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Read by: Daughters of The American Colonists, Chief Tanacharison Chapter, Connellsville, Pennsylvania, 1956

The Meason Family cemetery was located on the Meason estate, east of current Rt. 119 N, near the township line of Dunbar and North Union townships. Some time after this 1956 reading, in the name of progress, strip mining and construction threatened to destroy the final resting places of the Meason family. The graves were removed to Oak Grove Cemetery in Uniontown. The names marked with an asterisk are known to be in Oak Grove at this time (2005). Those without an asterisk are believed to be there but do not have a stone to confirm this.

Butler, Mary 1785-1878 wife of Isaac

Meason, Isaac 1779-1836 *
William 1810-1840 30y*
Catharine d 1821 80y *
Isaac, Esq. d 1-1818 75y*
Caroline d 9-3-1831 3y
Richard B. b 6-3-1819 d 4-2-1832*
Frances A. 1826-1924*
Sidney S., wife of Henry
William R. Henry d 8-20-1914

Sowers, John d 9-30-1883 70y *
Mary Meason wife of John Sowers d 1808-1877*
Frank d 1850-1868*
William M. d 1813-1867*
James B. d 1841-1872

Kerr, Elizabeth P. d 1816-1904*

Another stone not legible

Hurst, N. O. d 9-21-1887 87y


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