This map is intended to be a companion reference to the LUZERNE COUNTY PLACE NAMES page.
The values at the left edge and top edge have been arbitrarily assigned to specify a quadrant in which a place listed in PLACE NAMES table may be found. The purpose of this system is to give the researcher a means of narrowing down the area within the county that a place may be found, be it to know its geographical location or to examine when seeking the name on other map resources.

The polar ordinates are longitude in 3-minute increments along the bottom edge, and latitude in 3-minute increments along the right edge. Two values are given: the degrees in decimal format and the degrees/minutes/seconds (ddmmss). Both are appended with the respective compass displacement indicator. These values can be used to approximate the polar coordinates of any point in the county.
As many of the names in PLACE NAME table are found in the U.S. Geological Survey database, for additional information visit the Geographic Names Information System.


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