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Elk County Wills

This is a listing of some information pertaining to the first 100 wills located at the Elk County, PA courthouse in Willbook A. This Willbook covers the very first wills registered after Elk County became a county in 1843, and goes into wills registered into the 1880’s. I will be abstracting the rest of the data in Willbook A in the Fall of 1999.

I DO have some of the genealogical information from these wills at my home. If you want to check with me first to see if this is the will you are looking for, I will be happy to send you the abstractions that I have. E-mail me at GLJSLJ@penn.com.

However, if you need a photocopy of the entire will, then please direct your requests to "The Elk County Courthouse, Register and Recorder’s Office, Ridgway, PA 15853." I regret that I cannot accept requests for courthouse research or getting photocopies at the courthouse at this time. Thank you.

Sherry Bish Jesberger

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Will of:Potter Goff
Jay Township
Written: 5/17/1845
Proved: 11/25/1845
Executor(s): Ann M. Goff
Witnesses: Jacob Ovel & A.E. Luce

Will of: David Wheeler
Residence: Benezette Township
Written: 9/5/1846
Proved: 12/21/1846
Isaac D. Pasco, Henry Derring, Charles Caldwell

Will of: John Kyler
Fox Township
Written: 6/27/1848
Proved: 1/27/1849
Executor(s): Jesse Kyler
Witnesses: Henry Souther, B.P. Little, Sarah A. Hays

Will of: William Frederick Valentine Schultz
Residence: Gibson Township
Executor(s): Edward Schultz, Henry F.W. Schultz
Witnesses: Daniel Smith, William Shepard, Nathan Bailey, George Stamfeltz

Will of: Benjamin Leggett
Residence: Jay Township
Executor(s): Eli Leggett
Witnesses: C.F. Luce, F.S. Brockway

Will of: John Rothrock
Jay Township
Written: 12/1/1850
Proved: 4/4/1851
Executor(s): Julia Ann Rothrock, Robert Rothrock
Witnesses: C.F. Luce, Thomas Burchfield

Will of: Chevalier Van Ersel
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 7/21/1851
Proved: 8/9/1851
Executor(s): Ignatious Garner

Will of: Lyman Robison
Residence: Jay Township
Written: 6/16/1851
Proved: 8/22/1851
Executor(s): Joseph Robison, Vine Denison
V.S. Brockway, C. Denison

Will of: David Taylor
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 9/12/1851
Proved: 8/13/1853
Executor(s): Peter Thompson, Jesse Kyler
Witnesses: James R. Hancock, James Hancock, Josiah T. Hancock

Will of: William Mason
Residence: Gibson Township
Written: 9/27/1854
Proved: 1/20/1855
Executor(s): John Brooks, Eliza Mason, son Phineas Mason when he is of age.
Witnesses: Henry Mason, John Chapman

Will of: George Hasselberger
Baltimore City, MD
Written: 6/6/1850
Proved: 4/30/1855
Executor(s): Appolonia Hasselberger
Witnesses: Fred F. Benzinger, Randolph Bouldin, Joseph Thomas

Will of: Jacob Wilson
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 9/1/1852
Executor(s): Samuel Wilson, Eddy Hyatt
Witnesses: L. Luther, Charles Mead

Will of: Jacob Kreiger
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 11/15/1856
Proved: 3/18/1857
Executor(s): George B. Taylor, Catherine Kreiger
Witnesses: B.P. Little, Harriet Taylor

Will of: Catherine Derby
Residence: Ridgway Township
Salenia Burroughs, Agnes Postlethwait

Will of: William Gillis
Residence: Ridgway Township
Written: 4/18/1857
Proved: 11/17/1857
Executor(s): James Gillis (Uncle)
Witnesses: Samuel Hyde, W.A. Williams

Will of: Adam Adreas
Benzinger Township
Written: 1/4/1857
Proved: 1/17/1857 (Will is written in German.)
Paulinus Hummel, Lorentz Dietz, Michael Zimmett, Mathew Fresh

Will of: Joseph Mason
Residence: Gibson Township
Written: 7/1/1858
Proved: 10/3/1858
Executor(s): Henry Mason, John Brooks
Witnesses: Washington Brooks, James Wylie

Will of: Jacob Ditlod
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 1857 (Will is written in German.)

