Fayette County Genealogy Project

Hill Grove Cemetery - Connellsville

Compiled from records by E. M. Whetsel

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Abdacca Abraham 1/1/1933 WWI
Adams William 7/27/1941 Civil War
Addis Francis R. 6/3/1949 6/19/1970 Vietnam
Addis Willaim H. 7/27/1941 WWI
Allen Bedford P. 10/29/1935 WWI
Alonzo Carlos 1/1/1938 WWII
Alter Byron W. 12/28/1972 WWI
Anderson Civil War
Antman Walter 5/25/1957 WWI
Artis Jacob Civil War
Artis William A. 1/1/1923 Civil War
Bable Steve J. 4/2/1908 7/7/1976 WWII
Backus Walter H. 10/24/1937 WWI
Bailey John E. WWI
Bailey William Civil War
Ball Stephen 1/1/1956 WWI
Ball William L. 1/1/1923 WWI
Balsey Martha B. 12/16/1853 5/28/1934
Balsley David R. 8/30/1934 WWI
Balsley Ross 12/20/1916 Civil War
Bamford Sarah J. 1877 1913
Barker Charles 9/7/1931 Spanish American War
Barker George W. 1/1/1976 Civil War
Barker John W. 1/1/1913 Civil War
Barnes William A. Civil War
Barnes Zephaniah E. Mexican
Barnett Allen 8/25/1986 4/22/1939 WWI
Barnford J.J 4/11/1914 12/5/1952 WWII
Barnhart James J. 1/1/1925 Civil War
Baughman Otto W. 1/14/1957 WWI
Baughman Victoria A Bartell 12/24/1934 12/21/2005
Baughman William E. 8/28/1963 WWI
Bearl Samuel Civil War
Beatty John R. Civil War
Bell Charles Civil War
Bengel Harry T. 1/7/1959 Spanish American War
Benjamen Schrock 11/28/1975 WWI
Bennet William P. 1/1/1910 1/1/1969 WWII
Bergman Alfred H. 4/30/1952 WWI
Best Hugh Civil War
Betters James D. 10/30/1964 WWI
Bishop Frank 9/22/1936 Spanish American War
Bishop Milton L. 7/20/1919 WWI
Bitner John Civil War
Bolsley Samuel 1/1/1949 WWII
Bolsley Thomas Civil War
Boone Benjamin WWI
Bottomer Jacob Revolution
Bower Henry O. 1/1/1920 WWI
Boyer John W. 1/1/1937 WWI
Boyle Elmer WWI
Boyts Benjamin 1/1/1922 Civil War
Bradlaw Charles 9/9/1942 WWII
Bradley William A. 2/15/1900 1/15/1966 WWII
Braham William Civil War
Broad Avner H. 1/1/1920 5/23/1957 WWII,Korea
Brooks Donald D. 12/25/1935 WWI
Brooks Ralph M. Sr. 10/4/1974 WWI
Brooks Ray R. 1/26/1934 WWI
Brooks William 5/29/1952 WWI
Brundige Lorenzo C. Civil War
Bryner Edward M. 2/13/1904 6/12/1943 WWII
Bryner Harrison 11/4/1902 Civil War
Bryson Maggie W. 2/10/1878 22yrs7mo
Buckman Paul S. 3/16/1964 WWI
Burrows John A. 8/26/1933 WWI
Buttermore Albert J. 1/29/1939 Spanish American War
Buttermore Christina 11/4/1871 83yrs
Buttermore Fred S. WWI
Buttermore J. A. 1851 1916
Buttermore Leander 1/1/1900 Civil War
Buttermore Smith 10/21/1870 22yrs9mo23da
Byers John H. Civil War
Cager Richard E. 2/1/1952 WWI
Calhoun George R. 10/3/1934 WWI
Calhoun George W. Spanish American War
Calhoun Robert 1/1/1936 WWI
Cameron Albert Civil War
