Fayette County Genealogy Project

Chestnut Hill Cemetery - Connellsville

Compiled by E. M. Whetsel from a transcription by Duane Layman and Kathy Gardei. Additional information from other sources.

The following article, compliments of the Tribune-Review, gives some history of this cemetery.

The St. Emory’s lot is just one section of the larger Chestnut Hill Cemetery. The greater part of Chestnut Hill is located off Wills Road, overlooking St. Emory's. Immaculate Conception maintains the St. Joseph's section there; The Chestnut Hill Cemetery Association maintains another large section.

Bill Foley, the current president of the association, credits Richard and Barbara Husband with starting the group in 1987.

The corporation that had run the cemetery went out of business decades ago, and while some families gave good care to individual plots, other sections were overgrown and their tombstones overturned. "It was in awful shape," Foley said.

After more than a decade of hard work, Foley said association members have managed to turn "a wilderness" into a cemetery in "pretty good shape." The same cannot be said for the Old Connell section adjacent to St. Emory's off Baldwin Avenue. The section was carved out in 1900 to move the remains from an existing graveyard to make way for the construction of the Carnegie Library.

The then Connellsville School Board was involved with the creation of the Carnegie Library and the relocation of the cemetery to Chestnut Hill, according to Toth and others. Toth cites a page in the "Centennial History of Connellsville" that notes the sale of the Chestnut Hill section to the school board.

Foley appeared before the Greater Connellsville Area School Board in 1995 to request that the district assume responsibility for the land. But Connellsville Area Superintendent Gerald Browell said there are no records that the school district owns the land, and they cannot accept responsibility if a link isn't established. The .6 acre lot is abandoned and no one, it seems, is responsible for its maintenance.
(Courtesy of the Tribune-Review, Greensburg, PA)

