Fayette County Genealogy Project

Tyrone Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Lower Tyrone Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Karen Souhrada, 1948

First Presbyterian Church (Brick Church) and Cemetery were built 1787; Re-built 1852-1871; Inscriptions originally copied September 5, 1948

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Anderson Margaretta d/o William & Jane
Anderson Rebecca L. 7/16/1842 w/o William; age 31y
Ansell Arabella E. 1914 1922 d/o T. B. & M.
Ansell Infant son 1919 s/o T. B. & M
Barr Alice 2/10/1830 age 71y
Barr Jane 6/29/1869 age 71y
Barr Robert 11/15/1850 age 90y
Barr Robert Jr. 1/25/1805 2/8/1879
Bole Catherine 4/23/1876 w/o H. D.; age 38y
Braden J. P. 8/30/1882 age 24y 10m 20d
Braden Mary A. 1857 1936
Cooley Isabella 4/23/1861 wife of Matthew; age 61y
Corey Margaret 5/6/1871 age illegible
Cunningham Margaret 2/11/1865 w/o James; age 80y
Espey Cleveland 11/25/1884 s/o H. & E. P. Espey
Espey Hugh 12/14/1831 in the 74th year of his age
Espey Isabella 11/10/1809 age 48y
Espey Isabella 4/16/1852 d/o W. & N. Espey; age 77y
Espey James ???? ???? s/o James
Espey James 2/22/1831 age 19y
Espey Mary A. 8/11/1832 9/20/1891
Espey Nancy 1891 w/o William Espey; age ---
Espey Nancy 7/29/1883 5/31/1886
Espey Sarah Jane 7/12/1811 d/o W. & N. Espey; age -
Espey William 6/8/1872 77y 8m 25d
Findley Bertha 1/26/1878 age 7m 24d
Findley Franklin B. 4/19/1880 7/19/1911 s/o Lewis & Magdalena
Findley John W. 9/11/1875 7/19/1882 Sgt. Company D 16th Pa Vol
Findley Lewis 1/26/1884 age 44y; Sgt. Co. F, 65th Reg. Pa Inf Vol
Findley Lily 1/10/1880 age 10y 5d
Findley Magdalena 1/22/1850 12/19/1925 w/o Lewis
Findley Minnie 1/20/1880 age 8y 4m 11d
Fleming G. W. 12/31/1872 s/o T. J. & M. A.; age 21y 15d
Fleming John B. 3/22/???? 9/5/1826
Fleming Mary Ann 5/19/1879 w/o T. J.; age 50y
Fleming Mary 6/15/1786 5/27/1826 consort of John; d/o Hugh & Sarah G. Black
Francis Anna M. 5/12/1871 wife of William; age 38y
Francis David 1844 1920
Francis John N. 8/13/1883 age 37y 4m 6d
Francis Margaret G. 1851 1931
Francis Mary Jane 7/11/1831 d/o T. & P.; age 5m
Francis Michael R. 1841 1918
Francis William 11/29/1861 h/o Hannah M. Francis; age 50y 5m 10d
Geary Charles 1902 1906 s/o W. H. & R. J.
Geary Rebecca Jane 1870 1939 Mother
Geary William H. 1862 1933 Father
Goshorn Jane A. 2/2/1828 w/o Jacob G.; age 66y 8m 6d
Halley Victoria 1/29/1881 w/o Thomas; age 22y 2m 9d
Hendrix Mary 12/1/1859 w/o Elie; age 68y
Herrington Charles 1882 s/o M. M.
Herrington Mary M. 3/18/1883 w/o Albert; age 25y 4m 5d
Higbee Eliza 3/1/1860 8/16/1885 w/o Aaron
Hough Jacob 8/2/1867 age 69y 9m 12d
Hough Jane 1/4/1867 w/o Jacob; age 66y 2m 25d
Johnson A. P. 1854 1907
Lemon Margaret 2/8/1806 2/8/1900
Lemon Rebecca 4/27/1863 age 91y
Love Anne 1/1/1852 age 66y
Love John 4/26/1872 aged 71y 8m 19d
Love Margaret ???? ????
Love Martha 6/15/1877 age 83y 11m 25d
McCune Rebecca 4/11/???6 w/o James M.; age 21y
Miller A. D. 4/5/1886 age 63y 5m 5d
Miller John H. 1848 1934
Miller Margaret 1845 1921 w/o John H.
Miller Mary 10/11/1829 5/20/1904 w/o A. D.
Miller Rose Tudie 7/16/1882 d/o W. H. & R. M.; age 19y 7m 10d
Miller Sammy 11/10/1876 s/o George L. Miller; age 24y 7m 14d
Montgomery Elizabeth 2/25/1873 age 83y
Montgomery John
Montgomery Margaret 8/26/1826 3/6/1915
Montgomery Samuel 7/27/1858 age 53y
Montgomery Sarah
Montgomery Thomas
Parker Jane 2/6/1882 w/o J. S.; aged 20y
Parker John 4/17/1875 aged 42y
Parker John 7/17/1857 age 63y 25d
Parker Mybta 1877 d/o of R. G. & E. M
Quay Samuel 2/22/1855 age 69y
Riley John 1915 1933
Sampey John B. 5/17/1817 age 21y 3m
Showman Alberti 1879 s/o A. M. & B.; age 9y
Sickles Emma Bell 2/2/1828 w/o F. M.; age 66y 8m 6d
Smith Ellen 5/22/1861 w/o J. B.; age 26y
Smith J. B. 1871
Smith Margery 5/18/1867 age 91y (?)
Smith Nathan Sr. 3/1/1851 age 50y
Smith Robert Sr. 2/21/1832 age 72y
Torrance John D. ???? ????
Torrance Nancy 9/17/1869 w/o D. M.; age 59y
Ward Eliza Jane 4/12/1859 w/o James P.; age 29y 5m 4d
Several graves with no marker