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The following photographs were taken by Linda M. Sweger & Robert B. Job; they have kindly granted permission for their use on the Perry Co. USGenWeb site.  They hope to encourage "the caretakers of these Bridges to continue maintaining them instead of replacing them."
For more pictures, please see the Perry Co., PAGenWeb Archives.

Many, many thanks to them for allowing us to view their beautiful photo's.

041806R Adair's CRDBr (6BD4 600)3.jpg (178513 bytes)
Adair's Covered Bridge

Bistlinecvdbr.jpg (138332 bytes)
Bistline Covered Bridge

bookscvdbr.jpg (92843 bytes)
Book's Covered Bridge

clayscvdbr.jpg (76715 bytes)
Clay's Covered Bridge

dellvillecvdbr.jpg (81250 bytes) 
Dellville Covered Bridge

002 041806L Enslow CRDBr (17CBD4 600)3 Title.jpg (197897 bytes) 
Enslow's Covered Bridge

002 111205L Fleisher CRDBr (18CBD4 600) Title.jpg (159306 bytes) 
Fleisher's Covered Bridge

kochcvdbr.jpg (84628 bytes)  
Kochenderfer's C. B.

002 050706R LRPL Red CRDBr (22CBD4 600)3 Title.jpg (165484 bytes) 
Liverpool "Red" C. B.

002 101406L LBFLCk CRDBr (33CBD4 600)4S Title.jpg (235713 bytes) 
Little Buffalo C. B.

mtpleascvdbr.jpg (81826 bytes) 
Mt. Pleasant C. B.

newgermcvdbr.jpg (88891 bytes) 
New Germantown C. B.

ricescvdbr.jpg (70356 bytes)  
Rice's Covered Bridge

savillecvdbr.jpg (68033 bytes)  
Saville Covered Bridge

002 041806L Wagoner's CRDBr (24CBD4 600)3 Title.jpg (213718 bytes) 
Waggoner's Covered Bridge



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