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1880 CENSUS 


1880 PA Census; Perry Co., Loysville Twp.
Tressler Orphan Home
(all born in Pennsylvania, unless noted otherwise)

Michael BOWER; 13y
Milton BOWER; 12y

Wm BOYER; 16y
Edward BOYER; 12y;

Norman BEICHLER; 11y
William BEICHLER; 12y

Joseph BERRY; 13y
Adam? BERRY; 12y
William BERRY; 10y

Geo. BR_____; 6y

H. BROBST (male); 12y

Thomas BURCHFIELD; 13y
Miranda BURCHFIELD; 11y

Samuel CONNER; 5y

Jeremiah DREXLER; 12y
James DREXLER; 10y
Katie DREXLER; 6y

John FIELDS; 11y
Robert FIELDS; 7 (9)y
Reuben FIELDS; 6y

FRANK FL__D; 11y
Miller FL__D; 9y
Jennie FL__D; 8y
H____ FL__D; 6y

Wm. FRANCIS; 15y

Charles GRAHAM; 15y
John GRAHAM; 11y
George GRAHAM; 7y
Clara GRAHAM; 12?y

Burnett HO___; 15y
Levi HO____; 11y
Maggie HO___; 12y

H. C. HOOPER; male; 15y

____ H__FFMAUGH; 13y
John H__FFMAUGH; 10y

William HOOVER; 12y
Sarah HOOVER; 10y


John JENKINS; 14y

Thomas KENNEDY; 14y
Charles KENNEDY; 11y

Robert LANTZ; 11y
Charlotte LANTZ; 16y
_______ LANTZ; 6y

John LAYTON; 15y

Clarence ______; 8y
Robert ________; 6y

William LOY; 14y
Gl__ie LOY; female; 12y

Samuel McCLINTOCK; 11y
James McCLINTOCK; 9y
William McCLINTOCK; 7y

Charles McKELL___; 15y

Frederick M_____; 13y

William PETRE; 13y
Flora PETRE; 15y

Charles PETERS; 9y

____ REDER; male; 12y
Charles REDER; 8y
Minnie REDER; 10y

Charles R_____; 12y
C____ R______; 11y
Bertha R______; 9y

Harry REESE; 14y
Frederick REESE; 13y

Samuel REICHERT; 13y
Caroline REICHERT; 11y

Charles SAYLOR; 15y
Luther SAYLOR; 12y
Melinda SAYLOR; 13y
Virgil SAYLOR; 11y

Samuel SHAFER; 13y
Mary SHAFER; 10y

Harry SHAEFFER; 11y

Minerva SHETLER; 15y
Charles SHETLER; 11y

John SHERICK?; 10y
Elmira SHERICK?; 12y

Sherman SMITH; 14y
Ulysses SMITH; 11y

William SNYDER; 13y

Thomas S_____; 11y

George SPRINGER; 13y
Clara SPRINGER; 12y
Mary SPRINGER; 11y

Anna STRIG___; 15y
Jacob STRIG___; 12y

H. S. STRICKLAND; male; 11y

David STUMP; 9y
Anna STUMP; 11y
L___ STUMP; female; 7y

William WETZEL; 11y

James W___EN; 11y

Augustus WILLIS; 11y

Thomas WILLIAMSON; 11y
Catharine WILLIAMSON; 8y

Robert WOLF; 11y
Edward WOLF; 8y

Stewart ARNOLD; 16y

Frank MARCHWOOD; 17y
Matilda MARCHWOOD; 14y

Laura BO__G; 13y

Helen BRITT; 12y
Anna BRITT; 15y

Elisabeth FREY; 12y

Lula KAUFFMAN; 12y
Annie KAUFFMAN; 11y

A___ McMONIGAL; 15y

Lucy PO___; 10y

Mary SHADER; 15y

Mary STAILY; 12y

____ SYMMERMAN; female; 12y
Mary A. SYMMERMAN; 12y

Philip WILLARD; 70y
Margaretta Willard; 61y
Janetta Willard; 35y
Samuel Willard; 25y
Ezra Willard; 26y



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