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Marriage Records Indexes

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LINKS to Marriage Index Books Pre1885 | 1885 - 1913 | 1913 - 1932 | 1932 - 1946 | 1946 - 1968

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The Warren County Courthouse maintains marriage records in "Books" dating from 1885 (Records prior to that date may have been destroyed by fire). Many of the early books contain two entries per page: "A" after the page number indicates the record can be found at the top of the page, a "B" record will be directly below the "A" entry at the bottom of the same page. Beginning with Book 7, there is only one entry per page.

A big Thank You! to Warren County researcher Mary Anderson (who transcribed and created databases containing marriage index records from 1885 to 1968 gleaned from the Warren County Courthouse) for so generously sharing these databases.


Marriage Index Books

Bride and groom names are listed together in all indexes.

Contact the Warren County Courthouse to obtain a copy of the actual record or additional information about the record.
Better yet, visit the courthouse in person!



1852 to 1853: Marriage Index Extra Records - 28 names


1885 - 1913



1913 - 1932



1932 - 1946




1946 - 1968

More Indexes to follow soon...





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