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The following information was extracted from the book, History of Perry County Pennsylvania; H. H. Hain; Hain-Moore Co.; Harrisburg, Pa.; 1922.  Chapter XVIII.

From Presbyterian records it is noted that Rev. James Brady, of Carlisle, was called on March 10, 1803, to become pastor of the church at the mouth of the Juniata (predecessor of the Duncannon Presbyterian Church), of Dick's Gap Church and of Sherman's Creek Church.  He was installed October 3, 1804, and "located on a farm, where he opened an academy" and conducted that work along with his duties along religious lines.  He died April 24, 1821, and his remains are interred in the cemetery on the heights, above Juniata Bridge Station, at the junction of the two rivers.  While the date of the establishment of this first higher institution of learning within the borders of what is now Perry County--for it was then yet a part of Cumberland--is unknown, yet it must have been soon after his coming, as is implied by the sentence, "located on a farm where he opened an academy."  Should it have been at a much later period the record would likely have read "where he later or in later years opened an academy."  No Name is given to the institution, so it is here designated as The First Academy, which, in point of fact, it was.  The inference is that it was only a day school, but that the higher branches were taught.



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