
Lee, James
Lee, James P.
Lee, Jane E.
Lee, Jeremiah
Lee, John
Lee, John
Lee, John
Lee, Judah
Lee, Lydia
Lee, Margaret E.
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Martha
Lee, Mary Alice
Lee, Mary D.
Lee, Mary P.
Lee, Mary P.
Lee, Mary T.
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mordecai
Lee, Paul C.
Lee, Preston
Lee, Rachel
Lee, Rachel
Lee, Rachel
Lee, Rachel
Lee, Rebecca H.
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Sarah E.
Lee, Sarah Pim
Lee, Sarah
Lee, Thomas E.
Lee, Thomas P.
Lee, Thomas
Lee, Thomas
Lee, William
Lee, William George
Leeds, Annie L.
Leeds, Annie M.
Leeds, Eva
Leeds, Harrison
Leeds, Jacob S.
Leeds, Joseph
Leeds, Mary A.
Leeds, Mary
Leeds, Sarah
Leenes, Jerry
Leenes, Rosa
Lees, Bessie
Lees, Charles C.
Lees, Emma
Lees, Harry E.
Lees, Henry
Lees, Infant Son of Daniel
Lees, Infant Son of Henry
Lees, Katie F.
Lees, Mary Jane
Lees, Thomas
Lees, William E.
Leeser, Gertie L.
Leeser, Thelma
Leeser, William
Lefever, Edgar R.
Lefever, Joseph R.
Lefever, Levi E.
Lefever, Martha
Lefever, Rosa Ann
Lefewer, Anthoni
Lefewer, Maria
LeFevre, Maggie R.
Leffel, Alfred
Leffel, Ammon D.
Leffel, Ammon H.A.
Leffel, Andrew
Leffel, Anna M.
Leffel, Clara
Leffel, Cordella D.
Leffel, Daniel G.
Leffel, David
Leffel, Edith M.
Leffel, Franklin M.
Leffel, Franklin Pierce
Leffel, Hannah
Leffel, Mamie L.
Leffel, Sarah Ann
Leffel, Sarah Catherine
Leffel, Thomas D.
Leffel, Thomas H.
Leffler, John C.
Leffler, Nettie I. (Gassert)
Lefler, Catharina
Leh, Elizabeth
Leh, Ellen
Leh, Emma
Leh, Harry C.
Leh, Jacob
Leh, Jacob R.
Leh, Klarissa
Leh, William M.
Leh, William S.
Lehman, Catharine
Lehman, Charles M.
Lehman, J. Michael
Lehnke, Caroline F. (nee Smith)
Lehnke, Walter A.
Lehr, Alvin
Lehr, Cora M
Lehr, Jacob D
Lehr, Mattie
Lehr, Susan R.
Lehr, Tamah
Lehr, William J
Leib, Paul
Leibensberger, Anna F.
Leibensperger, Bertha S. (nee Schappell)
Leibensperger, Cyrus J.
Leibensperger, George E.
Leibensperger, Helena
Leibensperger, Infant Boy
Leibensperger, Irene V.
Leibensperger, Jeffrey Stewart
Leibensperger, Katie L.
Leibensperger, Mary
Leibensperger, Pauline M (Pauley)
Leibensperger, Stephen T.
Leibensperger, Viola M.
Leibensperger, William
Leibersperger, Clayton James
Leibersperger, Mary Ellen
Leibert, Stella
Leibi, Friedrich
Leibi, Jacob
Leibi, Johan Georg
Leibig, Elisabeth (nee Heuman)
Leiby, A.J.
Leiby, Agnes C.
Leiby, Amelia A.
Leiby, Anna (nee Miller)
Leiby, Anna (nee Smith)
Leiby, Anna Maria
Leiby, Anna
Leiby, Benjamin
Leiby, Bennett B.
Leiby, Bertha F.
Leiby, Bessie E.
Leiby, Brigitta
Leiby, Catharine
Leiby, Charles F.
Leiby, Charles L.
Leiby, Charles W.
Leiby, Daniel Leiby
Leiby, David Augustus
Leiby, Edwin S.
Leiby, Elisabeth (nee Mengel)
Leiby, Elisabeth (nee Schaffer)
Leiby, Elisabeth
Leiby, Elizabeth R.
Leiby, Ella May
Leiby, Elsie A.
Leiby, Elsie M.
Leiby, Esther
Leiby, Frances M.
Leiby, Geo. F.
Leiby, George C.
Leiby, George J.
Leiby, George J.
Leiby, George
Leiby, Hamtel
Leiby, Harvey
Leiby, Helen J.
Leiby, Henry U.
Leiby, Hettie A. (nee Adam)
Leiby, Infant
Leiby, Infant of C.P.
Leiby, Infant child of James
Leiby, Infant son
Leiby, Irvin C.
Leiby, Irvin George
Leiby, Irvin J.
Leiby, Isaac S.
Leiby, Isaac U.
Leiby, Jacob U.
Leiby, Jacob
Leiby, Jacob R.
Leiby, Jacob W.
Leiby, James G.
Leiby, James H.
Leiby, James M.
Leiby, Johan Jacob
Leiby, Judith
Leiby, Laura
Leiby, Laura M. (nee Rothermel)
Leiby, Leona G.
Leiby, Leroy R
Leiby, Louella M.
Leiby, Lovina M.
Leiby, M. Elizabeth
Leiby, Malinda
Leiby, Marguerite D.
Leiby, Maria M.
Leiby, Maria
Leiby, Mary F.
Leiby, Mary M.
Leiby, Mary (nee Smith)
Leiby, Mildred A.
Leiby, Milton S.
Leiby, Minnie
Leiby, Minnie C.
Leiby, Missouri
Leiby, Nevin S.
Leiby, Norman J.
Leiby, Oscar J.
Leiby, Paul Jr.
Leiby, Paul L.
Leiby, Pearl M.
Leiby, Peter Albert
Leiby, Peter
Leiby, Robert E.
Leiby, Robert W., Sr.
Leiby, Rosina (nee Dunkel)
Leiby, Ruth Louise
Leiby, S. Bessie
Leiby, Samuel
Leiby, Sarua Lovina
Leiby, Sophia (nee Berck)
Leiby, Stephen
Leiby, Thomas
Leiby, William T.
Leiby, Willoughby R.
Leiby, Wilson J.
Leiby, Winfield S.
Leicey, Annie
Leicey, Elizabeth A.
Leicey, Emma L.
Leicey, Harry W.
Leicey, Joseph
Leicey, Lemon Lefever
Leicey, William
Leiden, Amos
Leidich (nee Beyer), Susanna
Leidy, Alice
Leidy, Annie
Leidy, Daniel J.
Leidy, Ellen
Leidy, Franklin E.
Leidy, Franklin G.
Leidy, Hiram L.B.
Leidy, Irvin F.
Leidy, Joseph K.
Leidy, Laura M.
Leidy, Nathan
Leidy, Richard L.
