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Penfield Cemetery

Penfield, Huston Township

Clearfield County, PA


Contributed by Sherry Jesberger



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Transcription done by Sherry Jesberger, April 11 1998


This cemetery is located on a hillside in Penfield at the junction of Route 255 and 153 and is practically invisible from the road. There are no discernable rows in this cemetery however the cemetery has an access road that loops around the whole cemetery in a circle. I divided the cemetery up into four sections using this access road.


SECTION A- starts at the gate entrance of the cemetery and goes around to the left and on the outside of the access road to a large stone that says "NEWELL" at the very top.


SECTION B- starts at the gate entrance of the cemetery and goes around to the right and on the outside of the access road to a large stone that says "NEWELL" at the very top.


SECTION C- drawing an imaginary line from the Newell stone at the top of the cemetery to the gate entrance of the cemetery all the stones to the left of this imaginary line.


SECTION D- all the stones to the right of the imaginary line described for Section C.



SEXTON Edna E. 1930-1933  
SEXTON Frank R. 1876-1971  
  A. Estella 1887-1953  
FORSYTHE George F. "Jocko" born 11/9/1936; died 12/26/1990  
FORSYTHE George born 1/19/1899; died 1/31/1963  
  Kathryn born 8/3/1912; died 5/9/1983  
FORSYTHE Alice W. 1875- 1952  
FORSYTHE John N. 1873-1920  
ARTLEY Lester S. "Buddy" 1908-1944  
LEWIS Lulu E. 1880-1962  
LEWIS James 1875-1941  
VANBUSKIRK Charles 1845-1931  
  Mary E. 1848-1910  
GUCKAVAN Harriet J. born 2/27/1829; died 7/9/1907 w/o James
  James born 1828; died 3/24/1913  
PAYNE John W. 1887-1919  
HAUCK Malcolm W. 1923-1924  
ENGLISH L. 1847-19--  
  Alice J. 1811-1918  
WILLIAMS Floyd 1887-1969 Pvt. WWI
WILLIAMS John D. 1894-1958 Cpl. Medical Corp. WWI
WILLIAMS Grant 1857-1906  
PAYNE Lillian Williams 1869-1954  
ROBACKER George A. 1893-1916  
BLOOM Louis 1860-1941  
FRANTZ Estella M. 1870-1938  
FRANTZ Harry C. 1872-1946  
BURNS Mary A. 12/28/1875- 4/29/1956  
PETERSON Agnes 7/15/1884-2/7/1908  
PETERSON Edward 1/18/1908- 11/4/1947  
PROSBA Mae Pontious Peterson 11/10/1908- 8/24/1977  


WILLIAMS Mary S. 1873-1958  
HOLLINSHEAD Dorsey B. 1893-1971  
  Mayme L. 1897-1978  
JENKINS Mary A. 1867-1945  
PARK Kathryn E. 1923- no death date  
  Robert E. 1909- 1977  
PARK Marmer D. 1883-1957  
  Effie R. 1888-1952  
LONGO John- 1955- Metal Marker- Geer Funeral Home
REILLY Thomas 1886-1946 Metal marker- Geer Funeral Home
LONGO Mary 1959- Metal Marker- Geer Funeral Home
SMITH Fred 1853-1932  
WATTS Oscar B. 1911-1982  
JENNINGS Ethel Minnie 1884-1975  
OLSON Carl A. 1877-1960  
  Hilda M. 1878- 1931  
  T. Paul 1914-1942 (son)
EMIGH Elizabeth Lewis 1870-1937  
  George 1884-1952  
PONTIOUS Solomon 1838-1925 1st Lt Co. E. 58th PA Regt. GAR
HESS B. F. 1858-1907  
OVERTURF Stanton M. 1878- 1920  
  Josephine 1877-1964  
WARD Margaret 1871-1922  
WARD Lloyd 1856-1937  
CAMPBELL Rachel Ward 1900-1981  
WHORL David H. 1856-1923  
  Margaret M. 1867- 1944    
McGRINDER James 1862- 1928  
(There is a large stone in the McGrinder plot that has been pushed over on it�s face-- unable to budge it.)      
JORDAN Linden 1855-1945  
  Louisa 1856-1927  
SMART Matilda 1881-1972  
  Willa Jane 1922-1992  
  James 1876-1939  
  Emma 1881-1919  
  Jeffrey P. 1904-1909 s/o James & Emma
  Baby 5/9/1909  
  Harold 1922  
THOMAS James F. 1874-1953  
  Margaret 1877- 1943  
  S. James 1900-1977  
BARTELS Mary Ellen 1919-1958 (buried with Thomas)
HEWITT Mary Jane born 8/16/1839;died 11/13/1902 w/o F.E.
BIXBY Clara Webb 1886-1921  
  James Edward 1882-1926  
  Ada Wilson 1891-1926  
SHRIVER C.F. 1876-1918  
  E.N. 1885-1907  
BRAND Emma T. 1880-1908 w/o James
SCHRIVER Delilah 1850-1923 w/o Franklin
  Frank B. 1846-1926 Pvt. Co. O 48th PA Regt GAR
PEASE Frank B. 1866-1911  
  Charles O. 1869-1913  
  Holmes W. 1857-1905  
  William H. Sr. 1829-1909  
  Mary J 1838-1909 his wife
  Jasper N. Sr. 1868- no death date
WALLACE Francis Ord 1869-1938  
  Florence M. 1871-1963  
HEWITT John M. 8/8/1860-7/12/1937  
BRUNDRIDGE James 1860-1927  
  Elizabeth 1856-1938  
HOOVER Mary 1850-1933  
  Evans 1852-1938  
CHAMBERS Bertha 1879-1955  
  George A. 1879-1939  
YONKER Russel W. 3/13/1903-1/4/1965 PA Pvt. HQ Det. StaCom WWII
YONKER Ethel N. w/o J.H. 1883-1920