Cameron Hugh Civil War
Cameron John C. Civil War
Campbell Benjamin H. 8/17/1963 WWI
Campbell John T. Civil War
Cannady Henry 1865 1877
Cannon Forgos 1/1/1903 Civil War
Carson George L. 6/3/1925 8/31/1944 WWII
Cartwright William 1/1/1943 WWI
Case Andrew J. Civil War
Case George W. Spanish American War
Chalmers Thomas Civil War
Clark Abraham 1/1/1936 WWI
Clark Griffin Civil War
Clark Joseph 1/28/1937 WWI
Clark Laura M. WWI
Clark Samuel S. 1/6/1941 Spanish American War
Clark W. P. Civil War
Clawson Eugene K. 1/3/1964 WWI
Clise Edward Civil War
Coates Robert WWI
Colbert Charles 1/7/1948 WWII
Colborn James E. WWI
Colestock Frank 10/18/1955 WWI
Colestock John Civil War
Collins Arthur F. 3/4/1930 Spanish American War
Collins Clark 6/3/1937 Civil War
Conn George E. Spanish American War
Connell James D. Civil War
Connell Sidney D. 9/26/1856 1yr mo26da s/o D. & S
Cooley James Civil War
Coughenour Floyd E. 5/30/1913 3/24/1969 WWII
Coulter James W. 12/4/1867 32yrs Civil War
Cover Allison W. 7/9/1964 WWII
Cover Zalmon R. 1/1/1931 Spanish American War
Cox Robert D. Civil War
Crawford George Spanish American War
Creel John C. G. Civil War
Crissey Elias Civil War
Crossland Eliza Jane 1865 1948
Crossland William Civil War
Crowley Clifton H. 5/13/1957 WWI
Crowley Denton M. 11/3/1966 WWI
Cull Uriah Civil War
Cummings David Mexican
Cummings James G. War of 1812
Cummings John A. Mexican
Cunningham Harry F. 1873 1925
Cunningham James Civil War
Cunningham James L. Civil War
Cunningham John Civil War
Cunningham William B. 4/17/1875 4/19/1907
Davidson Thomas Civil War
Dinsmore William H. Civil War
Drebert Asman 1/7/1921 Civil War
Drebert Elmer C. 10/16/1918 WWI
Drew Walter C. 7/20/1936 WWI
Drosdick Albert J. 4/14/1917 6/23/1974 WWII
Duffy Edward D. 1/1/1957 WWI
Dull Rockwell 3/27/1964 WWI
Dunham John R. Civil War
Dunston George W. WWI
Dushane Joshua M. 1/1/1909 Civil War
Dye Donald C. 1/15/1915 8/21/1951 WWII
Dye George W. 2/14/1917 4/3/1962 WWII
Eaton William J. 1/1/1950 Civil War
Eccles Johnson 1/12/1973 Civil War
Echard Ephraim M. 1/12/1973 WWI
Ennis Wallace 11/5/1943 WWI
Evans Don Oris 11/13/1897 4/12/1937
Evans John E. 6/10/1961 WWI
Evans Paul 1/1/1944 WWI
Evans Richard Civil War
Evans Thomas G. 9/15/1912 Civil War
Fatkin Thomas E. 1/1/1910 9/9/1957 WWII
Ferrari John B. 11/1/1947 WWI
Firestone Levi Civil War
Firestone Michael A. Civil War
Fisher Tille 8/14/1931
Fitts James L. 2/24/1956 WWI
Flannery James J. Civil War
Fleming John J. Civil War
Floto Carl T. 1/17/1968 WWI
Floto Eugene R. 3/4/1911 12/24/1979 WWII
Floto Max C. 1/1/1985 WWI
Fornwalt J. F. 1/1/1976 WWI
Forrey Joseph F. Civil War
Forsythe Harvey R 1912 1923