Leidy, Sarah A. (nee Schafer)
Leier, Dorothy
Leier, Emma
Leier, Margaret M.
Leightham, Agnas
Leinbach, A. Laura
Leinbach, Ada R.
Leinbach, Alice C.
Leinbach, Amanda E.
Leinbach, Anna
Leinbach, Anna
Leinbach, Anna E.
Leinbach, Anna L.
Leinbach, Anna M.
Leinbach, Annie V.
Leinbach, Caroline
Leinbach, Catharine (nee Schneider)
Leinbach, Catharine
Leinbach, Charles E.
Leinbach, Charles Manville
Leinbach, Charles R.
Leinbach, Charles R.
Leinbach, Charlie
Leinbach, Daisy Ellen
Leinbach, Daniel G.
Leinbach, Daughter of Benjamin
Leinbach, Elizabeth Catharine
Leinbach, Emma V.
Leinbach, Emma
Leinbach, Evelyn S.
Leinbach, John
Leinbach, George W.
Leinbach, Gruber C.
Leinbach, Ida
Leinbach, Irvin
Leinbach, Irvin Mathew
Leinbach, Jacob
Leinbach, Jennie
Leinbach, John Daniel
Leinbach, Jonas
Leinbach, Jonathan G.
Leinbach, Kate V.
Leinbach, Leah A.
Leinbach, Lizzie A.
Leinbach, Lizzie E.
Leinbach, Mahlon A.
Leinbach, Magdalena
Leinbach, Mary Ellen
Leinbach, Mary M.
Leinbach, Oliver E.
Leinbach, Paul L.
Leinbach, Peter
Leinbach, R. Frederick
Leinbach, Rachael
Leinbach, Rosa
Leinbach, Russell G.
Leinbach, Sallie M.
Leinbach, Solomon L.
Leinbach, Tyler
Leinbach, William O.
Leinbach, Willie
Leinbach, Winfield F.
Leininger, Benjamin Franklin
Leininger, Benjamin Franklin Jr.
Leininger, Flora R.
Leininger, James Earl
Leininger, John D.
Leininger, Lottie I.
Leininger, Marguerite
Leininger, Norman B.
Leins, Emma
Leippe, Emma Louisa (nee Fix)
Leippe, Jacob
Leis, Anna Rebecca
Leis, Barbara (nee Sailer)
Leis, Jared
Leiser, Catharine
Leiser, Foster
Leiser, Helen M.
Leiserwitz, Edward
Leisey, Robert D.
Leiss, Anna Margaretha (nee Seyerlin)
Leiss, Dewille
Leiss, Eva (nee Kintzer)
Leiss, Henry
Leiss, Johannes
Leiss, Johannes
Leiss, Jonathan Adam
Leiss, Maria Magdalena (nee Schitz)
Leiss, May S.
Leiss, Peter
Leiss, Peter
Leiss, William
Leister, Albert H.
Leister, David R.
Leister, Mary C.
Leitheiser, Elizabeth
Leitheiser, Hartman
Leitzei, Lewis F
Leitzel, Elizabeth S.
Leitzel, Emanuel I.
Leitzel, George F.
Leitzel, Hannah
Leitzel, Infant
Leitzel, John F.
Leitzel, Leroy F.
Leitzel, Louis C.
Leitzel, Rosa F.
Lembert, Anna
Lemmer, Anthony A.
Lemmer, Mary
Lengel, Adam
Lengel, Adam M.
Lengel, Amelia
Lengel, Amelia B
Lengel, Amelia Jane
Lengel, Anna E.
Lengel, Anna Maria
Lengel, Annie A
Lengel, Barbara
Lengel, Catharina
Lengel, Cathrina Brucilla
Lengel, Catharine
Lengel, Charles
Lengel, Charles W.
Lengel, Daniel
Lengel, David
Lengel, David
Lengel, David S
Lengel, Elisabeth
Lengel, Elisabeth
Lengel, Elisabeth
Lengel, Elizabeth
Lengel, Elizabeth M.
Lengel, Ellen
Lengel, Elmira A.
Lengel, Ellvina
Lengel, Elvina R.
Lengel, Emma R
Lengel, Emmaline
Lengel, Eva Rosena
Lengel, Harrison
Lengel, Harry W.
Lengel, Heinrich
Lengel, Heinrich
Lengel, Irvin
Lengel, Irvin A.
Lengel, Isaac
Lengel, Isaac
Lengel, Isaac H
Lengel, Isabella E.
Lengel, Jacob
Lengel, John
Lengel, John A
Lengel, John Adam
Lengel, John H
Lengel, John W
Lengel, Jonathon
Lengel, Joseph
Lengel, Katie S
Lengel, Lottie L
Lengel, Lovina
Lengel, Magdalene
Lengel, Maria
Lengel, Maria Anna
Lengel, Maria Anna
Lengel, Mary E
Lengel, Mathias
Lengel, Michael
Lengel, Michael
Lengel, Miles P.
Lengel, Milton C
Lengel, Oliver M
Lengel, Paul
Lengel, Peter S
Lengel, Rebecca
Lengel, Rebecca
Lengel, Rebecca
Lengel, Rebecca
Lengel, Rebecca E
Lengel, Rebecka
Lengel, Saleca
Lengel, Sallie
Lengel, Sarah
Lengel, Sarah A
Lengel, Sarah A
Lengel, Spurgeon H.
Lengel, William H
Lengel, Wilson
Lengle, David
Lengle, Elizabeth M.
Lenhart, Adam S.
Lenhart, Alfred H.
Lenhart, Alvin Jerenia
Lenhart, Anna E.
Lenhart, Anna Elisabeth
Lenhart, Anna Maria
Lenhart, Annie C.
Lenhart, Arthur W.
Lenhart, Augustus
Lenhart, Beniel
Lenhart, Benj.
Lenhart, Calvin
Lenhart, Catharine D. (nee Dietrich)
Lenhart, Catharine Isabella
Lenhart, Catherine
Lenhart, Christina
Lenhart, Clemente
Lenhart, Drefena
Lenhart, Elizabeth
Lenhart, Emma L.
Lenhart, Esther 0.
Lenhart, Florence 0.
Lenhart, George Henrich
Lenhart, Godfried
Lenhart, Hannah
Lenhart, Hattie L
Lenhart, Heinrich
Lenhart, Helena (nee Dietrich)
Lenhart, Henrich
Lenhart, Henry L.
Lenhart, Hetty (nee Lesher)
Lenhart, Ida H.
Lenhart, Infant
Lenhart, Infant
Lenhart, Irvin S.
Lenhart, J. Frank
Lenhart, Jacob
Lenhart, Jacob William
Lenhart, James A.
Lenhart, James W.
Lenhart, Jeremias
Lenhart, Jesse Leiby
Lenhart, Johannes
Lenhart, Johannes
Lenhart, Johannes
Lenhart, Keturah E. (nee Weida)
Lenhart, L. Wilson
Lenhart, Laura M.
Lenhart, Levi H.
Lenhart, Lizzie J.
