Rev. John Miller of the Abingtons 1802-1858 -- Part 1

Marriages of Rev. John Miller as compiled by Alfred Twining from proceedings of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society. These are transcripted as typeset in the Scranton Times, Jan 23, 1915, then sorted by surname and year.

last_name first_name residence spouse_last spouse_first sp_residence wed_date note
Ackerly Eunice Abington Mace Uriah Providence 11/16/1823  
Ackerly Catherine Abington Stone James, Jr. Abington 12/4/1825  
Ackerly Isaac Abington Leach Mary Ann Abington 2/12/1829  
Ackerly Eliza Abington Leach Joseph Abington 12/9/1830  
Ackerly Esther Abington Stone Harrison Abington 7/19/1832  
Ackerly Catherine Abington Baker Henry Providence 11/19/1840  
Ackerly John T. Scott Brown Phoebe A. Scott 9/15/1855  
Adams Mary L. Abington Wall Orlando P. Abington 5/4/1856  
Ager Betsey Abington Reynolds Christopher Abington 1/22/1823  
Albright - , Mrs. Newton Mittan William Newton 12/26/1846  
Albright Sarah Newton Briggs Samuel Philadelphia 1/3/1851  
Alger Emma Maria Abington Krotzer Jacob Providence 2/10/1847  
Allen John Abington Pickett Lucy Pittston 4/17/1810  
Alworth Dolly Providence Stevens Noah Providence 10/31/1811  
Alworth Huldah Providence Holmes Benjamin Clarence, NY 6/18/1812  
Alworth John B. Clifford Wright Ruby Abington 9/27/1838  
Armstrong Betsey Jane Falls Hartman John Abington 10/3/1847  
Armstrong Lewis Eaton Tripp Fannie B. Providence 12/25/1849  
Atwater Charles Providence Snyder Elizabeth Providence 10/29/1834  
Atwater Lydia Providence Bailey D. W. Providence 10/29/1834  
Austin William Benton Weidman Elizabeth Abington 6/15/1851  
Ayers Lewis B. Newton Collum Phoebe A. Newton 7/6/1854  
Aylesworth Huldah Abington Parker Silas Abington 2/25/1811  
Babcock Stephen V. Falls Hecock Hannah Tunkhannock 2/6/1840  
Bacon Lewis Blakely Simrell Emeline Greenfield 9/11/1836  
Bacon Lewis W. Archbald Hubbard Sarah Abington 2/12/1854  
Bailey D. W. Providence Atwater Lydia Providence 10/29/1834  
Bailey Harvey Abington Tillinghast Harriet Abington 11/4/1846  
Bailey Ruth Abington Mace Uriah Abington 1/16/1851 dau of B. F. Bailey
Baker Ebenezer Clifford Miller Mary Clifford 1802-1809  
Baker Anna Nicholson Stevens Jacob Nicholson 1809  
Baker Elizabeth Clifford Farnham Stephen N. Clifford 8/21/1828  
Baker Minerva Ann Nicholson Wells Wright Clifford 9/2/1838  
Baker Henry Providence Ackerly Catherine Abington 11/19/1840  
Baker William H. Benton Phillips Susanna Benton 2/5/1843  
Baker Ebenezer Abington Hinkley Elmira Abington 9/7/1853  
Barber Hettie Abington Wight Gorton Abington 5/7/1818  
Barber Tillinghast Benton McCoy Jane Nicholson 1/6/1853  
Bardall Samuel Kingston Kern Catherine Newton 2/28/1848  
Batchelor Rebecca Abington Stanton David Abington 4/6/1819  
Batchelor Rebecca Abington Briggs Anthony Providence 5/31/1838  
Batchelor Leonard Abington Stone Hannah Abington 2/21/1841  
Bawlding Henry D. Exeter Currin Margaret Falls 12/19/1839  
Bawlding Mary Exeter Tillinghast Pardon Abington 6/20/1844  
Bean William Abington Green Nancy Abington 7/16/1827  
Beatey Lydia Nicholson Carpenter Thomas Nicholson 6/16/1816  
Beaty Polly Nicholson Hall Wanton Nicholson 6/8/1820  
Beaty Rachel Nicholson Dann Seth, Jr. Abington 2/7/1828  
Benedict David Providence Griffin Mary Providence 2/16/1840  
Bennett Phoebe Newton Van Camp Henry Falls 1/24/1850  
Bickham Elizabeth Abington Hoover Martin Providence 4/3/1842  
Biesecker Sarah Newton Getz John Newton 8/25/1849  
Billinger Hannah Providence Scott Elijah Providence 5/3/1812  
