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Chas. Landon, son of Henry Landon, died Thursday night of typhoid fever, funeral took place Saturday afternoon, the place of interment being Warren.

Source: Under the heading "Tiona Topics" in the Tuesday, September 17, 1895, edition of the Evening Democrat, page one.

[Warren County coordinator's note: Warren county death records, book 1, page 69: Charles E. Landon, 18 years and 23 days, died in Tiona on September 12, 1895, after suffering 10 days from typhoid fever. Born in Sullivan County, N.Y., he was an unmarried laborer in Tiona at the time of his death. Parents were listed as Henry T. and Sarah E. Landon. Charles was buried September 14 in Warren, but the cemetery is not specified.]


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Mrs. Margaret S., wife of Nelson P. Larson, died at her home, 705 Fifth street last evening at 9:45 o'clock, of diabetes, aged 55 years.

The deceased had many friends in Warren by whom she was highly esteemed. She is survived by her husband, one son, Marcus Larsen [sic] and one daughter, Miss Jennie Larsen [sic].

The funeral will be held at the house on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Interment in Oakland.

Source: The Evening Democrat, dated Tuesday, June 19, 1900; page 1, column 6.


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Another Diphtheria Death.

Jacob, the 12 year old son of Philip Lauffenberger, of Pleasant, died this morning of diphtheria. Five members of this family have been prostrated with this same disease, but three of the afflicted have so far recovered as to be out of danger. A young girl is still in a very serious condition, and will have a hard time to pull through. The funeral of the boy will be held privately this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Source: The Evening Democrat, dated Friday, June 16, 1893; page 1, bottom of column 2.

[Warren County coordinator's note: Warren County death records indicate slightly different details: After three weeks of suffering, Lewis Lauffenberger died of diphtheria on June 15, 1893, in Pleasant township. He was 11 years, 3 months, and 26 days old and was the son of Philip and Lousia Lauffenberger. He was buried in St Josephs Cemetery on June 16, 1893. Recorded in Book 1, page 68.]


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1876? - 1893

Death From Diphtheria .

Celia, the 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lauffenberger in Pleasant, died at 7 o'clock this morning. This makes the second death in this family from this disease within a week.

Three other members of the family are now confined with the same trouble.

The remains were buried this afternoon.

Source: The Evening Democrat, dated Thursday, June 22, 1893; page 4, bottom of column 2.

[Warren County coordinator's note: Again Warren County death records indicate slightly different details: One Louisa Laffenberger, age 16 years, 3 months and 14 days, died after three weeks' duration of diphtheria and was buried in St Josephs Cemetery on the same day, June 22, 1893.]


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1817 - 1893


Jacob Laffenberger [sic] Drops Dead at His Home.

Heart Disease Supposed to Have Been the Cause--He Ploughed all Forenoon and at One O'clock Was Found Dead in Front of His House--A Resident of Pleasant Township For Forty-one Years--A Possibility That He Was Kicked by a Colt.

At 1 o'clock this afternoon, Jacob Laffenberger [sic], a resident of Pleasant township, was found dead only a few steps from the front door of his house. He was in usual health only a few moments before, when he ate dinner, and his sudden death was a matter which caused the deepest surprise to the people living in that neighborhood.

The Laffenberger home is located about one mile from the city, just beyond the cemetery, where the old man, with his daughter, has led a quiet rural life for some time past. There is quite a little settlement in that immediate locality, fully half a dozen families residing within a stone's throw, and to all these Jacob Laffenberger [sic] has always been known as a quiet, hard-working farmer. This morning he was engaged in ploughing a field a short distance from the house, and at noon time he was in his usual spirits. After eating he went to the barn to feed the horses, and this was the last seen of him until his daughter Lena stepped to the front of the house a few moments later and found him lying dead upon the grass.

The barn is about 50 yards from the house and half way between the two is a pair of bars. At this place there was a small pool of blood and a small stream of blood led from this place to the spot where the man was found.

Neighbors were at once summoned and without touching the corpse, Coroner Pierce was sent for. At the hour of going to press the inquest is being conducted and the result cannot be given until to-morrow. It is, however, probable that the verdict will attribute his death to "heart disease" or the bursting of a blood vessel.

It was thought by some of the neighbors that he had been kicked by a colt in the bar, but this theory hardly seems probable. About two years ago Mr. Lauffenberger had the grip and since then he has been troubled with great difficulty in breathing at times. It was thought that one of these spells was responsible for his death.

Deceased was born in Alsace, France, (now Germany) Aug. 17, 1817, making his age 76 years.

LATER--The Coroner's jury found that Jacob Laffenberger [sic] died from hemorrhage of the lungs.

Source: The Evening Democrat, dated Monday, November 6, 1893; page 1, column 3.