Lenhart, Mable E.
Lenhart, Maria Rebecca (nee Spohn)
Lenhart, Marie S.
Lenhart, Martha A.
Lenhart, Mary A.
Lenhart, Matilda
Lenhart, Matilda
Lenhart, Maurice M.
Lenhart, Oscar A.
Lenhart, Oscar L.
Lenhart, Polly A.
Lenhart, Ray L.
Lenhart, Rolland L.
Lenhart, Rosa L.
Lenhart, Ruth
Lenhart, Salome
Lenhart, Sarah Ann
Lenhart, Sarah Jane
Lenhart, Sebastian
Lenhart, Sol. R.
Lenhart, Susan E.
Lenhart, Thomas
Lenhart, Vera L.
Lenhart, Wayne P.J.
Lenhart, Wm.
Leonard, Elizabeth
Leonardi, Guisppe L.
Lepinat, Adeline
Lepinat, Otto Sr.
Lepinat, Otto
Lerch, Balthaser
Lescher, Abraham
Lescher, Abraham
Lescher, Benjamin
Lescher, Catharina A.
Lerch, Elizabeth
Lescher, Esther
Lescher, Fayetta (nee Zettlemoyer)
Lescher, Isaac
Lescher, Isaac
Lescher, Isaac
Lescher, Jacob
Lescher, Lovina Victoria
Lescher, Maria (nee Scharer)
Leser, Catherine (nee Eby)
Leser, Eliza (nee Longenecker)
Leser, Joseph
Leser, Sophia
Lesher, Abraham
Lesher, Abraham W
Lesher, Alex.
Lesher, Amelia H
Lesher, Amos H
Lesher, Anna A (Smith)
Lesher, Anna Catharine (nee Stetzler)
Lesher, Anna M.
Lesher, Annie E.
Lesher, Annie M.
Lesher, Arthur A
Lesher, Augustus M.
Lesher, Augustus A.
Lesher, Calvin L
Lesher, Carl
Lesher, Carolina
Lesher, Carolyn
Lesher, Carrie E
Lesher, Catharina Anna
Lesher, Catharine
Lesher, Charles E.
Lesher, Charles F.
Lesher, Charles H.
Lesher, Charles L
Lesher, Clara M (Stoudt)
Lesher, Clara W
Lesher, David
Lesher, Dorothy M.
Lesher, Edna M.
Lesher, Elis.
Lesher, Elisabeth (nee Kummerer)
Lesher, Elizabeth (nee Heffley)
Lesher, Elizabeth (nee Mollin)
Lesher, Ellen E. (Moll)
Lesher, Emma B.
Lesher, Emma L (Bond)
Lesher, Eva Catharine (nee Stump)
Lesher, Eva S
Lesher, Florence C
Lesher, Florence
Lesher, Frank W.
Lesher, Franklin A
Lesher, Franklin Webster
Lesher, Franklin
Lesher, Grace (Miller)
Lesher, Helena Amanda
Lesher, Henry S
Lesher, Herbert
Lesher, Herbert C.
Lesher, Herman I
Lesher, Hetty Lenhart
Lesher, Homer F.
Lesher, Isaac H
Lesher, Isaac S
Lesher, Jacob W
Lesher, James E
Lesher, James M. Jr.
Lesher, Jennie O'Bryan
Lesher, Joanne W.
Lesher, Lafayette H.
Lesher, Larue S.
Lesher, Leanna L
Lesher, Leonard L.
Lesher, Leroy J., Sr.
Lesher, Lester L
Lesher, Lillian M
Lesher, Lloyd F
Lesher, Mabel
Lesher, Mabel A
Lesher, Mabel E
Lesher, Mamie M
Lesher, Maria (nee Stoyer)
Lesher, Maria Catharine
Lesher, Martin L
Lesher, Mary A. (nee Adam)
Lesher, Mary E. (nee Fahringer)
Lesher, Mary Elisabeth
Lesher, Miles
Lesher, Milton F.
Lesher, Milton
Lesher, Mollie M.
Lesher, Nellie
Lesher, Norton M.
Lesher, Oscar L.
Lesher, Paul R.
Lesher, Rachel (nee Fegely) Jacoby
Lesher, Raymond
Lesher, Rebecca
Lesher, Rebecca
Lesher, Rita Mae
Lesher, Ruth M.
Lesher, Samuel
Lesher, Samuel M.
Lesher, Sarah Ann
Lesher, Sarah Ann
Lesher, Solley S.
Lesher, Solomon H.
Lesher, Solomon W.
Lesher, Solomon
Lesher, Solomon
Lesher, Stella Cora
Lesher, Theresa
Lesher, William H.
Lesher, William J.
Lesher, William W
Lesher, Wilson
Lesinovick, Ben
Lesniak, John J
Lesniak, Melva R
Lessig, Alice L.
Lessig, Annie Boyer
Lessig, Frances N.
Lessig, James Henry
Lessig, Mamie E. (nee Killian)
Lessig, Moses F.
Lessig, S. Alice
Lessig, Vivian T.
Lessig, William K.
Lester, James
Letts, Betty J.
Letts, Oliver G., Sr.
Levan, Abraham Levan, Abraham R.
Levan, Alice Victoria
Levan, Amelia
Levan, Amelia S.
Levan, Anna D.
Levan, Anna E.
Levan, Anna M.
Levan, Anna N.
Levan, Arthur Abraham
Levan, Arthur Paul
Levan, Benjamin J.
Levan, Catharina Levan, Catharine
Levan, Catharine
Levan, Catherine A.
Levan, Charles
Levan, Charles A.
Levan, Charles A.
Levan, Charles D.
Levan, Charles Henry
Levan, Charles Oscar
Levan, Chauncey
Levan, Clara
Levan, Clara J.
Levan, Clara M.
Levan, Clarence Boyer
Levan, Daniel Levan, Daniel
Levan, Daniel
Levan, Daniel H. Levan, Daniel J.
Levan, Daniel W.
Levan, Edmund S.
Levan, Edward
Levan, Elda M.
Levan, Elisabeth Cordella
Levan, Elizabeth
Levan, Elizabeth J.
Levan, Ellen
Levan, Ellen (nee Heinly)
Levan, Elmer D.
Levan, Elmina
Levan, Elsie M.M.
Levan, Emma F.
Levan, Emma K.
Levan, Emma L.
Levan, Emma R.
Levan, Esther (nee Hoch) Levan, Eva
Levan, Francis
Levan, George Augustus
Levan, Hannah K. Levan, Harry L.
Levan, Harvey
Levan, Harvey E.
Levan, Daughter of Georg Levan
Levan, Infant Daughter Levan, Infant Daughter Levan, Infant Daughter of Francis
Levan, Infant Son of Daniel
Levan, Infant Son of Edmund S.
Levan, Infant Son of Elmer
Levan, Infant Son of Kahler
Levan, Isaac
Levan, Isaac E.
Levan, Jackson
Levan, Jacob Levan, Jacob
Levan, Jacob K.
