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Corydon Cemetery
Elk Township

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Corydon Cemetery, relocated from its original site, is one of three cemeteries located on a grassy knoll in the extreme northeast corner of the county. As you enter the gate into the grounds, the cemetery will be on your left.

Corydon Cemetery sign

Take a walk through the cemetery...

Corydon Cemetery  

Looking back toward the gate from the middle of the cemetery.


Many old grave markers dot the grounds which slope gently away from the road.

Wakeman Avery

Died Apr 9, 1864


The 1850 census lists Wakeman Avery, age 30, in Corydon township with his family: Hannah, wife, age 20; Jeremiah, son, age 3; Florence, daughter, 2 months old.

He was a farmer and, along with his wife, was born in New York state. The two children were born in Pennsylvania.

On the 1860 census, Wakeman Avery and wife Mary are living in Corydon township. He was 42, a farmer, born in New York state. Wife Mary was 32, also born in NY state. No children are listed.

  Corydon Cemetery
Corydon Cemetery  

L to R, inscriptions read:

Our father
Isaac Williams.
Died May 5, 1855,
Aged 78 years, 9 mos, & 5 days.

Our mother.
wife of Isaac Williams
Died Jan. 9, 1859
Aged 80 years, 1 mo, & 4 days.

The cemetery's most famous burial is Philip Tome,
author of Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter.
Corydon Cemetery
This, however, is not the original grave marker.
His first tombstone is now held by the Warren County Historical Society.
Corydon Cemetery  

Lucretia Tome, wife of Philip Tome, Jr., died June 8, 1860.

She left behind her husband, 28, and
children Jacob, 6, Byron, 5, and Mary, 1.

Follow the road straight in and turn left on the paved road to find this large marker next to a flag pole.
    Veterans of WW II Honor Roll
From Corydon, PA
Clayton M. Swift
Joseph L. Whyte
David D. Whyte
C. Leo Russell
* James C. Whyte
* Frank D. Black
W. Craig Browne
Kenneth E. Baker
Doris E. Baker
Thom Anthony
C. Roy Bennett
Donald K. Bennett
C. Stuart LaDow
Gale W. Smith
William C. Crooks
Clifford N. Crooks
S. Lance Gardner
Robert B. Rice
Elizabeth M. Riley
Marion R. Edwards
Benjamin L. Crooks
C. Kenneth Mason
Charles H. Clawson
Benjamin F. Blauser, Jr.
Edwin F. Tome
Malcolm N. Sparks
Carl F. Laubach
Lee D. Baker
Clayton M. Hansen
Betty Jane Leichner
Joseph N. Black
C. Eugene Harding
Marion P. Williams
* Killed in action - Italian campaign
  Corydon Cemetery
From Willow Creek
Florence L. Cobb
Albert T. Cobb
Leon C. Cobb
Paul W. Cobb
James M. Cobb
Glenn W. Holsinger
Robert T. Holsinger
James H. Borst
Hiram L. Borst
James Fedick

Lawrence Alv...cannot read this
Harold E. Tr... cannot read this
George Black
Frank E. Rodgers
Donald Brooks
Philip R. Dewyer
Donald E. Williams
Kenneth G. Halsaver
Catherine Woodruff
Gordon Jarrett
Ronald Davidson
Charles Smith, Jr.
Carl B. Brown
Francis Schaffner



Below, an overview of the cemetery with one of the paved roads on the right.
Corydon Cemetery
All photographs contributed by Penelope Repko

Regretably, burials in this cemetery are listed on Find-A-Grave together with the other two cemeteries, Cornplanter and Riverview, under the name Riverview Cemetery, making it difficult to sort out who is buried where.


Perhaps of more help is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, website Kinzua Cemetery Relocations, which "will allow family members to locate their loved ones by name and determine which cemetery and plot number they were moved from, and to which cemetery and plot number they had been moved."




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