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Alice Elaine ERB

Dayton, Ohio

Alice Elaine Erb, 72, of Dayton, Ohio, passed away Monday, Oct. 29, 2001, at Wright Patterson Medical Center, Dayton. She was preceded in death by her parents, Clair and Anna (Pratt) Baughman. She is survived by her loving husband of 41 years, Ronald G. Erb; and two children, Ronetta and Kimberly Erb, both of Dayton, Ohio. She is also survived by a sister, Mrs. Eli (Pat) Stricker of Jeannette, along with numerous nieces and nephews. Alice was an active member of Mt. Zion Church, was the Seekers Sunday School Class treasurer, worked with the Angel Tree each year, and organized the greeters for each service. The funeral service was held Friday, Nov. 2, at Mt. Zion Church in Beavercreek, Ohio. Interment was at the VA Cemetery in Dayton. If desired, memorial contributions may be directed to the Diabetes Association of Dayton, Ohio.


Joseph? EVANS died in 1827.

The Keystone Courier, November 23, 1883


No event mentioned in the criminal annals of any age gave rise to more gossip bordering on the extremely marvelous than the hanging of Evans at Greensburg, Westmoreland county in 1827. This unfortunate man killed a fellow laborer in self defence during the construction of the Pennsylvania Canal. False swearing on the part of his accusers resulted in a conviction of willful murder. Executions were public then and while on the scaffold, in the presence of thousands, he predicted unnatural deaths to those whose biased testimony secured the result just mentioned. He no sooner dropped than a dove alighted on the frame above, and a horse fell dead while hauling the body to a place of burial. Then the retribution began, which is spoken of to this very day at every Westmoreland county fireside. The deputy sheriff who made the arrest and whose one sided evidence was conspicuous at the trial, broke his neck by a fall from a horse. The second of the fated list was afflicted with a thirst which all the cool springs of Westmoreland county could hardly allay. It is said that a large bucketful of water was his liquid ration each night. He died admitting the power of Evan's prophecy. Accidental deaths on the canal work carried off others in the party and at last only one remained. That one was Frank Marron, well known from Pittsburgh to Johnstown. A nemeses pursued this man for years. He was blown up by a premature blast which brought him nearly to death's door and left him minus one eye. Boatmen saved him from drowning on several occasions, but the unlucky hour came at last. One fine day the news passed along the line that Frank Marron had been cut in two on the Portage railroad. Thus died the last survivor of those who had contributed to the judicial murder of Evans. Evans declared that his execution would be the last in that county, but one which has taken place since has dispelled that illusion. (History of Westmoreland says the execution was in 1830.) Contributed by Harold Spaugy.

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Louise EXLINE died in 1912.


Mrs Louise Exline, Aged 84, Succumbs to Heart Failure.

MT PLEASANT, Nov 18---Mrs Louise Exline, aged 84 years old, died at the Morewood street home of her son, Walter, with whom she had made her home since 1901. Mrs Exline had been in good health until six weeks ago, when she became bedfast. She died of heart failure. The woman is survived by five sons and a daughter, Adam, of North Baltimore, O., Benjamin of Acme, Lawrence, of Mammoth, and John and Walter of this place, and Mrs Lydia Foust, of Morewood. The funeral service was preached by the Rev J L Updegraph at the Methodist Church, Acme, on Saturday. Interment followed in Freeman's Cemetery. Mrs Exline was a church member all her life, joining the German Reformed at the age of 13 and 10 years later, the Church of God, of which she was a member until death. The Weekly Courier, Thursday, Nov 21, 1912 page 6. Contributed by Harold Spaugy.

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