Bingham Elsie Abington Stone James Abington 7/24/1817  
Birdsall H. Honesdale Clark Charlotte Abington 11/19/1846  
Bishop Nancy Providence Dolph Derrick Providence 1/10/1810  
Bishop Wiiliam, Rev. Providence Morss Mary, Mrs. Clifford 4/18/1813  
Blanchard Aurilla Abington Stone Benohl Abington 2/20/1812  
Boardman Eliza Greenfield Shaddock I. B. Windham 3/6/1842  
Boshirk Andrew New York, NY Phillo Eliza Tunkhannock 2/22/1813  
Bowen Narcissa Abington Gardner Horace Abington 12/29/1825  
Bradford Polly Providence Tewksbury Ephraim Brooklyn, PA 7/17/1823  
Briggs Fannie Tunkhannock Smith John I. Tunkhannock 1/15/1824  
Briggs Jeremiah Providence Stanton Rosella Abington 12/29/1836  
Briggs Anthony Providence Batchelor Rebecca Abington 5/31/1838  
Briggs Orpha Providence Taylor Henry Abington 10/10/1839  
Briggs Monmouth Providence Vosburg Fidelia Providence 10/24/1847  
Briggs Samuel Philadelphia Albright Sarah Newton 1/3/1851  
Brink Fanny Newton Mittan Thomas Newton 7/4/1846  
Britton Mary Abington Johnson Olney Abington 10/13/1836  
Britton Jeremiah (not given) White Chloe Abington 12/8/1840  
Britton Esther Abington Rozell Israel Abington 12/9/1840  
Britton Jane Falls Walter George Newton 5/3/1851  
Brown David Greenfield Wetherby Uritesa Greenfield 11/17/1834  
Brown Henry Greenfield Graves Susanna Greenfield 1/22/1835  
Brown Hamilton Greenfield Smith Lucinda Greenfield 6/21/1835  
Brown Henry Providence Hartman Mary Abington 7/18/1852  
Brown Phoebe A. Scott Ackerly John T. Scott 9/15/1855  
Browning Orin Benton Capwell Minerva Nicholson 10/22/1840  
Brownwell Welcome Benton Smith Hanna Samantha Abington 1/24/1849  
Brundage James (not given) Farnum Phoebe Nicholson 10/17/1827  
Bucklin Sophia Clifford West Erastus Clifford 9/26/1813  
Burrit Ganderson Clifford Johnson Sarah Greenfield 11/15/1829  
Butterfield Stephen Abington Phillips Polly Abington 7/2/1837  
Caboon Edward Abington Thompson Lydia Abington 12/2/1841  
Callendar Stephen Blakely Hall Pepha Abington 3/4/1832  
Callender Samuel Abington Landan Elizabeth Providence 1802-1809  
Callender Sarah Abington Landan Isaac Providence 1802-1809  
Callender Bathan Abington Wetherly Thirza Abington 1/18/1810  
Callender Stephen Greenfield Hall Lucy Greenfield 6/6/1816  
Callender Rhoda Blakely Kenyon Burr Blakely 10/17/1836  
Cameron Angus Dundaff Snyder Sabina Greenfield 4/3/1831  
Campbell I. H. Campbellville, Sullivan Co. Osterhout Junia A. Abington 8/28/1855  
Capwell Eunice Abington Wall Sheldon Abington 1802-1809  
Capwell George Abington Gardner Mary Abington 1802-1809  
Capwell Susannah Nicholson Reynolds Robert Nicholson 7/26/1814  
Capwell Daniel Nicholson Wilson Polly Pittston 2/22/1818  
Capwell Celinda Abington Green William Abington 10/26/1823  
Capwell Jeremiah Abington Wilson Betsey Pittston 10/3/1824  
Capwell Eliza Abington Gardner Alvinzy Abington 7/6/1824  
Capwell Stephen Abington Seamans Sevilla Abington 2/12/1829  
Capwell Abel Abington Chase Eliza Abington 11/20/1831  
Capwell Hannah Nicholson Reynolds James Nicholson 6/26/1832  
Capwell Elizabeth Nicholson Rice Monmouth Nicholson 5/12/1836  
Capwell Minerva Nicholson Browning Orin Benton 10/22/1840  
Capwell Tryphena Abington Tillinghast Stephen Abington 11/9/1842  
Capwell George Clinton, Wyoming Co. Smead Christiana Lenox, Susquehanna Co. 8/28/1843  
Card Nathan Nicholson Chambers Sevantus Nicholson 10/25/1832  
Carey John Wilkes-Barre Williams Lois Wilkes-Barre 10/21/1810  
Carey Polly Providence Griffin David Providence 9/17/1818  
