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Jeannette, Pennsylvania, 1897

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"With thanks to Nancy for all the work she did gathering resources for Westmoreland County"

Westmoreland County History

All of the Province of Pennsylvania was granted by Charles II of England to William Penn.

In 1682,William Penn began a settlement in his Province
at Philadelphia.Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester Counties were
formed by William Penn when the Province was formed in 1682. Next, was Lancaster County in 1729, York County in 1749, Cumberland County in 1750,and Bedford County,
out of the western part of Cumberland, in 1772.

A new county had to be erected by an Act of
Assembly and on February 26, 1773, the Assembly passed the act organizing a new county--Westmoreland from Bedford County.
The new county was named Westmoreland,
after the county of the same name in England.

The original Westmoreland County included all the territory of Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, Greene, Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Crawford, Erie, Mercer, and Lawrence, and part of the counties of Indiana, Armstrong, Venango, and Warren. 

Westmoreland County Neighbors:
Allegheny ~ Washington ~ Fayette
Somerset ~ Cambria ~ Indiana
and Armstrong and maybe a corner of Butler
New Resource for one of our Neighbors:
Estate & Marriage Records: FS Historical Images
Cambria Co., PA
Estate Files:
1017858778, 107858779, 107855100, 107855099, 107855098
107855097, 107855096, 107855098, 107855097, 107855096:
107855092, 107855090, 107855091 Dates: 1808 > 1950

Marriage Records:
107858791, 107858786, 107858787, 107858790, 10858785, 107858784, 107858788, 107858792, 107858789: Dates: 1892 > 1897

107858780, 107858783, 107858781, 107858782: Dates 1974 > 1976

107855095, 107855094, 107855093: Dates 1960
All films can be found on FS.
Log in to your Acct, Search, then "Historical Images", then 'More Search Options', then Advanced Search', then enter the film #

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Rostraver Grant Map: Names
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Many of these families had properties before the formation of Allegheny County and Fayette County and therefore may be shown on the above Counties grant maps.
The original boundaries of Rostraver Twp: "Beginning at the mouth of Jacobs Creek, and running down the Youghogheny to
where it joins the Monongahela; then up the said Monongahela to the mouth of Redstone Creek; and thence with a straight line to the beginning."
Contributed by Raymond Popp of Rostraver Township Historical Society.

Other Maps

Historical PA Maps ~ Another Historic Map Site 
Historic PA County Maps
Perry Casteneda Map Collection
Historic County Lines ~ Survey Books: 1681> 1912

PA Topo Maps ~ LOC: Sanborn Maps
Historical Atlas, 1867: Westmoreland County
 PA State Archives: Maps &
"Land Office" Maps
PA Panoramic Maps ~ Civil War Maps
USGenWeb Archives Map Project - PA

'Topo Zone'
Use Topo Maps to find Cemeteries

A Specialized Map:
Draft Registration Boards, WWI: Street Maps for 1917-1918
LDS Film #8206990

Pennsylvania Archives: Magazine
These publications are chock full of great information and can be downloaded here.

Libraries & Miscellaneous Resources
University of Pittsburgh ~ Historic Pittsburgh  Digital Collections  
Rauh Jewish Archives

Got Quakers ?
Quaker Resources:
Monthly Meeting Notes: 1681 > 1935 [Ancestry]

The above resource is chock full of great information.

Quaker Information Center

Cyndi's List of Quaker Records

Friends Historical Library
Quaker Records: Family Search
Hinshaw Index to Quaker Records

Hinshaw Records are also available in the FS Catalog

Another untapped Resource
Genealogical Collections of the DAR
FS has a huge collection of film that has marvelous and unpublished documents.
Use the FS Catalog, Search using 'DAR' and Pennsylvania.
Ok, Westmoreland is ready to have a new face.
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There was a huge set of Cemetery files, those will be on the "Odds & Ends"
page in a separate section below the Biographies & Military Data

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The Freeman's Journal, the Nation,
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This just in...New Database

New Hampshire, U.S., Prison Records, 1812-1968

Prison Ledgers... Ancestry

Family Search: Historical images

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The Types of Information:
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Locations & Time Frame: Parishes, Towns & Townships:
Alice, Arnold, Biddle, Carbon, N & E Huntingdon, Fulton, Sewickley, Harold, Hopewell, Donegal
India, Industry, Irwin, Larimer, Mt Pleasant, Penn, United, Washington, Webster, Rostraver, Westmoreland [Proper]

Time Frame: 1553 - 2015

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There is a lot of Film for Westmoreland County, PA.
Stay tuned for indexes and information.
See the Vitals Page for Death Registers: 1893 - 1906

LDS Film 7809506
Marriage and Death Notices
From Weekly Newspapers: 1818 - 1865
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania: Vol 1
Copied & Compiled by:
Della Reagan Fischer [Mrs Frank Christian]
McKeesport, Penna, 1963
Index Img Rg
A - F 322 - 331
G - L 331 - 339
M- R 339 - 346
S - Z 346 - 353
Revolutionary Soldiers 354
War of 1812 354
Intro - Explanation 355

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