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The following information was extracted from the book, History of Perry County Pennsylvania; H. H. Hain; Hain-Moore Co.; Harrisburg, Pa.; 1922.  Chapter XVIII.

PERRY COUNTY, owing to its small extent of territory, has never had within its borders one of the higher institutions of learning, neither has it had a State Normal School.  It was, however, in earlier years, the home of a number of academies and soldiers' orphans' schools, two of which have grown into other institutions of more than local note.  The New Bloomfield Academy has become the Carson Long Institute, with students from all over the world, and the Loysville Academy, later the Loysville Orphans' Home, has become the growing Tressler Orphans' Home of the Lutheran Church of America.  In the following pages an endeavor has been made to record the history and growth of these institutions, and the passing of those which no longer exist.


Perry County during the past century was the location of quite a number of academies, and their impress has been left not only within its borders, but from among the students at these various institutions went forth educators and professional and business men into many parts of Pennsylvania, and into many of the other states of the Union.  The passing of these institutions, in a way, is to be regretted, for they gave to the boys and girls a chance to learn, near their own homes, more than the common schools afforded.  Of course the borough high schools have now largely taken their places in so far as the teaching of the higher branches is concerned.  Of these academies the ones to remain in existence, the New Bloomfield Academy, now the Tressler Orphans' Home, the history to date is noted.  Of the others time has erased much information, but briefly their history follows:  

Andersonburg Academy | (The) Blain School | Duane Academy | Carson Long Institute | Duncannon Academy | (The) First Academy | Charity School | Juniata Valley Normal School | Loysville Academy | Loysville Orphans' Home | | Markelville Academy | Mount Dempsey Academy | New Bloomfield Academy | Normal Institute at Markelville (The) Orphans SchoolsPerry Co. Normal Institute | Soldiers' Orphan School | Strain's School | Sunnyside Academy | Susquehanna InstituteTressler Orphans' Home | Willow Grove Female Seminary |  



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