Transcribed Census Data

Please note that due to advances in technology and the availability of huge databases, transcribing census materials have become non-cost effective effort and is seldom practiced now unless a small localized group has a purpose for such. Most census records have been transcribed, cataloged, and indexed on

Clinton County, Federal Census Index

Year Roll ED's Transcription Status Transcriber
1840 M704-450
1850 M432-768 Kimberly K. Loar
1860 M653-1097
1870 M593-1328 Twps
Team Volunteers
1880 T9-1113 FamilySearch
1890 M123-85
1900 T623-1397 ED's
1910 T624-1332
1920 T625-1554
1930 T626-2021

Township Census Data