Elkton Cemetery
Fox Township
Elk County PA

Many thanks to Sally and Iris Caskey to allow us to share this information from their Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County Pennsylvania. This listing is not necessarily an exact translation of the gravesite transcriptions because of updates and changes and many of these gravestones are very difficult to read or unreadable. Changes/updates are enclosed in parentheses()- these are most likely not on the tombstone. You may want to check out the Find-A-Grave website for other information. But the intent is to share those that can best identify as being buried here. If you have other information that was missed or misread or updated please let me know.

Elkton Cemetery is located beside the Kersey Community Center, Main Street in the village of Kersey.
Last Name First,Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Other
AlorichettiAntonioMarch 15, 1882Jan. 27, 1912 
AndersonRandy W.April 15, 1969June 26, 1972 
AndersonJohan EnokJuly 22, 1870March 15, 1891 
AndersonMagnus EdwardMay 20, 1858March 29, 1891 
ArtzGeorge18081893Civil War
April 1, 1850daughter of I. & L., (Martha C)
March 13, 18502yrs 10 mos 27 days; daughter of I. & L.
BeveridgeMary Beth19331939 
BeveridgeThomas E, Jr.19311956Cpl 79th Engr Fld Main Co WWII
BeveridgeThomas E., Sr.18921973WWI
BeveridgeUrsella Brown19021979
BlickJohn18931938Co E Inf WWI
BlickClayton JohnJuly 16, 1923Sept. 28, 1972<WWII

BrownSusie J.18741926
BrownClaud I.18761951Co H 16th Regt P.V. Spanish Am War
BrownJobe H.18891969
BrownMinnie M.18931989

BruneauJamesMay 25, 1832Feb. 7, 1911
BruneauNancyDec. 14, 1832May 13, 1919wife of James
BundyFreeman A.May 6, 1837
son of E. & L.
April 13, 18911yr 2mos 19days; son of B. & C.
BundyElijahJan. 12, 1798July 1-, 1845
CarlsonCarl O.18811896
CarlsonGenevieveAug. 23, 1920Feb. 6, 1921daughter of H. C. & I. M.
CarlsonAndreasJuly 1821March 20, 1893
CaseFreddie A.Nov. 4, 1886Jan. 31, 1887son of J.E. & Emma
March 31, 190353yrs 3mos 11days
DicksonMary J.
Oct. 1, 189646yrs 5mos 16days
DitchburnMary E.
Mar. 25, 186534 years
DonaldsonMary Watson18581896wife of A.
DowieRobert G.June 26, 1877Mar. 26, 1947
DowieChristine W.
Nov. 21, 1959
Mar. 4, 190750 yers 1 day; MD
FreemanElizabethFeb. 29, 1856Aug. 27, 1890wife of B. H.
FreerEdgar Herman19031969
FreerViolet Glance19101976
GlanceHildur18921919M, wife of Albin
GlanceAlbin G.18831947F
Mar. 4, 189163 years; wife of John
GlanceAlbin G.Aug. 31, 1913Mar. 8, 1974Cpl Army AF WWII
Mar. 9, 189171 years
GrahamJames N.

12 years; son of J. E. & L.
GrahamJames E.18191903Pvt Co C, 211th Regt
GrahamLucretia18311905wife of James
GrassCharles E.
May 29, 186823 years 1 days; son of H. & B.
GreenJohn(Oct. 12, 1799)(Oct. 23, 1883)(husband of 1)Ann Kyler and 2)Mary Thompson )
GreenEliza (Hancock)(Mar. 6, 1841)(Nov. 28, 1910)wife of J(ames) R(obert), dates & age not visible

GreenJulia187619--M, wife of Harry
GreenEsmerelda18511914wife of C. E. Green
GreenHarry18711931father;(son of Charles E Green and Esmeralda Meredith;husband of Julia )
GreenWilford C.18941932
GreenSarah J(ane Shofstahl)(May 9)18781935wife of Thomas
GreenWilliam18621943Husband of Araminta & Rose
GreenDale F.19031944S
GreenThomas H(enry)(Feb. 5)1871(Jan. 11)1957(son of James Robert Green and Eliza Hancock;husband of Sarah Jane Shofstahl )
GreenEllen W.18931977wife of Wilford C.
GreenSarah C(atherine)(Aug. 30, 1875)Dec. 189520 years(daughter of James Robert Green and Eliza Hancock)
GreenJames R(obert)July 12, 1825Jan. 10, 1915Civil War, Co. C, 211 (Regt Pa Vol)((son of John Green and Mary Thompson;husband of Eliza Hancock ))
GreenClatie (C)
July 9, 18781 year 3 mons; son of C(harles). E. & E(smeralda) S.
GreenReuben H(artley)(Sep. 10, 1872)May 23, 18818yrs 8mos 4days(son of James Robert Green and Eliza Hancock)
GreenNelson (Elias)
May 27, 18812 years; (son of James Robert Green and Eliza Hancock;twin brother of Nellie Eliza Green Shofstahl)
(1894)12yrs 2mos (20)days;[not sure if that is a birth or death date]
Apr. 18, 188339yrs 11mos 28days;wife of J. H.
HancockJosiah T.
Dec. 15, 186028yrs 1mo 25days;son of J.(Hancock) & S.
HancockGeorge W.
Mar. 19, 185924 years 12 days;son of J.(Hancock) & S.
HarneyMargaretFeb. 3, 1900Aug. 5, 1902daughter of Nath & Margaret

