Fayette County Genealogy Project

Brownfield Family Cemetery - South Union Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Daughters of the American Colonists

Chief Tanacharison Chapter - Connellsville, PA - 1956

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Brownfield Alfred 8-23-1819 son B. & R.; 10y 10m 21d
Brownfield Benjamin J. 10-7-1880 100y 7m 9d
Brownfield Benjamin Sr. 5-10-1755 12-21-1823
Brownfield Calvin 9-5-1829 son B. & R.; 1m 17dbr>
Brownfield Eliza A. 9-22-1863 26y 7m 5d
Brownfield Ellen 7-8-1878 19y 5m 17d
Brownfield Elnor 9-6-1866 40y 3m 9d
Brownfield Harvy 9-8-1819 son B. & R.; 1y 8m 29d
Brownfield Isaac 8-31-1819 son B. & R.; 13y 7m 12d
Brownfield James A. 1-22-1881 25y
Brownfield Mary 12-22-1833
Brownfield Mary 1-9-1846 wife of E. S.; 23y 8m 26d
Brownfield Mary J. 10-10-1860 27y 11m 23d
Brownfield Naomi 11-27-1878 74y 1m 7d
Brownfield Orpha 8-22-1819 dau B. & R.; 5y 9m 7d
Brownfield Ruth 10-12-1856 72y 10m 5d
Brownfield Ruth 10-13-1856 73y; wife of Benjamin