Wayne County PA Churches

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Advent Church Lake Ariel  

Aldenville Baptist Church

Route 170, Aldenville; 570-785-3914

50th Anniversary Program
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Lake Como, PA; 570-448-2211  
Baptist Church of Waymart 342 Honesdale Road, Waymart, PA 570-488-5233
Berlin Church White Mills  
Bethany Church  

LDS Film  #0954315  Wayne Co, PA Court of Common Pleas Vols. 1-2  1824-1904 -  Incorporation of Bethany Church 01 Jan 1825.

Bethany Methodist Church RD#3 Honesdale;  570-253-6564  
Bethany Presbyterian Rt. 670, Bethany; 570-253-6316  
Bible Fellowship Rt. 607, Newfoundland, PA  570-676-9224

Bidwell Hill UMC

RD1, Lake Ariel, PA

Calkins Union Church Galilee  
Calvary Bible Church RD 1 Maplewood; 570-689-5239  
Calvary UMC 151 Belmont St., Waymart, PA   18472 570-488-6885
Canaan Bible Chapel 30 Hemlock Lane, Lake Ariel, PA Church Website
Caulkins Union Baptist Church Milanville, PA; 570-729-7017  
Centenary UMC Hamlin; 570-689-2301  
Central UMC Church & 11th, Honesdale Church Website
Christ Church White Mills  
Christian Science Society 512 Spring St., Hawley, PA 570-226-0536
Clinton Church Forest City  
Clinton Center Baptist (570) 785-5335  
Cole Memorial Baptist Church Church & Bishop Ave., Hawley, PA 570-226-4312
Conklin Hill Church Historic  

Cortez UMC

Cortez Road, Lake Ariel, PA

Damascus Baptist Church Damascus; 570-224-4022  
Elmdale Independent Bible Church Mt Cobb Road, Lake Ariel, PA 570-689-4783
First Assembly of God Church Rt. 507, Newfoundland, PA 570-676-4464

First Baptist Church of Hollisterville

Hollisterville, PA; 570-689-3071

First Baptist Church Church & l2th St., Honesdale 570-253-3276
First Baptist Church of Waymart 342 Honesdale Road, Waymart, PA 570-488-5300
First Presbyterian Church 815 Church St., Hawley, PA 570-226-4835
Free Church White Mills  
Free Methodist Church 107 Milanville Rd., Beach Lake, PA 18405; 570-729-7544
Free Methodist Church P.O. Box 35, South Canaan, PA
Grace Episcopal Church Church St, Honesdale; 570-253-2760  
Hamlin Assembly of God Church Hamlin; 570-689-2630  
Hawley Methodist Church 314 Maple Ave., Hawley, PA Church Website

Hemlock Grove UMC

491 Roemerville Rd., Greentown, PA, 18426


Hollisterville Bible Church

Hollisterville, PA


Hollisterville UMC RD#1, Moscow, PA; 570-689-2324  
Honesdale Assembly of God 1112 Church St., Honesdale 570-253-1223
Honesdale Gospel Tabernacle 455 Grove St., Honesdale  
Honesdale Jehovah's Witness Rt.l9, Honesdale; 570-253-0969  
Jericho Independent Church Newfoundland, PA; 570-689-2336
Jewish Fellowship Hemlock Farms, Hawley, PA 570-775-7497
Kingsbury Hill Church 415534N 0752053W Hancock [Historical] per GNIS
Lake Ariel Faith Fellowship 152 Deacon Hill Road, Lake Ariel PA 18436 Church Website
Lake Ariel UMC Lake Ariel, PA; 570-698-5543  

Lakeville UMC

Route #690W (Purdyville Turnpike), Lakeville, PA  18438;  570-226-2337

Latter Day Saints Beach Grove Rd, Bethany 570-253-5195
Latter Day Saints RD#1, Honesdale; 570-689-0640  