Co F, 58th Pa Inf Civil War

no data
HawkinsJane18541893wife of Robert
HawkinsRobert Sr.18521940
HawkinsWallace O.18921963Co D, 137th Inf 35th Div AEF WWI
HawkinsElizabeth A.18991984wife of Wallace
HawkinsJohn W.
Apr. 14, 18821 year
Apr. 3, 18893 weeks
HawkinsMaggie L.
Apr. 6, 18891 year 9 months
Dec. 9, 189361 years
Nov. 3, 18841 year 9 months
HayesHazel E.18951923
HedbergNels Harold William19161917
HedbergJeneva Johanna Olivia19181918
HedbergEdith Maria18771919
HedbergCarl Gustaf18811954
HedbergJohn C."Jiggs"19131986
HerbertsonChristina H.18631940
HetrickEarl E4 September 193914 August 1992Unc
HetrickClara V.19091962wife of John D.
HetrickJohn D.19021972
HodsonJohn H.18701918
HodsonRobert G.18751958WWI
HodsonElizabeth18801962wife of Robert G.
HodsonJohnAug. 9, 1846Aug. 3, 1920
HodsonAnnieJan. 1, 1845Jan. 8, 1911wife of John
HodsonFrank C.
Mar. 22, 19072yrs 4mos 2days;son of J. & C.
HulettWilliam H.Dec. 6, 1856Aug. 2, 1930F
HulettMaria L.Jan. 23, 1856Nov. 1, 1916M, wife of William
HustonW. M. G.18731875son of T. A. & H. M.
HustonHarriet M.185019--wife of T. A.
HustonT. A.18391902
HustonJames O.18771963


Civil War
188822 years;daughter of G. H. & S. M.
Feb. 15, 186281 years
IrwinLoydNov. 22, 1891Nov. 26, 1891son of J. S. & M. H.
JacksonJohn WilliamJan. 1, 1891Dec. 2, 1962Pa Pvt Co A, 18th Inf WWI
JohnsonInfant sons18981900infant sons of George & Sarah
JohnsonAldin S.
Dec. 27, 18934yrs 6mo 15days;son of C. A. & Matilda
JohnsonHalga L.
Dec. 30, 18931yr 2mos 26days;daughter of C. A. & Matilda
JohnsonAlex G.Nov. 5, 1888Sept. 4, 1892
Aug. 17, 189130yrs 9mo 20days
KellerVerna Mae19341934
KellerOrrin A.18831946
KellerBertha A.18821948wife of Orrin A.
KellerLeroyFeb. 6, 1913Feb. 10, 1913son of O. A. & B. A.
Oct. 1, 1919
KesterholtRichard E.19251964Pfc Btry A., 45th C.A. Bn WWII
KesterholtJohn E.Oct. 24, 1958April 24, 1979

son of H. P. & L. P.
KlineLuella B Hetrick Kesterholt10 June 192817 June 1992
KlineLillie P.Aug. 17, 1865July 6, 1902Wife of W. H.
LipseyMary18771927Wife of Thomas
LipseyElizabeth18461957Mother, wife of William
LipseyFrancis R.Jan. 4, 1907Sept. 20, 1982Sgt US Army, WWII
LucoreNora TaylorApril 14, 1894May 10, 1927
November 1993
LundgrenCarl L. 18631945
LundgrenAlthea W. 18641955wife of Carl L.
LundquistCharles G.18571926
LundquistCharles John 18751940
MacKillopArchie 18621923
MacKillopJeannette 18731944
Aug. 30, 190210yrs 3mos 17days;c/o Wm. & Hannah
MarshallRobert N.
June 6, 19013yrs 5mos 14days;c/o Wm. & Hannah
185162 years
May 3, 185575 years
McConnellJohn 18521930
McConnellAnna 18601942
McMeekinAlexander May 14, 1899Nov. 12, 1901son of I. & M.
MenodEmma Taylor18541939
MeredithLaura F.

