Wayne County PA Schools

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Linda Blum-Barton

Mimi Steffen has provided improvements to the locations of many of the schools listed here and provided information on more that weren't listed previously.

For more information on the schools of Wayne County, see the publications available through the Wayne County Historical Society.

Name Location Additional Information
Advent School

Lake Ariel

Ammermanton School


Arlington School


Beech Grove Grange Rd just west of Beech Grove Rd. Est. 1860-1872; Closed 1943
Beers School Google Map Street View Photo of School
Bethel School  

Class of 1946/1947 Photo

Bodie, Haines  Beech Grove & Haines School Rds. Est. before 1838; Closed 1919
Box School

Tannery Road near Clemo

Group Photo ca 1895

Brown School Manchester Twp - Bush, s. of Oakley Rds.

Est. bet. 1860 & 1872; Closed ?

Burcher Hill

Damascus Twp - North side of Calkins Road, just east of Davis Road

[Historical] per GNIS

Photo of Cassie Linderman, a teacher at Burcher School

Canaan School


Canfield School

Damascus Twp - On west side Canfield Rd. about halfway between Tyler Hill & Galilee

[Historical] per GNIS

Centerville School


[Historical] per GNIS

Clinton School  

Group Photo 1922

Cooley School Callicoon

[Historical] per GNIS

Congo School Lake Como; aka Crooked Creek School - Buckingham Twp

[Historical] per GNIS;

Crosby School Lake Como

[Historical] per GNIS

Curtis School

Bannon Road toward Waymart

Curtis Valley School Forest City  
Damascus Grade School   Group Photos
Damascus High School   Group Photos
Day, Sandbank, Dyberry Grimm's Rd. west of Rt. 191 Est. bef 1838; Closed 1942
Dillontown Buckingham Twp - 191 at Dillontown Est. 1889; Closed bef 1914
Dix School Orson

[Historical] per GNIS

East Canaan School

Top of East Canaan Hill just above the cemetery

Photos - School in 1908 & Class of 1905

East Cherry Ridge School Honesdale
East School Lake Ariel  
East Salem School    
Elm School Lake Ariel  
Equinunk Buckingham Twp - 1. Wallerville Rd. w of Rt. 191; 2. Pine Mill Rd. w of 191 Est ca 1815; Closed 1947
Equinunk Manchester Twp - Grocery Hill e. of 191 Est btw 1860 & 1872; Closed 1957
Fairgrounds, Weniger Hill Weniger Hill Rd. just east of Rt. 191 Est. bef 1872; Closed bef 1913
Fairmont School Starrucca

[Historical] per GNIS

Fermoy School Honesdale  
Frisbie School Across the road from Stone Jug School, South Canaan; [Lake Ariel per GNIS] Class Photos of 1904 & 1938
Fulkerson School Orson  
Glass Factory Smith Farm just west of Beech Grove Rd. Est 1860-1872; Closed 1943
Gregg/Cooley Woods Manchester Twp - Edwards s. of Creek Rds. Est. bef. 1868; Closed 1919
Hankins School Manchester Twp - 191, top of Equinunk Hill

[Historical] per GNIS  Est. bef 1860; Closed 1919

Hemlock School

Between South Canaan & Varden; [Lake Ariel per GNIS]

Group Photo & More Info

[Historical] per GNIS

Hiawatha School Hancock

[Historical] per GNIS

High Lake School Lake Como

[Historical] per GNIS

Honesdale Catholic White Mills  
Honesdale High School Honesdale  
Hoadley School Honesdale  
Jericho School  new    
Jonestown School

near Ledgedale

Group Photo ca 1906-1907
Kellam School Damascus Twp - Northeast Corner Bush and Wood Rds. Supposed to be a private residence according to Township Historical Society  

Keesler School

Damascus Twp - West side of Westcott Road

[Historical] per GNIS

King Hill School

Lake Ariel Vocational High School   Senior Trip Photo - 1936
Lake Como School new Preston Twp  
Lake Como School new    
Laurella School White Mills  
Layton School near cliff home on the road to Honesdale from South Canaan corners  
Lerch School became Brunk's Garage at South Canaan corners  
Lester School Manchester Twp - Hellmers Hill near Stalker Rds. Est. bet. 1860 & 1872; Closed 1920
Lincoln Elementary Honesdale  
Little Equinunk/Kellams/Stalker

