On this page are thumbnail sketches of articles which mostly contain names of local people. Businesses which have names of out-of-town folk and which had 'block' ads rather than articles are on the next page.

Scranton Business College. Located the third and fourth floors of the Garney, Brown and Co., building on the corner of Adams Avenue and Linden Street was founded in 1894 and incorporated in 1897. Prof. H. D. Buck is the sole owner.

Siegel School of Dancing. One of the oldest and most unique institutions teaching Society Dancing. Prof. J. F. Siegel has a world-wide reputation as the oldest and most popular instructor in the terpsichorean art.

School of the Lackawanna. One of the oldest private educational institutions which was founded in 1872, by the present owner and principal, Alfred C. Arnold, A. B. Three leading courses of study, Classic, Latin Scientific, and Scientific.

The Coppinger Private Sanitarium and Trained Nurse Registry. Localed at 1012 Vine Street conducted personally by T. Edmund Coppinger, a graduate nurse of the New York City Hospital and is assisted in the management and in the care by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Reddington Coppinger, a graduate nurse of the Lackawanna State Hospital.

The Scranton Private Hospital. Located in the heart of the city of Scranton, was organized in 1894 by Dr. Charles E. Thompson. In 1897 it was moved to a new building. No address was given for either location.

The Everitt Private Hospital. Formed by Dr. Martha Everitt in 1904. No address given.

The Touhill Iron Works. First established in April 1885 in Pittston, PA by J. A. Touhill, Sr. It removed to Scranton in 1905. Officers: J. A. Touhill, Sr., President; E. J. Touhill, Vice-President and General Manager; Jas. T. Touhill, Secretary; Chas. V. Touhill, Treasurer.

The Scranton Nut and Bolt Company. Chartered May 1899 and operations beginning in November of 1899. Officers: W. D. Zehnder, President (recently deceased); C. H. Zehnder, Vice-President; L. M. Horton, Secretary and Treasurer; E. M. Zehnder, General Superintendent

C. P. Matthews & Sons, Inc. Sole agents in seven counties of Pennsylvania for the famous Pillsbury's Best Flour, was established the successful Flour, Grain and Hay business as early as 1872. Officers: C. P. Matthews, President; Walter L. Matthews, Treasurer; Willard Matthews, Secretary.

Price & Howarth. Originally established in 1867 by Swan & Price, and acknowledged to be the largest lumber-selling business in Lackawanna County. Located at 1001-1025 N. Washington Ave. In 1890 the name was changed to Price & Howarth.

The Lackawanna Mills. Manufacturers knit underwear. Officers: William Connell, President; Charles R. Connell, Secretary and Treasurer; E. G. Conner, Superintendent.

The Scranton Button Company. Along with manufacturing buttons, also manufactures parts for telephones, and advertising novelities. Officers: William Connell, President; Charles R. Connell, Secretary and Treasurer; Philip L. Sylvestor, Superintendent

The Groat Knitting Company. Induced to move to Scranton in 1905. Manufacturers fleece-lined underwear. Officers: Orlando S. Johnson, President; Charles S. Woolworth, Vice-President; C. C. Groat, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Manager; W. Nelson, Superintendent of mills.

S. G. Barker & Son. Established in 1847, F. S. Barker, Manager. Manufactures railroad track scales, coal screens and machinery and structural iron castings.

McClave-Brooks Co. William McClave also serves on the Board of Trade. Manufactures grates and blowers for boilers as well as iron and brass castings.

Luther Keller. Established by Luther Keller in 1875 is a manufacturer of lime, Portland and Rosindale cement, terra cotta pipe, plaster and all masons' supplies.

Dickson Mill and Grain Co. A. W. Dickson, President and E. L. Buck, Secretary and Treasurer. Established 01 Jan 1901 succeeding the Weston Mill Company which dates from 1864. The home of Dickson's Best Patent, THE CELEBRATED SNOW WHITE FLOUR.

Pennsylvania Baking Company. Began putting out a line of goods in 1874, their best known product is the "Star Cream Soda Biscuit." Officers: George Scheuer, President; Henry Scheuer, Vice-President; John Scheuer, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer.

Youngstown Wall Plaster Company. Established 01 April 1906. The line handles wall plaster, cement, lime, brick, tile, and masons' supplies. Officers: J. B. Shippey, President and General Manager; John S. Harris, Secretary and Treasurer.

P. F. & M. T. Howley. Established 1894. Offices and sales rooms are at 233-235 Wyoming Avenue...general plumbing, steam heating, gas fitting, sheet metal work, tinning, cornices, and sky lights.

G. F. Reynolds. Engaged in the real estate business at 634 Connell Building.

Seybolt Milling Co. Established 1862. Officers: H. T. Seybolt, President; F. H. Connell, Secretary and Treasurer.

Woelkers, Beilman & Zitzelman. Builders and contractors, established in 1900. Located in the new Times building. Officers: H. Bielman, President; C. M. Zitzelman, General Manager; H. J. Woelkers, Treasurer.

The Coyne House. P. H. Durkin is proprietor and landlord of this prominent hostelry. He came in possession of the hotel in 1902.

T. B. McClintock Florist. Established 1882, wholesale and retail florist. T. B. McClintock is the owner and is secretary of the Scranton Florist's Club.

Imperial Underwear Co. Manufactures muslin drawers for women and children. Officers: C. P. Wentz, President; G. L. Wentz, Vice-President; W. Eastwick, Secretary and Treasurer.

Paragon Plaster and Supply Co. Manufactures Paragon Plaster and deals in builders' supplies. Officers: George D. Brown, President; Edward J. Lynott, Secretary; E. L. Merriman, Treasurer and Manager.