Forsythe Laura 1865 1918 w/o Layton
Forsythe Layton 1861 1920
Forsythe Lida A 1864 1941 w/o Layton
Fosselman Ernest J. 8/14/1966 WWI
Fox Duncan 6/13/1916 9/25/1960 WWII
Frances Isaac Civil War
Frances John C. 7/28/1900 Civil War
Frances Thomas Civil War
Francis Edgar R. 11/3/1986 WWI
Frankhouser John 1/1/1969 WWI
Franks Lewis E. 8/25/1936 WWI
Fretta Charles A. 1/1/1918 WWI
Fretts Eugene M. 7/28/1937 WWI
Friend H. Carroll 2/26/1972 WWI
Fuller John Spanish American War
Fulmer Erviin J. WWI
Fulton Andrew L. 11/5/1939 WWI
Furtrey Ralph W. 8/8/1944 WWI
Garletts Fred O. 12/25/1927 WWI
Gaudy John H. Civil War
Gaugher Clayton 1/1/1914 WWI
Gemas Charles 1/1/1921 WWI
Gemas George B. Spanish American War
Giffin John L. 9/4/1949 9/7/1949 WWI
Giles James E. 3/30/1936 Civil War
Gilmore George W. Civil War
Gilmore Vance C. Civil War
Goodwin Montgomery C. 7/22/1949 Spanish American War
Goodwin Samuel C. 1/1/1908 Civil War
Gourdson William 1/3/1961 WWI
Grabosky G. 1/1/1920 Civil War
Graham Charles F. WWI
Graham John 1/21/1901 Civil War
Grasty Val 7/4/1939 WWI
Gray James Civil War
Green Armanda L. 1871 1937
Green Della M. 1889 1963
Green Fred P. 1861 1940
Green Margaret E. 1863 1937
Green Roslen O. 1886 1892
Greenland David 1/1/1933 WWII
Gregg Richard 10/7/1899 4/12/1967
Gregg Rose McCune 5/30/1907 8/11/1993 w/o Richard
Gregg Thomas 9/18/1910 Civil War
Griffin Sanuel 5/20/1937 WWI
Grissy Elias 1/1/1921 WWI
Gruenwaldt Alfred W. 7/21/1912 11/15/1979 WWII
Guy James Civil War
Gwler John 1/1/1934 Veteran
Haddock Abraham S. 1/1/1902 Civil War
Halfhill Amos 1/1/1960 Civil War
Hall Raleigh E. 10/12/1918 WWI
Hampshire John Civil War
Hand John 1/1/1911 Civil War
Harkley William H. 2/9/1954 WWI
Harr James M. 3/2/1924 Civil War
Hart Harold Delmar 5/11/1924
Harvey Wiley 4/30/1947 WWII
Hatter William J. 8/21/1978 WWI
Hawk Hiram Civil War
Hawk William L. Spanish American War
Hawkey John Civil War
Hays Erwin Civil War
Hebb Effie D. 6/11/1875 9/12/1937
Hebb Samuel M. 11/28/1871 10/15/1856
Heffley Freeman Civil War
Heffley Samuel Civil War
Henderson Robert L. 1/1/1908 WWI
Hendrickson Claude B. 10/18/1964 WWI
Herbert Catharine M. 4/10/???? 70?yrs; w/o Hiram
Herbert Elizabeth /??/???? 40yr
Herbert George B. 10/4/1925 Civil War
Herbert Hiram P. 4/23/1830 1yr8mo3da
Herbert John G. 1/16/1821 1yr7mo20da
Herbert Nancy Ann 9/29/1854 59yr7mo10da; w/o Hiram
Herbert Thomas Civil War
Herd Mary M. 6/1/1857 8/6/1881
Herdick George R. WWI
Herwick Joseph C. 12/18/1949 Spanish American War
Hiles Charles 8/19/1946 WWI
Hill Charles 1/1/1933 Civil War
Hinderliter Eugene L. 1/23/1923 1/16/1966 WWII
Hinderliter Paul 1/1/1923 1/1/1967 Korea