daughter of J. R. & P.
MeredithJ. R. 18421909
MeredithPermilla 18391913wife of James R.
MeredithDavid 1833(May 24)1914(husband of Elizabeth Martha Thompson )
MeredithElizabeth (Martha Thompson )18371921wife of David(daughter of John Thompson and Anna Reesman)
MeredithHarry R. 18661934
MeredithMabel C. 18811964wife of Chas. R.
MeredithMabel E. 18811964wife of Harry R.
MeredithCharles R. 1873(Feb. 2)1970(husband of Mabel Clare Huston )
MeredithMargaret A. 19061973wife of James R.
MeredithJames R. 19091978
MeredithHelen 19038 October 1992
MeredithElizabeth S.
April 19, 187568yrs 1mo 21days;>wife of William S.
MeredithGeorge C. Feb. 9, 1918April 22, 1919
MeredithSarah A.May 5, 1883April 28, 1919
MeredithWilliam H.
Aug. 3, 189159yrs 5mos 23days;(Merredith)
Jan. 12, 187168 years;wife of David
MeredithEdna B. Nov. 22, 1872Jan. 28, 1852
MeredithRaymond Feb. 16, July 23, 1922son of P. & E.
MeredithWilliam H. Aug. 17, 1865July 7, 1959
MeredithWilliam S.
June 14, 186062yrs 9mos 11days
MeredithPercy R. Aug. 2, 1901June 6, 1941Father
MeredithEdna C. Feb. 6, 1902March 15, 1980Mother, wife of Percy
March 17, 188381 years
MeredithAnn (Taylor)
March 29, 190877yrs 9mos 12days;wife of Elijah T.
March 8, 18(57)1yr 8mos;son of W. H. & L. H.
MeredithAlbert R. April 1911May 1988Pvt US Army WWII
MeredithLillie R. June 16, 1914May 30, 1926
MeredithFrank C. Feb. 5, 1911Nov. 30, 1984WWII
MeredithHartley M.
Oct. 16, 188618yrs 6mo 13days;son of R. & P.
Oct. 28, 187881 years;wife of Elijah
Sept. 21, 186550 years
MeredithLorenda March 26, 1830Sept. 5, 1909
MeredithElijah T.
Sept. 6, 188967yrs 1mo 18days;(husband of Ann Taylor )
MillerJohn 18621949Pvt Co H, Pa Inf. Spanish American War
MorrisJoseph 18511923
MorrisStephen May 19, 1889Aug. 10, 1901
NelsonEarl 18891889Middle initial might be C
NelsonLena (M) 18991899
NelsonJohn P. 18581941Father
NelsonAdda L. 18701945Mother
NelsonIver E. 18921963
OswaldEbenezer F. 18751914
Nov. 18, 190654yrs 6mos 18days
PeckhamCharles R.
Oct. 4, 188418yrs 8mos 5days;son of B. R. & A.
PeltierEllen E. 19111961
ReeseThomas T.

Civil War
ReeseElizabeth JacobsMay 25, 1811May 22, 1883wife of Thomas
Dec. 28, 186883yrs 10mos 26days; (husband of Catherine Stover )
ReesmanCatharine (Stover)
July 26, 185976 years;wife of James
RenwickGaynell R 19321973
RobbinsMaud Woodward
Sept. 20, 188223 Years
RobertsonJulia A.
1897wife of Findley Robertson
SalineHarry 18931911
SalineEllen 18591938mother

