Lobingier Family Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Township

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Project



To find it, take Rt. 31 East out of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. One tenth mile before intersection with Rt. 982 at Laurelville,
turn left on Old 31 road. Immediately turn right. Go past red building on left, and park in front of old barn. Cemetery is at edge of woods behind barn.
There is a 4 foot high stone wall around cemetery, stones have recently been reset, cemetery is in very good condition.

Contributed by Ken O'Neal.



Surname Given Name DOB DOD Other Notes
Lobingier Elizabeth ------------ 10-03-1861 age 71 years, wife of John
Lobingier George ------------ 02-11-1829 age 18 years, 4 days
Lobingier John ------------ 02-26-1859 age 91 years, 10 months, 21 days
Lobingier Jacob ------------ 10-11-1855 age 60 years, 7 months, 20 days
Lobingier F. B. ------------ ------------ The rest of the stone is blank. No sign of any dates.
Lobingier John S. L. ------------ 02-20-1821 age 3 months, 2 days; son of J. & M.
Lobingier Mary ------------ 10-18-1879 age 78 years, 5 months, 20 days, wife of Jacob
Lobingier Sophia ------------ 05-18-1838 age 67 years, 9 months, 22 days, wife of John
Lobingier Christopher ------------ 12-03-1836 age 33 years, died Rodney, Miss.
Moyers Elizabeth ------------ ------------ age 5 years (no dates)
Moyers Esther ------------ 10-02-1815 age 30 years, w/o Michael
Moyers Jacob ------------ ------------ no dates; very old stone
Moyers Jacob ------------ 12-06-1803 age 58 years, newer stone, but still old. I think it could be replacement for stone with no dates.
Moyers Michael ------------ 11-17-1858 age 74 years
????? Henry ------------ ------------  































View of Cemetery View of Cemetery Elizabeth Lobingier
John Lobingier Jacob Lobingier, Sr. F. B. Lobingier
Mary Lobingier Henry ????? Unknown

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