Individuals Buried at Ebenezers Cemetery, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

An Incomplete Listing
Contributed by Jack L. Kiscadden, Jr..
Covenant United Methodist portion of Ebenezer Cemetery

Howard R.Kiscaddin b.aug.4,1890  d.jan.19,1961   
his wife Mary J. nee Fahr  b.june 23,1889  d.may 16,1974     
William James Kiscadden b.sept.15, 1866  d.sept. 15,1925   
his wife Henrietta  nee Brown  b.feb.27, 1891  d.aug. 19,1920     
a boy stillborn march 22,1922  son of Robert & Florence Kiscadden     
William David Kiscadden  b.dec.10, 1911  d.march  23,1985  son of Wm & Henrietta Kiscadden    
Reuben F. Grumbine  b.feb. 27,1901  d.jan. 6,1947   
his wife Mable A. nee Kiscadden  b.april 25,1899  d.aug. 4,1988   
Florence A. Fessler b.1926  d.1953  daughter of Reuben & Mable Grumbine   
Richard A. Grumbine  b.July 16,1921  d.jan.27,1981  he is the wife [sic] of Betty J. Grumbine   
Charles D. Nein  jan 31 1888  d.april  26  1951   
his wife  Edna E. nee Kiscadden b.nov. 15  1893  d.aug.27  1948    
Charles A. Williams b.may 6  1911  d.may 14  1979   
his wife Mable A. b.jan 18 1914  d. april 8  1980   

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