Hogg Orian S 2/4/1901 6/2/1949 WWII
Hood Daniel 1812 War
Hood Joseph L. 1/1/1932 WWI
Hoover Harry M. Jr. 1/1/1921 4/24/1962 WWII
Hosfelt Albert 1/23/1967 WWI
Hough William Jr. 1885 4/21/1905
Hough William P. 1/1/1920 Civil War
Howard William F. 1/1/1923 WWI
Hrabak John 10/4/1903 2/16/1987 WWII
Huey James 4/16/1950
Jacob David Civil War
Jacob William M. Civil War
Jaynes G. W. Civil War
Jaynes John B. Civil War
Jeff Jacob Civil War
Jeffries Sarah J. 1828 1889
Johns Edward H. 7/16/1960 WWI
Johns John 7/16/1960 Civil War
Johnson Alexander J. 1/1/1929 WWII
Johnson Clinton WWI
Johnson Henry 1/1/1932 Spanish American War
Johnson John 1/1/1929 Civil War
Johnson Joseph W. 1/1/1957 Civil War
Johnson Lloyd 1/1/1920 Civil War
Johnson Samuel 12/1/1909 Civil War
Johnston Andrew 1/1/1967 Civil War
Johnston Catharine 5/25?/1874 35yr11mo7da
Johnston William C. Civil War
Jones Daniel Civil War
Jones John 1/1/1926 Civil War
Junk J. L. WWI
Kauffman Noah Civil War
Keefer Christ 5/26/1939 Spanish American War
Keenan George Civil War
Keffer Daniel WWI
Keffer Herbert J. 3/9/1958 WWI
Keir John R. 3/25/1925 7/14/1959 WWII
Kell Alfred H. WWI
Kell John Civil War
Kelly James Wiley 11/19/1880 11/1940
Kelter Albert Korea
Kennedy William 1/1/1915 Civil War
Kennel Cyrus E. 1/1/1933 WWI
Kephart John P. 12/28/1932 WWI
Kerns Scott M. 1/1/1909 1/1/1981 WWII
Kerr Amanda 3/?/1933 78yrs
Kerr Hugh M. Civil War
Kerr John Civil War
Keslar John A. 1/1/1915 Spanish American War
Kesler Peter J. Civil War
Kilapatrick George 1/1/1935 WWI
Kilpatrick Jackson Mexican; Civil War
Kilpatrick John P. 3/17/1973 Mexican; WWI
Kilpatrick Paul 12/20/1920 WWI
Kilpatrick Thomas E. Mexican
Kimball William Sr. 5/25/1922 9/23/1944 WWII
Kincell Alfred Civil War
King Jesse J. 1/7/1965 WWI
Klingensmith A. L. Civil War
Kooser Alexander 6/10/1863 4/22/1905 75yrs
Kooser William 3/18/1933 Spanish American War
Kooser William Jr. WWI
Kramer Karl K. 1/1/1968 Civil War
Kress Irvin C. WWI
Kurtz Fred 1/1/1920 Civil War
Lambert William 1/1/1933 Civil War
Lambie James T. Civil War
Lane William 10/5/1963 Civil War
Largent Morris A. 10/5/1963 WWI
Laugherty Jesse P. 5/25/1956 WWI
Lee Wayne E. 5/27/1929 4/15/1996 WWII
Leichlliter Thomas 5/19/1916 11/7/1936
Leighty Ralph 6/26/1932 WWI
Lewellyn Thomas J. Civil War
Lewis Joseph W. 10/22/1918 WWI
Lewis Trevor A. 6/30/1974 WWI
Linderman Gilbert L. 7/21/1927 12/4/1957 WWII,Korea
Linthicum Herbert R 5/21/1900 3/19/1966 WWI
Lohr Louis 8/21/1986 WWI
Long Anthony 1/1/1959 WWII
Long Richard L. 1/1/1915 1/1/1941 WWII
Lowe Charles 5/17/1906 7/8/1979 WWII
Lyon Robert A. Sr. 7/25/1900 9/20/1974 WWI
Lyon Samuel E. 12/18/1964 WWI; Dr.