Manchester Twp -  North of Braman Rd., near the bridge

Est. 1827; Closed 1943
Lloyd Manchester Twp - Vicinity of Stalker & Whitleigh Rds. Est. bef. 1871; Closed 1872
Long Ridge School Near Scrub Oaks Hunting & Fishing Club [White Mills per GNIS] Reunion Articles

[Historical] per GNIS

Maplewood School   Photo of 4th Grade Class of 1937 and teacher, Charlotte Gilpin Black
Marble Hill School Near Hawley

Wayne Independent Dec. 1944
The Marble Hill two-room school held their annual Christmas party with a tree and program Friday afternoon Dec. 22,1944. The teachers are Miss Katherine Gibbons and Miss Mary McCarthy. Miss McCarthy is the primary teacher.

Monroe School Orson

[Historical] per GNIS

Moosic School Lake Ariel  
Nickerson School Established ca 1812 in a portion of Hans Ulrich Swingle's home by Jonathan Nickerson  
Pine Flat School Manchester Twp - River Rd. s of Creek Rd.

Est. bef 1860; Closed 1911

Pine Mill Manchester Twp - Pine mill & Hathaway Rds. Est. 1872; Closed 1947
Pleasant Valley Just east of Dug Rd. Est 1860-1872; Closed 1959
Pleasant Mount   See Group Photo
Preston Park School Hancock [Historical] per GNIS
Priceville School Long Eddy  
Riverside School Damascus Twp - Northwest corner of River & McCubbins Rd. Remodeled as a house per Township Historical Society.
Rock Branch School White Mills  
Rock Lake School Lake Como [Historical] per GNIS

Rocky Run

Manchester Twp - Delaware River & Rocky Run Creek Est. aft 1872; Closed bef 1913
School Number 3 Aldenville  
Shehawken School Starrucca  
Smith Hill School White Mills [Historical] per GNIS
South Branch School Manchester Twp - Pine Mill, s. of Fork Mt. Rds.

Est.  bet. 1860 & 1872; Closed 1961

South Preston School Orson  
Spangenberg School Alton Van Sickles's Home  
St. Tikhons School Waymart  
Stanton/Shehawken Preston Twp - NW, just past church, Shadigee Creek & Scott Center Rd. Est before 1860; 1868; Closed 1938
Starlight School new    
Starrucca High School Graduating Class 1929
Stevenson School Orson [Historical] per GNIS
Stockport/Chipmunk Academy Buckingham Twp - Lower end of Preston Estate Est. 1808 or 1809; Closed 1889
Stone/Cardin Preston Twp - W. side of Cribbs Rd. just north of Czapnik Rd. Est. bef. 1860; Closed 1914
Stone Jug School   Group Photo
Stourbridge Elementary Honesdale  
Sunshine School Buckingham Twp - Fall Brook Rd. w of Rt. 370 Souvenir Book
Est. 1825; Closed 1918
Swamp Brook School Berlin Twp, RR2, Hawley (near Cricket Hill Golf Course) Photo & More Info
Tallmanville Preston Twp - Tallmanville Est. 1824; Closed 1830's.
Tanners Falls Tanners Falls Est. 1860 - 1872; Closed ?
Turnpike, Beere Rt. 670 & Kilroe Rd. Est. 1838; Closed 1954
Tyler Woods Manchester Twp - Galloway, s of Braman Rds. [Historical] per GNIS
Est. aft 1872; Closed 1947
Union/Priceville Manchester Twp - 191 & Duran Rd. Est. 1827; Closed 1961
Waymart High School   Class of 1925 & Class of 1934 Photos
Wayne Highlands Middle School Honesdale  
West Preston Preston Twp - Wrighter Lake, SW of big bend Est. bef. 1860; Closed 1920
Winwood/Lakewood/Preston Preston Twp - 1st. NW Corner of 370 & Beaver Hollow Rd. Est. btw. 1870-1872; 1898 High School; 1975 - new K-8; Still Open

Manchester Twp - Braman e. of Layton Rds.

Est. Btw. 1860 & 1872; Closed 1961
Youngsville School Damascus Twp - West side of Rt. 191 (Hancock Hwy) near Chickapee Rd.

[Historical] per GNIS

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