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Adams Mary A 1851 1923
Albine William L. 1/1/63 WWI
Ambrose Harry 1/1/18 WWI
Angell Lewis Civil War
Balsley Joseph Civil War
Balsley Raymond 6/1/68 WWI
Baluch Stephen 6/2/68 WWI
Barnes David 1812
Basinger Alice R 1/15/1907 6/8/1962
Basinger James W. 3/20/1943 7/18/1950
Basinger Lloyd S 3/10/1910 1/4/1990
Basinger Lloyd S, Jr. 9/6/1941 9/10/1954
Basinger Ralph W 5/13/1903 4/6/1988
Beatty Ralph Donald 3/13/00 3/28/59 WWI
Bird James Civil War
Bishop John Mexican
Bosley Charles Civil War
Bosley Charles 1/1/11 Civil War
Bottomley Harold 1/1/10 1/1/80 WWII
Brierley Ellen 1828 1910
Brierley Frank 1827 1898
Brierley Frank, Jr 1863 3/31/1905
Brierley Thomas L.V. Civil War
Broucher William 1/1/20 1/1/79 Civil War
Brown Anna 1884 1962
Brown Charles E 1884 1910
Buncutter Leslie 10-20-1883 6/8/1907
Buncutter Violet L 1904 1947
Cambell Thomas 1/1/31 WWII
Carey William 11/2/40 WWI
Carmer J. E. Civil War
Carr John Civil War
Collins James S. Civil War
Collins Moses 1/1/07 WWI
Collins Moses 10/20/1871 55yrs
Cossell Frederick K 1841 1913
Cossell Lydia A 1847 1931
Cowan Miller W. 5/5/44 WWI
Cuffey "Father" 1-20-1888
Cuffey "Mother" 2-10-1884
Cuffey George M 1864 1934
Dailey Joseph F. 3/25/59 WWI
Danaher Cornelius Civil War
Dawson Elizabeth 1855 1940
Dawson Harmon 12/3/04 7/13/60 WWII
Dawson Isaac 4/16/1856 28yrs
Dawson John B. 2/171859 5/12/1900
Dawson Joseph Civil War
Dawson Smith 8/5/15 Civil War
Dull Walter Civil War
Duncan Robert Civil War
Dunn Edmund Civil War
Durbin Stewart 1/1/19 Civil War
Eagan James Spanish
Eaglan Edward Civil War
Eaglen John W 3/111863 19ys 10mo 2da GAR
Edda Civil War
Enos Elizabeth 1851 1886
Enos George 1850 1905
Enos Jonathan 12/28/1814 9/5/1879
Fagan Thomas L. Spanish
Fagan William L. Spanish
Feldbauer Mary F. 1885 1949
Feldbauer George F. 1887 1959 WWI
Filcer George Civil War
Flanigan Carroll L. 1893 1933 WWI
Foley John 1/23/75 WWI
Fornwalt Ray Casper WWI
Fox Hugh Civil War
Franko William 5/21/15 7/6/66 WWII
Freeman George Civil War
Freeman Samuel 7-11-1800 8/2/1878 Civil War
Friel Ignatius L. WWI
Fry Audrey J Mansberry 6/2/1923 3/29/1998
Fry Merle G. 8/23/22 6/24/94 WWII,Korean War
Gray James Civil War
Gray Ralph 7/11/74 WWI
Griffin Morris Civil War
Hackett David Civil War
Hall Ora R 1891 1975
Helms Gibson Civil War
Helms Roy 10/3/18 WWI
Henderson Harry Spanish
Hobbins Stan WWI
Howard Daisy May 7/17/188? 8m 14da d/o Saml. & F
Howard Frances A 1846 1909 w/o S. H
Howard Samuel H. 1848 1927 GAR
Howard Villetta L. 1869 1942
Hustack Hugh 9/9/38 WWI
Jamieson George A. 8/29/04 6/3/86 WWII
Janes J.L. Civil War
Janes Wade L. 1/1/11 1/1/45 WWII
Johnson Benjamin 1/28/14 WWI
Johnson William Civil War
Johnson William C. 5/27/38 Spanish
Kearns Thomas Civil War
Kenner Edward 5/25/65 WWI
Kenner John W. 1856 1909
Kerr Charles P. Spanish
Kessler Alverta Mae 10/3/1917 10/13/1991 w/o Donald R
Kessler Charles 8/14/20 6/20/54 WWII
Kessler Earl 1/1/76 WWI
Kimmel Joseph Revolution
King Henry Civil War
Knight D.G. Civil War
Kremposky Matthew J. Jr. 6/16/23 2/22/89 WWII
Kurtz Henry Civil War
Kurtz John Civil War
Kurtz Samuel Civil War
Kurtz William F. Civil War
Laughrey Cyrus Civil War
Lewis Ira R. 8/11/18 1/20/94 WWII
Livingston James 1812
Lynn John W. Civil War
Mansberry Foster F. Jr. 8/18/18 3/24/80 WWII
Mansberry William 1/1/58 WWI
Marshall George 1/1/46 WWI
Marshall Joseph Civil War
Mato John J. 11/7/57 WWII
May Charles 2/3/63 WWI
May James L. WWI
May Louis 2/23/56 Spanish
McCormick Moses 1812
McCoy James Civil War
McCutcheon Irvin Civil War
McDade Andrew Civil War
McFayden Anna 1/1/01 Civil War
McKean William Civil War
McManus Joseph Spanish
McNamara Frederick C. 1/20/37 WWI
Meyers William H. WWI
Michael Dublin 11/15/02 Spanish
Miller Bruce 1852 1920
Miller Charles 2/21/40 WWI
Miller Charles E 1877 1935