Mansberry Lawrence 4/1/1954 WWI
Margan Jacob Civil War
Marietta Allen 11/4/1973 WWI
Marietta Benjamin F. 10/6/1950 WWI
Marietta Donald 1/1/1937 1/1/1957 Korea
Marietta Fred K. WWI
Marietta Monroe A. 11/4/1973 WWI
Marietta Robert WWI
Marietta Van A. 1/1/1907 8/6/1960 WWII
Marshall John W. WWI
Martin Earl L. 4/6/1991 WWI
Martin John A. Civil War
Martin John D. Spanish American War
Martin Raymond 1/1/1942 WWI
Martin Robert W. 10/5/1916 2/17/1981 WWII
Mason Joseph A. 1/1/1922 Civil War
Master Chas. E. 11/2//1872 9/29/1897
May John H. Civil War
McCarnes Charles Civil War
McCartney George Civil War
McClintock Andrew Civil War
McClintock Donald 1/1/1928 1/1/1986 WWII
McClintock Harry M. 3/28/1967 WWI
McClintock William Civil War
McCormick George B. 7/26/1963 WWI
McCormick Harry C. Civil War
McCormick Hursil Spanish American War
McCormick Joseph 1/1/1911 Civil War
McCormick Louis Spanish American War
McCormick Louis P. 2/6/1944 Spanish American War
McCormick Ray WWI
McCormick Roger C. 10/12/1978 WWI
McCoy John F. C. 10/2/1941 Spanish American War
McDonald John 12/14/1851 8/2/1897
McDowell Robert W. Civil War
McElhaney Carl D. 3/2/1925 1/1/1944 WWII
McElhaney John E. 1/22/1934 WWI
McFarland John E. 9/17/1916 10/27/1966 WWII
McFarland William G. 6/1/1902 8/15/1945 WWII
McGinnis William 1/1/1939 WWII
McGraw John W. 7/29/1938 WWI
McGuire Samuel Civil War
McKarnes James Civil War
McKarnes James K. P. Civil War
McKarnes 1/1/1915 Civil War
McKerns John F. Civil War
McKinley Eugene 1/1/1937 WWI
McKinney Benjamin Civil War
McLaughlin Albert H. 10/14/1918 WWI
McManis Albert 10/11/1955 WWI
McManis John D. WWI
McMaster John B. Civil War
McMaster Joseph S. 1/1/1908 Civil War
McNamara John G. 1/1/1906 Spanish American War
Means Chester H. 8/21/1943 WWI
Means George M. WWI
Meason George Civil War
Metzgar James A. 4/18/1958 WWI
Metzgar Richard E. 2/5/1961 WWI
Meyers Howard H. WWI
Michaels Hernan 1/1/1948 Spanish American War
Millard James A 1/1/1933 WWI
Miller Abraham Civil War
Miller Charles 1/1/1918 WWI
Miller Fred Fox 10/1/1863 4/22/1905 Civil War
Miller Frederick Civil War
Miller Gilbert H. 1/16/1916 11/16/1957 WWII
Miller James L. 2/3/1917 4/30/1986 WWII
Miller Kenneth B. WWI
Mills George 8/14/1941 WWI
Milton Murray I. 1/2/1929 10/16/1983 Korea
Miner Henry A. Civil War
Minerd Ewing D. 9/16/1936 WWI
Minerd Harold D. 10/27/1973 WWI
Mitchell Chauncey B. 1/1/1932 WWI
Momg Stanley W. 7/5/1946 WWI
Moon Ira J. 12/24/1955 WWI
Moon John W. 12/24/1955 Civil War
Moore Margaret A. 1/25/1955 WWI
Morgan Amzi Civil War
Morgan Jacob Civil War
Morgan Joseph Civil War