Carey Lydia Tunkhannock Mead Ezekial Abington 12/30/1841  
Carey Sally Ann Tuscarora Johnson George R. Tuscarora, Bradford Co. 11/13/1843  
Carman Harriet Newton Stephens Joseph Providence 12/18/1854  
Carpenter Wheaton Abington Dickinson Mary Pittston 5/25/1810  
Carpenter Amelana Abington Ostrander James Tunkhannock 12/8/1814  
Carpenter Stephen Abington Peterson Susannah Abington 2/17/1814  
Carpenter Thomas Nicholson Beatey Lydia Nicholson 6/16/1816  
Carpenter William, Jr. Nicholson Howell Sarah Nicholson 4/19/1827  
Carpenter Rola Nicholson Westcott Laura Abington 8/30/1827  
Carpenter Horace Abington Reynolds Eliza Nicholson 12/6/1832  
Carter Catherine Abington Mott Samuel Abington 8/12/1823  
Case James Providence Slocum Martha Jane Providence 9/19/1843  
Chambers Thomas Ridgefield, CT Wright Lucy Abington 4/20/1823  
Chambers Sevantus Nicholson Card Nathan Nicholson 10/25/1832  
Champlain Willis H. Newton Glaze Mary Abington 11/5/1851  
Champlain James P. Abington Glaze Rebecca Abington 3/2/1851  
Champlin Sarah Abington Reynolds Arnold Carbondale 4/4/1845  
Chapman Henry Carbondale Hubbard Elizabeth Abington 7/1/1848  
Chase Eliza Abington Capwell Abel Abington 11/20/1831  
Chase Joseph Abington Phillips Mahala Abington 11/11/1832  
Chase Elisha Abington Phillips Wealthy Abington 10/8/1840  
Chase Abigal Abington Gardner P. R. Clinton 2/20/1851  
Chase Julia Abington Rozelle Ebenezer Newton 5/30/1852  
Clark Jeremiah Abington Hall Sophia Abington 1802-1809  
Clark Silas Abington Tripp Sally Pittston 11/22/1810  
Clark John Abington Reynolds Sarah Abington 10/6/1814  
Clark Samuel Abington Stone Rebecca Abington 2/8/1816  
Clark Polly Abington Reynolds Stephen Abington 12/7/1817  
Clark George Abington Rice Huldah Abington 2/22/1824  
Clark Ruth Abington Purdy Harvey Abington 2/27/1825  
Clark Walty Abington Griffin Philip Providence 10/25/1832  
Clark Aurora Abington Wright Wheaton Abington 2/21/1833  
Clark Sarah Abington Nichols Hiram, Dr. Abington 2/12/1835  
Clark Ira Greenfield Leonard Polly Ann Greenfield 2/22/1844  
Clark Charlotte Abington Birdsall H. Honesdale 11/19/1846  
Clifford Joseph Abington Hecock Lydia Abington 11/16/1825  
Clow Parmella Abington Gardner Alfred Abington 12/9/1838  
Cobb Harriet Greenfield Harberger George Providence 10/12/1817  
Cobb Ira J. Carbondale Stephens Elizabeth Blakely 8/22/1852  
Cole Peter Abington Stone Polly Abington 6/21/1829  
Cole Phoebe Newton Little Ira Newton 1/29/1850  
Collum Phoebe A. Newton Ayers Lewis B. Newton 7/6/1854  
Colvin Prudy Abington Stone Samuel Abington 1802-1809  
Colvin Rebecca Abington Gardner Asel Abington 1/3/1828  
Colvin Almira Abington Gardner William Abington 5/30/1830  
Colvin Sally Ann Abington Reynolds Daniel Nicholson 7/31/1831  
Colvin Cyrus Abington Dean Mariah Abington 11/24/1836  
Colvin William Abington Rice Polly Abington 1/3/1839  
Colvin Anson G. Abington Gorman Mercy Benton 3/24/1842  
Colvin Artiess Abington Sherer J. W. Archbald 9/22/1849  
Compton Mark Falls Van Camp Sarah Falls 10/15/1842  
Comstock Louisa Exeter Mott Jonathan, Jr. Abington 12/25/1823  
Connors John Wilkes-Barre Mattison Rosilla Abington 3/31/1823  
Coon John Newton Cosner Rosanna Newton 8/16/1853  
Cooper Betsy Abington Jordan Henry Abington 7/17/1818  
Cooper H. S., Dr. Newton Grene Irene M. Abington 11/15/1846  
Corban Eliza Greenfield Wetherby C. Greenfield 7/13/1834  
Corey Abbia F. Abington Spencer Calvin A. Providence 7/16/1854  
Corse Solon New Milford Kennedy Cynthia E. Abington 6/7/1856  
Cosner Rosanna Newton Coon John Newton 8/16/1853  