[Warren County coordinator's note: As recorded in death records (Book 1, page 68) in the Warren county courthouse, Jacob Lauffenberger, age 76 years, 3 months and 18 days, was buried in St Josephs Cemetery on November 8, 1893; however, Find-A-Grave has Jacob listed as buried in the Oakland Cemetery. These two cemeteries sit side-by-side. ]


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1828 - 1893


Jacob Laufenburger [sic] Cuts His Throat With a Razor

While Suffering From Temporary Insanity--Had Been Ill for Some Time But Was on a Way to Recovery--The Rash Deed Committed Between 7 and 8 O'clock This Morning--Funeral to be Held Thursday

Early this morning word was received in the city that Jacob Laufenburger [sic], the second, a resident of Pleasant township had committed suicide. A DEMOCRAT reporter at once drove to the house and discovered the facts in connection with the sad occurrence to be as follows:

Mr. Laufenburger [sic] has, since last April, suffered from a complication of troubles and has been under the constant care of a physician during this time. He was treated first for nervous dyspepsia, then for grip and recently for cancer of the bowels. Under the care of Dr. Meisse he had been making rapid improvement, and upon the last visit made by his physician his condition was so much improved that the doctor gave him encouragement of speedy recovery. Mr. Laufenburger [sic], however, seemed to brood over his illness and would often remark that he did not consider his case curable.

This morning he arose at an early hour and expressed himself as feeling quite well. He ate breakfast before the rest of the family, then started out for a walk. Nothing further was seen of him until between 7 and 8 o'clock, when his wife went a short distance from the house into an open field, and was horrified to find him laying under a tree apparently lifeless. She did not stop to make an examination, but at once sounded the alarm and sent the boys and a neighbor to discover the real facts. When they reached the spot it was found that the man was dead and that his throat had been cut from ear to ear. He had used a large razor, and had


and wind-pipe, and had in fact cut his head nearly half way off.

He was carried to the old unoccupied farm house near by, where the remains were allowed to rest until after Coroner Pierce had held an inquest. The official was not long in arriving and the following jury was empanneled: F. H. Wyman, B. F. Noyes, E. R. Pierce, J. J. Rieg, E. D. Walker, and L. A. Keller.

The jury after viewing the remains and hearing the evidence, rendered the following verdict:

"That the said Jacob Laufenburger [sic] came to his death by a wound in his throat; said wound being caused by his own hand while suffering from temporary insanity."

Mr. Laufenburger [sic] was born in Germany and came to this country in 1851. He settled at once in Warren county and has resided here ever since, where he has always been known as an industrious hard working farmer. He was 65 years old last April and leaves to survive him a wife and seven children.

Three sons and one daughter are unmarried and at home. One daughter, Mrs. Adam Tohnes lives in Warren, and another one, Mrs. Forest Clark, resides in Jamestown.

The funeral will be held Thursday at 10 o'clock in the brick school house near the cemetery.

Source: The Evening Democrat, dated Tuesday, August 22, 1893; page 1, column 3; typed as faithfully as possible from the newspaper.


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1875 - 1948

Mrs. Caroline Lawson, widow of Lars John Lawson, 117 Main street, North Warren, passed away at her home about 9:20 p.m. on Thursday following an illness of some duration. She was born in Sweden on August 23, 1875, but had been a resident of North Warren for the past 35 years. She was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran church.

Surviving her are one son, Wendell, North Warren; two step-daughters, Mrs. Amanda Hamilton, North Warren, and Mrs. C.A. Anderson, Russell; two sisters, Mrs. Hanna Karlson and Mrs. Lina Norberg, both in Sweden; also two grandchildren, several step-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Her husband preceded her in death in 1925.

Removal has been made to the Templeton Funeral Home, where friends will be received at the usual hours after seven o'clock this evening, and from where services in her memory will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Nore G. Gustafson, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church, will officiate and interment will follow in the family plot in Oakland cemetery.

Source: Warren Times Mirror, Friday, August 13, 1948, page eight, column one.


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1867 - 1928

Ernest Leonhart, well known Pleasant township farmer, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Leonhart, born September 2, 1867, died at the Warren hospital Saturday morning about 5:20 o'clock, after about ten days' illness from apoplexy. Mr. Leonhart had not been in good health for some months, and on April 16th, while engaged at his chores about the large Leonhart farm, opposite Irvine in Pleasant township, he suffered a stroke. He was brought to the hospital the following day, but in spite of the best medical attention sank gradually.

Mr. Leonhart resided his entire life on the farm where he was born. The farm, which has been in possession of the family since it was originally settled by the grandparents of the deceased, was considered one of the most sightly and valuable in that section. In early life Mr. Leonhart made many trips to down river points on rafting expeditions in which his father was actively engaged. Since the death of his parents he has resided alone, and because of ill health has been unable to work much of the land.