Levan, James
Levan, Jennie E.
Levan, John K.
Levan, Joseph Z.
Levan, Leah (nee Barner)
Levan, Lewis
Levan, Lewis Leroy
Levan, Lilah S.
Levan, Louisa
Levan, Lousia M.
Levan, M. Laura
Levan, Magdalena
Levan, Mahlon T.
Levan, Maria
Levan, Mary A.
Levan, Mary Ann (nee Reinhard)
Levan, Mary C.G.
Levan, Mary Emma
Levan, Mary L.
Levan, Maud
Levan, Minnie S.
Lessig, Mother
Levan, Nettie M.T.
Levan, Olive L.
Levan, Paul F.
Levan, Pearl
Levan, Philippine
Levan, Raymond T.
Levan, Robert E.
Levan, Rosa H.
Levan, Sallie P.
Levan, Samuel N.
Levan, Susan
Levan, Wallace R.
Levan, William
Levan, William
Levan, William V.
Levan, Wilson
Levengood, Adam
Levengood, Albert
Levengood, Daughter
Levengood, Harriett
Levengood, James A.
Levengood, Jennie A.
Levengood, John S.
Levengood, Katie V.L.
Levengood, Lillie
Levengood, Mamie Alma
Levengood, Marian
Levengood, Marie L.
Levengood, Minnie R. (nee Weidner)
Levengood, Paul K.
Levengood, Sarah Ellen
Levengood, Sherry Holland
Levengood, Wayne Ellsworth
Levergood, Cath. (nee Shuster)
Levergood, Joseph
Levergood, Mary
Levergood, Matthias
Levering, Charlotte
Levering, Elizabeth
Levering, Ezra E.
Levering, Samuel
Levevgood, Ray Charles
Levy, Clara C.
Levy, George W.
Levy, Ida Emma
Levy, Kathryn E.
Lewars, Anna Marie
Lewars, Annie B.
Lewars, Annie
Lewars, Catharine
Lewars, Charles
Lewars, Charles E.
Lewars, Clayton H.
Lewars, Elizabeth C. C.
Lewars, Elizabeth
Lewars, Ella M.
Lewars, Geo. A.
Lewars, George W.
Lewars, J. H.
Lewars, Laura M.
Lewars, Raymond W.
Lewars, Sallie W.
Lewars, Susan
Lewars, W.
Lewars, William
Lewars, William
Lewars, Wilson
Lewis, A. F.
Lewis, Allen
Lewis, Amanda W.
Lewis, Amelia
Lewis, Amelia W.
Lewis, Amos W.
Lewis, Andrew M.
Lewis, Anna Elizabeth (nee Hornberger)
Lewis, Annie Laura
Lewis, Archibald
Lewis, Archie S.
Lewis, Barbara Ann
Lewis, Barbara S.
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Christiana
Lewis, Christiana (nee Connard)
Lewis, Christina
Lewis, Clifford
Lewis, Conrad L.
Lewis, Cornelius
Lewis, Daniel B.
Lewis, Daniel B.
Lewis, David
Lewis, Edith Ida
Lewis, Edmund H.
Lewis, Elizabeth Scarlet
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Ellen Davies
Lewis, Elmira
Lewis, Emma
Lewis, Emma
Lewis, Emma C.
Lewis, Emmaranda
Lewis, Gertrude M.
Lewis, Henry H.
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry I.
Lewis, Hiester Smith
Lewis, Ida C.
Lewis, Ida L.
Lewis, Infant Son
Lewis, Infant Son of Samuel
Lewis, Infant
Lewis, Irvin Henry
Lewis, Isaiah
Lewis, James
Lewis, James
Lewis, James
Lewis, James O.
Lewis, John
Lewis, John R.
Lewis, John Sebastian
Lewis, Jonathan W.
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Josiah
Lewis, Kenneth
Lewis, Levina L.
Lewis, Lillie
Lewis, Lottie S.
Lewis, Marie
Lewis, Martha W. (nee Arnold)
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary D.
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth
Lewis, Mary Louisa
Lewis, Mary P.
Lewis, Matilda
Lewis, Nehemiah
Lewis, Nehemiah
Lewis, Nehemiah
Lewis, Norman L.
Lewis, Paul R.
Lewis, Rachel
Lewis, Rebecca W.
Lewis, Richard F.
Lewis, Samuel W.
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Samuel W.
Lewis, Sarah Jane
Lewis, Susan
Lewis, Susan R.
Lewis, Susannah
Lewis, Thomas, Jr.
Lewis, Thomas W.
Lewis, Vincent
Lewis, William A.
Lewis, William Gilbert
Lewis, William H.
Lewis, William R.
Lewis, William W.
Lewis, William
Lewis, Wm.
Lewis, Wm C.
Leyva, Emily J.
Lichtei, Eva Margaretha
Lichtel, Elizabeth L.
Lichtel, Emma M.
Lichtel, I. Newton
Lichtanthaler, Blanch May
Lichty, A. Elizabeth
Lichty, Almeda
Lichty, Annie K.
Lichty, Catharine
Lichty, Charles G.
Lichty, Daniel
Lichty, David
Lichty, Eliza B.
Lichty, Elizabeth
Lichty, Herbert Clay
Lichty, Katherine
Lichty, Katie
Lichty, Lizzi A.
Lichty, Maggie
Lichty, Michael
Lichty, Reuben
Lichty, Ruth E.
Lichty, Samuel
Lickenbill, Elanora H.
Lieb, Catharine (nee Lieb)
Lieb, Nicholas
Liebe, Maria Margaretha
Liebenguth, Maria C.
Liebenguth, Maria
Lieberman, Catharine F.
Liebig, William C.
Liebig, Wilheminia
Lied, Charlotte
Lies, Catharina Christina (nee Wahl)
Lies, Elizabeth
Lies, Elliz. Emilla
Lies, Hanry Franklin
Lies, Hermina
Lies, Jacob
Lies, Jacob
Lies, Jacob
Lies, James
Lies, Johann Jacob
Lies, Johann
Lies, John F.
Lies, John James
Lies, Levi
Lies, Magdalena
Lies, Maria (nee Milot) Lies, Mary Ellen
Lies, Peter
Lies, Son of Johan
Lies, Son of Johan
Liess, Christoffel
Liess, Elisabeth (nee Trautman)
Ligget, David L.
Liggett, Ann
Liggett, Barbara
Liggett, Caleb
Liggett, Elizabeth
Liggett, James
Liggett, Mary Ann
Lightner, Franklin
Lightner, Lloys L.
Lightner, M. Alice
Lihrs, Catharine
Likens, Sarah
Likins, Elizabeth
Likins, Margaret Ellen
Likins, Samuel A.
Lilley, Effie M.
Lilley, Melvin L.
Lilley, Theodore K. Sr.
Lilley, William
Limbeck, Anton
Limpis, Katie S.
Limpis, Thomas A.
Linck, Maria Catharina
Lincoln, Alfred G.
