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Catawissa Monthly Meeting

Chandlee Eves and Rachel Kester

Isaac Masters and Sarah Kester

Israel Lundy and Rachel Hughes

Chandlee Eves, son of John Eves and Edith, his wife, and Rachel Kester, daughter of Paul Kester and Anne, his wife, all of Derry Township in the County of Northumberland. Married under care of Catawissa Monthly Meeting at Fishing Creek, 1st mo, 5th day, 1797. Present at the Marriage:
Robert Richart    Daniel McFain John Kester
John Lyons Samuel Crasley Isaac Phillips
John Robbins Isaac Ogden Edith Phillips
Esther Lundy Rachel Ogden Mary Phillips
Rachel Haines Elizabeth Robbins    Henry Battin
Isaac Masters Rachel Phillips Sarah Battin
Thomas Wilson Sarah Kester Mary Reece
Jesse Haine Elizabeth Eves Elizabeth Hartly
Rubin Lundy Prisilla Eves Samuel Kester
Elizabeth Lundy Ann Eves Paul Kester
Kezia James Andrew Eves Anne Kester
Ezekiel James Mark Eves Joseph Eves
Israel Lundy Samuel Eves Thomas Eves
Mary Kester Robert Wood Rachel Eves
John Kester Mary Wood Williams Eves
Sarah Kester Peter Kester Sarah Eves
Vincent Robbins Lydia Eves John Eves, Jr.

Isaac Masters, son of James Masters and Margaret, his wife, and Sarah Kester, daughter of Paul Kester and Anne, his wife, all of Derry Township, Northumberland County. Married under care of the Catawissa Monthly Meeting in a public Meeting at Fishing Creek, 11 mo, 8th day, 1798.
Present at the marriage:
Elizabeth Lundy Phebe Wilson John Kester
Sarah Lundy Martha Masters Mary Kester
Katherine Smythe Israel Lundy Jacob Clayton
Jonathan Hartley Rachel Hains(sic) Hannah Clayton
Elizabeth Hartley Mary Haines(sic) Chandlee Eves
Martha Hartley Susannah Russel Jesse Hains(sic)
Sarah Eves William Ellis, Jr. James Masters
Isaac Packson Jacob Haines(sic) Margaret Masters
Joseph Hawley John Eves Paul Kester
John Lyon William Battin Anna Kester
Esther Lundy Mary Phillips John Kester
Henry Battin Lydia Robbins Peter Kester
Sarah Battin Reubin Lundy Samuel Kester
Moses Hambleton            Mary Wood William Kester
Edith Phillips Benjamin Palmer Rachel Eves
Benjamin Kester Anna Palmer Robert Wood
Pracilla (sic) Eves Ruth Kester

Israel Lundy, son of Reuben Lundy and Esther, his wife, Township of Greenwood, in the County of Northumberland, and Rachel Hughes, daughter of Job Hughes and Elenor, his wife, of the Township of Catawissa, in the County of Northumberland. Married under the care of the Catawissa Monthly Meeting in a Publick meeting of the aforesaid people at Roaring Creek 2nd mo, 23 day, 1802.
Present at the marriage were:
Moses Starr Jr Joseph Stokes Levi Hughes
Amos Armitage Thomas Penrose Thomas Lee, Jr.
Martha Armitage Joseph Davis Jesse Yarnell
Elizabeth Hughes Samuel Siddens Robert Penrose
Elenor Collins Frances Siddens Rachel Penrose
Isaac Wiggins Samuel Hughes Reubin Lundy
Susanna Hughes Ruth Lee Esther Lundy
Elenor Hughes(sic)      Hannah Penrose       Job Hughes
Thomas Linville John Hughes Eleanor Hughes(sic)
James Starr Samuel Hughes Sarah Hughes
Jesse Lee Amy Hughes Abigail Hughes
Levi Hughes Sarah Carpenter Amos Hughes

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