SMITH Reuben 9/15/1913-10/3/1913 s/o George R. & Mary T.
  Stillborn Boy 2/18/1918  
KECK Mary A. 4/15/1886--4/3/1895  
SMITH William Henry 12/15/1880--1/8/1901 s/o R.. & L.A.
SMITH Dr. Reuben 4/17/1842--8/23/1924  
  Lavanchia 9/9/1856--2/1/1937  
WEED Minnie E. 3/20/1886-3/4/1908 d/o G.M.& M.M.
WEED Margretta died 9/27/1894; 4y1m21d. d/o G.M. & M.M.
RADEBACH John Harris 5/8/1849--4/9/1919  
  Christine E. 10/4/1855--3/5/1929  
CRIST Jonathan died 10/9/1899 aged 76y
RADEBACH Bennie Carl. . d 6/2/1893 aged 17y12d s/o J.H. & C.E
FREELAND William O. 5/15/1858--3/5/1902  
FREELAND Morris 11/18/1870--6/8/1898  
FREELAND Rebecca 9/5/1826--8/20/1906  
BROWN William S. 9/15/1850--11/29/1936  
BROWN Edith R. 1/22/1860--1/10/1936  
BROWN Grace 1820-1904  
BROWN Infant son of H.W. & Z. died 1/1/1872  
UNKNOWN J. Vernon died 8/31/1880 aged 1y8m6d s/o G.C & J.H.
KLINE Mother 1843-1925  
KLINE J.H. M.D. 1842-1929  
KLINE Nellie Bird died 8/1/1887 aged 8y1m13d d/o J.H. & S.C.
SPOTTS Leah Kline 1884-1957  
SPOTTS Joseph T. 1884-1941  
BEACH Myrtie Mae died 2/6/1880 aged 1m22d d/o J.E. & E.E.
ROBERTS Sarah 1/26/1823--3/9/1906 w/o William
  Cordella A. died 11/14/1871 aged 45y w/o William
  William 12/23/1818--1/19/1907 1st Lt. Co. E. 17th Reg. Maine Inf.
LAMB Harlan 8/31/1844--3/2/1906 (On Robert�s stone)-
HARMAN Infant b/d 3/16/1892 s/o Jesse C. & Edith A.
HORNING David 1/23/1819--9/29/1905  
  Susan D. died 1/17/1893 aged 66y 27d
BARNETT Carl died 12/6/1896 aged ? s/o P.S. & ?
BARNETT Philip S. 9/14/1846--10/10/1930 Pvt. Co A. 100 Regt. PA Inf GAR
JENKINS Gertrude died 8/29/1932 aged 43y d/o A.D & M.A
JENKINS Genny died 9/22/1897 aged 4y8m d/o A.D. & M.A
RENWICK May died 11/13/1897 6m13d d/o James & E.
REES Jenkin 1/16/1833--10/19/1900  
REES Elizabeth 10/30/1864--12/24/1910 w/o J.P.
THOMAS Frankie E. 6/20/1901--9/18/1901 s/o J.F. & M.A.
MOORE Earl s/o George & Sadie 12/19/1903--5/30/1904
MOORE Catherine M. died 4/22/1897 2y8m25d d/o E.H. & A.
LAMB Isabella died 4/10/1897 aged 9y8m20d d/o Charles & Marian
HOOVER Grace 7/23/1883--12/12/1888 d/o John A. & Nancy
  Nancy 12/21/1860-5/19/1894 w/o J.A.
LUCORE Arnold B. 9/11/1840--7/4/1900 Co. G 1st Reg. PA Bucktails.
BRUNEAU Frankie M. died July 4 1881 aged 11y3m26d s/o J. & N..
LaTOUCHE Lillian died 1/17/1893 aged 35y d/o Wm. H. & Julia A
LaTOUCHE Julia A. 2/1/1837--2/27/1909  
LaTOUCHE William H. died 11/19/1875 aged 49y29d
LARKIN Paul   aged 1m--no other data on marker
LARKIN William A.   aged 44y- no other data
LARKIN Maud   aged 11m- no other data
LARKIN Mildred   aged 6m- no other data
LARKIN Cora B.   aged 42y-- no other data
SCOFIELD Anne P. died 5/25/1903 aged 50y10m28d w/o A.C.
WILHELM Charles Warner 3/?/18??--9/21/1912 s/o C.W. & E.V.