Lincoln, Alice
Lincoln, Anna
Lincoln, Bertha H.
Lincoln, Clara H.
Lincoln, Elizabeth Ruth
Lincoln, Esther N.
Lincoln, Evanna
Lincoln, George D.
Lincoln, Hannah
Lincoln, Harrison G.
Lincoln, John
Lincoln, John
Lincoln, Julia
Lincoln, Louisa
Lincoln, Louisa R.
Lincoln, Louisa Y. (nee Hemmig)
Lincoln, M. Catharine
Lincoln, Maria
Lincoln, Martha
Lincoln, Mordecai
Lincoln, Oliver
Lincoln, Oscar H.
Lincoln, Robert R.
Lincoln, Thomas
Lincoln, Thomas
Lincoln, Thomas W.
Lindamoode, Catharine A
Lindberg, Albert W.
Lindberg, Anna H.
Lindberg, Erica
Lindberg, Gustave Herbert
Lindberg, Oscar
Lindemuth, Lydia
Lindenmuth, Alice R
Lindenmuth, Allen
Lindenmuth, Almira
Lindenmuth, Anna
Lindenmuth, Christian (nee Weigle)
Lindenmuth, Edward
Lindenmuth, Ellen Maria
Lindenmuth, Franklin
Lindenmuth, Franklin
Lindenmuth, Harold
Lindenmuth, Jas.
Lindenmuth, John
Lindenmuth, John M.
Lindenmuth, Michael
Lindenmuth, Rachel (Binkly)
Linder, Paul J.
Linderman, Emma L.
Linderman, Howard Y.
Lindenmuth, Ida Christian
Lindenmuth, Irvin Joseph
Lindenmuth, John
Lindenmuth, Lydia (nee Rothermel)
Lindenmuth, Minnie C.
Linderman, Rebecca
Lindenmuth, Reuben
Lindenmuth, Richard
Linderman, Ruth (nee Smith)
Lindenmuth, Shirley Mae
Lindenmuth, Thomas E.
Linderman, Christie A.
Linderman, Irvin S.
Linderman, William A.
Linderman, William S.
Lindermuth, Amanda
Lindermuth, Annie M.
Lindermuth, Annie M.
Lindermuth, Caroline
Lindermuth, Caroline (nee Weber)
Lindermuth, Catherine
Lindermuth, Conrad
Lindermuth, Daniel H.
Lindermuth, Daniel H.
Lindermuth, Howard
Lindermuth, Howard Jr.
Lindermuth, John J.
Lindermuth, Katie S.
Lindermuth, Katie S.
Lindermuth, Larry A.
Lindermuth, Louisa (nee Kramer)
Lindermuth, Louisa (nee Kramer)
Lindermuth, Sallie E.
Lindermuth, Sallie L.
Lindley, George F.
Lindley, Margaret S.
Line, Carrie S. (nee Spangler) Line, George H.
Line, George H.
Line, George William
Line, Henry
Line, Irene Schmoyer
Line, Isabella C.
Line, John Line, Katie R.
Line, Paul R.
Line, Paul R.
Line, Viola M.
Line, Viola M.
Lingel, Adam
Lingel, Barbara
Lingel, Isaac
Lingel, John Jacob
Lingel, Joseph
Lingelin, Catharine
Link, Catherine
Link, Charles L.
Link, Christian
Link, Christiana
Link, Infant Child of Monroe
Link, James M.
Link, James R.
Link, Katie
Link, Katie E.
Linn, Adam
Linn, Catharina (nee Boyer)
Linn, Lydia
Linn, Magdalena
Linn, Maria Catharina (nee Hokin)
Linn, Peter
Lins, Arthur F.
Lins, Baby boy
Lins, Elias
Lins, Francis R.
Lins, Francis
Lins, George R
Lins, Harvey
Lins, Ida
Lins, Josephine
Lins, Laura E.
Lins, Leon E.
Lins, Ralph F.
Lins, Sarah A.
Lins, Sarah
Linsman, Christina
Linsman, Cora E.
Linsman, Ellen
Linsman, Emma
Linsman, Emma E.
Linsman, Harris
Linsman, Irwin D.
Linsman, Leroy
Linsman, Mary Margaret
Linsman, William
Linsman, William A.
Linsman, William H.
Linton, Esther M.
Linton, James
Linton, Jennie E.
Linton, Norman John
Lintz, Benjamin
Lintz, Carrie E.
Lintz, George E.
Lintz, Hattie Lovina
Lintz, John B.
Lintz, Sarah A.
Lintz, William F.
Lippie, Emma E.
Lippie, Margarette S.
Lippie, Pompilla
Lippie, Sallie E.
Lippie, Wm. L
Lis, Theodore J.
Lise, Barbara (nee Hoffman)
Lise, Salome
Lise, Simon
Lishock, Harry
Lishock, Robert Leroy
Lithoff, John Henry
Lively, Charles W.
Lively, Elizabeth A.
Lively, Mary V.
Lively, Samuel W.
Lively, William H.
Livengood, Mary Ann
Livers, Hannah
Livers, Mary E.
Livinghouse, Larue
Livinghouse, Lester F.
Livinghouse, Raymond Franklin
Livinghouse, William H.
Livinghouse, William H.
Livingood, Adam S.
Livingood, Amelia M.
Livingood, Blanche L.
Livingood, Calvin P.
Livingood, Isabella
Livingood, Katie M.
Livingood, Laura E. M.
Livingood, Mary E.
Livingood, Mary T.
Livingood, Paul E., Sr.
Livingood, Rachel L.
Livingood, Rosa J.
Livingood, Thomas
Livingood, Thomas T.
Livingood, Wilson F.
Livingstone, Lillian (nee Reber)
Llewellyn, Hannah
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, Donald A.
Lloyd, Martha E.
Lloyd, Mary
Lloyd, William
Loarch, Annie M.
Lobach, Elisabeth
Lochman, Ann G.
Lochman, Annie G.
Lochman, Christian
Lochman, Lizzie H.
Lochman, Susan H.
Lockhart, Dorothy R.
Lockhart, James L.
Lockhart, Mary Ida
Lockhart, Sarah Elizabeth
Lockhart, Susan L.
Lockhart, William E.
Loeb, Allen H.
Loeb, Chas C
Loeb, Elsie M. (nee Rubright)
Loeb, Harold S.
Loebar, Charles
Loescher, Anna Maria (nee Binkley)
Loescher, Nicholaus
Loewen, H. Orlando
Lof, Anny G
Lof, Bina
Lof, John M
Lof, John, Sr
Logen, Matilda
Logue, Elizabeth
Logue, James K.
Lohra, Mary M.
Lohse, Max
Lomax, Olga Olga
Lombardo, Andrew
Lombardo, Anthony G.
Lombardo, Anthony J.
Lombardo, Antonietta
Lombardo, Attillio D.
Lombardo, Ben S.
Lombardo, Caroline
Lombardo, Domenico A.
Lombardo, Dominic
Lombardo, George E.
