Fayette County Genealogy Project

Old Stone Church Cemetery - Nicholson Twp.

Compiled from records by E. M. Whetsel

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Baily Elias 3/1/1841 57y 5m 8d
Brawley Charles Civil War pvt Co B 8th Inf
Bricker Rosa 5/25/1831 11/5/1870 wife of Peter W.
Butler Mexican War
Campbell Elizabeth 6/3/1862 age 71y 7m
Cline Catherine 10/29/1807 10/6/1865 wife of William
Cline Frances Ellen 12/7/1865
Daugherty William War of 1812
Davenport John 8/20/1829 age 4 weeks
Davenport John
Davenport Sarah 12/9/1762 7/24/1874
Dean Wilson Mexican War
Dentie William War of 1812
Dunham Allen 5/2/1825 4/26/1841
Gordon James 12/1856 son of Thomas; age 10m
Gray James Civil War 85th Pa inf
Hillary Ashburn Revolution Pvt Maryland Militia
Hillery Rebecca Ann 10/12/1844 age 37
Lott Anna Maria 5/15/1821 2/25/1855
Mallory Sarah 2/17/1910 age 70y
Mallory William 2/22/1901 age 66y
Martin Bailey T. 10/15/1834 age 13m
Martin Virginia
Nicholson Albert G. Mexican War
Nicholson James 1/20/1852 1/17/18-- son of Thomas
Nicholson James 11/4/1799 12/2/1832
Nicholson James W. Civil War Co G F585th Pa Inf
Nicholson John
Nicholson Mary 7/1820 8/2/1820
Nicholson Nancy 5/22/1776 2/22/1834 consort of James
Nicholson Thomas Civil War
Nicholson Thomas W. 4/7/186-
Nicholson William F. Mexican War
Unknown Civil War
Unknown Meredith
Unknown Virginia 1863 1881
Williams Elizabeth
Williams Sarah 12/17/1857 age 55y 5m 27d
Wood James Civil War