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From the Wednesday, June 16, 1909, edition of the Warren Evening Mirror:

Garland Principal Elected

W. S. Page, of Columbus, was elected monday principal of the schools at Garland, at a salary of $60 per month. Mr. Page graduated from the Corry High School in the class of 1902 and has been teaching ever since.

Source: Warren Evening Mirror, page four, column 3, under the heading "Daily Reflections."


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An article from the Warren Evening Mirror, dated Monday, August 7, 1916, page 5, column 3, under the "Society" heading:

Reunion at Garland Saturday.

The Dunn reunion, a yearly gathering of ex-pupils of Prof. Charles Dunn, was held at Garland last Saturday. Prof. Dunn came to the Garland Schools in 1901 and taught six successive and successful terms, after which he left Garland to return again and teach another term. In the history of Garland's schools the name of Prof. Dunn looms large. He was the most popular teacher to hold the office of principal. Garland made many attempts to get him back after he had moved to Warren, where he now makes him [sic] home. Prof. Dunn knew well the gentle art of inculcating diligence in his pupils without the aid of birch oil. He did not believe that the tree of knowlefge was a hickory tree. He cured mental sluggishness and incipient truancy without the laying on of hands. And his pupils advanced rapidly. So, when he went away from Garland, everybody was sorry to see him leave. Prof. Dunn had not only brought the Garland schools up to a high standard of efficiency, but he had exerted an excellent influence among them. This is certainly as valuable as the acquirement of arithmetic and spelling. And then, six years ago, the Dunn reunion was inaugurated in honor of the popular principal and the ex-students got together for a good time. Since then the Dunn reunion has been held in Garland each August. The reunion last Saturday was well attended and most highly enjoyed. Some of the professor's ex-students now have little students of their own, and many of these were present. Then there were the bevies of pretty girls for which Garland is state-wide famous, and there were enough young chaps to properly beau the girls around. There was a sumptuous dinner in the Community Center building and a short program afterward. A little shower came up but there being plenty of shelter no one suffered, excepting maybe Willie Clancy, who got out in the drops with his $38 Palm Beach suit and had it slightly water-damaged. To tell the truth, Bill's suit did shrink up quite a bit. Ralph Morris said to him: "I see Palm Beach suits are going up, " and Willie said, "On the contrary, they are reduced to almost nothing." Next year the Dunn reunion is to be made an Old Home day for all ex-Garlanders. This will no doubt increase the size of the gathering still more."


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