Lombardo, Grace
Lombardo, Grace P.
Lombardo, Gregorio
Lombardo, John A.
Lombardo, Joseph
Lombardo, Joseph
Lombardo, Joseph
Lombardo, Joseph
Lombardo, Joseph A.
Lombardo, Joseph P.
Lombardo, Josephine
Lombardo, Josephine
Lombardo, Kathryn
Lombardo, Marsiglia M.
Lombardo, Mary
Lombardo, Mary Lou
Lombardo, Natalie
Lombardo, Peter S.
Lombardo, Ronald J. Jr.
Lombardo, Rosaria
Rampolla, Catherine
Lonergan, Cora E. (nee Turner)
Lonergan, Infant
Lonergan, James M.
Long, Adam
Long, Albert K.
Long, Albert Ringler
Long, Betty J
Long, Bonnie M
Long, Carl F.
Long, Catherine S
Long, Cathrine A. (Weidman)
Long, Charles H
Long, Charles M.
Long, Clara
Long, Curtis L
Long, Curtis W
Long, Doris
Long, Edna V.
Long, Edwin D.
Long, Mrs. Edwin D.
Long, Edwin H
Long, Eliza
Long, Elizabeth S
Long, Ellen Codilia
Long, Emanuel S
Long, Emma E.
Long, Ephraim H.
Long, Francis S
Long, Frank
Long, Frank D.
Long, Franklin
Long, Frederick A.
Long, Harker
Long, Harvey
Long, Henrietta
Long, Henry
Long, Henry W
Long, Hettie A E
Long, Howard E
Long, Infant
Long, Irwin M
Long, Isaac
Long, Isabella V (Moyer)
Long, Jacob
Long, Jacob
Long, James M
Long, Jerome W
Long, Joel
Long, John
Long, John H.
Long, John S.
Long, Joseph S
Long, Kate
Long, L. Edwin
Long, Larry G
Long, Leah
Long, Leon L
Long, Levi B
Long, Lillie R
Long, Lizzie M
Long, Lottie M.
Long, Lovina
Long, Mahlon J.
Long, Mammie S.
Long, Manasses M
Long, Maria (Stoudt)
Long, Maria
Long, Mary Lucetta
Long, Matilda (Haag)
Long, May C.
Long, Michael
Long, Michael
Long, Milton H
Long, Moses
Long, Peter C
Long, Philliph Keith
Long, Phoeba Verdilla (nee Ringler)
Long, Raymond P.
Long, Rebecca
Long, Richard Eugene
Long, Sallie R
Long, Samuel
Long, Sarah Anna
Long, Sarah S
Long, Son
Long, Stanley
Long, Stella F
Long, Stephen Herber
Long, Susan
Long, Victor E.
Long, Violet R
Long, Wallace
Long, Wallace
Long, William F.
Long, Willie M.
Long, William O
Longacre, Bertha
Longacre, Carrie
Longacre, Charles C.
Longacre, Charles H.
Longacre, Infant Daughter of William
Longacre, J. Harry
Longacre, James W.
Longacre, Lester L.
Longacre, Lillian L.
Longacre, Sallie
Longacre, Susan A.
Longacre, Vernon L.
Longacre, William Earl
Longenberger, Josephine E.
Longlow, A. Lousia
Longlow, Catherine
Longlow, Peter
Longlow, Samuel
Longlow, Wm.
Longnecker, Infant Child of John
Longnecker, Warren
Longsdorf, Elizabeth
Loos, Conrad
Loos, Elisabeth
Loos, Ester
Loos, Jane (Althouse)
Loos, John F
Loos, Lilly R (Althouse)
Loos, Magdalene (nee Dissler)
Loose, Annie B.
Loose, Annie S.
Loose, Catherine
Loose, Daisy K.
Loose, Daniel M.
Loose, Daniel
Loose, Elizabeth
Loose, Elmer R.
Loose, Emma B.
Loose, Hattie B.
Loose, Helen M.
Loose, Infant Son
Loose, John H.
Loose, John N
Loose, Jonathan L.
Loose, Jonathan L.
Loose, Kathryn P
Loose, Leah
Loose, Lillian N.
Loose, Maria (nee Stirk)
Loose, Mary A. (nee Stirk)
Loose, Mena L.
Loose, Paul J
Loose, Peter K.
Loose, Ralph
Loose, Richard S.
Loose, Robert S.
Loose, Samuel A.
Loose, Sarah B.
Loose, Verdilla Sarah
Loose, William Elias
Lora, Daughter of Georg
Lora, Daughter of Georg
Lora, Daughter of Jacob
Lora, Son of Henrich
Lora, Son of Henrich
Lorah, Aaron
Lorah, Adam
Lorah, Amanda
Lorah, Arthur
Lorah, Augustus Fries
Lorah, Baby Girl
Lorah, Carrie S.
Lorah, Catharina
Lorah, Charles
Lorah, Charles Daniel
Lorah, Child
Lorah, Cyrus Henry
Lorah, Edward B.
Lorah, Eli H
Lorah, Elizabeth
Lorah, Ellan Maria
Lorah, Ellen E. F.
Lorah, Emma R
Lorah, Emmalyna
Lorah, Ezra Fries
Lorah, Geo.
Lorah, George
Lorah, George
Lorah, George
Lorah, George B
Lorah, George L
Lorah, Gertrude H
Lorah, Ginger Marie
Lorah, Harriet Eve
Lorah, Harry K.
Lorah, Harvey S.
Lorah, Helen P.
Lorah, Jacob
Lorah, Jacob
Lorah, John
Lorah, Lizzie
Lorah, Mabel P
Lorah, Mahlon
Lorah, Nancy
Lorah, Nancy
Lorah, Nora G. (nee Oswald)
Lorah, Peter R
Lorah, Rebecca
Lorah, Sarah
Lorah, Sarah M.E.
Lorah, Sarah R.
Lorah, Savanna H.
Lorah, Twin Daughters
Lorah, William Martin
Lord, Absolom
Lord, Absolom R.
Lord, Albert
Lord, Albert
Lord, Allison S.
Lord, Amanda
Lord, Ann
Lord, Anna
Lord, Anna May
Lord, Annie Valeria
Lord, Catharine
Lord, Charles R.
Lord, Clara
Lord, Clara May
Lord, Cyrus
Lord, Dorothy Catharine
Lord, Elizabeth
Lord, Elizabeth F.
Lord, Emanuel R.
Lord, Estella A.
Lord, Hannah
Lord, Harry A.
Lord, Helen E.
Lord, Hunter
Lord, Infant Child of Mary Ellen
Lord, Infant Daughter of Albert
Lord, Infant Son of Albert
Lord, Isaiah
Lord, Jacob H.
Lord, James G.
Lord, James Leroy
Lord, Jane U.
Lord, Johanna
Lord, John B.
Lord, M. Gertrude
Lord, Margaret
Lord, Mary E.
Lord, Mary E.
Lord, Nellie Irene
Lord, Peter R.
