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Honoring an Ancestor
Honoring an Ancestor at Mt Zion Cemetery, Weedville

Cemetery listings are a great resource for searching our ancestors. I am very much indebted to Jim Burke and the Mt Zion Historical Society for all their work in helping me to compile these lists. Along with Jim Burke, I have recently visited many of the cemeteries in the Bennett's Valley area specifically Jay and Benezette Township. It actually is a very spiritual time visiting the final resting places of our ancestors and recording their tombstones.

I am also very thankful to Sarah and Iris Caskey for their permission to share their published information on the cemeteries in Elk County (Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County Pennsylvania). Additionally I've reviewed some of the listings against other information available and added or changed to make these as complete as possible- which none ever will be. The spirit here is to share these listings for all to see- There is no copyrighting of these listings intended- but the contributors wish that these are not copied for any commercial purpose. If you have any that you can contribute that would be great. Let me know.
SPECIAL NOTES ON CEMETERIES: If you have any other comments to add please let me know. Having recently gone to many of these cemeteries I've found and learned from other contributiors that many of these smaller cemeteries are primarily very old family plots such as:

Morey Family Plot--- "L M 1845" is found along with two others, unmarked. This marker may be the marker for Leonard Morey, Lewis Family Plot, Rothrock Family Plot, and Kincaid Family Plot and are in disrepair. The Potter Goff Family Plot on Gray Hill Road only has two readable grave stones. There must be at least twenty gravestones of native rock which have no information except to identify a grave site. I'm sure this story can be repeated by all those who have visited the cemeteries of our ancestors.

Brandy Camp did have a cemetery that included several Rev. War veterans, but supposedly no longer exists. A number of Fox and Horton Townships oldest residents are missing and they may be buried in that cemetery (Sherry J).

Gibson Township now in Cameron County was once a part of Benezette Township. You may want to search these cemeteries also. Gibson Township Cemeteries

There are also some cemeteries of interest from Clearfield County which I will post here. See below for those cemetery listings. See the following links for other interesting information and projects:
"Bob Nay"

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Township Cemetery
Benezette Benezette Cemetery(41.31N,78.38W)
Mt Pleasant-Winslow Hill Cemetery(N41 20'34", W78 21'53")
Huston Hill Cemetery(N41 23' 52", W78 15' 16")
Johnson Cemetery( 41.328N-78.332W)
St. Cecelia's Catholic Cemetery(N41 19'29", W78 22'29")
Summerson Cemetery(N41 19'42", W78 20'8")
Benezette- Small Family Plots and Cemeteries
(Duncan/Webb/Yarger;Lonesome Grave;Morey;Rock Hill)
Benzinger-St Marys County Home Cemetery
Presbyterian Protestant Cemetery
St. Benedictine Sister's Cemetery

St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:A-B
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:C
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:D
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:E-F
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:G
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:H
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:I-K
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:L
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:M
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:N-R
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:S
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:T-V
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery:W-Z

Fox Gardner Hill Cemetery with photos (N41.280 W78.556)
Earleyville Cemetery(41.360N;-78.626W)
Elkton (Presbyterian)Cemeterey(41.363N;-78.602W)
Hollobaugh Cemetery with photos(41.273N;-78.572W)
Maria Lutheran Cemetery
Ridge Cemetery(41.346N;-78.649W)
St Boniface Cemetery
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery(41.372N;-78.594W)
Highland Highland Cemeterey
Campbell Family Plot
Carlson Settlement Plot (Latitude: 41.363N Longitude: -78.602W)
Horton Horton Small Family Plots and Cemeteries (Bish, Faust , Graham, Pioneer)
Brandy Camp Cemetery
Brockport Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery
Mountain Church Cemetery with photos
Small Family Plots-Jay Township
(Rothrock, Kincaid, Denison, Goff-Gray Hill)
Mt. Zion Cemetery(41.30N, 78.48W)
St. Joseph Cemetery(A-C)
St. Joseph Cemetery(D-K)
St. Joseph Cemetery(L-P)
St. Joseph Cemetery(Q-Z)
Webb Cemetery
Weedville Cemetery(N41*16'27";W78*29'36")
Jones Meffert Heirs Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery(413635N 0783659W )
Wilcox Cemetery- A-C
Wilcox Cemetery- D-L
Wilcox Cemetery- M-S
Wilcox Cemetery- T-Z
Williamsville-Midmont Cemetery
Millstone Millstone- Small Family Plots and Cemeteries ( Cline Run, Clyde)
Donahey Hill United Methodist Cemetery(Parrett Cemetery)
Ridgway Fairview Cemetery
German Settlement Site
Greenwood Cemetery
Holy Rosary Cemetery-FindGrave
Laurel Hill Cemetery(412936N 0783958W )
Oakmont Cemetery(412618N 0784454W )-FindGrave
Ott Cemetery(412740N 0784549W )
Parklawn Memorial Gardens-FindGrave
Pine Grove Cemetery(412529N 0784423W )-FindGrave
Sarah Thayer Memorial Cemetery-FindGrave(412535N 0784433W )
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery- Just beginning Caskey listing
St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery(412535N 0784423W )-FindGrave
Wildfire Family Plot
Wardvale Methodist Cemetery(413054N 0784057W )-FindGrave
Spring Creek
Lake City Lutheran Cemetery
Maxwell Run Cemetery and Small Family Plots ( 41.387N-78.933W)
Pleasant Hill (Dutch Hill) Hallton-FindGrave
Clearfield County Hewitt Cemetery
Gibson Township, Cameron County Hicks Run Cemetery(Latitude: 41.3606, Longitude: -78.2489)
Castle Garden Cemetery
Mason Hill Cemetery(Latitude: 41.3733, Longitude: -78.1989)
Miller Run Cemetery(Latitude: 41.35, Longitude: -78.0647)
Mix Run Cemetery(Latitude: 41.3353, Longitude: -78.1997)