Morris Nathan W. 1/1/1911 Civil War
Morton Robert S WWI
Moser Oliver Jr. 1/1/1976 WWI
Mulrihill Edward 4/17/1962 WWI
Muncey Laurence 1/4/1935 Spanish American War
Munson Fred WWI
Munson Fred D. 6/9/1933 Korea
Munson George 1/1/1921 WWI
Munson James C. Jr. 1/1/1949 WWI
Murray Kenneth A. 5/9/1915 10/11/1976 WWII
Murray Russell 1/1/1918 WWI
Myers Howard H. 1/1/1923 WWI
Newcomer George W. Civil War
Newcomer John Civil War
Newcomer Joseph S. Civil War
Newcomer Lindley Civil War
Nicholson Donald F. 5/21/1917 11/28/1964 WWII
Nicklow Guy H. 12/12/1947 WWII
Nixon David 4/9/1878 12/1853
Noble James War of 1812
Oaks Rachel E. 1869 1954 Mother
Oaks Samuel 1866 1929 Father
O'Donnell Harry D. 12/2/1923 2/25/1945 WWII
O'Neal Charles 1867 1961
O'Neal Elizabeth 1838 1933 w/o Emanuel
O'Neal Emanuel 1833 1898 Civil War
Orbin Benjamin Civil War
Otto Charles T. WWI
Page Samuel H. Mexican
Parker Ora Blanche 6/26/1890 12/12/1894 d/o S. E. & E. L
Patterson David WWI
Paull Joseph Civil War
Percy Juanita M 12/25/2005 77yrs
Peters Conrad 1/1/1960 Civil War
Philburn Melvin D. 5/13/1922 1/1/1994 WWII
Phillips Isabella 9/3//1878 62yr
Phuntek Arthur F. 1/17/1924 9/16/1984 Korea
Pickard Albert B. 4/26/1949 Spanish American War
Pickard Burnell 10/10/1902 Spanish American War
Pickett William W. 1/1/1911 Civil War
Pierce Harold M. 4/5/1938 WWI
Pinkney Harry G. 6/21/1915 11/10/1965 WWII
Poiser Kenneth H. 7/30/1903 5/26/1988 WWII
Port Levi W. Civil War
Porter Edna R. 1880 1912
Porter John D. 3/31/1919 8/20/1974 WWII
Porter Thomas Civil War
Porter Wm. W. 3/21/1871 27yr 1mo 19da
Potter Elmer J. 1/1/1918 WWI
Powell Edgar W. WWI
Premus Charles 2/1/1935 WWI
Prescott Civil War
Pritchard John E. 1/1/1920 Civil War
Ramage James 1/1/1941 WWI
Reagan John F. 3/12/1917 6/4/1993 WWII
Reed Joseph E. 8/27/1921 1/24/1944 WWII
Reed Joseph E. WWI
Reed Louis E. 7/31/1928 1/20/1989 WWII
Reese James L. 10/23/1937 WWI
Reger Henny L. 1/1/1912 Civil War
Reid Frank B. 6/26/1906 Spanish American War
Reid James D. 9/9/1964 WWI
Reid Kenneth A. 5/21/1956 WWI
Reid William T. Civil War
Renner John A. Civil War
Reshenberg Frederick 11/1/1963 WWI
Reynolds Frank D. 3/17/1905 10/21/1959 WWII
Rheubottom Charles A. 1/23/1956 WWI
Richey Samuel Civil War
Richter Frank C. WWII
Richter Hiram 1/1/1930 Civil War
Richter Irvin 4/27/1912 6/15/1966 WWII
Richter Levina 1/16/1907 55yr
Richter Thomas S. Civil War
Ridge Alfred 1/1/1948 WWI
Ridley Richard 2/15/1972 WWI
Ried John W. 1/1/1906 WWI
Ringler Harry 3/18/1936 WWI
Robb McCray Civil War
Robbins Henry Civil War
Robbins Stephen Civil War
Roberts Thomas P. 12/9/1944 WWI
