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Residents of 1870


County Home Residents- 1870
(1870 PA Census; Perry Co., Tyrone Twp., Landisburg PO; 14 July, 1870)
Key= Name; age; Place of Birth; Miscellaneous

215/237; Isaac Trostle; 27y; Steward of Poor House; PA
Sarah Bistline; 31y; Mistress of Poor House; PA
Flora A. Bistline; 8y; PA
Elizabeth Bistline; 5y; PA
Catharine Bistline; 2y; PA

Mary Hassinger; 54y; Pauper; PA
Mary Miller; 54y; Pauper; PA
Julian Bender; 45y; Pauper; PA; Idiot
Samuel Miller; 70y; Pauper; PA
Cathrine Miller; 48y; Pauper; PA
Joseph Miller; 2y; PA
George Miller; 40y; Pauper; Germany
Samuel Hoover; 47y; Pauper; PA
Robert Mathers; 80y; Pauper; PA
John Allen; 74y; Pauper; PA; Blind
Eliza Keller; 59y; Pauper; PA
John McKilliss; 39y; Pauper; PA
Sarah McKilliss; 35y; Pauper; PA
Bistline McKilliss; 1/12m.; PA; April
Galbraith McKilliss; 1/12m; PA; April
Lucy Curry; 6y; black; pauper; PA
Harvey Curry; 4y; black; pauper; PA
___mbria Sadler; 11y; black; pauper; PA
Bevy Siders; 65y; Pauper; PA
John Stewart; 48y; Pauper; PA
Sarah Stewart; 39y; Pauper; PA
Matilda Stewart; 20y; Pauper; PA
Lydia Stewart; 17y; Pauper; PA
Mary A. Stewart; 15y; Pauper; PA
Eliza J. Stewart; 12y; Pauper; PA
Jacob Bender; 65y; Pauper; PA; Insane
John Reader; 27y; Pauper; PA; Idiot
Susan Rheam; 40y; Pauper; Insane
David Bealy; 70y; Pauper; PA
Lydia A. Comp; 43y; Pauper; PA; Insane
Susan Jumper; 43y; Pauper; PA
William Snyder; 30y; Pauper; PA
Mary Snyder; 40y; Pauper; PA
Andrew Snyder; 80y; Pauper; PA
Elizabeth Reichter; 32y; Inmate; PA; Idiot
Eliza Rinehart; 47y; Inmate; PA
Hannah Gutshall; 60y; Inmate; PA
Betsy Boner; 86y; Inmate; PA
John Peck; 40y; Inmate; PA
Maria Varnes; 43y; Inmate; PA
Susan Shatto; 38y; Inmate; PA
Sally Knox; 36y; Inmate; PA
Albert Baker; 32y; Inmate; Germany, Saxton; 
Mary Baker; 38y; Inmate; Ireland
Elizabeth Paden; 26y; Inmate; PA
Richard Paden; 2y; Inmate; PA
John Campbell; 26y; Inmate; PA; Idiot
James Armstrong; 21y; Inmate; PA
Emanuel Mefford; 19y; Inmate; PA
Jonathan Harrison; 20y; Inmate; PA
Elias Roberts; 78y; Inmate; PA
Robert Armstrong; 79y; Inmate; PA
John Ramsey; 48y; Inmate; PA
William Weirich; 17y; Inmate; PA
John Stambaugh; 60y; Inmate; PA
Noah Trimmer; 40y; Inmate; PA; Insane
Daniel Garland; 51y; Inmate; PA
Hanah Shepley; 26y; Inmate; PA
Samuel Shepley; 1/12m.; PA
Singleton Sheaffer; 23y; laborer; PA
Taylor Harris; 21y; black; laborer; Kentucky

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