Other industries which were included in block advertising in the back of the booklet which contain names and other items of interest are:

The Petersburg Silk Mill. Established in 1898. Members of the firm are: Joseph L. Reiling, Edward David, and Carl Schoen, all of New York City.

Scranton Savings Bank. Organized 1867. Officers: S. B. Price, President; A. B. Blair and F. L. Peck, Vice-Presidents; H. C. Shafer, Cashier; Jas. Blair, Jr., Assistant Cashier.

Lackawanna Trust & Safe Deposit Co. 404 Lackawanna Avenue. J. Benj. Dimmick, President; George Sanderson, Vice-President; Frank Hummler, Treasurer. Board of Directors: Henry Belin, Jr., William Connell, J. Benj. Dimmick, C. H. Welles, John W. Fowler, Alfred Harvey, P. J. Horan, C. S. Weston, Frank Hummler, George Sanderson, F. M. Vandling.

The Prudential Insurance Company of America. 405-409 Mears Building. H. J. Schubert, Superintendent; John F. Dryden, President. Home Office, Newark, NJ

Youngstown Wall Plaster Co. Diamond Flats, Albright Ave. John Shippey, President and General Manager; John S. Harris, Secretary

West Side Bank. 109 N. Main Ave. Officers: Wm. T. Davis, President; R. G. Brooks, Vice-President; A. B. Eynon, Cashier. (Might be Evnon)

Scranton Electric Construction Co. 416-417 Connell Building. Officers: O. S. Johnson, President; F. E. Platt, Treasurer; F. E. Platt, E. F., Manager.(F. E. Platt, E. F. is exactly how it is written in the journal)

A. O. Brown & Co. 30 Broad Street, New York. Bankers and Brokers. Scranton Office, Mears Building; S. E. Wayland, Manager.

The Lackawanna Iron and Coal Company. 615 Lackawanna Ave. Chas. C. Mattes, General Manager

The C. F. Miller Agency Board of Trade Building. Advertising

Among the industries mentioned which do not have any local names or perhaps no names listed at all are:

The Pennsylvania Telephone Company. Incorporated 1882. President, A. R. Shellenberg, Harrisburg; Vice-President; H. S. Huidekoper, Philadelphia; Secretary and Auditor; J. H. Crossman, Jr. (no town listed); Treasurer, W. C. Fink (also no town listed); General Manager, L.H. Kinnard, Harrisburg; General Superintendent, R. S. Chamberlin, Harrisburg; Division Superintendent; C. F. Brisbin, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Scranton Hydraulic Stone Company.

Mason & Snowdon Lumber Co. Corner of Wood Street and Diamond Avenue.

J. W. Pinnell. Dealer in light and heavy machinery, castings, and pattern work. Located at 1200-1208 Capouse Ave.

Gloor & Strubi. Began 1905. Manufacturers of all kinds of embroideries.

A. L. Derry & Co. 342-350 Gibson St. Railway Equipment and Machinery, Iron and Steel, etc.

Security Building and Savings Union. 214-215 Mears Building. Home Loans.

Merchants and Mechanics Bank.

Jonas Long's Sons. No information. (The building in the picture looks like the old Scranton Dry Goods Co. Building)

D. D. Jones & Son. Funeral Directors and Livery. Livery is located at 1721 N. Main Ave., Funeral Directory Office, 334 N. Washington Ave.

Richards & Wirth. Located at 326 Lackawanna Ave. Clothiers.

C. Thompson. City Grocer. 303 Washington Ave.

F. W. Guard. In the Arcade Building at 215 Wyoming Ave. Pianos, Piano Tuning and Repair.

Blume Wagon Works. 800-802 N. Main Ave.

Daniel Jacobs. 227 Forest Ct. and 219 Washington Ave. Livery and Boarding Stables.

Scranton Railway Co. 234 Lackawanna Ave. Railway service to suburban homes and industrial plants. Also transfers to Drinker Street line, direct route to Moosic Lake via Scranton, Dunmore and Moosic Railroad.

Gilhool's Wagon Works. 315-326 N. Seventh St. and 622 and 705-711 W. Lackawanna Ave. William E. Gilhool Sole Owner. Manufactures Delivery Wagons, Trucks and Carriages.

Third National Bank. 118 Wyoming Ave.

The Scranton Axle Works.

R. F. Post. 38-44 Lackawanna Ave. Draying, Rigging and Storage Warehouse

The Title Guaranty & Surety Company. 516 Spruce St.

Suburban Electric Light and Power Co. 509 Linden St.

Hutton Electrical Co. Arcade Building. Electrical Installation.

Scranton Grooming Company. 322 N. Washington Ave. Dry Cleaners.

The Dr. Voohres Awning-Hood Company. 417 Coal Exchange Building.

Kitsee Storage Battery Co. (Preferred Stock of this company offered, also Common stock offered) Fiscal Agents,Collins & Bevan. 628-629 Connell Bldg.

Geo. W. Brown. Lackawanna Ave. and Cliff St. Draymen and Riggers. Also, Storage.

Megargel & Brooks Bankers. 423 Spruce St. Securities.

International Correspondence Schools. Founded in October 1891 as an experiment with only one course of instruction.

J. B. Russell & Co. Bankers. Commonwealth Building. Securities.

General Contract and Construction Co. 424 Connell Building. Reinforced concete work, bridges and general structural steel work.

Michaelian Bros. & Co. 134 Washington Ave. Rug Dealers.

Hackett Property. Room 10, Price Building, 126 Washington Ave. Real Estate.

Scranton Machine Works. Green Ridge St. and Nay Aug Ave. Mining and General Machinery.

The Williams & McAnulty Stores. 129 Wyoming Avenue. Office Furniture.

Scranton Forging Company. Conveyor Links, Breaker Teeth, Special Drop Forgings.

The Scranton Bedding Company. Rugs Cleaned. (Had recently sold their property to an unknown buyer, but thought to be the DL&W RR)

New Jersey Central. Scranton to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and the South.

E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company. 401-404 Connell Bldg. Manufacturers in Mine Blasting and Sporting Powder.

Spencer Heater Co.

F. L. Hitchcock & Son Fire Insurance and Real Estate. Rooms 507-509 Commonwealth Building.

Of course, there were many other industries in Scranton, some of which are mentioned on the next page.

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