WILLS: Extracts from Book 1

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Project



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Thomas Summrell/Somrell   Uriah Humble   David Shields   Thomas Jamison/Jameson   Francis Waddel/Wadale

Clement Findlay   Thomas Downs   Robert Worthington   William Crawford   Henry Spears   George McCartney



Dated: 24 Feb. 1773; Proved 8 April 1773
Brother: John
Sister: Mary
Brother in Law: James KINKADE, Executor.
Witnesses: William LINDSAY, John SIMRALL, Thomas JACK

URIAH HUMBLE, Westmoreland
Dated: 17 Jul 1773; Proved 7 Oct 1773
Mentioned wife
Children: Paul & Susanna JOHNSON
Executors: James JOHNSON; Michael HUMBLE (son)
Witnesses: Paul HUMBLE, Susanna JOHNSON & James JOHNSON

DAVID SHIELDS, Kenny Twp., Cumberland Co.
Dated: 27 May 1766; Proved 8 May 1773
Wife: Mary
Children Matthew, Isabel, Rebacka & Janet
Grandsons: George, David & John SHIELDS, s/o Robert SHIELDS (decd.)
Also Robert's younger children (minors) William, Matthew
Witnesses: John McNEIGHT, John McCLELLAND, Senr. & John McCLELLAND Junr.

Dated: 9 Jan 1774; Proved 1 Mar 1774
Wife: Ann
Children: William, Mary (minor)
Grandson: Thomas HENDRICKS (minor)
Thomas ROBERTS "son of my present wife by her former husband"
Executors: Anna (wife) & William (son)
Witnesses: Peter CHAIGNEAU, Absolum HENDRICKS, James WADDLE

11 Jul 1776; Proved 11 Apr 1778
Wife: Susannah
Children Mary (only dau., minor), James (only son) to be sent to uncle Rev. James WADDLE his guardian
Brothers: James, John, Samuel & William
Executors: Susanna (wife) & Andrew ROBINSON
Witnesses: John McCUCHIN, James, McCRACKEN & James WADDLE

CLEMENT FINDLAY of Westmoreland
Dated: 11 Aug 1775; Proved 2 Sep 1775
Wife Elizabeth
Children John (minor), Elizabeth & Martha
Executors: John CARNAHAM, Esq. (Brother) & George LATIMORE (friend)
Witnesses: Thomas JOHNSTONE, John FINDLEY & Andrew FINDLAY

Too dark to read

Dated: 2 Mar 1778
Wife: Gileallemis DOWNS
6 to each child
Mentioned Jeremiah DOWNS (land tract)
Witnesses: Enos M'DONNALL, __ ___chworth, Thomas JONES
(*dark copy)

ROBERT WORTHINGTON Junr of Augusta Co. New Purchase
Dated: 13 Dec 1774; Proved 12 Aug 1778
Wife: Rachel
Son: Joseph
Daughter: Elizabeth WORTHINGTON
Executors: Rachel (wife), Isaac MASON (her brother)
Witnesses: John CORDELL, Sam'l BRADBY, Sam'l JEFFERY, John MEASON

WILLIAM CRAWFORD - Westmoreland Co.
Dated 16 May 1782; Proved 10 Sep 1782
"Tract of Land whereon I now live Stuarts Crossings"
Wife: Hanah
Son: John
William CRAWFORD (s/o John) Richard CRAWFORD (s/o John)
Ann McCORMICK, Daughter William & Effe McCORMICK
Anne CONNELL - her four children William, James, Nancy, Polly
3 Children "John CRAWFORD, Effe McCORMICK, & Sarah HARRISON
Executors: Brother John STEPHENSON & William HARRISON
Negro Man: Dick
Mulatto Man: Daniel
Mulatto Boy: Martin
Mullato Girl: Betsy (?)
Witnesses: Thos. Gist, John E___. Mary WRIGHT, Nancy McKEE
(note one line says Ann McCormick Daughter - then William and Effe. Later line says 3 Children & names Effe McCormick)

HENRY SPEARS of Monangahala River in the New Purchase
Wife: Regana
Children: mentions sons & daughters
"two shares to each of my Sons and my wife, and one share to each of my daughters married and unmarried"
Executors: Regana SPEARS (wife) Samuel FRY (son in law)
Witnesses: Jacob KELLER, James BYRNS, William ANDERSON, Benjamin PELLON or PETTON, James WOOD, Joseph BOWMAN, Philip SHEPLER (?)

Dated: 20th September 1794; Proved & Recorded 25 December 1794
(gray horse and her saddle, one bed and bedding & dwelling house and barn & three adjoining fields & 3 milk cows for the use of my family at large for the term of 10 years)
Sons: ANDREW (oldest), others boys not named
Daughters: not named
Executors: William McFARLAND, Samuel McCARTNEY & ELIZABETH MCCARTNEY (her mark)
Signed in the presence of Patrick, JACK, William MCCLIMENS, Joseph MCCARTNEY