Cotrell Angeline Providence Hendrick James Honesdale 9/13/1843  
Cure William Nicholson Maddock Mary Nicholson 4/11/1827  
Cure John Abington Jume Cynthia Abington 5/1/1834  
Currin Margaret Falls Bawlding Henry D. Exeter 12/19/1839  
Dann Rhoda Abington Peterson Ansel Abington 9/25/1823  
Dann Rachel Nicholson Reynolds Soloman Nicholson 10/7/1826  
Dann Seth, Jr. Abington Beaty Rachel Nicholson 2/7/1828  
Dann Isaac Nicholson Reynolds Nancy Nicholson 3/19/1830  
Dann Joel Abington Lee Elizabeth Greenfield 10/14/1841  
Davis Neary Abington Howe Harlem Abington 9/22/1850  
Dean Ezra Abington Gardner Amy Abington 1802-1809  
Dean James Abington Tripp Catherine Providence 1802-1809  
Dean Jeffrey Abington Hall Sybil Abington 1802-1809  
Dean Eliza Abington Green Hiram Abington 1/11/1827  
Dean Polly Abington Smith Thomas Pittston 11/1/1827  
Dean Sybil Abington Green Lanson Abington 12/25/1834  
Dean Mariah Abington Colvin Cyrus Abington 11/24/1836  
Dean Louisa Abington Wright Stephen Abington 11/29/1838  
Dean Cyrus Abington Raymond Melissa Abington 1/29/1840  
Dean Laura W. Abington Russell Barton Washington, Wyoming Co. 10/19/1842  
Dean Isaac Abington Heermans Polly Searles Providence 12/11/1843  
Decker I. J. Hosbrock Carbondale Oram Elizabeth Clifford 9/26/1833  
Decker Mary Abington Stone Sidney T. Greenfield 6/20/1844  
Decker Isaac Carbondale Ellis Eliza Carbondale 10/1/1846  
Decker Salache Newton Van Bogert Albert Newton 2/22/1855  
Depew Thomas Providence Rice Abigal Providence 7/4/1816  
Depew Samuel Milford, Pike Co. Tripp Diana Providence 5/10/1827  
Dershimer Barney Exeter Rozell Rosilla Newton 9/2/1843  
Dickinson Mary Pittston Carpenter Wheaton Abington 5/25/1810  
Dings Maria Providence Palmateer Francis Providence 5/2/1833  
Dixon George Abington Scott Clarissa Abington 4/24/1814  
Dixon John Abington Reynolds Christine Abington 11/5/1815  
Dixon Lyman Abington Potter Mary Ann Greenfield 11/5/1840  
Dolph Derrick Providence Bishop Nancy Providence 1/10/1810  
Dolph Susanna Blakely Swartz Peter Providence 7/3/1821  
Dolph Emeline Blakely Hall Sheldon Abington 7/4/1830  
Doyl Abigal Abington Matteson Phillip Abington 3/24/1842  
Ealy Richard Covington Waderman Catherine Providence 8/2/1825  
Edwards Joseph Abington Wright Mary Abington 4/10/1817  
Edwards Mary S. Abington Kennedy Harvey Abington 2/20/1845  
Elliott Aaron Abington Goodrich Rebecca Greenfield 2/2/1818  
Ellis Eliza Carbondale Decker Isaac Carbondale 10/1/1846  
Emerson Thomas Greenfield Potter Sabra Greenfield 1/27/1841  
Evans Eleanor E. Tunkhannock Osborne Joseph G. Clinton 1/16/1853  
Evans George W. Tunkhannock Graham Lydia A. Tunkhannock 2/15/1853  
Farabee Elizabeth Abington Sharar William Abington 6/4/1831  
Farabee James, Jr. Abington Hall Elizabeth Abington 5/8/1842  
Farnham Stephen N. Clifford Baker Elizabeth Clifford 8/21/1828  
Farnum Phoebe Nicholson Brundage James (not given) 10/17/1827  
Fellows Henry Providence Griffin Jerusha Providence 1/10/1823  
Felton George Nicholson Scott Sarah Abington 12/14/1814  
Felts Mary Providence Griffin Briar Providence 7/7/1850  
Ferris John Providence Godding Eunice Providence 1/13/1813  
Ferris James Clifford Newton Deborah Clifford 8/8/1814  
Ferris Ezra Carbondale Stiles Jane Carbondale 8/9/1845  
Fike John Scott Rose Sarah A. Abington 6/18/1851  
Finch Gardner Abington Hutchins Mary Providence 11/6/1814  
Finch Isaac Abington Tinkman Anar Abington 12/14/1837  
Fisk Mary Ann Abington Franklin Warren F. Abington 1/2/1831  
Fisk Almira Abington Westcott Chauncer Abington 2/25/1836  
