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Spring Creek School 1915

Spring Creek Township

Contributed by Betty Matteson Rhodes


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A clipping from an unidentified newspaper highlights 9th and 10th graders at the Spring Creek school, taken about 1915.


Spring Creek School photograph of 9th and 10th graders taken about 1915
Caption to the Spring Creek School photo


The caption reads:

Here is Margaret Guild's ninth and tenth graders at Spring Creek School about 1915. They are, left to right: Paul Porter, Clifford James, Irene Jordan, Mack Stearns, Mabel Matteson, Jenny DeJean, Harry Lamona, Florence Mead, Edith Brundage, Violet Paige, Margaret Brundage, Mildred Matteson, Ethel Matteson and Miss Guild.

(Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Mabel Pitt)


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County coordinator note - a check of the 1910 and 1920 census records * using HeritageQuest Online revealed the following background of some of these students and their families:

Paul Porter was age 11 on the 1910 census. His parents were Lyle, 40, and Maud (maiden name unknown) Porter, 40. They had been married 16 years and had had 4 children, but had lost one child previous to this census. Paul was the middle child. The Porters, who farmed, lived on Eldred Hill Road. (page 272, sheet 11B)

Could not be found on the 1920 census.

See the 1930 census for Paul, his wife and family - #149. Notice they have named their daughter Maud after Paul's mother.

Irene Jordan, 8 years old on the 1910 census, was living with her widowed mother Ila (?) Jordan, 49, on West Spring Creek Road. Irene had two much older sisters, Pearl, 25, and Myrtle, 21. Pearl was a teacher in the district school. (page 271, sheet 10A)

Could not be found on the 1920 census.

Mack Stearns was 13 and living with his extended family in 1910 on West Spring Creek (road?). His mother Minnie, 38, had been married 13 years and had 2 children. Mack's younger brother was Ray, 9 years old at the time the census was taken. Minnie's husband was not listed in this household. She was living with her father, Homer (?) Whaley (?), 60, and his second wife Lizzie, 64. They had been married 12 years and had a blended family - Lizzie had two children, probably by her first marriage, but neither was living with them at the time. (page 268, sheet 7B)

On the 1920 census, only Minnie, 47 and a widow; son Ray, 19 and single; and her aging father Homer(?), 71 and widowed, remain in the household. Mack's whereabouts are unknown. (page 247, sheet 4A)

See the 1930 census: Minnie Stearns, 58 - # 156 - but no Mack Stearns.

Mabel Matteson was the third of seven children born to John and Bertha Matteson as recorded on the 1910 census. Mabel was 12 years old and lived right next door to the Brundage family - probably her two best friends were Margaret and Edith Brundage (see below) - on Corry Road. Her father, 38, was a farmer and had been married to Bertha, 42, for 17 years. (page 271, sheet 10B)

On the 1920 census, Bertha is listed as a widow, 52 years old, with 6 children (ranging in age from 22 to 9) and her mother Viola Muzzy (?), 72 and also a widow, living with her. Her oldest son, 22, is a dairy farmer, probably having assumed management of his father's farm on Corry Road. Mabel, who should be 20 years old, is not listed with the family; if she has married, she will be difficult to locate without knowledge of her husband's surname. (page 250, sheet 7B)

See the 1930 census for Bertha Matteson, 62 - entry # 129. It appears she is living with some of her children or vice versa.

Jenny DeJean lived on DeJean Road in 1910 with her parents Laverne, 44, and Rozilla DeJean, 36. This was Laverne's 3rd marriage and a son Lyman (?), 17, from one of his previous marriages lived with them and worked as a fireman in a sawmill. Laverne's occupation was a "mill man" in a sawmill, so he was probably instrumental in getting the job for his son. The two children to the current marriage were Jennie (as listed on the census record), 13, and her younger brother Clair. (page 271)

On the 1920 census, Laverne, 63, wife Rosilla, and son Clair, 17, are living on State Road. Laverne is a house carpenter. Jenny is not listed with the family. (page 247, sheet 4A)

See the 1930 census for Jenny's reappearance in her parent's household - # 159 - and note the differing spellings of the names from one census to the next. It would be interesting to see the actual image of the census to check if Jenny lists an occupation - it might help determine where she's been. There is also a William DeJean family - # 174 - could this be a brother of Laverne's?

Harry Lamona, son of Walter and Cora Lamona, was 13 on the 1910 census. This family was more difficult to locate on the census because they were living on Spring Creek Road in neighboring Columbus township. Walter, 36, and Cora, 33, had been married 14 years and had two sons, Clarence, 13, and Harry, 7. The family had a dairy farm. (page 37, sheet 11A)

Could not be found on the 1920 census.

Florence Mead was 9 years old in 1910 and lived on Blue Eye Road. Her parents were Alton, 46, and Ida Mead, 37. Alton was a farmer and had been married to Ida for 18 years. Florence had an older sister Mable, 15. (page 268, sheet 7B)

On the 1920 census, only Alton Mead , 56, and wife Ida, still farming on Blue Eye Road, can be located. Both Mable and Florence have left home. (page 248, sheet 5A)

See the 1930 census for Alton, 66, and his wife - entry #186.

Margaret and Edith Brundage were the daughters of Crawford, 39 and Caroline Brundage, 38. On the 1910 census, Crawford (39?) lists his occupation as a farmer with 6 children; Margaret at 14 was the eldest, Edith was 10. The parents had been married 15 years and lived on Corry Road. (page 271, sheet 10B)

On the 1920 census, Crawford is 49 and now working as a mail carrier. His wife Caroline is 47; Edith is 20, living with her parents on Corry Road, but apparently is not employed at a job outside the home. Margaret has left - her whereabouts are unknown. (page 250, sheet 7B)

See the 1930 census for the Crawford Brundage family - #130.

Violet Paige, 6, lived on West Spring Creek Road according to the 1910 census. Her parents were Leven (?), 38, and Jennie Paige, 30; her younger sister was Doris, age 3. Leven was a physician and had been married to his wife for 7 years. (page 271)

On the 1920 census, this family is listed as "Page" in HeritageQuest due to the census taker's poor handwriting. Doctor Laverne (?) Paige, 49, wife Jennie, and two daughters are living on State Road. Violet E., 16, and Doris, 13, are both still in school. (page 249, sheet 6B)

Mildred and Ethel Matteson, sisters, are listed on the 1910 census as also living on West Spring Creek Road. Mildred, at 11 was the eldest child of three; her sister Ethel was 10. Parents were Alonzo, 35, and Maud Matteson, 35, who had been married 12 years. Alonzo worked as a "mill man" at a grist mill. (page 271)

See the 1930 census for a mystery: how can Alonzo and Maud STILL be 35 years old? Entry #133


Do you have more information to add? If you do, please contact the Warren County coordinator.


* 1910 census: series T624, roll 1424; 1920 census: series T625, roll 1657. Some of the census taker handwriting is almost completely undecipherable; it is advisable to check the census records to make your own determination of my interpretation. And please note, census records are notorious for errors! Names omitted from the above list could not be found in the census records, most notably the teacher!


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