Statler Cemetery, Shade Township

Transcribed by Leroy V. Baldwin, Daryl A. Reed, Sandra (Statler) Carey and Hope M. Weigle in July of 1999. This cemetery is located about 1.5 miles NE of Reels Corners. From Reels Corners take SR160 north to the first paved road. To the right and follow it to the junction of Bunker Hill Road. Turn right approx. 40ft. and there will be a sign pointing to the cemetery which is approx. 150 ft. down the lane.

Surname Given Name Dates Notes
Coleman Sophia 1849-1934  
  Johny W. s/o D.L. & S. d-22FEB1898 ag-17-10-1  
Graef Eleanora G. d/o C.W. & J.C. d-4JAN1874 ag-0-4-22  
Grove Clyde M. d-13JAN1891 ag-15 days  
Hammand William s/o S. & M. d-26SEP1843 ag-4-4-2  
Hopple Samuel d-7JUL1830 ag-20-10-1 Of Cincinnati, OH inscription
Lambert Peter d-29NOV1809 ag-0-11-0  
  George d-15NOV1837 ag-67-7-11  
  Elisabeth c/o George d-25JAN1829 ag-59 inscription
  Elisabeth d/o G. d-2MAY1841 ag-34-6-2  
  Samuel d-27APR1815 ag-3-11-25  
  Jacob, Sr. d-14FEB1836 ag-80-1-20 Rev. War
  Margaret(Margretta)w/oJacob d.6Feb.1815,age 79-6-27 Jacob York-1788
  M,Sr.& mother of Jacob,George rg&John, the 3 brothers who came to Shade in 1789
  Jacob d-11FEB1849 ag-55-2-22  
  Margaret w/o Jacob d-8JUL1841 ag-45-8-24 inscription
  Eleanora d/o J. & M. d-15JAN1836 ag-2-1-2  
Manges Jonathan s/o G.D. & E. d-31MAY1874 ag-0-5-9  
  Hester S. d/o G.D. & E. d-11DEC1884 ag-8-8-16  
Rhoads John d-15MAY1895 ag-74-8-14  
  Mary w/o John d-24FEB1899 ag-75-8-11  
  John J. d-5JUN1871 ag-29-9-7 Civil War/ inscription
Robertz Catharin d/o J. & E. d-14JAN1836 ag-1-0-29  
Ross Joseph M. s/o J. & M. 21FEB1836  
  Jane d/o J. & M. d-14DEC1862 ag-19-2-21  
  Mary A. d/o J. & M. d-29JAN1863 ag-22-1-16  
Shetter David d-14OCT1841 ag-60-6-0  
  Sarah w/o David d-2MAR1852 ag-69-10-26  
Sorber Jonathan d-23JAN1839 ag-30-9-23 inscription
  Charles s/o C. & A. d-2JUN1880 ag-14days  
  Ida J. d/o C. & A. d-16JAN1889 ag-22-7-13  
  John J. s/o C. & A. d-1AUG1889 ag-18-4-27 inscription
Statler Caroline Ann Eliza 27JAN1820-23SEP1837 ag-17-8-0 inscription
  Rudolph Walter 18JUL1832-13JAN1837 ag-4-6-0 inscription
Statler Andrew d-27JUL1881 ag-65-4-17 inscription
  Sophia w/o Andrew d-8APR1859 ag-34-11-2  
  Caroline d/o A. & S. d-23FEB1849 ag-0-1-9  
  Lovinda d/o A. & S. d-11MAR1859 ag-25 days  
  Jonathan s/o A. & S. d-13MAR1865 ag-20-10-5 Died whilst a member of Bat. K, PA Art'y. at Fort Athen Allen, VA
  Andrew s/o A. & S. d-24AUG1871 ag-0-0-16  
  Samuel d-9MAR1889 ag-71-6-11  
  Eliza M. w/o Samuel d-25APR1886 ag-61-9-22  
  Henry s/o S. & E. d-4JAN1865 ag-15-8-23  
  Elenor c/o Samuel d-21AUG1850 ag-27-2-5  
  William s/o S. & E. d-9APR1848 ag-0-7-3  
  Catherine d/o S. & M. 29FEB1860-24APR1860  
  John d-12JUN1845 ag-42-3-7  
  Elenor c/o John d-1JAN1844 ag-31-3-29 inscription
  Hester 23AUG1839-12SEP1839 ag-0-0-19
  Cornelius Gas'r 27OCT1844-10MAY1845 ag-0-6-13
  Samuel s/o Jasper 15JAN1776-17MAY1860 inscription
  Magdalene w/o Samuel d-12JAN1818 ag-21
  Johnnie B. s/o S. & M. d-14JAN1867 ag-3-5-16  
  Daniel d-16DEC1877 ag-76-5 28 inscription
  Sarah d-19AUG1896 ag-79-9-21 inscription
  Margaret d/o D. & S. d-8JUL1849 ag-3-8-22  
  Caroline d/o D. & S. d-1AUG1849 ag-2-8-22  
  Charles A. d-24MAY1887 ag-34-10-6  
  Elizabeth 1857-1938  
(Stetler) Jones Catharine d/o S. & M. d-8MAY1838 ag-34-11-14  
Stetler Catharine w/o Emanuel d-11APR1836 ag-55  
  Catharine w/o Danniel d-9MAR1838 ag-34-3-9  
  Levy s/o D. & C. d-1826 ag-0-3-0  
  Inf. s/o D. & C. l834 2 stones side by side
  Johnithen s/o D. & C. d-17JAN1836 ag 0-6-9  
  d/o D. & C. d-4MAR1836 ag-7 days  
  Mary d/o D. & C. d-16FEB1838 ag-4-2-2  
Stotler John Sr. d-20JUN1844 ag-72 inscription
  Molly w/o John d-13MAR1814 ag-36-7-7  
  Samuel s/o J. & M. d-9SEP1823 ag-11-2-9 inscription
  Jeremiah s/o Sammuel d-26AUG1822 ag-4-1-4  
  Casper Sr. 18AUG1743-12APR1798 Rev. War
  Rebecca w/o Casper d-20FEB1826 ag-90 inscription
Wagner John d-8JAN1857 ag-54-9-8 inscription
  Elenor c/o John d-27MAY1848 ag-38-6-11  
  Samuel s/o J. & E. d-13JUL1836 ag-6-3-16  
  Joseph s/o J. & E. d-2AUG1836 ag-0-8-1  
  Elizabeth d-3MAR1818 ag-1-5-20  

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