CHESLOCK Marcella 5/8/1920--9/29/1977  
WILLIAMS Raymond K 1888-1962  
  Signe V. 1897-1983  
SCOFIELD J.L. 2/29/1840--12/16/1905  
SCOFIELD Julia E. died 1/21/1850 aged 2y5m8d d/o Harry & June
UNKNOWN Wilmer E. died 7/11/1830? aged 1y19d s/o ??
SCOFIELD Jane died 11/2/1880 aged 67y5m11d w/o Isaac
STARK? Martha A..   w/o ?? and Mary A w/o ?? (Unreadable and broken through the dates)
HEWITT Bertha C. 9/22/1847--8/1/1894 w/o E.
HEWITT Ezekial died 7/3/1890 aged 50y2m10d
SCOFIELD John C. 7/19/1852--10/8/1894  
SCOFIELD Myrtle May died 10/29/1904 aged 2y3m29d d/o G. & S.C
JONES Grover died 1/18/1889 aged 15m2d s/o R.L. & A.
RHINE William F. died 3/1/1908 aged 18y6m s/o W.H. & S.J.
RHINE Sarah Jane 2/18/1858--6/19/1917 w/o W.H.
RHINE Maggie died 3/10/1891 aged 1y1m1d d/o W.H. & S.J.
RHINE Charles W. Died 3/?/189? aged 3y3m24d s/o W.H. & S.J.
ROSENBERGER Hazel 1898-1939  
BISCARO Giovanni 1871-1958  
BEERS Alex 1889-1922 Pvt. 127 Auto Repl Regt. WWI
BEERS William 1842-1918  
BEERS Delilah died 5/7/1894 39y2m
CHAMBERS Dowanee 3/28/1898--4/5/1899 s/o J.L. & R.B.
HOOVER Bessie M. 1888-1918  
HOOVER Edith L. died 3/15/1893 aged 5y9m4d d/o Evans & Mary C.
ROSENKRANS Friend W. 1870-1936 Pvt. Batt. A. 4th Reg Art. Sp/Am War.
ROSENKRANS Lois Vivian 1894-1917  
ROSKENKRANS Ann M. 11/9/1833--2/8/1901 w/o Jacob H.
ROSKENKRANS Jacob Harmon died 9/16/1898 aged 68y11m14d Co. D. 179th PA Militia
ROSENKRANS Francis J. died 6/21/1893 aged 6y4m11d d/o A.H. & E. S.
ROSENKRANS Fay Olive died 5/28/1881 aged 1y11m7d d/o A.J. & Edith
ROSENKRANS Howard W. died 8/7/1881 3y6m21d s/o J.H. & A.M.
HALPIN John 1884-1946  
HORNING Sallie V. died 4/12/1878 aged 25y8m4d d/o Amos & Sarah
RADEBACH Mary Ann died 12/13/1877 aged 61y2m w/o John S.
RADEBACH J.S. 1816-1896  
RADEBACH Bertha Amelia d/o J.S & M.S 1853-1911
HOLLINGSHEAD Anor F. 1854-1941  
  Thomas O. 1844-1907  
HOLLINGSHEAD Frank C. died 1/14/1897 aged 9m18d s/p A.F. & T.O.
HOLLINGSHEAD Thomas B. died 11/5/1893 aged 1y10m28d
WELLS Willie-   no other data-- homemade stone
WELLS Son-   no other data-- homemade stone
WELLS H.J 9/29/1862--8/19/1935 Mother----homemade stone
WELLS T.- 11/14/18??--5/?/1934 Father---homemade stone
TURNER Susan died 5/?/1882 aged 50y
BOWERSOX Charles died 5/12/1878 aged 3d s/o J.H. & O.B.
HIRST Agnes died 1/3/1882 aged 3y10m
CRONK Sarah A. 5/4/1844--5/21/1884 w/o D.
DYCHE George R. died 10/27/1893 aged 34y1m14d
DYCHE Minnie May died 7/26/1880 aged 4m15d d/o ?& M.A.
DYCHE Arthur William died 7/30/1888 aged 25d
DYCHE Alice Maud died 8/10/1883 aged 1y
HEWITT Clyde A. 1877-1916  
BENNETT Bertha 1889-1969  
WALTERS Elizabeth 1915-1946  
BENNETT Jacob 1871--1951  
ORR Inez Gertrude 1878-1883 d/o J.R. & E.F.
HENRY Anna N. 1882-1951  


