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Marriage Indexes

Book 19
Pages 526 - 540

Contributed by Mary Anderson

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This is the final set of pages in Book 19.

BOOK 19, Pages 526 - 540
Page Last Name First Name Middle Gender
526 Wilczynski Tillie F
526 Young Lavern Oliver M
527 Reed Evelyn Grace F
527 Hannold Leason Dolmar M
528 Robinson Edna May F
528 Lee Niles Gilbert M
529 McClellan Pauline Virginia F
529 Barner Raymond Russell M
530 Westland Geraldine Mae F
530 Brian Fred Miller M
531 Stevens Russel Fay  VOID F
531 Carlson Bernard Lyon VOID M
532 Fleming Mary Bernadette F
532 Struble Frank Aloyes M
533 English Florence Louise F
533 Bidwell Paul Dale M
534 Ericson June Ebba Sophia F
534 Carlstrom Alfred George M
535 Gebhart Edith Lucinda F
535 Johnson Elmer Wilhburg M
536 Schubert Edna Mary F
536 Merkle John Baumann M
537 Bull Beulah Katherine F
537 Anderson Harry Aaron M
538 Lewis Edna Margaret F
538 Frontera Francis Paul M
539 Baker Marion Katherine F
539 Frey Francis M
540 Petrie Dorothy Lucile F
540 Melquist Gerald Raymond M


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