The Klots Throwing Co. Incorporated 07 October 1895, one of the largest silk throwing companies in the U.S. Main office, New York City Officers: H. D. Klots, President, New York City; J. H. Brittain, Vice-President, Cumberland, MD; Geo. Klots, Treasurer, Scranton, PA; Marcus Frieder, Secretary, Carbondale, PA

John Benore. Established 1865. General Contractor. John Benore, Owner.

The W. H. Chandler Co. Established 1897 a wholesale grocer of fruits and vegetables. W. H. Chandler is president and general manager.

Marcus Solomen. Established 1892 manufactures shirts and cuffs.

The Graff Furnace Co. Originally of Elizabeth, NJ removed to Scranton in 1901. Manufactures hot air furnaces and iron ranges. Officers: William M. Seymour, President; John H. Forshew, Secretary and Treasurer; F. R. Graff, Assistant Secretary; David Parkhill, Superintendent, New York City; H. Machler, Local Superintendent

Scranton Real Estate Company. Incorporated November 1905. Located on the second floor of the Real Estate Exchange Building on Washington Ave. The directors are: Roswell H. Patterson, John G. Sherwood, E. C. Amerman, Ralph W. Rymer, and Ralph A. Amerman.

C. G. Boland & Co. A general insurance company established in 01 April 1882 by C. G. Boland, who is at its head. Also associated are: W. P. Boland and J. B. O'Malley.

Keystone Brewing Co. Established 1894, lager beer, ales, and porter are the chief output. Officers are: Robert C. Wills, Treasurer and General Manager; F. P. Butler, Superintendent; M. T. Coleman, Brewmaster.

Lackawanna Dairy Co. Established in 1898. Officers: W. B. Miller, General Manager; F. W. Lange, President; Hon. Moses Shields, Vice-President; M. T. McMillan, Secretary; L. A. Lange, Treasurer.

Standard Brewing Co. Established 01 July 1905. Officers: John A. Neiger, President; Adam Spitzer, Vice-President; P. F. Cusick, Secretary amd Treasurer; Frederick Glatz. Superintendent.

E. Robinson's Sons Brewery. Established in 1876 by Col. Jacob Robinson. Jacob Robinson died in 1876 leaving the brewery in the hands of his three sons: August, William, and Charles. Son, William, died circa 1893 and in 1897 the business was sold to PA Central Brewing Co. Charles Robinson, Manager. Charles Robinson was also the President of the PA Central Brewing Company.

Gunster Bros. Offices at 325-327 Penn Ave, established by J. J. Gunster in 1888. Deals in general plumbing, steam and hot air heating, cornices, etc. Name changed to Gunster & Forsythe when Mr. Forsythe was admitted to the partnerchip. In 1905 George N. and Arthur Gunster bought out the Forsythe interest.

Edwin S. Williams. General Contractor and Builder.

Ezra Finn & Sons. Established in 1875 by Ezra Finn, now deceased. Building business located first at Court House Square and later on Spruce Street; and finally at Ash Street and DPenn Ave.. Now expanded to include his three sons: Marion W. Finn, Sidney H. Finn, and George W. Finn.

The Hess Baking Company. Established in 1886, the oldest baking company in the area. G. W. Hess, President; C. F. Hess; Secretary; William Hess, Treasurer.

The Scranton Securities Corporation. John G. Sherwood, President and Ralph A. Amerman, Treasurer.

Finch Manufacturing Company. Established 1856. Coal mining and general machinery are manufactured. F. W. Gerecke, President and W. M. Gardner, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Paul Clemens Silk Manufacturing Co. Established in 1902 by Paul Clemens.

C. P. Wentz & Co. Jobbers in cigars and confectionaries. Officers are: C. P. Wentz, President and Treasurer; Geo. L. Wentz, Drifton, Pa, Vice-President; F. C. Clements, New York City, Secretary.

The Anthracite Business College. T. M. Symons is principal of the business department and C. E. Williams, head of the English and Shorthand department.

The Nay Aug Lumber Co. Luther Keller, President and Henry A. Kaufhold, Manager.

The Scranton Slate and Tile Co. Sells slate and tile roofing, moasic tiles, and interlocking rubber floor tile. 301 Seventh St., C. D. Richards, sole owner.

Tennant & Hubbard. Decorative Painters and Paper Hangers. Messrs. Tennant and Hubbard.

Scranton Supply and Machinery Co. 131 Wyoming Avenue. Established 1884. William H. Taylor is sole owner. W. S. Boyd, Manaager, and F. M. Boyle, assistant manager. Sell mine, mill, and railroad machinery.

The Scranton Stove Works. Home of the famous Dockash range. Established as early as 1867. J. A. Lansing, President; C. L. Fuller, Vice-President; B. E. Watson, Secretary; R. W. Fuller, Superintendent, and C. D. Jeffrey, Sales Manager.

Traders' National Bank of Scranton, PA Irgabuzed 01 January 1901. Officers: John T. Porter, President; J. J. Jermyn, Vice-President; F. W. Wollerton, Cashier; E. W. Dolph, Assistant Cashier. Directors: H. H. Brady, jr., W. L. Connell, Thomas H. Dale, T. J. Foster, J. J. Jermyn, Cyrus D. Jones, Edward S. Jones, John L. Kemmerer, Chas. P. Matthews, John T. Porter, Roswell H. Patterson, Chas. Schlager, Jas G. Shepherd, W. W. Watson, and C. S. Woolworth.

The Printery of International Correspondence Schools Located at the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Ash Street, Superintendent, Charles Gamewell.

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