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Family Group Spouse Birth Date/Death Date View File
John Ansley Eunice Meech 1745 - 1806 View File
William H. Barrable Lena M. Pethick 1873-1951 View File
Henry Bauman Teresa Wyman ca 1821 - unk View File
James W. Bonham Eva J. Scherer 1907-1970 View File
Lawrence W. Bonham Emma J. Campbell 1855 - Unk View File
Uriah Chapman Sibel Cook 1733 - 1816 View File
Michael Edward Cosgrove Susan Anne Edwards 1846-1905 View File
Martin Griffin Hanora Cosgrove 1830-1905 View File
Frederick Hattler Mary Freethy (Freety) 1845-Unk View File
Isaac H. Hawker Sophie Elizabeth Starbuck 1863-Unk View File
Jacob Kimball Esther Phillips 1735 - 1826 View File
Jacob Kimball/Kimble Anna Ansley 1767 - 1834 View File
Abel Kimble Sybil Chapman 1754 - 1832 View File
Asa Kimble Abigail Pellett 1791 - 1847 View File
Daniel Kimble Jane Ross 1777 - 1852 View File
Ephriam Kimble Eunice Ansley 1761 - 1816 View File
Ephriam Kimble Lucy C. Killam 1808 - 1874 View File
William Kimble Irena Rice 1787 - 1830 View File
Elmer E. Lee Martha Adeline Small 1863-1950 View File
Phineas Lester Elizabeth Pellett 1748 - Unknown View File
Andrew Mowery Maxwell Martha Jane Kitzmiller 1840-1915 View File
John Jerimiah Merrill Almira Whelpley 1808-1887 View File
Charles Monroe Philinda Unknown 1810-1898 View File
James Musgrove  Jr. Ann Unknown ca1742 - 1824 View File
Daniel Charles Myrick Anne Priscilla Eacott 1819 - 1894 View File
John Pellett Nancy Bingham 1747/1748 - 1839 View File
John Pellett Laura Ansley 1791 - 1831 View File
Conrad Pulis Elizabeth Nelson 1769-1852 View File
Simeon Quick Mary Thomas 1792 - 1878 View File
Artemus Ward Simons Helen Marr Kimble 1863 - 1919 View File

Jonathan Drake Simpson

Mary Cramer


View File

Henry Tenbus 

Gezina Evan [Wife #1]

1810 - 1881

View File

Henry Tenbus

Wilhelamina Evan [Wife #2]

1810 - 1881

View File

Calvin Tracy

Caroline Cutler White


View File

Alviron D. Van Driesen

Mary T. Tolan


View File

Joseph E. Van Driesen

Gladys L. Barrable


View File

Samuel W. Williams

Samantha Young


View File

Warren Wilmot

Esther ?

Unknown - 1997

View File

George Young

Elaine McKinney


View File

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