HOOVEN Roy 1880-1952 metal marker-- Geer Funeral Home
  Charles M. 1862-1894  
  Wava Dell 1880-1881  
WEED Mary M. 1856-1921  
  Clarence 1853--1918  
  William 1882-1913  
HORNING David M. died 1/12/1870 aged 23y4m15d s/o David & Susan
FREELAND Tillie 1863-1914 mother
LAMB Johnny 1876-1882  
  Warren 1849-1903  
AUSTIN George O. died 11/12/1892 31y8m8d
LETTS Susan 1847-1900 w/o T.W.
LENIG Henry 1873-1954  
LENIG Jerry G.L died 1/16/1896 26y10m21d s/o W.H. & L.
LENIG W.H. . Co.H 199th PA Inf GAR--no dates
LENIG Levina 1836-1920  
GROSSER Karl F. 1841-1896  
  Carolina 1842-1913  
GALLAGHER Mary C. died 5/10/1895 aged 6y2m7d d/o P.A. & E. A.
NEWELL Dr. Albert Jr. 1854-1913  
  Cornelia 1860-1954  
  Willis H. 1893-1894  
  Albert Sr. 1813-1900  
  Mary B. 1818-1899  
  Cora V. ROGERS 1862-1895  
  Victoria DOUBLES 1858-1881  
SHIMEL E. Belle 1896-1907 daughter
  Mary S. 1876-1959 mother
  Julia E. 1905-1963 wife
  Roland E. 1898-1963 husband
  Gladys V. 1902-1904  
PARK Gilbert 1911-1914 s/o Mr. & Mrs. M.D.
ENGLISH Sarah M. died 8/21/1900 aged 78y6m3d w/o J.H
LEVIS Catharine A. died 6/23/1899 aged 75y7m14d (Could this be LEWIS? I chalked the stone and it clearly said LEVIS.)w/o J.R.
TROSTMILLER Katherine 1860-1923  
  George J.   died at Camp Lee VA on 6/1/1918 aged 31y
MEIER Eva died 6/25/1895 aged 75y
TROSTMILLER Nellie May 1890-1960  
HOOVEN Flossie Maud died 9/23/1892 aged 9m d/o S.W. & F.A.
LODER Sarah Jane 1/13/1838--11/28/1908 w/o Alex
LODER Alex   Co E.184th PA INF GAR--no dates
REDIFER Harry W. 10/12/1880--9/30/1886 s/o J.F. & M.E.
MARKER broken    
DeVINNEY Alice B. 1871-1883 d/o T C. & S.
DeVINNEY Thomas   Co. D. 100th PA Inf GAR-- no dates
BROWN Austin S. died 8/16/1861 aged 41y3m
BROWN William C. died 6/6/1866 aged 57y2m19d
BROWN Henry W. died 8/18/1899 aged 53y23d
ROSENKRANS George 1/17/1881-8/18/1955 "He Gave His All For Music"Composer
HOPKINS David D. 3/4/1852--10/20/1901  
HOPKINS Alice 8/8/1878--7/3/1899 d/o DD& E.
  Dear Little Alverda 6/20/1899--8/20/1899  
JEWELL Rosetta 5/18/1859--1/24/1901 w/o Charles B.
SUDERBACK E. Boyd 1911-1912 s/o E.T & H.V.
DUNN Willis E. died 1892-- age unreadable s/o J.J. & A
ROSENKRANS Ellery W. 1897-1949  
LEWIS Harold E. died 1/1/1894 s/o E.C & E.M. age unreadable
MARSHALL Carrie 1/12/1863--1/15/1903 w/o David
MARSHALL Ralph Edmund died 9/20/1890 aged 2y6m s/o David & Carrie
HILSHER Julia 1861-1941  
HILSHER Frank E. 1869-1916  
  A. Louisa 1871-1880  