Flak Alfred Abington Stone Susanna Abington 12/23/1830  
Forbes Maria Abington Patrick David Abington 5/12/1842  
Foster Sarah Abington Stone James, 3rd Abington 1/20/1831  
Franklin Warren F. Abington Fisk Mary Ann Abington 1/2/1831  
Franklin Sarah Ann Abington Stone Merritt Abington 2/19/1835  
Freeland Asenath Abington Lewis Ethan Abington 1/2/1818  
Funch Nathaniel Abington Simrell Eleanor Abington 12/5/1813  
Furman Abigal Nicholson Vail Harvey Greenfield 1/1/1825  
Gardner Amy Abington Dean Ezra Abington 1802-1809  
Gardner Mary Abington Capwell George Abington 1802-1809  
Gardner Alvinzy Abington Capwell Eliza Abington 7/6/1824  
Gardner Horace Abington Bowen Narcissa Abington 12/29/1825  
Gardner John A. Abington Westcott Mary Abington 6/2/1825  
Gardner Asel Abington Colvin Rebecca Abington 1/3/1828  
Gardner William Abington Colvin Almira Abington 5/30/1830  
Gardner Dorcas Abington Reed - Canaan, Wayne Co. 12/11/1831  
Gardner Alfred Abington Clow Parmella Abington 12/9/1838  
Gardner Wilbur Abington Roberts Elizabeth Falls 4/25/1839  
Gardner Wilbur Abington Heermans Mary Providence 10/4/1841  
Gardner Minerva Abington Smith Benjamin Greenfield 9/26/1844  
Gardner P. R. Clinton Chase Abigal Abington 2/20/1851  
Garrison Abraham Eaton White Marcia Abington 7/7/1829  
Gary Lodena Nicholson White Oran Nicholson 12/17/1821  
Getz John Newton Biesecker Sarah Newton 8/25/1849  
Gibbs Dewitt C. Benton Glaze Phoebe I. Abington 9/23/1854  
Gingham Hezekiah Palmyra Hall Elsie, Mrs. Abington 1809  
Glaze Mary Abington Champlain Willis H. Newton 11/5/1851  
Glaze Rebecca Abington Champlain James P. Abington 3/2/1851  
Glaze Phoebe I. Abington Gibbs Dewitt C. Benton 9/23/1854  
Gleason Caleb Wilkes-Barre Miner Barbara Wilkes-Barre 9/25/1819  
Godding Eunice Providence Ferris John Providence 1/13/1813  
Goodrich Mary Salem Huls James, Jr Clifford 1802-1809  
Goodrich Sarah Abington Stevens Jared Abington 11/8/1812  
Goodrich Rebecca Greenfield Elliott Aaron Abington 2/2/1818  
Goodrich Seth Salem, Wayne Co., PA Purdy Mary, Mrs. Greenfield 12/23/1822  
Gordon James A., Atty. Wilkes-Barre Hall Hannah Abington 9/22/1822  
Gorman Chloe Abington Reynolds Ezra Abington 1/1/1815  
Gorman Mercy Benton Colvin Anson G. Abington 3/24/1842  
Gorman Amos B. Abington Stone Elizabeth Abington 5/8/1842  
Gorman Julia Abington Stanton David C. Abington 2/1/1844  
Gorman Julia Benton Stone Lora W. Abington 8/16/1848  
Graham Lydia A. Tunkhannock Evans George W. Tunkhannock 2/15/1853  
Graves Susanna Greenfield Brown Henry Greenfield 1/22/1835  
Graves William, 2nd Clifford Miler Mary Clifford 2/5/1835  
Green William Abington Capwell Celinda Abington 10/26/1823  
Green Hiram Abington Dean Eliza Abington 1/11/1827  
Green Nancy Abington Bean William Abington 7/16/1827  
Green Norval D. Providence Vaughn Eliza Blakely 9/18/1828  
Green Almira, Mrs. Abington Stone Robert Abington 12/30/1830  
Green Louisa Abington Stone Jeremiah Abington 1/3/1833  
Green Lanson Abington Dean Sybil Abington 12/25/1834  
Green Bathahabe, Mrs. Newton Phillips John, Deacon Abington 10/27/1842 he 91, she 67
Green Isabel Abington Sisson Clark Abington 11/25/1847  
Green Charlotte Abington Seamons J. M. Abington 8/10/1848  
Green Catharine D. Benton Smith Jeremiah Abington 6/20/1855  
Gregory Aaron Providence Griffin Anna Providence 10/23/1819  
Gregory Aaron Providence Tripp Martha Providence 6/3/1827  
Gregory Julia Ann Providence Von Storch Leopold Providence 8/15/1839  
Grene Irene M. Abington Cooper H. S., Dr. Newton 11/15/1846  