Robertson George Civil War
Robinson Amzi Civil War
Robinson Edward R. 3/4/1907 5/26/1976 WWII
Robinson John 7/6/1927 Civil War
Robinson Lawrence WWI
Rodgers Alex H. Civil War
Rodgers James K. Civil War
Rosendale Betty J 7/21/1923
Ross Floyd R. 7/15/1937 WWI
Rowe Fred 1/1/1924 8/4/1954 WWII
Rowe Samuel A. 9/16/1918 WWI
Rush Glenn W. 5/24/1900 11/5/1960 WWI
Russell Robert 5/30/1911 12/20/1943 WWII
Sandusky Fred 5/6/1941 WWI
Santmyer George W. 1/27/1972 WWII
Savage Amos Civil War
Saxon Rose 12/17/1924
Schomer George Jr. 9/3/1963 WWI
Schrock Benjamin F. 11/28/1975 WWI
Scott Malcolm M. 2/20/1977 WWI
Sechrist Howard 1/1/1908 WWI
Sechrist Robert B. 1/1/1915 Civil War
Secrist Frank Spanish American War
Sembower James W. 11/11/1964 11/12/1964 WWI
Sembower Robert G. 12/22/1923 8/13/1984 WWII
Shaw Baskin F. Civil War
Shaw George W. Civil War
Shaw Isaac Civil War
Shaw James Mexican
Shaw Joseph E. 1/1/1921 Spanish American War
Shaw Joseph Freeman 5/13/1858 15/1953
Shaw Lloyd J. 1/1/1918 WWI
Shaw Nathan O. 6/23/1902 Civil War
Shearer Frederick 1/1/1918 Civil War
Sheetz Percy R. 9/10/1970 WWI
Shelkey Frank H. 1928 1929
Sherman William 3/3/1921 WWI
Sherrick George D. 4/5/1949 WWI
Shields William R. Civil War
Shives Roy 2/11/1956 WWI
Shoup Daniel F. 1/1/1913 Civil War
Show George W. Civil War
Showman Jeremiah 4/26/1928 WWI
Shrives Joseph E. 6/4/1934 WWI
Sidebottom Samuel Civil War
Singer John 11/30/1934 WWI
Sivits Harry 3/29/1966 WWI
Skiles John Civil War
Slaughter Huam 1/1/1930 Civil War
Slaughter James D. 7/17/1950 Spanish American War
Sleasman Harry 1/1/1910 1/1/1933 WWI
Smiley Andrew B. 1/1/1911 Civil War
Smiley George D. 1876 1948
Smith Calvin C. 1/1/1920 Civil War
Smith Frank M. 7/2/1912 Civil War
Smith Robert M. Civil War
Smith William T. Civil War
Smurr Reason Civil War
Smuty John 1/1/1935 Civil War
Snyder Adam Revolution
Snyder Uriah 6/13/1934 Civil War
Spencer Carrie 2/5/1937
Stafford John W. 1/1/1920 Spanish American War
Stafford Tweed H. 8/14/1972 WWI
Staley Samuel 1/1/1932 Civil War
Steck Donald E. 2/28/1917 1/3/1993 WWII
Stehle Carl 11/22/1965 WWI
Stehle Donald B. 10/8/1934 WWI
Stehle Edgar E. WWI
Stetson Charles H. Civil War
Stevenson John J. Civil War
Stillwagon Carrie Ramage 9/30/1861 12/1937 76yrs w/o Rev. John
Stillwagon Charles P 8/29/1900 5/17/1968 WWI
Stillwagon Henry H. Civil War
Stillwagon Rockwell WWI
Stillwagon W. L. 5/22/1929 WWI
Stillwagon William 3/9/1938 WWI
Stoner Frederick B 5/20/1945 Spanish American War
Strawn Joel C. 9/11/1956 Spanish American War
Strickler Lyman S. Civil War
Swank Benjamin Civil War
Swartzwelder Edgar S 4/3/1946 9/3/1987 WWII