One brother, J. W. Leonhart, who resides at Oakland, California, is the only close surviving relative. There are two nephews who also live in California. Because of ill health the brother will be unable to make the trip east. The body has been moved to the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Leonhart, 1401 Pennsylvania avenue west, this city, from where the funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at two o'clock, conducted by the Rev. J. L. Ware, rector of the Trinity Memorial Episcopal church. Interment will be in the Leonhart cemetery, on the farm in Pleasant township at the convenience of the family.

Source: Warren Morning Mirror, Monday, April 30, 1928, page 7, column 3.


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Mrs. F. E. Leonhart died this morning at her home on East Water street at 8:30 o'clock, of consumption, after an illness of about one year. Mrs. Leonhart was 26 years of age; she is survived by her husband and one son, Leroy. The deceased was a member of the Lutheran church and while in health took an active interest in all church work. Mrs. Leonhart has been a resident of Warren only a few months but has made many friends who will regret her early demise.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday, the hour to be announced later.

Erie and Cleveland papers please notice.

Source: Monday, December 12, 1898 edition of The Evening Democrat, page 2, column 5.


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Mary Anna Leonhart died very suddenly at her home on Yankee Bush last evening of heart failure, aged 83 years.

Mrs. Leonhart had been in her usual good health up to a short time before her death. She was widely known in this vicinity and highly esteemed.

She leaves two sons, August and J. A. Leonhart, of Warren and one daughter, Mrs. Chas. Hart, of Pen, Ind., and two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Walkerman and Mrs. John Arnold, both of Warren.

The time of the funeral will be announced later.

Source: Friday, May 4, 1900 edition of The Evening Democrat, page 1, column 3.


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Mrs. Mary Ann, widow of the late Jacob Leonhart, died at 12:20 o'clock Sunday morning, aged 75 years. She is survived by five children, Jacob, of Kane; George, of Tidioute; A. F., of Dutch Hill; Mrs. Philip Lesser, of Ridgway and Mrs. C. W. Wenzel, of Warren. Mrs. Leonhart was a consistent member of the Lutheran church at which the funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Oakland.

Source: Monday, August 15, 1898 edition of The Evening Democrat, page 1, column 7.


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1870 - 1950

Emil T. Lindgren, a resident of Sheffield for the past 59 years, died this morning at 6:45 o'clock in the family home. He had suffered a heart attack at his home last evening.

Mr. Lindgren was a retired passenger conductor and yardmaster for the old Tionesta Valley Railroad.

Friends may call at the family home, 23 Van Ettan avenue, Sheffield, where services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Hans Pearson, pastor of Bethany Lutheran church of Sheffield will officiate.

Mr. Lindgren was born in Sweden on April 30, 1870, and came to Sheffield in 1891. He was married on August 26, 1900 to Matilda Carlson, and the couple marked their Golden Wedding anniversary last summer.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Lindgren leaves a daughter, Mrs. Vera Currie, of Saegertown, and a granddaughter. Another daughter, Ethna, preceded him in death.

He was a member of the Bethany Lutheran church, and the Vasa and I.O.O.F. lodges.

Source: Warren Times Mirror, Tuesday, November 21, 1950, page 8, columns 3-4.


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1875 - 1952

John Alfred Lindsey, 18 VanEttan avenue, Sheffield, died at 12:40 o'clock this morning at the Warren General Hospital. He had been a resident of Sheffield for 30 years, going there from Nebraska, Forest county. For many years he followed the trade of blacksmith and more recently had been employed on the township road.

Descendant of the family after which Cook's Forest was named, he was born at Cooksburg, Clarion county, April 4, 1875. He was married in Clarion July 8, 1899, and is survived by his wife, Myrtle, and the following children: Ruth McCool and John Lindsey, Jamestown, N.Y.; Edward of Erie; Ralph, Detroit; Merle and Harold, Warren, and Gerald of Saybrook. There are three brothers and two sister: Wayne, Cooksburg; Clarence, Corry; Richard, Olean, N.Y.; Mrs. Blanch Beers, Marwood, Pa., and Mrs. Maude Foley, New Brunswick, Canada. Services will be held at the Borden Funeral Home, Sheffield, Thursday afternoon at three o'clock, with the Rev. John B. McCleery, of the Free Methodist church, officiating. Interment will be in the Barnes cemetery.

Source: Warren Times Mirror, Tuesday, July 15, 1952, page 12, column 5.