Griffin Charlotte Providence Stevens Joseph Providence 12/13/1814  
Griffin Betsy Providence Snyder Benjamin Providence 11/12/1816  
Griffin David Providence Carey Polly Providence 9/17/1818  
Griffin Anna Providence Gregory Aaron Providence 10/23/1819  
Griffin Matilda Providence Slocum Benjamin Providence 8/1/1819  
Griffin Jerusha Providence Fellows Henry Providence 1/10/1823  
Griffin Philip Providence Clark Walty Abington 10/25/1832  
Griffin Emeline Providence Vaughn Truman Blakely 11/25/1840  
Griffin Edward Providence Krotzer Harriet Providence 12/20/1840  
Griffin Mary Providence Benedict David Providence 2/16/1840  
Griffin Briar Providence Felts Mary Providence 7/7/1850  
Griffin William H. Providence Markle Mary M. Providence 8/2/1852  
Griffin Elisha H. Providence Smith Mary Providence 3/15/1854  
Griffin Austin Abington Tripp Electa M. Scott 9/22/1855  
Gritman Samuel Abington Gritman Phoebe Greenfield 2/8/1832  
Gritman Phoebe Greenfield Gritman Samuel Abington 2/8/1832  
Gritman Uriah Greenfield Smith Eveline Nicholson 10/23/1834  
Gritman Loretta R. Scott Grosvenor Jerome Scott 1/2/1850  
Grosvenor Jerome Scott Gritman Loretta R. Scott 1/2/1850  
Grosvenr Diantha Greenfield Leison David Abington 1/25/1844  
Hall Henry Abington Reynolds Walty Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Mercy Abington Reynolds Daniel Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Jonathan Abington Wall Eunice Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Sybil Abington Dean Jeffrey Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Susannah Abington Stone Samuel Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Sophia Abington Clark Jeremiah Abington 1802-1809  
Hall Elsie, Mrs. Abington Gingham Hezekiah Palmyra 1809  
Hall Lucy Greenfield Callender Stephen Greenfield 6/6/1816  
Hall Wanton Nicholson Beaty Polly Nicholson 6/8/1820  
Hall Olive Abington Ross James Abington 9/2/1821  
Hall Hannah Abington Gordon James A., Atty. Wilkes-Barre 9/22/1822  
Hall Eunice Abington Mitchell Jarus Abington 3/6/1826  
Hall Eunice Abington Mitchell Jarus Sterling, Wayne Co. 3/6/1828  
Hall Sheldon Abington Dolph Emeline Blakely 7/4/1830  
Hall Susanna Abington Parker Charles Abington 9/4/1831  
Hall Pepha Abington Callendar Stephen Blakely 3/4/1832  
Hall Elizabeth Abington Farabee James, Jr. Abington 5/8/1842  
Hall Emily Abington Northup Emanuel Abington 5/31/1845  
Hall H. V. Abington Northup Mary Abington 9/19/1849  
Halloch Mary Pittston Jenkins David Exeter 3/31/1822  
Hallstead William Clifford Justin Hannah Clifford 6/21/1812  
Hallstead Mary Nicholson Wilbur Samuel Nicholson 5/6/1814  
Hallstead Nancy Abington Wall Otis Abington 8/30/1838  
Hallstead H. L. Abington Smith Mary E. Abington 11/1/1855  
Harberger George Providence Cobb Harriet Greenfield 10/12/1817  
Harding Lydia, Mrs. Deer Park, NY Phillips John Abington 11/17/1816  
Harding Lydia Exeter Millard Henry Lenox 5/3/1816  
Harding Jesse (not given) Miller Nancy (not given) 5/21/1826  
Harding Nancy Abington Thompson William Exeter 11/2/1840  
Harrington Susanne, Mrs. New London Sherman Isaac (not given) 3/4/1849  
Harrington Ann M. Abington Taft Charles Honesdale 4/26/1851  
Harris Harriet Abington Newman Daniel Tunkhannock 1/22/1826  
Hartley William Nicholson Marcy Jerusha Nicholson 8/24/1815  
Hartman John Abington Armstrong Betsey Jane Falls 10/3/1847  
Hartman Sarah Newton Mittan Isaiah Newton 1/1/1852  
Hartman Mary Abington Brown Henry Providence 7/18/1852  
Hartshorn William Oneida, NY Stone Rachel Abington 12/23/1845  
