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An alphabetical list of known villages, boroughs, and other notable sites in Warren County and the townships in which they are located.

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LINK to Place Names in Warren County, Pennsylvania, by Ernest C. Miller - Short article, an interesting history!



Akeley - Pine Grove township

Alcorn Corners - Farmington township

Allegheny Springs - Brokenstraw township

Althom - Deerfield township

Backup Corners - Pine Grove township

Babcock Corners - Farmington township

Babylon Hill - Triumph township

Baker Hill - Columbus township

Baker Rocks - Pittsfield township

Barnes - Sheffield township

Bear Lake - Columbus township

Bear Lake - Freehold township

Bimber Corners - Limestone township

Brooks Rocks - Pittsfield township

Cable Hollow - Pine Grove township

Carlson Hill - Farmington township

Chandlers Valley - Sugar Grove township

Cherry Grove - Cherry Grove township

Cherry Run - Sheffield township

Clarendon - Mead township

Clarendon Heights - Mead township

Cobbs Corners - Spring Creek township

Cobham - Deerfield township

Columbus - Columbus township

Davy Hill - Deerfield township

Dewey Corners - Columbus township

Donaldson - Sheffield township

Dotyville - Southwest township

Dunham Corners - Conewango township

Dunham Siding - Watson township

East Branch - Spring Creek township

Eldred Center- Eldred township

Ellis Corners - Farmington township

Enterprise - Southwest township

Excelsior Corners - Triumph township

Fagundus - Triumph township

Fairbanks Corners - Farmington township

Fiddlegreen - Eldred township

Gardners Rocks - Glade township

Garland - Pittsfield township

Gouldtown - Pine Grove township

Grand Valley - Eldred township

Grunderville - Pleasant township

Hearts Content - Watson township

Hemlock - Glade township

Henrys Mills - Sheffield township

Hermit Spring - Cherry Grove township

Hoover - Sheffield township

Horn Siding - Spring Creek township

Humphrey Hill - Columbus township

Irvine - Brokenstraw township

Izenbrown Corners - Limestone township

Jacks Rocks - Mead township

Jackson Crossing - Conewango township

Jackson Hill - Spring Creek township

Jenkins Hill - Farmington township

Kinzua Heights - Mead township

Kinzua Dam - Mead township

Lander - Farmington township

Lottsville - Freehold township

Magee - Deerfield township

Mahan Corners - Farmington township

Marsh Corners - Pine Grove township

Marshtown Corners - Farmington township

Matthews Run - Sugar Grove township

McGraw Corners - Triumph township

McKean Corners - Limestone township

Milltown - Sheffield township

North Warren - Conewango township

Nuttles Rocks - Pittsfield township

Old Clarendon - Mead township

Page Hollow - Pittsfield township

Parker Corners - Farmington township

Pikes Rocks - Sugar Grove township

Pine Valley - Columbus township

Pineville - Southwest township

Pittsfield - Pittsfield township

Preston Corners - Farmington township

Putnamville - Farmington township

Quaker Hill - Glade township

Rogertown - Mead township

Ross Hill Corners - Pittsfield township

Rouse County Home - Brokenstraw township

Roystone - Sheffield township

Ruchers Mills - Pleasant township

Russell - Pine Grove township

Sanford - Eldred township

Saybrook - Sheffield township

Scotts Crossing - Columbus township

Selkirk - Southwest township

Sheffield - Sheffield township

Shipmans Eddy - Glade township

Smith Corners - Glade township

Spring Creek - Spring Creek township

Starbrick - Conewango township

Starr - Eldred township

Stoneham - Mead township

Sugar Grove - Sugar Grove township

Sutton Corners - Deerfield township

Thompson Hill - Farmington township

Tidioute - Deerfield township

Tiona - Mead township

Torpedo - Pittsfield township

Trimm's Corners - Eldred township

Turner Hill - Spring Creek township

Vandergriff Corners - Cherry Grove township

Venturetown - Conewango township

Warren (city of) - Glade township

Warren South - Pleasant township

Warren State Hospital - Conewango township

Weldbank - Mead township

West Spring Creek - Spring Creek township

Wheeler Corners - Farmington township

Whitehead Corners - Triumph township

Whitestown - Pittsfield township

Wiltsie Corners - Pine Grove township

Wrightsville - Freehold township

Youngsville - Brokenstraw township




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