Swift John W. 11/14/1917 11/29/1968 WWII
Swink Frank 1/1/1952 WWI
Swope James B 3/16/1970 WWI
Tarr Alexander Civil War
Taylor Edward Civil War
Taylor Emily 7/9/1935
Taylor James Civil War
Tenant Thomas Civil War
Thomas Fred W. 1/1/1958 WWI
Thomas John Civil War
Thorne Dwain C 11/15/1918 6/6/1987 WWII
Tikey Charles A 1/23/1976 WWI
Tikey Leroy M. 7/29/1958 WWII
Torrance John 1/1/1960 WWI
Trader John Civil War
Tremberth Roy S. 5/11/1945 WWI
Trenker Harry Jr. 12/9/1921 4/3/1968 WWII
Tressler James F. 2/5/1900 8/31/1969 WWII
Trevitt Arthur C. 12/18/1916 9/9/1956 WWII
Trevitt Harry H. 2/24/1912 11/25/1978 WWII
Truman Charles 1/1/1915 Civil War
Trump Elmer L. 5/15/1943 5/25/1993 WWII
Trump Ernest Spanish American War
Tunayak Andrew 1/1/1915 1/1/1972 WWII
Turner Clyde E. 1/1/1960 WWI
Turney Albert F. 12/17/1953 WWI
Turney Orville 1/19/1924 5/23/1944 WWII
Vanorsdale Paul C. 2/8/1919 7/11/1966 WWII
Varner Chester C. 8/7/1907 1/28/1971 WWII
Veshfifsky Fred WWI
Vesnibisky Fred 1/1/1932 WWI
Volansky Paul 1/1/1918 WWII
Wallace Frank 1852 1886
Wallace George Civil War
Watson Albert 3/13/1900 6/15/1965 WWII
Watson Bruce I. 11/3/1921 10/1/1979 WWII
Watt William 9/10/1860 2/18//1863 s/o Thomas W. & Sarah
Welker Herman D. 4/22/1947 Spanish American War
Welsh Fred A. 12/12/1920 7/18/1947 WWII
Welsh Robert B 3/1/1911 12/29/1987 WWII
Weltz Ernest O. 2/23/1964 WWI
Werry Clyde E. 1/10/1947 WWII
Whaley William Civil War
Whetlock William K. 12/28/1928 Civil War
Whipkey John F. Civil War
White Abram
White Edward 8/5/1939 WWI
White Edward Y. 4/21/1842 4/19/1970 Civil War
White George Civil War
White John W. 1/1/1953 Civil War
White Mary
White MaryAnn M. 1/30/1870 16yr d/o A. & M
White Sandord Civil War
Whiteley Charles H. Civil War
Whittaker Joseph C. 1/1/1931 WWI
Williams John E. 8/12/1970 WWI
Williams Paul Grant 7/12/1951 WWI
Williams Thomas E. 8/23/1971 WWI
Williams William F. Civil War
Wolfe Harry 3/30/1946 Spanish American War
Wolfe Lewis W. Civil War
Wood Edward 4/11/1914 12/3/1952 WWII
Woodrow Edward E. 1892 1931 WWI
Woods George L. 12/31/1919 3/22/1946 WWII
Woods Samuel D. 1/1/1930 Civil War
Woodward Nathan 11/22/1918 WWI
Workman Harry B. WWI
Worsell Edward 1/13/1981 Civil War
Wyatt Mary C. 1856 1888
Yaggi Christian W. 8/18/1939 WWI
Yarnell Henry H. Civil War
Yates James H. 1/1/1915 Civil War
Yates William 1/1/1915 Civil War
Yaw Charles H. 1/0/1900 6/5/1962 WWII
Younkin Albe M. c/o S. & A
Younkin Ann E. c/o S. & A
Younkin Franklin Civil War
Younkin John Civil War
Younkin Warren D. 4/28/1969 WWI
Yowler Israel Civil War
Zakour Samuel 1/1/1951 WWI