Havens Lewis Abington Parker Augusta Abington 9/18/1856  
Hawley Elim Springville Kelley Elizabeth Providence 7/25/1850  
Hayes Desire Nicholson Robert James Nicholson 8/14/1831  
Hecock Lydia Abington Clifford Joseph Abington 11/16/1825  
Hecock Hannah Tunkhannock Babcock Stephen V. Falls 2/6/1840  
Heermans Alvah Providence Slocum Sarah Providence 9/6/1832  
Heermans Mary Providence Gardner Wilbur Abington 10/4/1841  
Heermans Polly Searles Providence dean Isaac Abington 12/11/1843  
Hendrick James Honesdale Cotrell Angeline Providence 9/13/1843  
Hewitt Betsy Greenfield Williams Uriah Blakely 3/25/1818  
Highly Betsy Providence Mills John M. Providence 1/27/1831  
Hinkley Sylvester Abington Loomis Charlotte Abington 7/23/1848  
Hinkley Elmira Abington Baker Ebenezer Abington 9/7/1853  
Hobbs Hiram Abington Welch Roxy Abington 7/4/1814  
Hobbs Lena Abington Johnson L. Morrison Abington 1/1/1831  
Hobbs Laura Abington Stone Joseph Abington 5/15/1847  
Hobbs Nancy Abington Stanton Jonas B. Abington 10/25/1849  
Holmes Benjamin Clarence, NY Alworth Huldah Providence 6/18/1812  
Hoover Martin Providence Bickham Elizabeth Abington 4/3/1842  
Hopkins Catherine Abington Scott John Abington 5/18/1852  
Hopkins Philip Newton Smith Sarah Jane Newton 7/21/1855  
Horton Julia Nicholson Western Samuel Hop Bottom 1802-1809  
House Ann Maria Providence Krotzer George Providence 5/4/1830  
Howe Sally Sterling, Wayne Co, PA Wall Ezra Abington 8/27/1820  
Howe Harlem Abington Davis Neary Abington 9/22/1850  
Howell Sarah Nicholson Carpenter William, Jr. Nicholson 4/19/1827  
Hubbard Harriet Scott Wetherby Chester Scott 1/14/1847  
Hubbard Elizabeth Abington Chapman Henry Carbondale 7/1/1848  
Hubbard Sarah Abington Bacon Lewis W. Archbald 2/12/1854  
Hull William Blakely Parker Rebecca Abington 9/21/1834  
Huls James, Jr Clifford Goodrich Mary Salem 1802-1809  
Hutchins Mary Providence Finch Gardner Abington 11/6/1814  
Hutchins John Providence Mead Hannah Providence 2/21/1816  
Jackson William Abington Mead Sabra Abington 6/5/1841  
Jackson Horace Abington Miller Finetta Greenfield 6/26/1842  
Jackson Hiram Carbondale Kilmer Loraine Greenfield 4/13/1845  
Jackson Mary Abington Kennedy Harvey Abington 11/1/1849  
Jenkins David Exeter Halloch Mary Pittston 3/31/1822  
Johnson Sarah Greenfield Burrit Ganderson Clifford 11/15/1829  
Johnson L. Morrison Abington Hobbs Lena Abington 1/1/1831  
Johnson Franklin Abington White Julia Greenfield 4/12/1833  
Johnson Cynthia Greenfield Vail Daniel Greenfield 12/11/1834  
Johnson Lydia Greenfield White Ellis Greenfield Nov 1835  
Johnson Olney Abington Britton Mary Abington 10/13/1836  
Johnson Sarah Abington Smith Osterhout Falls 1/29/1843  
Johnson George R. Tuscarora, Bradford Co. Carey Sally Ann Tuscarora 11/13/1843  
Johnson Marcella Greenfield Leonard Marcus Greenfield 11/3/1844  
Johnson Seymour Abington Smith Caroline Abington 11/1/1850  
Johnson Thomas Abington Robertson Mary Ann, Mrs. Abington 5/1/1851  
Johnson Emily Scott Tripp George W. Scott 9/1/1853  
Jones Anna Abington Sackett Hiram Abington 8/4/1814  
Jones Morgan Exeter Wyce Elizabeth Exeter 3/30/1817  
Jones Thomas Abington Williams Ataline Abington 8/9/1849  
Jordan Henry Abington Cooper Betsy Abington 7/17/1818  
Jordan Mary Abington Miller Eurastus Abington 1/1/1835  
Jume Cynthia Abington Cure John Abington 5/1/1834  
Justin Hannah Clifford Hallstead William Clifford 6/21/1812  
Kelley Elizabeth Providence Hawley Elim Springville 7/25/1850  
Kennedy Harvey Abington Edwards Mary S. Abington 2/20/1845  
