Elk County Genealogy Volunteers

Family Ties and Resource Lookups

Elk County Courthouse, Ridgway
Elk County Courthouse, Ridgway

250 Main Street
PO Box 448
Ridgway PA 15853
Register & Recorder (of Deeds/ Wills/Orphans Court
(814) 776-5349 http://www.co.elk.pa.us/regrecorder
Prothonotary (814) 776-5344

Email NancyJanyszeski@Yahoo.com if you can volunteer and help out. Hope you find this site helpful in your search and come back often to see the changes.

Family Tree Inquiries

Family Surname Township(s) Volunteer E-mail Comments
Burke Jay Bob Nay kbnay@comcast.net  
Hicks Benezette Linda Valetta lvaletta@alltel.net  
Morey   Linda Valetta lvaletta@alltel.net  
Bloom   Linda Valetta lvaletta@alltel.net  
Winslow Benezette Bob Nay kbnay@comcast.net  
Hanscom   Linda Valetta lvaletta@alltel.net  
Barber   Linda Valetta lvaletta@alltel.net  
Ovell Jay Bob Nay kbnay@comcast.net  
Smith   Chris Painter chrispainter1966@sbcglobal.net Adam/Henry Smith-Armstrong Co.PA
Gerg, Schaberl/Schoeberl, Curry, Gross, and Haberberger St Marys/Benzinger Ann Heffner annsh@localnet.com  

Resource Lookups

Resource Volunteer E-mail Comments
A History of Elk County (1981) Bob Nay kbnay@comcast.net Alice Wessman/Elk County Historical Society
Beers' History of of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, PA Bob Nay kbnay@comcast.net Elk and Cameron Only
History of St. Marys - the Formative Years;
History of Benzinger Township and some of its people;
History of Elk County;
History of the St. Marys Church;
Ann Hefner annsh@localnet.com Benzinger Township/St Marys
St Marys (fee based) St Marys Historical Society smhistoricalsociety@windstream.com Many good records including baptismal records of St Marys area
Elk County (fee based) Elk County Historical Society elkctyhistoricalsociety@alltel.net Covers Elk county in general and Ridgway specifically