Will of: Isaac Robinson
Residence: Elk County, PA
Written: 10/28/1861
Proved: 5/27/1862
P.W. Hayes, George Keller, Albert Ellinger

Will of: Nathaniel Hyatt
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 1/14/1859
Proved: 7/11/1862
Executor(s): John S. Hyatt, Daniel Hyatt
Witnesses: Jesse Kyler, Willis Kyler, John Kyler

Will of: James Givens
St. Marys
Written: 11/5/1860
Proved: 4/29/1863
Executor(s): Robert Simpson, Joseph Dougall, both of Philadelphia, PA
Witnesses: George Walmsley, Harriet Bradford

Will of: Bitfield P. Little
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 4/7/1858
Proved: 7/1/1863
Executor(s): Lydia A.M. Little, Horace Little
Witnesses: Joseph Hyde, Albert Willis

Will of: John Gies
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: Will is written in German.
Proved: 4/6/1865
Frederick Rudolph, John Nissel, Johann Alles

Will of: Lorenz Stockman
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 12/12/1864
Proved: 1/16/1865
Executor(s): Maria Stockman, Anton Fochtman, John Stockman
Witnesses: Anthony Kuntz, Adolph Fochtman

Will of: Franz Schneider
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 12/9/1863
Proved: 5/1/1865
Executor(s): Anna Elizabeth Schneider, Anthony Kuntz, Mathias Wellendorf
Witnesses: Frederick Rudolph, Charles H. Volk

Will of: Michael Ovel
Jay Township
Written: 4/8/1865
Proved: 8/5/1865
Executor(s): John Barr, A.W. Gray
Witnesses: J.Z.Lindenmuth, Milton Chase

Will of: Patrick Whalen
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 7/19/1865
Proved: 9/4/1865
Executor(s): Eddy Hyatt, William A. Bly
Witnesses: Sam Craus, Eddy Hyatt

Will of: Anthony Kuntz
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 4/19/1865
Proved: 5/17/1865
Executor(s): Regina Kuntz, Edwin Weis
Witnesses: Adolph Fochtman, A. Fochtman

Will of:Smith Mead
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 9/4/1861
Proved: 10/12/1865
Executor(s): Lovina Mead
Witnesses: E. Schultz, Peter Quigley

Will of:Simon Ernst
St. Marys
Written: 6/10/1865
Proved: 7/10/1865
Executor(s): John Wegemer, George Schmidt
Witnesses: Joseph Heiberger, Misforne Loruman (??)

Will of:Edward Dougherty
Springcreek Township
Written: 5/13/1865
Proved: 9/22/1865
Executor(s): Susan Dougherty
Witnesses: John Strain, Jeremiah Elliott, John Megaffick

Will of:Wolfgang Schluttenhofer
Residence: Benzinger Township
Executor(s): Thomas Schluttenhofer
Witnesses: F. Rudolph, William Gross

Will of:Daniel Hewitt
Residence: Jay Township
Proved: 4/10/1866
Executor(s): Irena Hewitt, William B. Hewitt
Witnesses: Peter F. Weed, William M. Webb

Will of:John Rothenhoffer
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 7/13/1864
Proved: 6/27/1866
Executor(s): Theresia Rothenhoffer
Witnesses: Peter Ritter, Joseph Wilhelm

Will of:Joseph Seel
Benzinger Township
Written: 10/24/1866
Proved: 11/21/1866
Executor(s): Caroline Seel, George F. Schaeffer
Witnesses: Lewis Vollmer, G.S. Wesnitzer

Will of:Joseph Erich
Benzinger Township
Written: 11/15/1866
Proved: 3/4/1867
Executor(s): Adam Jesberger
Witnesses: George A. Rathbun, Edward Souther, E.C. Barrett, Albert Willis

Will of:Thew Johnson
Residence: Benezette Township
J.W. Brown, Ralph Johnson, Jr., William Murray

Will of:Anthony Hanhauser
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1/4/1867
Proved: 4/19/1867
Executor(s): Ignatius Garner, Louis Vollmer
Witnesses: E.C. Schultz, J.C. Roris, P. Fisher, Johannes Kronenwetter

Will of:Lyman Wilmarth
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 7/20/1867
Proved: 9/10/1867
Executor(s): L.C. Wilmarth, Frederick Wilmarth
Witnesses: Joseph King, H.M. Avery, Inols Hill