Kennedy Harvey Abington Jackson Mary Abington 11/1/1849  
Kennedy Cynthia E. Abington Corse Solon New Milford 6/7/1856  
Kenyon Burr Blakely Callender Rhoda Blakely 10/17/1836  
Kerlin H. E. Scranton Roberts Elizabeth Falls 6/15/1854  
Kern Catherine Newton Bardall Samuel Kingston 2/28/1848  
Kilmer Loraine Greenfield Jackson Hiram Carbondale 4/13/1845  
Knapp Charity, Mrs. Abington Phillips Andrew Abington 12/4/1816  
Knapp Nancy Pittston Sanders Jessie Pittston 3/23/1836  
Knight Minerva S. Abington Mumford Amenso Benton 3/29/1854  
Koons Isaac M. Huntington McMawney Margaret J. Schickshinny 11/15/1852  
Krotzer George Providence House Ann Maria Providence 5/4/1830  
Krotzer Harriet Providence Griffin Edward Providence 12/20/1840  
Krotzer Jacob Providence Alger Emma Maria Abington 2/10/1847  
Labar Caroline Abington Whail John Abington 9/26/1850  
Lafrance Sarah Abington Wall William Abington 11/23/1814  
Landan Elizabeth Providence Callender Samuel Abington 1802-1809  
Landan Isaac Providence Callender Sarah Abington 1802-1809  
Leach Mary Ann Abington Ackerly Isaac Abington 2/12/1829  
Leach Joseph Abington Ackerly Eliza Abington 12/9/1830  
Leach Lydia Abington Morrow Solomon Providence 12/31/1840  
Lee Elizabeth Greenfield Dann Joel Abington 10/14/1841  
Leindall Susanne Abington Smith John Carbondale 2/27/1845  
Leison David Abington Grosvenr Diantha Greenfield 1/25/1844  
Leonard Marcus Greenfield Wetherby Asenath Greenfield 3/25/1820  
Leonard Marcus Greenfield Johnson Marcella Greenfield 11/3/1844  
Leonard Polly Ann Greenfield Clark Ira Greenfield 2/22/1844  
Lewis Levi Clifford Orvis Mary Ann Abington (10/24?) 1811  
Lewis Ethan Abington Freeland Asenath Abington 1/2/1818  
Little Ira Newton Cole Phoebe Newton 1/29/1850  
Lockwood Eunice Providence Wilson Elijah Providence 1/27/1841  
Loomis Charlotte Abington Hinkley Sylvester Abington 7/23/1848  
Loomis Delilah Abington White Eber Abington 7/9/1855  
Lutz Henry Providence States Sally Nicholson 6/6/1830  
Lutz Rachel Providence Wescott Ephraim Greenfield 2/22/1846  
Lyons Luther Wilkes-Barre Stephens Diana Blakely 2/25/1847  
Mace Uriah Providence Ackerly Eunice Abington 11/16/1823  
Mace Uriah Abington Bailey Ruth Abington 1/16/1851 dau of B. F. Bailey
Maddock Mary Nicholson Cure William Nicholson 4/11/1827  
Manchester Samuel Nicholson Reynolds Fidella Nicholson 7/26/1838  
Manchester Amy Benton Nichols Archbald A. Benton 11/6/1851  
Marcy Jerusha Nicholson Hartley William Nicholson 8/24/1815  
Marcy Minerva Nicholson Miller Charles Abington 4/28/1830  
Markle Mary M. Providence Griffin William H. Providence 8/2/1852  
Matteson Hannah Abington Nicholas Henry Abington 1/16/1831  
Matteson Phillip Abington Doyl Abigal Abington 3/24/1842  
Mattison Rosilla Abington Connors John Wilkes-Barre 3/31/1823  
May Melanson Blakely Tripp James Greenfield 5/29/1821  
McCoy Jane Nicholson Barber Tillinghast Benton 1/6/1853  
McDaniel Asenath, Mrs. Providence Millard Solomon Nicholson 10/24/1813  
McKiel Mary Providence Vail Daniel Providence 8/29/1822  
McKnight Betsey Providence Miller Rufus Pittston 1/6/1822  
McLarn Henry Abington Stone Abigal Abington 7/6/1854  
McMawney Margaret J. Schickshinny Koons Isaac M. Huntington 11/15/1852  
Mead Hannah Providence Hutchins John Providence 2/21/1816  
Mead Ezekial Abington Carey Lydia Tunkhannock 12/30/1841  
Mead Sabra Abington Jackson William Abington 6/5/1841  
Mead James Abington Sisco Margaret Abington 2/26/1843  
Meyers John Newton Rose Judith Miranda Abington 11/30/1844  

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