Light of Christ Church

P.O. Box 37, Hamlin, Pa 18427
Church Website
Living Word Christian Fellowship 603 Main St., Honesdale 570-253-6279
Lords Valley Community Church Lake Como, PA  
Madisonville Christian Church Route 690, Madisonville, PA 570-842-7295
Maple Grove Church Forest City  
Mission Chapel Starrucca  
Moravian Rt 191 & 507Newfoundland, PA 570-676-3334
Mount Zion Church Callicoon  
New Covenant Fellowship Columbus Ave., Hawley, PA 570-226-2507
1 Living Hope Community Church
36 Sterling Rd. Newfoundland Pa. 18445 (on Rte.196)
Pastors Rudolph & Stephanie Bolling
Open Bible Fellowship Maple Street, Lake Ariel, PA 570-698-9830
Orson Church Orson  
Paupack UMC Route 507 Paupack; 570-857-1141  
Pentecostal Assembly of God Hamlin; 570-688-9936  
Pleasant Valley Church Hancock  
Presbyterian Church 10th & Church St., Honesdale 570-253-3250
Quaker Meeting North Branch, Sterling, PA 570-689-0604
Queen of Peace Church 319 Chestnut St., Hawley, PA 570-226-3183
Rileyville Church Galilee  
Russian Monastery Waymart  
St. Agnes Church 715 Delaware St., Forest City, PA 570-785-3675
St. Anthony's Church 612 Hudson St., Forest City, PA 570-785-3838
St. Anthony's Church Newfoundland, PA; 570-676-3624  
St. Bernard Church Beach Lake; 570-253-0307  
St. Bernards Church White Mills  
St. Cecilia Aldenville  
St. John the Evangelist  150 Terrace Street, Honesdale,. PA 18431 570-253-4561
St. John's Episcopal Church 564 Easton Turnpike, Hamlin
St. John's Evangelist Lutheran 7th & Church St., Honesdale 570-253-1444
St. Joseph Route 191, Rileyville, Pa  
St. Joseph Catechetical Center 731 Delaware St., Forest City, PA  
St. Joseph's Church White Mills, Waymart, PA 570-253-0307
St. Joseph's Church Galilee  
St. Juliana's Church Lake Como  
St. Luke's Lutheran Church Greely; 570-685-4221  

Saint Mary's Catholic

242 Carbondale Road, Waymart, PA  18472

St. Mary Magdalen Church and Fifth Streets, Honesdale, PA  
Saint Mary's Lakeville  
St. Patrick's Catholic Church


St. Pauls Church Starrucca  
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 405 Church St., Hawley, PA; 570-226-2411  
St. Peter & Paul Church Forest City  
St. Thomas Moore Parish Lake Ariel, PA; 570-698-5584  
St. Tikhon's Orthodox Church St. Tikhon's Road, S.Canaan St Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary
For more information on the history of St. Tikhon's Monastery go to http://sttikhonsmonastery.org/history.html
St. Veronica's Catholic Church Lake Wallenpaupack; 570-857-9019  
Salvation Army Ladore Lodge 570 488-6129  
Seventh Day Adventist Church 307 Erie St., Honesdale; 570-253-5816  
Shawnee Tabernacle 16 Carriage Square, Tobyhanna, PA
Simon Church 412931N 0752639W Lake Ariel [Historical] per GNIS
Smith Hill Church White Mills  
Sterling United Methodist Church

Sterling, PA; 570-689-7879

Temple Beth Israel Court & 7th St., Honesdale 570-253-2222
The Church of Acts 1:8 Rt. 371, Damascus; 570-729-8869  
Union Church Long Eddy  
United Methodist Church  7 Milanville Rd. @ SR 652, Beach Lake Church Website
United Methodist Church Damascus; 570-224-4637  
United Methodist Church Hawley, PA; 570-226-3789  

United Methodist Church

Lake Como, PA; 570-448-2071

United Methodist Church White Mills, Waymart, PA  

Waymart Presbyterian Church

Belmont at South St.; Waymart, PA  18472

Wimmers Bible Fellowship RD 4, Lake Ariel, PA; 570-689-9352  

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