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Surname Registry - C


CAMPBELL, Connie Williams


CAREY, Kristen Bird-Sheldon


CARRICK, Gerry Carrick


CASE, Jerry Case


CASTERLIN, George Zagatta


CASPER, Barbara Bryan


CAVENY, James Corey


CEASE, Louise Duda


CHERRY, Jana Stanley






CONNELL, Jean Connell


CONWAY, Theresa McKeon Griffin


CONWAY, Donna Conner


CONWELL, Bill Harkins


COOLICAN, Pat Coolican


CORCORAN, Bill Harkins


COSGROVE, Edward J. Cosgrove


COZAD, Arthur C. Williams


CRAY, Mary Todd


CRELLIN, Spence F. Burton


CRONAUER, Justin Kraynack


CUNIUS, Spence F. Burton



To add your Luzerne County surnames, please click here and include this information in your email:


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2. Your name as you wish it to appear in the registry

3. Email address you wish to be included with the entry




SMITH, John Smith,


If your address changes and we are not notified, your information will be removed from the surname index.

Please be certain your email address is up to date.


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