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1853 - 1939

The funeral services of Richard Lindsey were held at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock with the Rev. R. K. Rumbaugh officiating. The bearers were: Ross Fehlman, Allen Ver Milyea, John, Richard and Charles Lindsey and Glen Morley. Interment was in Pine Grove cemetery. The deceased was born Nov. 8, 1853 on a farm in Pine Grove township, which was purchased by his father in 1838. He was married to Frances L. Young in 1878. He is survived by two sons, John and Gerald Lindsey, four grand children, of California, one son Frank preceded him in death February 11, 1935. His wife preceded him in death in June 1935.

Source: Warren Times Mirror, March 10, 1939 edition, page 2, column 2, under the heading "Russell."


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1882 - 1958

Mrs. Mabel Grace Littlefield, wife of Frank A. Littlefield of 69 Railroad street, Clarendon, died at her home at 4:55 p.m. Thursday.  Although she had not been in good health for the past two years, her passing was unexpected and came as a shock to family and friends.

Mrs. Littlefield was born April 12, 1882, in Derrick City, McKean county, the daughter of the late Daniel W. and Anna Plunkett Downey.  She came to Clarendon 14 years ago from Porkey, Forest county, and was formerly a member of Kellettville Methodist church.

Surviving are her husband, to whom she was married on December 24, 1906 in Jamestown, and the following children: Kenneth A., of Truemans; Clyde S., Duke Center; Gordon F. and Miss Phyllis E., at home; Mrs. Betty Lou Beane, Clarendon.  There are also 21 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren; two brothers, Earl T. Downey, Tiona; and Chester Downey, Livingston, Calif.

The Rev. Jack Parsons, pastor of Sheffield First Methodist church, will conduct funeral services in her memory at 2:00 p.m. Sunday and interment will follow in Sheffield cemetery.

Source: Warren Times Mirror, page 11, columns 2-3, dated June 27, 1958.

Tombstone of Frank and Mabel Littlefield, Sheffield Cemetery
Sheffield Cemetery


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Richard H. Lobdell, six day old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lobdell, 118 Laurel street, died at six thirty Thursday night in the Maternity ward of the Warren General Hospital. His is survived by his parents and one brother, Lawrence S. Lobdell. Funeral arrangements will be announced later, but interment will be made in Garland cemetery.

Source: The Warren Morning Mirror, July 9, 1927, page three, column five.


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Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Bracken-Keating chapel at Corry, in memory of James L. Logan, 97, aged life-long resident of Spring Creek township, who passed away Saturday morning at the home of his son Delbert Logan, of North Lima, O. Rev. W. H. Garnett officiated at the services. Interment was made in East Branch cemetery. Bearers were Clarence Logan, Gerald Whaley, Max Logan, Delbert Logan, Wilbur Logan and Fred Logan.

The deceased had resided in Spring Creek township his entire life until three years ago, when he went to live with his son. He was well and favorably known throughout the vicinity.

Five children survive: Delbert, of North Lima; Fred Logan, of Corry; Wilbur Logan, of Spartansburg; Mrs. Ida Cole, of Spring Creek; Mrs. Laura Bradley, of Cyclone, Pa., besides a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Source: Tuesday, May 2, 1939, edition of the Warren Times-Mirror, page 2, column 6.


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Charles LOTT
1830 - 1910

The children of Mr. Charles Lott were greatly shocked last evening to learn of his sudden death in Sinclairville, N. Y. in the railroad station where he was waiting for the train going to Warren. His son Glenn and Undertaker Bayer immediately went to Sinclairville in an automobile and brought the body home. It is supposed from what could be learned, that Mr. Lott died from heart trouble. He had lately said that he felt well in every respect and had always been in good health, considering his age, 80 years the 12th of last August.

Mr. Lott was born and raised in Lottsville, Warren county, his parents being Daniel and Sallie (Rowe) Lott. After living in Pleasantville a few years, he moved to North Warren about 29 years ago, with his wife and children, and had since been in this vicinity, except winter visits to Florida. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. E. J. Cowden, of North Warren, and four sons, Wilton M. and Glenn C., of Warren; Guern E., of New York City, and George W., of Oil City. He had been twice married, his first wife dying in the year 1893, and his second wife passing away about six years ago.

Raised as a farmer, Mr. Lott had always taken great interest in agriculture and horticulture. He was an industrious worker both mentally and physically, a close observer, a diligent student, and a deep thinker. For his advanced age he was remarkably bright and active, being a great traveler. He was well posted in historical matters and was a good talker on the current events of the time. He had many friends in this section who will regret his death.

The funeral will be held Satuready afternoon at 2:30 from the home of Mrs. E. J. Cowden, North Warren. Interment private.

Source: Friday, September 23, 1910, edition of the Warren Evening Mirror, page 2, column 4.

[Warren County coordinator's note: Charles Lott is buried in Oakland Cemetery beside his first wife Olive May (MALLORY) Lott.]


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