Will of:Ralph Johnson
Residence: Benezette Township
Written: 10/27/1866
Proved: 10/3/1867
Executor(s): Ralph Johnson, John Chapman
Witnesses: Henry D. Derr, J.Z. Lindenmuth

Will of:George Reuscher, Sr.
Benzinger Township
Written: 7/9/1866
Proved: 8/15/1868
Executor(s): George Reuscher, Jr., Peter Jung, Frederick Rudolph
Witnesses: George Reuscher, Jr., Peter Jung, Frederick Rudolph

Will of:Anthony Cuneo
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 6/20/1867
Proved: 8/11/1867
Executor(s): Magdalena Cuneo, F. Jerome Cuneo
Witnesses: R.T. Kyler, Jesse Kyler, Martha Kyler

Will of:Lebbeus Luther
Residence: Ridgway Township
Written: 6/8/1867
Proved: 5/27/1869
Executor(s): Elizabeth Luther, Martin Luther
Witnesses: Henry Souther, Jerome Powell

Will of:Joseph Corbe, Jr.
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 5/29/1869
Proved: 11/6/1869
Witnesses: Louis Vollmer, J.K.P. Hall

Will of:Alfred Pearsall
Residence: Horton Township
Written: 4/27/1869
Proved: 4/13/1870
Executor(s): George Dickinson, W.C. Healy
Witnesses: D.B.R. Dickinson

Will of:George W. Rathbun
Benezette Township
Written: 12/1/1867
Proved: 5/5/1870
Executor(s): Robert D. Kramer of Allentown, PA
Witnesses: A.E. Kelly, C.H. Sage

Will of:Adam Kammerer
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 10/12/1866
Proved: Codicil proved 8/13/1878
Executor(s): John B. Cuneo
Witnesses: P.W. Hays, James H. Graybill

Will of:John Horning
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 4/9/1867
Proved: 9/10/1870
Executor(s): Elias Horning
Witnesses: Abraham Shipman, John H. Shipe

Will of:Daniel Kingsbury
Residence: Bradford, McKean Co., PA
Written: 10/21/1870
Proved: 11/5/1870
Executor(s): Ruby Kingsbury, Horace Little
Witnesses: Enos Parsons, T.J. Melvin

Will of:Herman Koch
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1/10/1870
Proved: 11/28/1870
Mentions: Wife Gertrude Koch; Three children: Gertrude Fornbaum, Catharina
Waker, Filomena Hesperlein.
Executor(s): Adam Vollmer, Bernhard Eckel
Witnesses: Louis Vollmer, Johan Ehrensberger

Will of:P.F. Xaverius Buchheit
Benzinger Township
Written: 6/10/1871
Proved: 9/15/1871
Executor(s): Jacob Vollmer, Ignatus Keiser
Witnesses: Louis Vollmer, Fred Dippold, Andrew Dippold

Will of:George Brechtl
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 3/2/1871
Proved: 1/10/1872
Executor(s): George Brechtl
Witnesses: J.B. Brown, J.D. Parson

Will of:Carlos Fuller
Residence: Ridgway Township
Written: 5/24/1872
Proved: 6/1/1872
Executor(s): Silas L. Fuller
Witnesses: E.E. Crandall, William Keel

Will of:John Staufer
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 10/17/1871
Proved: 7/5/1872
Executor(s): George Selle, George Reuscher
Witnesses: Johann Wilhelm, George Nissel

Will of:Kunigunda Dill
Residence: Jones Township
Written: 1/23/1872
Proved: 1/26/1872
Executor(s): W. Wilcox
Witnesses: J.D. Parsons, Lewis Haslon

Will of:David Meredith
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 12/16/1863
Proved: 10/19/1872
Executor(s): George Dickinson, Henry Souther
Witnesses: J.E. Graham, Elijah Meredith

Will of:John Schmidt
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 8/6/1871
Proved: 12/7/1872
Executor(s): Kunigunda Schmidt
Bernard Eckl, John Griebel

Will of:Xaver Sorg, Sr.
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 8/27/1865 (Will is written in German.)
Michael Brunner, George E. Weis

