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Loucks Farm -German Township

According to Franklin Ellis, in his "History of Fayette County Pennsylvania," 1882, Longaneckers were buried on Loucks Farm.  From the early 1800's through the early 1850's, this was the property and home of Joseph Longanecker (Aug 25, 1776 - Nov 15, 1853), who married (1) Mary Leckrone (Sept 1, 1786 - 1817) and (2) Sarah Mack (June 25, 1798 - June 13, 1892).  The Leckrone and Mack family farms bordered the Longanecker farm.   Joseph Longanecker was buried on his farm property, most likely with his first wife, Mary Leckrone, and other Longanecker family members not determined at this time.  Through the years, the tombstones fell, and the burial ground blended into pasture land.  Eventually, the Longanecker's brick farm house and land were sold to the Loucks and became known as Loucks Farm.  In present day history, the house and farm, still in existence, are known as the Yuras Farm on Yuras Farm Road, off Route 21 West.  -Patricia Lubits Gump




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