Lord, Reginoed Hunter
Lord, Rosa R.
Lord, Sarah Jane
Lord, William Kennedy
Lord, William R.
Lorimer, Kathie M.
Loring, Geraldine R.
Loring, Patricia Ann
Loring, W. Paul
Losch, Carl R.
Losch, Carrie F.
Losch, Meda M.
Losch, Mildred I.
Losch, Paul W.
Losch, Ray
Losch, Walter
Loscher, Amelia
Loscher, Israel
Loscher, Nicolaus
Loscher, William
Lose, Christiana (nee Seiler)
Lott, Aaron J.
Lott, Aaron Joseph
Lott, Edna S.
Lott, George
Lott, George
Lott, George Lewis
Lott, Gertrude
Lott, Harry J.
Lott, Harry Leroy
Lott, Henry David H.
Lott, Infant Son of Jacob
Lott, Jacob
Lott, Jacob
Lott, Jane E.
Lott, Kate
Lott, Mary M. (nee Hartranft)
Lott, Rebecca
Lott, Susan Ida
Lott, Susanna
Lott, Unknown
Lott, William J.
Lott, William T.
Lottangio, George
Lotz, Ann Elizabeth
Lotz, Annie M.
Lotz, Benjamin
Lotz, Benjamin Morton
Lotz, Carrie
Lotz, Catharine
Lotz, Caty
Lotz, Charles W.
Lotz, Cora K.
Lotz, Daniel M.
Lotz, David C.
Lotz, David F.
Lotz, David Frank
Lotz, Donald L.
Lotz, Dorothy E. (nee Krause)
Lotz, Edith D.
Love, Edna M.
Lotz, Elsie V.
Lotz, Emily
Lotz, Emma A.
Lotz, Emma K.
Lotz, Frank R.
Lotz, Harrison H.
Lotz, Harry K.
Lowrey, Hazel Anna May (nee Zerbe)
Lotz, Infant Daughter of Henry
Lotz, Infant Daughter of William
Lotz, James
Lotz, Jeffrey L.
Lotz, John
Lotz, John
Lotz, John F.
Lotz, John F.
Lotz, John W.
Lotz, Joseph
Lotz, Joseph H.
Lotz, Lizzie S.
Lotz, Lydia
Lotz, Mary J.
Lotz, Mary Jane
Lotz, Patricia Ann
Lotz, Polly
Lotz, Ruth K.
Lotz, Sallie Z.
Lotz, Sarah
Lotz, Sarah
Lotz, Sue E.
Lotz, William B.
Lotz, William H.
Louden, Catherine
Low, Ruth L.
Lowrey, James H.
Loy, Alice
Loy, Catharine (nee Smith)
Loy, Charles
Loy, Charles H.
Loy, Deborah
Loy, Elizabeth
Loy, Ella (nee Nash)
Loy, Emma M. (nee Burkhart)
Loy, Geo. F.
Loy, Harvey
Loy, Henry W.
Loy, Hettie E.
Loy, Hettie M.
Loy, Isabella C.
Loy, Joseph K.
Loy, Joseph
Loy, Kathyrn E.
Loy, Kenneth Joseph
Loy, Lewis K.
Loy, Mary Elizabeth
Loy, Mary M. (nee Ely)
Loy, Sylvester Kline
Loy, Walter J.
Loy, Walter S.
Loynd, Matilda
Lubold, Maria
Luburg, Alton F.
Luburg, Catherine
Luburg, Charles
Luburg, Emma 0.
Luburg, Emma M.
Luburg, John F.
Luburg, John F.
Luburg, Lillie I.
Luburg, Maria
Lucas, Harry E.
Luce, Grant V
Luce, Marion F
Luckenbaugh, Howard W.
Luckenbaugh, Mabel E.
Luckenbill, Adam Alfred
Luckenbill, Agnes A (Roeder)
Luckenbill, Angelina (nee Heinly)
Luckenbill, Anna (nee Wink)
Luckenbill, Annamaria
Luckenbill, Annie E. (nee Miller)
Luckenbill, Augustus E.
Luckenbill, Augustus
Luckenbill, Carl J
Luckenbill, Catharine (nee Klein)
Luckenbill, Charles Andrew
Luckenbill, Charles C
Luckenbill, Children of Franklin
Luckenbill, Christian
Luckenbill, Clarence R
Luckenbill, Cora A. (nee Miller)
Luckenbill, Daniel
Luckenbill, David Richard
Luckenbill, Earl R.
Luckenbill, Edwin
Luckenbill, Elisabeth (nee Heinly)
Luckenbill, Elmira (nee Stetzler)
Luckenbill, Emma R
Luckenbill, Ernest R.
Luckenbill, Evan C.
Luckenbill, Florence (Epting)
Luckenbill, Frank L
Luckenbill, Franklin
Luckenbill, George W.
Luckenbill, Hannah I (Roeder)
Luckenbill, Howard C.
Luckenbill, Ida
Luckenbill, James
Luckenbill, Johannes
Luckenbill, John T.
Luckenbill, Jonas
Luckenbill, Joseph
Luckenbill, Laura G. (nee Muntz)
Luckenbill, Lawrence E.
Luckenbill, Love May
Luckenbill, Lydia
Luckenbill, Mamie E.
Luckenbill, Margaret
Luckenbill, Maria Hanna
Luckenbill, Martha
Luckenbill, Mary E. (nee Lesher)
Luckenbill, Mary E.
Luckenbill, Patricia Ann
Luckenbill, Priscilla
Luckenbill, Sallie S.
Luckenbill, Sarah E.
Luckenbill, Sarah E.
Luckenbill, Simon
Luckenbill, Simon
Luckenbill, Sophia (nee Becker)
Luckenbill, Susan M. (nee DeTurk)
Luckenbill, T Calvin
Luckenbill, Thomas J.
Luckenbill, Thomas W.
Luckenbill, Thomas
Luckenbill, Tomas J.
Luckenbill, Unknown
Luckenbill, Walter F
Luczewski, Victoria
Lude, Johannes
Ludi, Elisabeth
Ludwig, Allen D.
Ludwig, Amanda
Ludwig, Amanda S.
Ludwig, Amelia
Ludwig, Amelia H.
Ludwig, Anna Maria
Ludwig, Annabelle
Ludwig, Barbara A.
Ludwig, Benjamin K.
Ludwig, Benneville
Ludwig, Carrie Elsie
Ludwig, Carrie Estelle
Ludwig, Cath.
Ludwig, Catharine
Ludwig, Charles F.
Ludwig, Charles G.
Ludwig, Charles M.
Ludwig, Chester Gilbert
Ludwig, Clair L.
Ludwig, Clara
Ludwig, Clara S.
Ludwig, Claude Ruben
Ludwig, Clematine V.
Ludwig, Corinna Oneida
Ludwig, Daniel
Ludwig, Edith A.
Ludwig, Edna N.
Ludwig, Edna S.
Ludwig, Edwin F.
Ludwig, Edwin H.