Will of:John Malone
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 6/17/1865
Proved: 1/9/1873
Executor(s): Edward McCready, Michael Brown
Witnesses: Edward McCready, Francis O’Neill

Will of:Michael Mandl
Benzinger Township
Written: 3/1/1873
Proved: 3/29/1873
Executor(s): Maria Mandl
Witnesses: Joseph Gerber, Mathias Wittman

Will of:Andreas Schmucker
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 12/12/1872
Proved: 3/29/1873
Executor(s): Katharina Schmucker
Witnesses: B. Eckl, C. Schiessle

Will of:Erastus Burlingame
Residence: Jones Township
Written: 2/5/1872
Proved: 6/20/1873
Executor(s): Daniel Thompson of Utica, NY and Albert Burlingame of Clinton, NY
Witnesses: Philip Quigley, Jane Wilson

Will of:John Niemiller
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 2/7/1873
Proved: 8/19/1873
Executor(s): Catharine Niemiller, Joseph Wilhelm
George Rettger, Louis Vollmer

Will of:Markus Lechner
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 9/29/1873
Proved: 11/20/1873
Executor(s): Joseph Jacob, Louis Vollmer
Witnesses: Michael Schinabeck, Kaspar Lechner

Will of:Joseph Maushaner
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 10/30/1871
Proved: 11/20/1873
Executor(s): Barbara Maushaner
Witnesses: Joseph Vollmer, John Vollmer

Will of:John O’Connor
Fox Township
Written: 3/22/1873
Proved: 11/20/1873
Executor(s): Michael Gillen, Rev. Father Eugene Phalen
Witnesses: Louis Vollmer, James N. Hayes

Will of:Peter Quigley
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 5/29/1873
Proved: 12/3/1873
Rufus Lucore, M.F. Callahan

Will of:Isaac Quiggle
Residence: Ridgway Township
Written: 4/2/1874
Proved: 8/13/1874
Executor(s): Jacob Quiggle
Witnesses: Sarah J. Hatfield, Caroline Gunning

Will of:Andreas Heimel
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 8/3/1874
Proved: 9/8/1874
Executor(s): Charles Ritter, Charles Luhr
Witnesses: John Breindl, Joseph Luhr

Will of:John Endreas
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 8/21/1872
Proved: 11/23/1874
Executor(s): Sophina Endreas, Martin Sorg
Witnesses: Louis Vollmer, John E. Weidenboerner, Nicholas Kronenwetter

Will of:John E. Turley
Residence: Jay Township
Written: 5/13/1874
Proved: 1/26/1875
Executor(s): A.W. Gray, Julius Jones
Witnesses: William M. Webb, James Campbell, David Kunes

Will of:Philip Meyer
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 5/16/1872

Proved: 2/12/1875
Michael Brechtel, John Gleixner
Witnesses: Christ Kreckel, Jacob Kreckel

Will of:Patrick Smith
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 1/3/1875
Proved: 2/25/1875
Executor(s): Lawrence Mohan
Witnesses: Patrick Ward, Michael Mann

Will of:Bernard Eckl
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 7/6/1874
Proved: 3/16/1875
Executor(s): Anna Dorethea Eckl
Witnesses: George Weidenboerner, H.A. Sturenberg

Will of:Oliver Gardner
Residence: Jay Township
Written: 3/7/1873
Proved: 5/25/1875
Executor(s): Mary Gardner
Witnesses: S.R. Gardner, Phele Gardner, J.R. Morey

Will of:Frances Gill
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 7/15/1874
Proved: 6/5/1875
Executor(s): Magdalena Gill
Witnesses: Andreas Grasz, John Koch

Will of:Barbara Maushanner
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1875
Proved: 7/16/1875
Executor(s): George Weigel, Sr., Jacob T. Scheidler
Witnesses: Michael Prechtl, Michael Schaberl

Will of:Charles Klausman
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 6/19/1875
Proved: 8/5/1875
Executor(s): Angelica Klausman, Philip Meyer
Witnesses: Adam Jesberger, Louis Vollmer

Will of:Vincent Botaneo
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 11/30/1874
Proved: 11/2/1875
Joseph Copella, Charles Copella

Will of:Francis Tegler
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 3/8/1875
Proved: 12/8/1875
Executor(s): Anthony Fochtman, Charles Luhr
Witnesses: Conrod Marquart, George Hoffman