  Mary E. 1867-1917  
BIRD Rev. Albert Allen 8/16/1857--6/15/1953  
  Millie V. Taylor 8/15/1867--11/6/1905  
  Nellie Bird 1/6/1864--10/12/1945  
  Addie Dent Bird 9/28/1870--8/18/1871  
  Lucien 4/8/1833--8/16/1915  
  E.Z. Eld-- 4/1/1833--7/13/1906  
  Alice E. Bird Forman 6/22/1861--1/21/1896 died at Agra India
  May Bird 5/4/1866--1/2/1905-- died at Buffalo NY
BIRD Lillie w/o Albert 1881-1966
WILSON Jesse died 4/24/1852 aged 60y
HULETT Camilla died 2/16/1901 aged 28y9m
FENN R. 1903-1907  
FRANTZ Geneva 5/13/1908--6/24/1908  
TOWNS Henry P. 2/23/1824--7/20/1896  
  Mary R. 8/8/1832--12/3/1903  
BOYLE Alice May 1901-1950  
  Samuel L. 1878--1943  
  Robert J. 1874-1889  
CORBY Hiram died 2/23/1899 aged 13y11m29d s/o John & Julia
CORLE Amos Claude died 9/24/1890 s/o WH. & Maggie- aged unreadable
CORLE Infant died 9/9/1895  
CORLE Aggie May died 11/14/1896 aged 3y6m9d d/o W.H. & M.
CORLE Margaret A. 10/28/1857--10/20/1907 mother
CORLE     Blank stone exactly the same as Margaret�s. (Could be W.H. Corle?)
GAYLOR Alice May died 8/16/1892 aged 6w
FIELDSTONE unmarked    
GILLILAND Sgt. J.H. . Co. C 100th PA GAR-- no dates
FIELDSTONE unmarked    
SAWYER Arcellia 6/18/1851--9/17/1895  
MIX J.H. 1859--1943  
  Albertina 1859-1915  
MIX Laura died 4/5/1891 aged 1y2m2d
WADSWORTH May   aged 4m- no dates d/o W.D. & L.
WIBKETT William Ray died 8/9/1895-- s/o B.B. & E.
DOUBLES Harry H. died 9/9/1882 aged 5m29d s/o J. & M
PAYNE William B. 1852 no death date
  Mary 1863-1908  
  Willie J. 1877-1879  
  George R. 1879-1902  
  Willard D. 1887-1889  
  Freda M. 1901-1903  
BROWELL Elmer R. died 3/30/1906 aged 10m28d s/o W.E. & H.C.
WILSON William died 2/15/1894 aged 52y7m7d Co. L 21 Regt PA Vol.
WILSON Infant died 3/1/1879 aged 2m d/o H. & E
WILSON Blanche died 12/15/1877 aged 2y8m2d d/o H. & E.
WILSON Laura died 1/18/1874 aged 11m10d d/o H.& E
WILSON James C. Blain died 9/13/1881 aged 3m21d
HIMES Betty Ruth September to November 1921  
TIMBLIN Madison A. 1849-1929 Co. B. 211 Regt. PA Inf GAR
  Lucinda 10/11/1851--2/2/1912  
RUCINSKI Infant Janet Elaine 1943  
SELFRIDGE Whitmer   Co I.28 PA Inf. GAR-- no dates
HAMMOND C.A. 1851-- 1919  
  Eliza 1860-1928  
LIXFIELD Fred 1864- 1938 (Twin to Henry)
  Henry 1864- 1943  
  Anna 1858-1936  
LIXFIELD Child died 6/21/1872 aged 1y4m15d
LIXFIELD Frederick 9/25/1813--2/18/1900  
LIXFIELD Henry died 10/21/1881 62y5m9d
  Dorothea died 10/19/1915 84y4m6d
DUNN Richard P. 5/4/1838--9/2/1894  