Ludwig, Elizabeth
Ludwig, Elizabeth
Ludwig, Emanuel
Ludwig, Emma
Ludwig, Esther E.
Ludwig, Florence
Ludwig, Frank
Ludwig, Frank
Ludwig, Frank L.
Ludwig, Frank S.
Ludwig, Franklin Miles
Ludwig, George S.
Ludwig, George W.
Ludwig, Gertrude E.
Ludwig, Gordon Alfred
Ludwig, Grace E.
Ludwig, Grace L.
Ludwig, Hannah
Ludwig, Harrison F.
Ludwig, Harry
Ludwig, Harry C.
Ludwig, Harry E.
Ludwig, Harry L.
Ludwig, Harry S.
Ludwig, Hazel D.
Ludwig, Henry
Ludwig, Henry A.
Ludwig, Henry R.
Ludwig, Howard B
Ludwig, Howard N.
Ludwig, Infant Daughter of William
Ludwig, Irwin E.
Ludwig, Jennie M.
Ludwig, Jerome
Ludwig, John R.
Ludwig, Katie
Ludwig, Katie
Ludwig, Katie A
Ludwig, Katie M.
Ludwig, Laura May
Ludwig, Laura W.
Ludwig, Lewis Benjamin
Ludwig, Lulu
Ludwig, Lyman F.
Ludwig, Mandon S.
Ludwig, Martha M.
Ludwig, Marvin
Ludwig, Mary
Ludwig, Mary E.
Ludwig, Mary E.
Ludwig, Mary Fry
Ludwig, Mary Torinda (nee Burkhart)
Ludwig, Mary W.
Ludwig, Mary Y.
Ludwig, Mich.
Ludwig, Milton
Ludwig, Minnie M. (nee Clouser)
Ludwig, Nellie L.
Ludwig, Paige M.
Ludwig, Peter
Ludwig, Peter D.
Ludwig, Rachel
Ludwig, Reuben
Ludwig, Robert M.
Ludwig, Sarah
Ludwig, Sarah K. (nee Zuber)
Ludwig, Sarah K.
Ludwig, Sidney C.
Ludwig, Susanna
Ludwig, Tillie Ellen
Ludwig, Warren A
Ludwig, Webster Y.
Ludwig, William
Ludwig, William O.
Ludwig, Willie
Ludwig, Willie
Ludwig, Wm. P.
Ludwig, Yandon S.
Ludy, Alberta Mayo
Ludy, Alfred K.
Ludy, Chas. F.
Ludy, John F.
Ludy, Malinda N.
Ludy, Mary A.
Ludy, Mary W. (nee Borneman)
Ludy, Normanda B.
Ludy, Robert Borneman
Ludy, Sarah A.
Ludy, Urias K.
Ludy, William F.
Ludy, William K.
Ludz, Magdalena
Luebeck, Henry
Luft, Annie C.
Luft, Edward
Luft, Ellen (nee Kissinger)
Luft, George Edwin
Luft, J. Howard
Luft, Peter
Luft, Warren W.
Luke, Catherine
Lush, Arthur E.
Lush, Clara
Lush, Clara E.
Lush, Francis M.
Lush, Frank G.
Lush, John H.
Lush, Ralph
Lush, Rebecca
Lush, Susan R.
Luther, Emma Louise
Luther, Louisa R.
Luther, Martin
Luther, Peter Care
Luther, Wilhelmina
Lutz, Adam
Lutz, Alice E.
Lutz, Arthur H.
Lutz, Benjamin
Lutz, Bertha E.
Lutz, Carl W.
Lutz, Catharine
Lutz, Catharine
Lutz, Catherine S.
Lutz, Charles
Lutz, Denton H.
Lutz, Doris C.
Lutz, Earl D.
Lutz, Edward W
Lutz, Edwin Flickinger
Lutz, Eleanor D.
Lutz, Elsie M.
Lutz, Elsie R.
Lutz, Esaias B.
Lutz, Flora A.
Lutz, Franklin P.
Lutz, Fredericka (nee Mast)
Lutz, Gabriel
Lutz, Mrs. Gabriel
Lutz, Harvey E.
Lutz, Helen M.
Lutz, Henry F.
Lutz, Henry
Lutz, Henry M.
Lutz, Henry W.
Lutz, Mrs. Henry W.
Lutz, Infant
Lutz, Infant
Lutz, Infant
Lutz, Infant
Lutz, Infant Son
Lutz, Infant Son of John
Lutz, Jacob
Lutz, James B.
Lutz, James Monroe
Lutz, Johann Frederick
Lutz, Jennie G.
Lutz, John C.
Lutz, John
Lutz, John W.
Lutz, John K
Lutz, Kate
Lutz, Kate
Lutz, Katie M
Lutz, Lammas N.
Lutz, Lena H.
Lutz, Lewis H.
Lutz, Liwey
Lutz, Lizzie M.
Lutz, Lottie I.
Lutz, Lovina
Lutz, Lucy E.
Lutz, Mabel K. (Lengel)
Lutz, Mabel M.
Lutz, Maria
Lutz, Maria A.
Lutz, Mary
Lutz, Mary A.
Lutz, Mary M.
Lutz, Matilda
Lutz, Matilda
Lutz, Milton
Lutz, Nathaniel H.
Lutz, Mrs. Nathaniel H.
Lutz, Raymond H.
Lutz, Mrs. Raymond H.
Lutz, Robert
Lutz, Robert J.
Lutz, Robert B
Lutz, Roy P.
Lutz, Mrs. Roy P.
Lutz, Samuel Franklin
Lutz, Sarah
Lutz, Sarah
Lutz, Sara Anna
Lutz, Sarah E.
Lutz, Sarah Ellen
Lutz, Sebastian
Lutz, Shirley M.
Lutz, Stella Irene
Lutz, Verna C.
Lutz, W. Irwin
Lutz, William
Lutz, William A.
Lutz, Mrs. William A.
Lutz, William A.
Lutz, Mrs. William E.
Lutz, William P.
Lutz, Willis
Lutz/Lutts, Elizabeth (nee Landis)
Lykens, Abigail
Lykens, Alice M.
Lykens, Annie C.
Lykens, Annie E.
Lykens, Cinderella (nee Zechman)
Lykens, Daniel Z.
Lykens, Eleanora Z.
Lykens, Florence M.
Lykens, Helen E.
Lykens, Henry Albert
Lykens, J. Vernon
Lykens, Jonathan
Lykens, Laura M. (nee Roberts)
Lykens, Paul W.
Lykens, Russell D.
Lykens, Samuel W.
Lykens, Samuel
Lykens, Susan C.
Lykens, Triplets
Lykens, V. Ruth
Lykens, Warren S.
Lykens, William H.
Lykins, Charles K.
Lykins, Hannah
Lykins, Hannah
Lykins, William
Lynch, Blanche
Lynch, Catharine
Lynch, Marie
Lynch, Michael
Lyons, Infant Daughter of Harry
Lyter, Emma R
Lyter, Robert E

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