Will of:Frances Cordes
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1/1/1876
Proved: 2/2/1876
Executor(s): Charles Weis, Conrod Marquart
Witnesses: Michael Bauer, John Frank

Will of:Jacob V. Houk
Ridgway Township
Written: 4/3/1875
Proved: 1/29/1876
Executor(s): Elizabeth Houk
Witnesses: J.F. Dill, E.A. Hall, Jonathan Hall

Will of:Ann Overturf
Residence: Benezette Township
Written: 3/14/1876
Proved: 4/1/1876
Executor(s): William Murray, George Rothrock
Witnesses: A.W. Gray, H.C. Rothrock.

Will of:Michael Rubl
Residence: Jones Township
Written: 3/29/1876
Proved: 4/25/1876
Executor(s): Anna Maria Retzer
Witnesses: Henry Warner, Mrs. A.L. Burlingame

Will of:Frederick Dippolt
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 8/14/1876
Proved: 9/8/1876
Executor(s): C.L. Bayer, Charles Luhr
Witnesses: F.X Haberbosch, Michael Dornish

Will of:Charles Broeckl
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 11/13/1873
Proved: 9/27/1876
Executor(s): Charles Luhr, Bernard Eckl
Witnesses: Henry Luhr, George Imhoff

Will of:John Raum
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1/7/1872
Proved: 1/6/1877
Executor(s): John G. Deht, John Kaul
Witnesses: W.B. Hartman, M.D., Louis Vollmer

Will of:Elizabeth Cordes
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 2/29/1876
Proved: 2/7/1877
Executor(s): Conrod Marquart, Mary Severin
Witnesses: Michael Brunner, Michael Bauer

Will of:John Taylor
Residence: Fox Township
Written: 1/19/1877
Proved: 2/16/1877
Executor(s): George B. Taylor, James R. Taylor
Witnesses: J.J. Taylor, Joel S. Taylor

Will of:John Kaul
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 10/6/1876
Proved: 3/26/1877
Executor(s): Andrew Kaul
Witnesses: Joseph Gerber, Henry Fletterman

Will of:Michael Schinebeck
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 5/12/1876
Proved: 4/2/1877
Executor(s): John Swartzfisher
Witnesses: Leonard Paridus, George Weigel

Will of:Job Vankirk
Residence: Jones Township
Written: 1/19/1877
Proved: 4/5/1877
Executor(s): Mary Vankirk
Witnesses: Maurice M. Schultz, Ernest O. Aldrich, Jeff. L. Brown

Will of:John Goetz
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 4/17/1876
Proved: 5/2/1877
Executor(s): Helena Goetz, Joseph Goetz
Witnesses: Charles Luhr, George Schaut

Will of:Joseph H. Dornish
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 1/2/1877
Proved: 5/23/1877
Executor(s): Johanna Dornish, Charles Bayer
Witnesses: Michael Dornish, Charles Luhr

Will of:Michael Spangler
Residence: Jay Township
Written: 11/29/1875
Proved: 8/28/1877
Executor(s): Francis J. Spangler, Robert I. Spangler
Witnesses: A.W. Gray, Lucy L. Douglass

Will of:Edwin Paine
Ridgway Township
Written: 7/25/1877
Proved: 9/7/1877
Executor(s): Catherine Paine
Witnesses: R.V. Kime, Henry McCready

Will of:Charles Cook
Residence: St. Marys
Written: 10/27/1875
Proved: 9/8/1877
Executor(s): Franceska Cook
Witnesses: Martin Lower, Francis Weis, Charles Weis

Will of:Sarah A. Oval
Residence: Elk Co., PA
Written: 6/9/1877
Proved: 10/27/1877
Executor(s): Sarah’s brothers: James M. Brookins, Elijah L. Brookins
Witnesses: E.L. Brookins, J.M. Brookins

Will of:George English
Benezette Township
Written: 2/27/1878
Proved: 5/29/1878
Executor(s): A.W. Gray
Witnesses: Julius Jones, Grafins English, D.W. DeHass

Will of:Michael Oppelt
Residence: Benzinger Township
Written: 10/5/1877
Proved: 7/31/1878
Executor(s): Kunigunda Oppelt, Charles Luhr
Witnesses: Engelbert Spellenberg, Gerhard Schoening

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