  Mary A. 2/16/1841--12/28/1891  
  Sarah 9/29/1869--10/10/1877  
  Morris J. 1867-1938  
McGRANOR Oliver died 8/1/1879 aged 2y11m16d
MURPHY Infant died October1882 aged 10m s/o J.M & S.E.
HAMILTON Thomas died 9/1/1882 60y Co. E. 28 PA Vol GAR
PONTIOUS Gladys Irene 1904-1907 d/o George & Sarah
PONTIOUS Alice Redding 1876-1946  
  George 1878-1961  
WILHELM August 1865-1942  
REDDING Andrew 1843-1909  
  Christina died 5/12/1892 aged 47y
HOLQUIST John & Charles Charles died 1889 aged 31y John is unreadable.
ANDERSON Olaf 1860-1956 metal marker Geer Funeral Home
VIOLA Marie J. 1919-1969  
JOHNSON Sarah 1868-1911  
  Merritte J. 1870-1946  
  Margaret 1882-1959  
HAMILTON William H. 1871-1927  
  Mary E. 1871-1951  
  Robert 1903-1956  
PETERS Thomas 6/10/1851--5/6/1927  
  Annie 9/10/1864--5/9/1949  
  Virginia 4/11/1927--5/23/1927  
McCRACKEN Dessie E. 1885-1958  
  James W. 1892-1965  
  Baby 1922  
YALE Alonzo 3/2/1882--3/30/1965  
SPRAGUE Milford A. 1901-1973  
  Viola 1903- no death date
LANICH William J. 1864-1952  
  Mattie E. 1868--1946  
  Emma- 1908-- 2m- metal marker- Geer Funeral Home
HORNING James Elias 1834-1913 metal marker-- Geer Funeral Home
  Leora Siphrona 1837--1922 metal marker-- Geer Funeral Home
PEASE James T. 1850-1940  
  MAry Ann 1865-1940  
SUDERBACK Thure 1889-1929  
PEASE May E. 1887-1915  
McLEOD Charles R. 1888-1918 C.U.S.M.C. WWI
  Mary E. 1897-1943  
JOHNSON Ruby M.--   no dates
  Walfred 1/28/1889- 7/2/1944  
  Clara 6/17/1893-- 7/9/1982  
RADEBACH Loretta Belle 1888-1912- mother
WALKER David 8/25/1841--10/6/1918  
  Mary 9/25/1888--12/27/1917  
  Robert 7/1/1886--10/26/1918  
  George 2/21/1891--10/23/1913  
HICKS Reuben died 11/15/1880 aged 3y12d s/o Lewis & Dora
HOOVEN     children of H.C. & dates on any of them
  Beatrice   1y
  Dorothy   3m
  Harry   3m
  Merril   3m
  Infant son    
HICKS Lewis 1843-1918 Pvt Co. E. 172 Regt. PA Inf. GAR
  Dorothy 1858-1904  
LEWIS George M. 1883-1910  
  Nancy 1846-1921  
  George 3/19/1883--8/25/1910 s/o G. & M
  Frank G. 1880-1950  
WILHELM Alfred J. 1869-1919  
  Emma 1871--1937  
  John O. 1894--1969  
COOKER Nora L. 1875--1913 w/o H.A
SMART Andrew N. 1884-1931  
  Mildred C. 1879-- no death date
YECKEL-     stone with no other data
SMART David W. 2/26/1915--9/4/1915  
REEDY G. W. 1851- no death date
  Melissa A. 1850-1912  
HENRY Malen L. 1875--1964  
  Anna 1883-1951  


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