Miller Clara T 1863 1944
Miller Edna Pea 10/10/1885 10/28/1886
Miller George 1856 1926
Miller Israel Civil War
Miller James L. 1864 1938
Miller Joseph A 1902 1960
Miller Katherine 1856 1931
Miller Margaret E 9-7-1872 3/23/1912
Miller Sophia B 1876 1948
Minnis George J. 11/7/54 WWI
Minnis James S. WWI
Mitts James Civil War
Mitts John Civil War
Mong Mary B 1881 1967
Mong Samuel E 1886 1931
Moorman Lawrence J. 3/23/92 WWI
Moran James C. Jr. 5/3/08 10/20/91 WWII
Morgot Charles Melvin 1901 1977
Mullen Martin WWI
Mulnix Annabelle T 1868 1937
Mulnix Florence M 1903 1955
Mulnix George W 1938 1956
Mulnix Henry H 3/12/1902 12/15/1986
Mulnix Isaac 1868 1952
Murray Danile Civil War
Murray Joseph Civil War
Murray Thomas A. Civil War
Myers William C. 6/3/13 6/6/71 WWII
Neeb George C. Civil War
Neeb John Civil War
Neeb Richard Spanish
Neland Patrick Civil War
Nesmith J.M. Civil War
Newcomer John 1/1/02 Civil War
Nickel James E. Spanish
O'Donnell John L. 1/1/38 Spanish
O'Donnell William N. 6/9/04 8/18/77 WWI
Page Henry Civil War
Palladino Joseph 10/14/1890 3/16/1928
Parker Charles A. 3/30/38 WWI
Percy James K. Civil War
Phillippi Mae V. 1/1/06 1/1/72 WWI
Pierce Clara 11-18-1847 1/5/1949
Pierce James R. WWI
Pierce Thomas S. 4-27-1893 3/17/1980 WWI
Pin Joseph 1/13/66 WWI
Porter Baby 1/21/1933
Porter Henry A. 11/13/74 WWI
Porter Jack W. 11/28/20 3/19/68 WWII
Porter Kathryn 1918 1934
Porter Robert C. 1873 1917
Porter William H 8/14/1842 10/19/1913 GAR
Porter William H. 10/13/13 Civil War
Pritchard Benjamin Franklin 1817 1895
Pritchard Clara B 1852 1941
Pritchard George F. 1860 1931
Pritchard Harriet 1822 1896
Pritchard Samuel Freeman 4/25/1846 5-28-1879 33 years
Reagan Clarence W. WWI
Reagan James D. WWI
Reagan John S. Civil War
Rendine Joseph G. 3/20/69 WWI
Rhodes Byron A. 1/1/30 WWI
Richey David Civil War
Richey Jacob WWI
Richey Malachi Civil War
Ringler Martin 1/10/38 WWI
Ritchie Victor Bert 11/17/42 WWI
Ritenour Leroy F 1906 1956
Ritenour Nellie M 10/26/1907 11/26/1987 d/o Isaac & Anna
Robbins E.W. Civil War
Robbins Joseph Civil War
Rodgers Margaret 1880 1887 d/o M. & M.
Rodgers Mary Ann 1887 1891 d/o M. & M
Rodgers Orran G. 3/13/00 4/12/28 WWI
Romesburg John H. Civil War
Sage George E. 12/30/28 7/20/89 WWII
Sage Joseph T, Jr. 1/1/02 1/1/72 WWI
Shallenberger James W. Civil War
Shallenberger T.H. Civil War
Shaw Mary E. 7/4 /1840 11/9/1899
Shaw Solomon Mexican
Shaw William H. Civil War
Shunk George Civil War
Siesky George 2/14/1890 12/9/1902
Smith Edward Civil War
Snyder Robert Lee Spanish
Soisson Peter Civil War
Speelman Daniel Civil War
Speelman John D. 6/2/25 1/18/78 WWII
Springer Uriah Civil War
Springer Uriah Revolution,1812
Stafford William Civil War
Stickle David P. 1/1/28 8/3/74 WWII
Stillwagon John E. WWI
Stubbles Phillip Civil War
Stumbaugh Eldredge M. 8/27/39 WWI
Sullivan John Civil War
Swank George Civil War
Tober Andrew Jr. 9/27/65 WWI
Tressler Guy Durbin 5/31/57 WWI
Trimble John A. 1/1/23 Civil War
Trimble John Eugene 12/7/50 Spanish
Trump Anna
Trump Anna A 1844 1933
Trump Anna Ester 1866 1959
Trump Arthur
Trump Charles N 1-26-1870 10/11/1906
Trump Charles W 1876 1955
Trump David 5-20-1859 8/1/1943
Trump Della 9-25-1859 5/27/1909
Trump Elizabeth 1815 1892
Trump Elizabeth 1862 1933
Trump George 1885
Trump George Gibson 1862 1936
Trump Harriet 1860 1939
Trump Harry
Trump James H. 1834 1915 Civil War
Trump Jennie 9-3-1880 c/o H & M, 9d
Trump Joseph 1-28-1893 1/13/1915
Trump Louis 1858 1931
Trump Theodore 6-25-1877 c/o H & M 6y 7m 3d
Trump William 1837 1911 Civil War
Turley Robert 1/1/10 Civil War
Turner David Civil War
Turner William Revolution
Wallis John T. Civil War
Walter Henry Civil War
Walters William Civil War
White D.S. Civil War
White John Civil War
White Thomas Civil War
Whitman William O. Civil War
Wyatt Charles 1/12/35 WWI