no data
SennettJames 18421914
SennettMarshall 18721932
SennettLaVerne 18991941Co E, 6th Inf WWI
SennettAnnie 18471942wife of James
SennettJames 18751968
SennettS. Anne 18801969
SennettRobert R. Mar. 14, 1879Dec. 15, 1938
SennettKathryn J. June 1, 1880Oct. 1, 1953
SennettNorman M June 27, 1917Sept. 12, 1985son and father
ShoffstahlViola V. 191519--wife of Walter A.
ShoffstahlElsie 18901919wife of Jess
ShoffstahlJess 18711953
ShoffstahlWalter . 19151969WWII
ShutikaJoseph J 14 June 191414 October 1994
ShuttleworthJohn M. 189619--
ShuttleworthBetty Jane 19221923
ShuttleworthHarry 18511928father
ShuttleworthMary Anne 18541929mother, wife of Harry
ShuttleworthHarry T. 19271955s, 1/C US Navy WWII
ShuttleworthLamont V. 18951970Cpl Co M, 12th Bn Repl Tr Center WWI
ShuttleworthEvelyn M. 18961973wife of John M.
ShuttleworthRuth M 18961991
ShuttleworthJohn M 18 September 189624 October 1993
ShuttleworthIda M. Aug. 10, Nov. 27, 1920daughter
SidelingerCharles 18631946
SidelingerMartha 18661948wife of Charles
SidelingerMargaret 18841966
SidelingerCharles L. 1906Jan. 24, 1985Sgt US Army WWII
Slee Sarah A.
Aug. 5, 1891 36 years;wife of John
Smith Grace M Hetrick 28 January 1934 24 February 1992 wife of Darhl
Stenstrom Otelia M. Mar. 2, 1890 Apr. 10, 1891 daughter of Otto & Sclina
Stenstrom Carl A. June 19, 1891 Jan. 4, 1897 son of Otto & Sclina
Stevenson Elizabeth May 12, 1864 Jan. 2, 1933 wife of John E.
Stevenson Elton E.
June 11, 1910 21 years 3 months;son of J. E. & L. A.
Stevenson John E. Dec. 20, 1859 Nov. 26, 1938 father
Stranberg Amel July Oct child of P. A. & S.
Stranberg Axel July Oct child of P. A. & S.
Swanson Solomon May 15, 1841 Aug. 16, 1896
Swanson Elizabeth A. Mar. 29, 1891 June 16, 1892
Swanson Mary July 3, 1900 Oct. 8, 1990
TaylorDavid Apr. 7, 1800Jul. 29, 1853husband of Elizabeth Krieger
TaylorElizabeth Krieger unkunkwife of David Taylor
TaylorSarah R. 18261899wife of George B.
TaylorGeorge B. 18181902
TaylorCora 18821962
TaylorDella B. Feb 27, 1892Aug. 24, 1918
TaylorJames J.
Aug. 29, 188838yrs 7mos 9days
TaylorEdward W.
Feb. 21, 18935yrs 7mos 10days;son of L. G. & P. E.
Jan. 21, 18(22)1 year
TaylorJoel S. July 29, 1834Jan. 6, 1906(son of David Taylor and Elizabeth Krieger;husband of Mary Ann Taylor )
TaylorMary A(Ann Taylor ) May 20, 1835June 17, 1896wife of Joel S.(daughter of William Taylor and Mary )
Oct. 14, 186412yrs 9mos 15days;daughter of G. B. & Sarah
TaylorIda E. May 12, 1855Oct. 14, 1898
TaylorMills C.
Oct. 7, 1861son of G. B. & Sarah
TaylorGeorge W 1841Jun. 30, 1917husband of Salinda A Meredith
TaylorSalinda A Meredith Sep. 5, 18511877daughter of Elijah T Meredith and Ann Taylor;wife of George W Taylor
TaylorWilliam D Jun. 1, 1858May 20, 1928son of Joel S Taylor and Mary Ann Taylor;husband of 1)Ida E Clarkand 2)Nora Weigner
Apr. 29, 189954 years
Nov. 19, 189353yrs 9mos;wife of Lewis
ThompsonRobert 18421932
ThompsonRobert R. 18801951
ThompsonMary L. Keller18861957wife of Robert
Aug. 20, 188473yrs 8mos 26days; (husband of Anna Reesman )
ThompsonMargaret MarieFeb. 21, 1938Feb. 24, 1938daughter of Glen & Marguerette
ThompsonJames C.
Feb. 3, 188710yrs 6mos 2days;son of Robert & J. A.
ThompsonChristine Musselman Edwards
July 5, 1911No Marker
ThompsonScott David Mar. 4, 1972May 8, 1972
TimblinBertha Mae 1916
wife of John R.
TimblinJohn R. 19151973
TreharneMary 19071918
TreharneBlanche 18791927mother, wife of Edwin R.
TreharneEdwin R. 18701959father
Dec. 14, 190163yrs 3mos 15days
TreharneJohn M. Feb. 15, 1902Feb. 22, 1986Sgt US Army WWII


19yrs 3mos 2days;Apr. 1, 1881[not sure birth or death date] wife of Joseph
UnknownWilliam Joe

UnknownSarah P.

90 years;March 16, 1827 [not sure birth or death date]
WalkerKatherine E. 1914
wife of Albert J.
WalkerAlbert J. 19111974
WesthovenJoseph 18771917
WesthovenWilliam H. 18791956
WesthovenLena Mae 18951960
WhamondJames 18491918
WhamondIsabell 18501933wife of James
WhamondIsabella N.
--29, 1883year, 11mos 15days;daughter of James & I. A. [age year unreadable]
WhartonWilliam M. Oct. 19, 1881Feb. 12, 1902
Wharton[--nda] M.
June 10, 1881(38) years
Jan. 25, 186121 years;wife of Eddy Orpha (?)
Winslow Mary Jane 19221973
WonderlingFred M.18971975
WonderlingMary E. 19031982wife of Fred M.

Contributed by Bob Nay (thanks to Iris and Sarah Caskey)

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