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The following documents were found in box of papers handed down through the Evans/Evens family and are currently in the possession of my brother.   I have transcribed them as best I could in hopes that they would help someone find that missing date, name or place.   I appologize in advance for any errors or typos.  The writing was often faded and the handwriting was not easy to decipher.  I am not sure of the source of these papers, though the death and birth records look semi-official. My best guess is that they were some sort of church record.

The Barber Family Picnic,  Sept 1880
Area Deaths 1872 - 1883
Area Marriages 1872 - 1881
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Ceres Pa, Sept 9, 1880

Names of Barber family that attended the Picnic

Andrew Barber & Wife
Rowland Barber & Wife
Nettie Barber,  Dora Barber
Bertie Barber & Varnie Hull
Flora Barber & Husband with two Children

Enoch Maxon & Wife
Edwina Maxon & Husband with one child
Ida Maxon & Husband
Erwin Maxon

Blanchard Barber & Wife
Ellen Barber & Husband
Frank Barber & Wife
Forest Barber & Edie
Frank Barber & Wife
Roze & Allie & Frankie Barber

Laura Holmes
Elba & Blanche Holmes
Matr, George, Fred, Rena & baby
Irene & Laura

George Cummings & Wife
Walter, Cora & Benny Cummings

Enos Fisher
Nora Barber & three children
Emma & Cora Burger
Erwin Place

Deaths What follows was transcribed from what appears to be some sort of semi-official journal or record.  Perhaps a church record.  It consists of three pages that seem to have been bound in a book.  The pages are ruled as one would find in a cash journal.   The pages are 14" tall by 6" wide.   Judging by the hand writing, I believe entries were made by two individuals over time.  One individual capitalized the letter "D" in "Died", the other didn't.  The entries seem to have been entered contemporaneously.

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Ceres, N.Y

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Portville, March 31 1876

*  1875 in one entry is crossed out, apparently an error,  I would be suspicious of the previous 1875 date as well as it seems out of order.

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